lifetime of time

A Lifetime Of Time – Our Most Precious Commodity

lifetime of time
Guest article, by ‘NRP’

Time is all there is.

This past weekend I got into a “funk” thinking about ‘where did the Month go’. That grew into ‘where did the Year go’ and of course next ‘where did all the Time go’?

So I wanted to present an article about ”Time” with the idea of ‘How do we spend the only thing we really have to offer to ourselves and others’.

– If one really thinks about life, Time is the only thing we have to offer.
– In reality what are we selling to our employer when we work?
– What do we offer others when we visit and enjoy their company?
– What is it that is lost when we become aggravated and angry?
– What is it we offer our family when we are with them?
– Sure we can offer a friend a cup of Tea and spend a little Time with them, but is that Tea not replaceable? Is the Time replaceable?


Time verses ‘Stuff’

I would declare that in all reality all we truly ‘Own’, and spend, is the Time we have.

Certainly we have all the other “Stuff” — it is there for an instant and gone in a flash.

For example, all those Preps we all collect, sure we have possession of them for a short period, and then they may be gone and replaced the next visit to the Garden or Store, but there is zero replacement for the Time spent.


Time in a hurry

I watch people around me and wonder if they have gone absolutely nuts. For example my Nephew has his life so stuffed full of “things to do” and is literally running around like “a chicken with his head cut off”. I wonder if he has Time to breath. I mean seriously!!!!

It seems like the entire world has gone NUTS, with the hustle and bustle of life. When do they have Time to enjoy life (or maybe they are)? They always seem to be ‘looking’ and searching for something.

This “Hurry” reminds me of the Twin Paradox Theorem, seems that some believe that the faster they travel through life (and stuff into their days) Time will actually slow down so they can do more in a day. BTW Time, will not slow until one gets very close to the Speed of Light, nephew is working on that HAHAHA.


How do you spend your Time?

There is a little sign on my way to work that reads, “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted”.

How very true. Does it not seem the more we stuff into our lives the more dissatisfied we seem and the less Time we seem to have?

Again I know people who are not happy with the “simple things” in life and seem to complicate the heck out of life. How many millions of people are not happy with what they have and are always “Buying” more and more trinkets to fill that unhappiness?

Look at the numbers, the sales and retail numbers. It seems that people just want to buy happiness and Time. Unfortunately they will never find what they are looking for.

I often am amazed at the shear wonder of a quiet walk in the Forest, or sitting enjoying that nice pot of Tea watching Humming Birds at the feeders. Yes I spend my Time doing this, but it seems it’s not Time wasted.

How do you spend the only thing you truly own? Your TIME! And how do you prepare to spend what Time you have left?

Tic-Toc the clock of life is running down the rabbit hole. Please remember, once Time is spent, it can never be reclaimed. Even reading my article, I do appreciate the Time you spent doing so.

Bulova Chadbourne Old World Clock

Again, just my 3¢ (inflation) worth.



  1. My father – Would not say ” what’s the time”. He would ask “what’s the enemy say”.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger : ” there is no excuse for having no time. There are 24 hours in a day. You spend 8 hours sleeping, the rest, 16 hours are for doing things”.

  2. I had a good laugh with this “Time ” article. Just like gravity is not a force and time does not exist either. Now look that up for a surprise!

    1. Texas Boy;
      You make an interesting observation, as one with a bit of Physics background I will agree that Gravity (as most think of it) is not a “force”.

      Had a GREAT discussion in a 400 level physics class discussing this very thing; we came to the conclusion that just like Light and Dark, Action and Reaction, Good and Bad, Up and Down, and many opposite quotes, we found Gravity was the opposite of Energy. Meaning that as energy wants to expand and occupy all “room” it’s allowed (expanding Universe), Gravity tends to collapse unto itself and occupy as little space as possible.

      As is Time not an absolute to the Universe it is to the Human form. We all have a limited amount of Time in regard to this world, after life is another Article. As is Time in the sense of the Universe, Time does not elapse the same outside our existence here on Earth, as Time is thought to actually wrap back upon itself and actually have “wholes” in its continuation…. Again for another Article.

