When Clocks Go Back An Hour – Change Your Smoke Alarm Batteries

change smoke alarm battery

Today we’re back to “Standard Time” rather than “Daylight Savings Time”.

The saying goes, “Fall back” “Spring ahead”.

Well this year it’s November (3rd) so we “Fall back”.

It’s also an excellent reminder to change all of the batteries in your smoke alarms around the house.

You do have them, right? (smoke alarms)

When To Change The Batteries In Your Smoke Alarms

Don’t wait until you begin to hear that annoying “CHIRP”.

That little repetitive chirp is incredibly annoying (it’s supposed to be). For some reason my dog goes nuts when he hears it. It scares the $%&* outta him (not sure why). Must hurt his ears.

Anyway, don’t wait till the low battery chirp starts in the middle of the night (you know it will happen in the middle of the night). Just go ahead and change those batteries.

I highly recommend that you use no-leak batteries. And that would be the Energizer Max brand. I dumped Duracell several years ago (they all leak).

I stumbled across an excellent price on Energizer Max AA batteries if you’re interested:

Energizer AA Batteries (48Count)
(potential amzn commission at no extra cost to you)

Energizer 9-volt batteries

So, that’s your preparedness tip for the day. Safety first.

Do you use a different time of year as a reminder to change your batteries?

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Smoke Detector Alarms DO Have a Shelf Life

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