Prepared For A Time Worse Than The Great Depression?

If there is to be another Great Depression (1930’s), you might call it the Greater Depression, because it will have far worse consequences for more people than ever before. In all likelihood, “worse” is putting it quite mildly…

Current Events – And The Dollar Reserve Currency At Risk

Today’s current events. You’re living through it. You know the mess we’re in. Or at least those of you know – who at least scrape the surface a little bit. There’s a global elite hurling us towards their Great Reset. They need the US at heel, in order to get this done. This lone experiment in world history, the US of A and all it once stood for, must, be, crushed. Upon adequate destruction, the resulting desperate masses will clamor to whatever ‘morsels’ and aid that their new masters may hand out – in exchange for their freedom, liberty, and independence. A new global slave class. But I digress…

First, all of the following is bad for the US Dollar…

Covid economic destruction (that didn’t have to be as such). Runaway inflation brought on by massive, and I mean massive government spending so far beyond its means – that it’s insanely ridiculous. Rumors of WWIII. Weak limp dementia’d leadership whose globalist puppet masters are hell bent on speeding the reset. USA seen as vulnerable around the world. Russia sanctions forcing them into the arms of China with currency, energy, and trade deals. Developing their own equivalent SWIFT (Interbank Financial Telecommunication┬áSystem) outside of US/NATO/WesternBank/IMF influence. And perhaps even scarier(to the dollar), Saudi Arabia is considering to sell oil outside the dollar. And these are just a few of the many escalating crisis for the rapidly devaluing dollar.

If and when the dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency (and it could happen overnight), we in America will be hurled into the Greater Depression… Say bye bye to the value of your 401K or IRA. Any savings that you might have. Your pension. Social Security. All massively devalued. The financial pain will be excruciating. But don’t worry, they will have a digital crypto currency awaiting your enslavement…

The Great Depression Back Then Versus Modern Dependencies

The Great Depression that took place during the 1930’s was a severe worldwide economic depression, the timing of which varied across nations. However, in most countries it started in 1929 and lasted until the late 1930’s. It was the longest, deepest, and most widespread depression of the 20th century.

If (when) the next Greater Depression hits us smack in the face, will you be prepared to survive a minimum of 5-10 years, relatively on your own, without .gov assistance? That sounds pretty darn scary to me… Hardly anyone these days could do that.

Farms, Smaller Communities, Self Reliance, Morals, Versus Today’s Society

During the time of the Great Depression, many families lived on farms of varying sizes and functionality. Today, the vast, vast majority of people live in urban and suburban areas, and most have not ever been to a farm. The extent of their knowledge of farms is the extent at which they may have seen pictures of them.

During the 1930’s, many or most people knew how to take care of their basic needs on their own. Many or most people knew how to grow a successful garden. Most people were familiar with the physically laborious way-of-life during that time when luxuries were few and hard work was the normal reality. People (in general) were not as ‘soft’.

During the 1930’s, many or most people had a sense of morality and decency that pales in comparison to today. That morality certainly curtailed what could have been much worse with regards to societal problems during that time.

The American culture was vastly more independent and self-sustaining than today (putting it mildly). Whereas the modern way-of-life has become extraordinarily dependent on other functioning systems.

Government during that time was still relatively small and non-intrusive (wow, imagine that!). Whereas today’s government is intermingled with big business and most everything that we do, debilitating individualism and regulatory to the extent of crippling.

A ‘government class’ has exploded into a gargantuan chunk of our society – creating dependence rather than independence. A Greater Depression during today’s modern times would become particularly devastating to all those who ‘depend’.

During the time of the Great Depression, the world was severely affected. Today, even more, most of the world’s nations will be affected – as they are financially and economically hinged with systemic risks in ways that were not even dreamed of back then.

How Much Worse It Would Be Today – A Greater Depression

I cannot help but contemplate how much worse it would be today than it was back then in the 1930’s. Especially knowing (reading about) how bad it actually was during that time. We tend to think and believe that no such thing could ever happen again. Especially given today’s safety nets and the seemingly endless crops of dollars continually harvested from the unseen fields of money trees. We are so far removed from the hardships of yesteryear that these thoughts never enter the minds of most. However, it may be wise to at least ponder the thought…

History may or may not repeat itself, but it certainly rhymes…