      1. Gravity doing a number on my body as time goes by, is not collapsing into itself but rather leaving puddles all over!

        1. old lady;
          Ok Ok, that got me laughing for sure, cause I can relate. HAHAHAHAHA

  3. NRP,

    Great post. Thought provoking. Some one once said “I think, therefore I am”. Therein is what separates mankind from all other creation. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

    We make conscious choices, learn to cope with life and survival through an educational process of both being taught by elders and trial and error instead of inborn instincts that program our actions through life with no concept of time, with each of our actions pre-programmed. As humans, we play it as we see it so to say.

    Because of this, we try and ration our time, plan ahead for the “what if’s” of life, the future, whether 30 minutes, one day, a month, a year, or more. Many start planning for retirement the day they begin working to provide for themselves. Some don’t worry about either the need to work at all, much less retirement, satisfied with living off the labors of others. Some make that choice consciously, some do not. Some are successful gaining material wealth, some are not. Some feel an obligation to help those who, because of a reduced capabilities, cannot seem to be able to provide for themselves, some don’t feel that obligation. We as human beings ration our time and talents accordingly

    Who is the happiest? Well, happiness is a state of mind. The Bible says ” those to whom much has been given, much is required”. Using that talent and ability given me, to assist others who do not have those same abilities in their life journey is time well spent, thus gives me happiness. On the flip side, having resources taken from me to give to those whose abilities/talents are equal mine, but made the conscious choice to live off the labors of others, is theft of my precious time, and makes me angry. The tyranny of those forcing their will on me “collectively” and therefore
    robbing me of my choices of how my time is spent, troubles me, but I can make the conscious decision to remain happy and fulfilled, knowing I’m trying to live a useful life.

    Oh well, I’m rambling a gain. Just the idle thoughts of a simple minded old man. Live today like it’s going to be your last day to prove your worth as a human being and didn’t live this life in vain.

    1. Dennis;
      Someone a LOT more intelligent than I once told me;

      “Remember and learn from Yesterday,
      Dream of tomorrow yet don’t allow it to possess you,
      Live for Today (meaning the now), for Today is all you really have.”

      The ‘things’ we do in life and the way we life our lives is a choice, mostly, so choose wisely, for we have only one shot at this lifetime.

    2. Dennis,

      Don’t ever forget that Jesus love was unconditional. Do you know what unconditional means? No conditions period. I understand that it’s frustrating to see people who you think are lazy getting welfare but Jesus often helped lazy people and prostitutes and all sorts of people who we consider to be “undeserving”. You have also been tricked into thinking the poor are the ones stealing from your tax money and are costing the average person like yourself money.

      In reality, it’s the rich who steal from you. Jeff Bezos is worth $160 billion and paid no taxes last year, literally $0 because he is able to exploit our tax code. There are tons of other billionaires doing the same thing. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa is a multi millionaire and he applied for a government bailout for his dairy farm.

      Jesus did not say Help the poor unless they are lazy. He did not say Help your neighbor unless they are here illegally. He said love your neighbor as yourself and unconditionally. If you want to be mad, why not get mad on the senator getting millions in bailout for his farm or the billionaire who pays no taxes?

      1. Time stolen is not forgivable in some cases. Those MS13 gang members that carve up innocent young girls and boys just for fun will never be forgiven by me – they have stolen time and a future from others. I will not forgive the drug pushers that hook grade school kids on poison for profit – the pushers have taken the future of these kids and imprisoned them in a dependency cage. I could go on, but some do not deserve forgiveness.

        1. Come on MSBer’s, like it or not, troll or a real person. Love is unconditional is entitled to their opinion. If you don’t agree, just let it go. Name calling and and poor remarks serve NO purpose.

        2. Stand my Ground;
          I will admit/agree, everyone is still allowed their opinion, if we agree or not, tis still their right, within the confines of the Site Rules.
          Well it’s still their right till they (some) turn the US into a Socialist/Communist Country with their shouting in your face tactics it becomes violent in nature…
          As Ken mentioned it’s a waste of Time to discuss logically with them, They always seem to pull one little item out of a conversation and harp on that. Such as naming one group of violent people and using that for an example, although they do the exact same thing just to spur on the proposed argument/disruption
          I’m betting we all have a Forest to take a walk in rather than try and convince someone that will not hear.

        3. SMG
          I think conservatives trying to be civil have taken it on the chin for so long, that the country is in peril. Time to call out the dishonest and the corrupt, wherever it exists. Some radical groups still feel the silent majority can be bullied and some subversive college/university profs are a testament to this.

