lifetime of time
Guest article, by ‘NRP’

Time is all there is.

This past weekend I got into a “funk” thinking about ‘where did the Month go’. That grew into ‘where did the Year go’ and of course next ‘where did all the Time go’?

So I wanted to present an article about ”Time” with the idea of ‘How do we spend the only thing we really have to offer to ourselves and others’.

– If one really thinks about life, Time is the only thing we have to offer.
– In reality what are we selling to our employer when we work?
– What do we offer others when we visit and enjoy their company?
– What is it that is lost when we become aggravated and angry?
– What is it we offer our family when we are with them?
– Sure we can offer a friend a cup of Tea and spend a little Time with them, but is that Tea not replaceable? Is the Time replaceable?


Time verses ‘Stuff’

I would declare that in all reality all we truly ‘Own’, and spend, is the Time we have.

Certainly we have all the other “Stuff” — it is there for an instant and gone in a flash.

For example, all those Preps we all collect, sure we have possession of them for a short period, and then they may be gone and replaced the next visit to the Garden or Store, but there is zero replacement for the Time spent.


Time in a hurry

I watch people around me and wonder if they have gone absolutely nuts. For example my Nephew has his life so stuffed full of “things to do” and is literally running around like “a chicken with his head cut off”. I wonder if he has Time to breath. I mean seriously!!!!

It seems like the entire world has gone NUTS, with the hustle and bustle of life. When do they have Time to enjoy life (or maybe they are)? They always seem to be ‘looking’ and searching for something.

This “Hurry” reminds me of the Twin Paradox Theorem, seems that some believe that the faster they travel through life (and stuff into their days) Time will actually slow down so they can do more in a day. BTW Time, will not slow until one gets very close to the Speed of Light, nephew is working on that HAHAHA.


How do you spend your Time?

There is a little sign on my way to work that reads, “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted”.

How very true. Does it not seem the more we stuff into our lives the more dissatisfied we seem and the less Time we seem to have?

Again I know people who are not happy with the “simple things” in life and seem to complicate the heck out of life. How many millions of people are not happy with what they have and are always “Buying” more and more trinkets to fill that unhappiness?

Look at the numbers, the sales and retail numbers. It seems that people just want to buy happiness and Time. Unfortunately they will never find what they are looking for.

I often am amazed at the shear wonder of a quiet walk in the Forest, or sitting enjoying that nice pot of Tea watching Humming Birds at the feeders. Yes I spend my Time doing this, but it seems it’s not Time wasted.

How do you spend the only thing you truly own? Your TIME! And how do you prepare to spend what Time you have left?

Tic-Toc the clock of life is running down the rabbit hole. Please remember, once Time is spent, it can never be reclaimed. Even reading my article, I do appreciate the Time you spent doing so.

Bulova Chadbourne Old World Clock

Again, just my 3¢ (inflation) worth.


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