        4. Stand my Ground,

          You are correct, I apologize for the malignant troll comment. As for my descriptive he/she/it or him/her/it, that is a learned response (out of frustration) to avoid triggering an attack for using the the wrong descriptive gender/sexual identification. Comments that are directed in a manner intended to attack another commenter personally, not the comment itself, expect a response challenging that attack. But, that’s what trolls do. they surf the net attacking people personally for pleasure, and more and more often, for pay. They are disruptors, no different from the anti-‘s attacking people they disagree with on college campuses, in restaurants, and other public places, expecting their target’s good graces to protect them from retaliation. Those who ply their trade surfing the net to sew discord are the worst of the cowardly bunch.

          My life doesn’t revolve around my internet interactions. I do like hanging out with like minded individuals and exchanging thoughts. We all learn from it. I don’t mind the comments I disagree with, rather I will voice my disagreement in a civil manner, and talk it out like a mature adult. It does anger me though when immature ideologues, not interested in adult dialogue, try to disrupt the conversations by attacking them and their thoughts personally. At my age, I don’t have to tolerate it. Can’t hit an invisible target, thus I will ignore it or move on to other endeavors with less aggravation.

      2. Love is unconditional,

        Absolutely. Jesus taught and lived unconditional love. I don’t recall an example of His helping a “lazy” person, unless you are speaking of beggars seeking help. Those were described as having disabilities that hindered their abilities to provide for themselves. .

        You speak of prostitutes. As a rule, prostitutes are providing for themselves, albeit with a vocation that differs from some folks moral standards. Jesus showed compassion, not agreement with their work.

        You try to say that I have been tricked into thinking it’s the poor stealing my tax money. I challenge you to find anywhere in my post that belittled or blamed “the poor” for anything. Anyone who takes/demands anything from others, whether a billionaire or a poor person who refuses to work by choice is not doing His will.

        If you are truly a follower of Jesus, please point out where Christ helped someone and then told them to continue to do what led to their affliction. To the contrary, He told the woman who was caught in adultery, to “go and sin no more”. He forgave Matthew, the dishonest tax collector, and called him to be one of His disciples, turning him away from his dishonest dealings with his fellow man.

        You injected “illegal aliens” into the conversation, intimating that you must be a mind reader, I never mentioned them in my post, purposely. I view aliens, legal and illegal, with the same compassion and restraints.

        In closing, it would be easy for me to think that you are not really as concerned about what Jesus would do as you are attacking Christian believers with socialist talking points dressed up in misunderstood/misrepresented scripture. So, yes “love is unconditional” but used to change people’s direction towards an all knowing, all merciful, all loving God, not to facilitate someone in living outside His divine will. Rich or poor.

        If my words offend you, please forgive me, as I hold no anger towards you.

  4. A year from today seems so far away, but a year ago seems like yesterday.

    1. I once read an article on how they were able to quantify the appearance of time from when young to old. The article mentioned how it appears that time goes much slower when young and flies when much older. I know, it sounds like BS, but think about it. When we were young, the summers seemed to go on forever. I would play outside (no video games) all day every day and the days seemed to go on forever. Now–What summer? Ohh that’s right, summer is already over this year. I remember some hot days but it doesn’t seem like a few months have went by already.
      Just my 2 pennies worth

      1. I was reading a study a year or so ago (don’t ask me where, I don’t remember) that talked about how time literally seems to go faster as the brain slows down with age. Made sense to me. :) That would make “time” totally subjective, based only on the human perception of it.

        1. Guests are visiting and I’m catching up on my reading. Time is subjective and relative to the amount of time already lived. It take a 5fth of a lifetime for a year to pass for a five year old and a 50fth of a lifetime for a year to pass for 50 year old. At my point they are whizzing by!

      2. INprepper, perhaps as one acquires more duties and responsibilities in life, which consumes more time, we find that we have less time, or so it seems, to accomplish the same.
        Hence the importance of having a schedule.

  5. An old person once told me that at the age of ten, a year took forever because it represented 10% of his life – now at 100 a year only represents 1% of his life. He said it is all in your mind. Smart old guy.
    Why is sitting on a log in the forest not a waste of time when sitting in traffic is?

    1. hermit us;
      “Why is sitting on a log in the forest not a waste of time when sitting in traffic is?”

      The same reason that sitting at in traffic time stands still and takes forever, while as sitting on that Log in the Forest seems to only last 5 seconds.
      All has to do with perspective of the mind, and where one wishes to be. I sure as heck know I’d rather be sitting on that Log, even with the Bugs buzzing all around :-)

      1. Sitting in traffic is stressful, sitting on a log in a forest is peaceful, especially if you have insect repellent on.

      2. Don’t forget that sitting on a log is by CHOICE. While sitting in traffic is not really a choice because I am sure everyone says to themselves everyday before work, “I hope traffic won’t be too bad today”. I know I did for a long time. I loved those days when there was a holiday such as Thanksgiving and driving to work was a breeze with very little traffic. Plus, those days where I would usually head home from work between 11pm and 4am with almost no traffic except for shift change on the drilling rigs.

    2. hermit us and all,
      For me, the difference is the effect.
      There is no joy in sitting in traffic, but much joy can be had from the same time spent sitting on a log engaging all of your senses. The stress of traffic will tear a person down (and shorten your life), the healing power of even a few minutes spent quietly sitting on the log will buoy a person – reducing stress, lowering the heart rate and blood pressure – extending life instead of shortening it.
      Traffic = shorter life, more stress
      Log-Sitting = longer life, more joy

      1. I knew you all would know the difference. I find time in nature is the elixir for peace of mind. :) ps – I don’t even need the mint

    3. hermit us,
      Did you know my Dad? He said the same thing every year about time flying by…
      He also talked about people wasting time sitting on a log. Guess it’s what you do with your mind when you’re sitting on that log or when you’re sitting in traffic. Thinking good thoughts no matter where you are is a good thing :D
      and I don’t need mint, I just like it.
      luv ya’ll, Beach’n

  6. NRP,
    Great thought provoking article. Time is the lifeblood of our existence. Yet so many squander it in a race to end each day. I believe that God lives within us and experiences what we do, what a shame to disappoint this gift by wasting it on mundane things.
    Once had a manager yell at my team,” IF YOU CAN’T GET THIS DONE IN A 24 HOUR DAY, TRY WORKING OVERTIME!”. The majority do not get it.
    Relax, be calm, look around, take time to experience life. Good call NRP, good call.
    Think I will get a pot of tea and enjoy the rain that has finally come.

    1. MJ, 1/2 hour power nap listening to the grandfather clock tick-tock and rain put me to sleep.

      1. Grey,
        Nothing, nothing makes me sleep so soundly as the sound of the rain falling.
        God’s way of slowing nature down a bit, and rejuvenating it.

        1. Grey,
          Yup. you can’t stop time and make it stand still, but you sure can slow it down a bunch and enjoy it while you can. Certain places are ‘time machines’ in a sense that they seem to do that.

    2. minerjim;
      Thanks, I will agree we are here in this life as a tool to our soul.
      So being Buddhist (maybe not a ‘good’ Buddhist) I believe we are here to learn and to teach others AND ourselves what is really important.
      One of those lessons is the use or misuse of the time we have during our lives.
      I for one will admit I have wasted a LOT of my life chasing the allusive Brass Ring of life, and yet it usually takes only one instant to realize “what the heck have I been doing all my life”. Many never have that moment, unfortunately.

      PS, getting a little of that Rain here, tis nice to see, hear, AND smell it for sure. Nothing like a nice rain storm huh?

  7. Grey;
    I’m not far behind you on the “Retirement” thing, told my employer I would stick around to finish a project I have been working on the past 8 months, but soon I’m joining the ranks of the Unemployed :-)

    “Did try to enjoy the ride getting here” Ain’t it the truth….

    Or as Hunter S. Thompson said;

    “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”

    1. NRP, my Dad always told us to do what we wanted to do while we were young because later we may have the money and we may have the time but we may not have the body!

    2. NRP, I gave Hunter S Thompson a run for his money when I want in my early 20s, fortunately I took my foot off the gas about 24, good thing, probably would not have made it this far.🤤😪

    3. Like the bad guy in “The Highlander” movie- “It’s better to burn out than fade away”. Hehe

  8. Having started my 70th year I look back on my life and of course there are things that I would change- the beginning. Instead of doing what was expected, getting an education (which was really a good experience) getting married, a job, kids, I would advise those to work at what you enjoy. After all work can last from 16 to 65+, A very long time. In my 30’s I started to do more things i really wanted and really started to enjoy life. Now at 70 we just got back from a great vacation where we relaxed big time around a campfire, cooked in a dutch oven, slept late every day, took back roads- even drove down a river! We decided that is what we want to do with the rest of our time that is left, But. There is always a but that needs to be taken care of. So when you retire don’t think of all those projects that you have been putting off, unless you enjoy working everyday. Go off and enjoy yourself because TIME IS SHORT!

    1. old lady;
      Excellent advice, My Father told me “If you don’t like what your doing (work) than don’t do it”.

      As Prepper Site, I would say we probably all “worry” about the future, and rightfully so, but don’t worry to the point of not enjoying the Time we have now when Time’s are “Good”, for what are you going to do if/when TSHTF?

      PS; You drove down the Rio Grand through ABQ !!!??? HAHAHAHA I LOVE it LOLOL

      1. No don’t want to go near that place unless I have to. Need to spend the night in Oct for old man’s 2nd knee replacement.
        We went down the Fremont River outside of Fruita, UT and took the Cathedral Road. Later a lady at an info told me I could only do it in a jeep. I told her my Suzuki had more clearance and was better equipped to handle the water than a jeep. When she asked me if it could fly I left and went to the apple festival. She was not worth my TIME.

    2. There was a mechanic at the farm who retired. Then one day 6 months or so later, I saw him in the shop working. So, I asked him “I thought you retired?”. He said Yup and that he had a big long list of things to do at home. Then one day while sitting and watching TV he realized that he was watching TV everyday for the last several. He had his list completed and realized he had to do something, so he came back to the farm part-time.

  9. Tommyboy;
    You also bring up a good subject, that “Hole” in a person.

    Over time many, it seems to me, lose the drive to enjoy life and are lost. Those are the same that, as you mentioned, fill the hole with “Drugs? Booze? Money?”, and yes Money is a powerful Drug. I also see the power over others as one of those “Drugs”.

    I ponder what drives so many to the need of controlling and manipulating others, as politicians do? Why is it so important to belittle others to make one feel “better”? Why some spend so much of their life’s time in the pursuit of sheer control.

    Yes we all have destructive tendencies, but the question becomes what do we do with those tendencies? Can one turn those into “Constructive” ideas and results? I believe the answer is YES!, but it takes a lot of work and soul searching. AND Time.

    PS; I really understand your philosophy and why you’re where your at in life right now…..

    1. Thanks bud,
      That makes one of us who understands then!

      That control thing is a trip,
      I have been talked down to by more than one self riteous polititian, i suppose that is one reason i have such a strong distate for the political class, not a fan at all

    2. I remember talking to my Dad when I was in my 20’s about how much I enjoyed my life. My writing, my art, the garden, etc. His response? “That’ll change.” He said that as we get older we realize that those things don’t matter.

      I find myself on the opposite end–as I get older those things matter MORE rather than less.

      1. Lauren
        Thats the thing isnt it,
        What one person sees as a waste of time another will see as fulfilling and have a great passion for.
        I say keep writing, gardening and expressing, if thats what makes you happy, then thats what you need to do. The more time goes by the more i am drawn to actually doing all that sort of stuff, always wanted to, and now with people shaking their heads at me and my walking away i am even more drawn to it, especially since people are shaking their heads at it, tells me thats the thing to do….

        1. The sad part is that he’s now in his 70’s, no hobbies, no interests, and always depressed. When you let those “little” things go, what takes their place? Something has to, or you end up living in a vacuum.

  10. Hey Homesteader,
    I get where your at with the calf crop,,,
    I just forget that we are heading in a different direction,
    Hard to lose the old thinking of stuff like 4H being a good way to teach business, animal husbandry, and showmanship as well as marketing all in one fell swoop.
    And no, in principal, turning those calvs into compost is no different than letting the fruit drop.
    It can be hard to change a lifetime of thinking

    1. I also enjoyed watching the one where there was a room full of mouse traps loaded with bin bong balls – quite old. I have never had the time to partake in this kind of frivolity, perhaps it is my time to build that giant ball of twine, ….

  11. NRP
    It took me about a year to stop wearing a watch – I realized I was no long a slave to time. How long will take you? :)

    1. hermit us;
      Honestly I have never worn a watch, I don’t have an alarm clock either. Always worked on my own time, boss said as long as I got my work done it’s ok with him.
      Internal clock I guess. Same in the morning, amazing how the mind knows when the weekends are HAHAHAHA
      BUT I always make a policy to be 15 minutes early and never late. Being late is just all out rude and shows a lack of respect for the others that are “on time”.

      1. Ya, I have a habit of being early. Is that indicative of a person that preps ahead ?

  12. NRP,
    Great article! Thoughtful and thought provoking! Time is passing us by…
    Luv ya’ll, Beach’n

    1. Beach’n;
      One of the best things to Waste Time on….
      Crushing the Mint, Wink Wink :-)

        1. NRP
          That should probably be 2020 Hours just to maintain the theme

  13. Time waits for no man.
    Interesting how that some people that live in some of the poorest countries, with some of the fewest possessions often seem to be very happy. They’re not worried about paying off credit cards, their credit rating, having the newest this or that, etc. Often their main concern is just to make it from day to day.
    Fill that hole with the Holy Spirit and that hole will be filled forever.

  14. Time is eternal, our earthly journey just lasts a little while, a few years on the eternal time clock is all we have on this earth. Lots of interesting comments and advice on the blog today and a thought provoking article as well.
    Using time wisely , whether it is enjoying a rain shower while inside by a warm fire or sitting outdoors by the creek enjoying God’s creation or splitting firewood with a 6# maul , is so much a state of mind and being content with your day at the end of it . A good measure stick for me has been to live my life so as to put a smile on God”s face at the end of my day.

  15. And furthermore, once you’re past 70 or 80 you don’t have to worry as much about rotating Food Supplies. You might as well eat the new stuff leave your heirs eat the old stuff. No matter what you have they will probably throw it away anyways. Sorry a bit off topic. But good advice.

  16. In college we would say ” the more things you get involved with the more time you find to do them”
    Now that we are older we say ” You can sleep all you want when your dead” my little thoughts

  17. I don’t know if the fear of running out of time has anything to do with it, but many great books, great music, and some great paintings were done by people in the late stages of their life.
    NRP, time to start that best seller of a novel.

    1. hermit us;
      I have to laugh, I actually thought at one time of writing a book (Autobiography) but nobody would believe it, HAHAHA
      Especially some parts like eating Chocolate covered Grasshoppers on the porch in Thailand…. Not bad actually :-) or Scuba Diving the 3 Great Barrier Reefs in the 70s (Still need to dive the Red Sea). Has been interesting for sure, and it Ain’t Over yet Baby…. HAHAHAHAHA Still Time for that Polar Bear Swim in Russia. YEAH!!!!

      1. NRP,

        You don’t have to go to Thailand for chocolate covered grasshopper, or red ants. They can be had in the south Louisiana bayou country. Tasty. Milk chocolate with a crunchy center.

    2. Hermit, probably after a lifetime of learning how to write, or compose, or paint greatly.

  18. The older I get, the more I appreciate this part of Bob Seger’s song Like a Rock:

    Twenty years now, where’d they go?
    Twenty years; I don’t know
    I sit and I wonder sometimes
    Where they’ve gone

  19. One of the books that opened my youthful eyes was “Your Money or your life” Basically it said that TIME was the whole of your Life on earth and how you spent that time makes all the difference. Once I started viewing things as a question if it was worth that many hours of my life to “earn” that item (fancy car, fancy house etc.) stuff became less important than experiences shared by those you cared for. Beyond enough can be happiness. Happiness is so important that our Founding Fathers said it “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

    Glad the Troll did not steal too much of our time or happiness. Time is too important to waste.

    Pray for the Rule of Law and the Republic so we might be able to enjoy “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

  20. NRP,
    Thank you for another thought-provoking article. You are such a blessing :)

    Most of my life, I’ve been as guilty as your nephew of racing from one deadline, one project or one activity to the next. The time flies by, and every year I’m saying things like “I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas already” or “Wow, another birthday, this year went way too fast.”

    After selling the business, I made it a point to spend some time (while in “not suburbia”) of walking around just for the sake of doing so. Watched several local fawns grow and play, their spots already fading. Watched one of the local squirrels belly crawl to avoid a huge, very loud blue jay who was encroaching on his territory and snacks (hilarious). The feel of the sun on my face, the sound of a light breeze or violent gust of wind in the trees, the softer sounds of the creek as the water level drops before rising again with the coming rains and snow, the leaves already starting to go yellow and gold as Fall approaches. Time well invested.

    I’m making a conscious effort to live more for and in the moment(s). Not only does it make me feel better, more content, but it creates a piggy-bank of memories that can be replayed again and again. And on a more practical note, I find as I get older, I am less and less willing to allow people to waste my valuable time. We each only have so much time – and we do not know when it will stop, so I am much more aware of how I spend my given time, and trying to make the very best of what I have been given.

    1. So Cal Gal;
      Mt friend, do you know how much you have changes in the past couple of years you have contributed to MSB?
      WOW and I do mean WOW, I have a smile on from ear to ear.
      THANK YOU,
      I believe that all of MSB should be proud of your success in escaping….
      Some day I will offer you a “Cup of Tea and a Chocolate” sitting on a porch somewhere just letting Time go by for a bit.

  21. restoringBrad
    How about this one from Alabama

    I’m in a hurry to get things done
    “Oh I rush and rush until life’s no fun
    All I really gotta do is live and die
    But I’m in a hurry and don’t know why.…”

    Good article NRP. Makes one want to sit on that log for a spell, or grab the fishing pole…..and take it all in.
    Time….a precious commodity……

  22. Time only matters in how you spend it.
    You can set in traffic and fret about not being where you want/need to be.
    You can set in traffic and relax and plan how to spend your time to your best advantage.
    Time is only a measure.
    You are born, you live, you die.
    How you spend or waste that time is up to you!

    1. @tango, Your words ring true with my past commute experiences.

      I spent many (many) years of my career (maybe literally!) stuck in traffic during my commute. Over time I learned to relax. I knew I couldn’t change the traffic pattern and there was no other way into work.

      I listened to favorite talk shows on the way in. I began recording podcasts of those whom I was interested in listening to and played it back during my drive. Sometimes I would just listen to music. Other times I would brainstorm about my current personal projects, things to do with home (rather than work).

      I learned to chill out. Once that happened, it was amazing how my eyes opened to the ‘craziness’ of those around me – everyone in a massive rush – jostling for position.

      “Take time to smell the roses!”

      1. Ken,
        I do not miss those Bay Area Commutes! DW and I did 30 yrs worth and they just got worse each passing yr.

  23. NRP
    I wonder if the dinosaurs thought they got screwed over when their world turned cold due to ‘climate change’. Of course there was no one to blame but themselves?
    All theoretical of course.

    1. Joe c;
      Ohhh I don’t believe the Dinosaurs had much Time to think about their demise after that rock hit the puddle.
      More like “Wow, look at that, hey Frank did you see that big flash?”

  24. I sat down to read the article while my last run of butternut squash was in the canner as I had time to read.

    But my dog decided it was time for me to play ball with him. He had been so patient with me all day while I worked up and canned the squash.

    So I spent my time with the dog :)
    Time well spent.

    1. @grandee, We just canned an additional 18 pints of tomato sauce… Now that’s what it’s all about! ;)

      I also spend quality time with my dog every night in the recliner – he’s small enough to squish between my right leg and the armrest – just where he likes it.

      1. Yeah buddy
        And a ‘campfire’ in the back yard.

        Just a pain hauling that recliner back and forth

        1. Sometimes you won’t know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

  25. There was a time when GF and I first got together.
    She felt bad because her folks would call, talk, and want to do things with her, (us) not leaving time for us.’
    At the time, having recently losing both my parents, I told her not to feel guilty, what so ever.
    I made that mistake,. Don’t let it be yours.

  26. Let this so called blue wave bite themselves in the arse.

  27. NRP: you are a blue jeans philosopher; muddy boots & common sense.

    1. Old Chevy – on a rustic road
      Thank you Sir, I seem to get madder and MADDER when I waste so much time with the stupid stuff.
      I though this would be a good article in the middle of all the “Rush”.
      I know these are only words, and sometimes words fall on deaf ears, but maybe, just maybe someone will read this and take a minute, stop, and just realize how good we really have it.

  28. For the past several months I have been taking Mondays off to have some time for myself. I do home repair / Handyman work and am very busy. I get way more requests for work then I have time to get too. Other repair guys that do the same work I do are in the same boat. It’s busy all year long.

    Yes the money is nice but not as nice as piece of mind and time to yourself. We only get one go around in life and I don’t want all my life to be about work.

    I saw a U-Tube video about being a productive member of society and how doing so should be questioned as to if it’s in your best interest or is it just to make you a good worker bee. I’ve done my part all my life and it seems clear all my contributions (called taxes) are frequently used in a way I don’t want them used. and would not pay for other then by force.

    I’m also getting fed up with our system and am starting to not want to contribute to it as much to only have the money (taxes) taken from me and then used to do things I don’t like.

    I now have the “Starve The Beast” mentality. So I’m moving to a simpler life that takes less money to live and therefore less work (and less taxes taken) I have to do. I want to get down to 4-days or less of work per week. I can live well on this now.

    I know I will never starve the government, but even so I don’t have to feed the government as much either.

    Since I had a personal SHTF years ago I learned to live on a lot less and still get by and still have a pretty happy life.

    I developed hobbies that take little money once set up. (Ham radio as an example, the radios are a bit expensive, but once bought they only cost a bit of electricity to run.) so I can keep active doing things I like to do for a small cost.

    I also partake in the barter economy.

    Going Galt sounds better and better all the time…

    1. In order for Marxism to work, those of ability must build well in excess of what they need, so that others may consume it. Make no mistake…we live in a Marxist system now.

      I’m now of the mindset that I only want to produce enough for my needs, not to feed the system to my determent.

  29. To NRP: Thanks for the reminder to stop and smell the roses.

    This was a lesson I have learned from the many patients, friends and relatives that were on Hospice over the years. Many of the terminally ill wish they had more time. Others try their best to tie up loose ends before their time is up.

    Along with the length of life, there is also the quality of life issue May all on this site have a rich, full life with minimal time spent incapacitated or in state of suffering.

    As I approach retirement somewhere down the road, I am in the process of training my replacement. I never had specialized training to be a hospice nurse. I just happened to be the one that kept showing up and telling dirty jokes to the patient(s). I tried my best to get them to smile or laugh at least once during my time with them.

    1. Calirefugee;
      I know the face of Hospice very well, one of those memories that come at times.
      I guess this is something I should have added to my Article, the Bad/Hard times also that take our Time. and yes I do believe those are just as important as all the good, for how would we know the “Good Times” if not for the less-so?

      PS; Thank you for you Time spent with the Hospice, seriously, Thank you.

  30. Good stuff NRP!

    Life has been full, a few times full of empty, lonely moments; zipping along or chain-draggingly slow. My regrets are not for what I did but mostly for what I didn’t. Didn’t
    ~ jump at the chance
    ~ say yes
    ~ speak up
    ~ seize the opportunity to show compassion
    ~ listen to that voice inside me.

    An older friend once told me “With age comes wisdom. But not always. Sometimes old age shows up all by itself.”

    Wishing you ages of fun and time enough.

    1. Anony Mee;
      I had a good chuckle at your;
      “~ listen to that voice inside me.”
      OHHHH I have listen to that sucker a LOT, and he has gotten me into more trouble than the old quote “Here hold my beer and watch this” HAHAHAHA

  31. Don’t put off doing things you want to do.
    You can borrow money, you cannot borrow time.
    You can make more money, you cannot make more time.

  32. NRP,
    Very good, I know we have been trying to do a lot more than just work, been doing a lot more spur of the minute things like jeep rides of just driving up to the mountains ( maybe why my to-do list just keeps getting longer haha). Life is to short not to do things you love. Took me a long time to figure that out, the work will always be there regardless of what you do or don’t do.

    1. Rancher’s Wife;
      Yeah right, I read your BLOG, there is NO way you have ANY time for yourself… LOL
      Will admit, I’m jealous of your “Lifestyle” for sure.
      BTW, downloading that recipe right now….. got me drooling :-)

    1. Skeezix “Does anybody KNOW what Time it is… Does anybody REALLY Care.. Oh What Time.. We’ve all got time enough to cry.. we’ve all got time enough to die”

      Time like Happiness is best shared with people you care about. Always kiss them good night my friends.

  33. Looks like nobody has had Time to reply since 10/2018 article updated 2/2021 maybe everyone Too busy

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