Be Prepared – Not Scared or Fearful

Sometimes there’s an unfortunate association between preparedness (to be prepared) – and fear, worry, or even paranoia.

Some personalities do excessively give in to these emotions (fear, worry). However, I’m here to tell you that from my point of view, preparedness and prepping has much more to do with personal internal traits of confidence, self-reliance, critical thinking, awareness, problem solving, mitigation, assuredness, and more…

Preparedness and sensibility go together. Survivalism, Prepping & Preparedness – it is simply logical (or should be) within the core of our being. We have an inherent instinctive will to survive. And we have built-in ‘sensors’, thresholds, that trigger us to act accordingly.

Awareness, discernment, risk management and mitigation.

The Fear of Not Being Prepared

Don’t be fearful. Don’t give in to it.

Be concerned. Not fearful.
Attentive. Not scared.
Informed. Not worried.
Be prepared. Not Assuming.

Fear is a very powerful motivator. Relative to preparedness however, it’s not about fear. It’s about avoiding a potentially fearful situation.

Nonstop Fear Propaganda

Here we are in the last half of 2021. I am so disgusted with the constant non-stop fear-driven propaganda spewing forth from the mainstream news and other outlets. I mean, drum beat… never ending fear. Pounding, pounding…

I have never, ever, witnessed so much fear-mongering in my life. And I believe those of us who recognize it as such, should refocus on the positive constructive things we can do for ourselves and our own situations. You and I cannot save the world. Rather, we can save ourselves.

I do not accept their fear mongering. I am not afraid. Not only does fear “sell”, but it is used to CONTROL YOU. Stop that! Shut them off. Shut them out. Ignore them. I switched them off quite some time ago and it has positively affected my outlook.

Why am I not afraid?

Because I am into preparedness does not make me a fearful person. On the contrary, I am unafraid. I am confident.

Why am I not fearful? Because I know that I can Improvise, Adapt and Overcome.

Why am I not scared? Because I have a reasonable reserve of life-sustaining resources. I have plans for mitigating potentially bad situations that might otherwise put me in a more precarious position.

How is it that I am not worried? Because of due diligence to being informed as best I can. I identify potential risks, hypothetically play them out to discover how I might be impacted, make a plan, act on the plan, and then sleep well at night.

Some may mistake preparedness actions as paranoid response. Instead it is based upon logical skepticism, perhaps of apparent smooth running systems – especially when life depends upon it. No, that’s not paranoia. It is freethinking self preservation.

Because I have a preparedness mindset, am I different from most other people? Unfortunately, it seems so, yes. A lifestyle of preparedness. It was once quite normal. Today however, the people have been trained otherwise.

Be prepared Not scared.

It is the evil within human nature which drives the tyrant to control you. And how do they do that? Well, a primary tool is FEAR! To instill fear into your soul. Today, as of this time during 2021, we have nearly reached the point of no return in this regard. The public at large is seemingly scared out of their friggin minds. Those of us who have the ability to think critically, we know why, and how. It’s just a fact that many are easily controlled. Just the way it is.

So instead of falling for the fear, or instead of shouting back at the ‘talking head’ on the TV screen, I simply recognize it all as such. Instead of complaining about it (which is sometimes difficult to refrain), I prepare with contingencies for what may come our way. To be personally prepared. To be healthy. Educated about prevention. Common sensible measures.

You will be happier…

Although we cannot stop the train barreling down the tracks, so to speak, we can get out of the way. Sometimes there’s no saving those who won’t get off the tracks. So, save yourself. Be prepared. Once you step out of the way and accept the way things are, well, you will be happier.

Shut off the sources of fear. You can do this, while still remaining informed.


  1. All i see is around is fear and ignorance, people are either swept up in paranoia and fear or they are completely oblivious to everything going on around us. Call it whatever you want but normalcy bias is about as close as you can get to a quick and accurate description. Its really odd honestly.

    Where does this end?

    Im prepared as best i can be, i doubt most others are though, and the fear mongering goes on, people are getting de sensitized to it all, i have a feeling this whole virus thing will be but a rosy memory in a year or so.

  2. being a little paranoid is a good thing i think. i don’t take anything at face value anymore, i question everything and draw my own conclusions. sometimes i’m right, most times i’m wrong. being wrong is a good thing sometimes.
    i don’t take any one persons views or opinions on anything. being paranoid is a survival instinct that has served mankind well since the dawn of time ( don’t go into that cave, there may be a bear or mountain lion in there )
    the fear mongering on MSM has reached such epic proportions that i barely notice anymore.
    it will wind down as the MSN realize that people are waking up to what is going on in this country and are not going to take it anymore. it’s already happening, people are pushing back.
    good luck all

    1. nyscout,

      You said “people are waking up”…I watched a you tube video of Ben Domenech (FOX News) speaking of America waking up…a phenomena that scares the “woke” movement…He calls those who have, the “wide awake”, who recognize how Americans are being manipulated…and by who…and the “who” should be scared as hell of them…

  3. Ken, I do not know where you got the picture of the dude butt he looks like he’s got poop in his shorts.
    In regards to nonstop fear propaganda: See Don Henly song: Dirty Laundry Dedicated to Joe C. our Classic Rock fan. and another comment by a news anchor getting groomed prior to going on air: “If it bleeds, it leads.”

    1. Thanks for the way back, Cali!

      “You don’t really need to find out
      What’s going on
      You don’t really want to know
      Just how far it’s gone
      Just leave well enough alone
      Eat your dirty laundry.”

      I just had to.😁

  4. Dennis,
    the people who go to work everyday, have families they support, paid their taxes, have been silent for a while, doing what they were taught as children to do in years past. to be a good American and support our government. they see the lies now and are not going to take it anymore.
    they have been silent until now. giving Biden 7 months to do his thing and what do we have.
    a broken government, a broken country, and a broken economy. if Trump was to go back into office today it would take two years to undo the damage that Biden has done in just 7 months.
    yes, the “woke” and many politicians on both sides, they should be and ARE very scared. you can hear it in their words and see it in their actions, they are terrified, and that worries me. not for myself but for my country.
    after all they are still in power.

  5. The funny thing to me is that the scared look at the prepared and say “You must do that because you’re scared.” Projection at its finest.

    Reminds me of the story of the old lady who got pulled over by an officer. He asks if she has any weapons and she says, “I have a gun in a shoulder holster, and another in the glove box.” Intrigued, he says, “Anything else?”

    “A knife in the center console and another gun under the seat.”

    Eyes wide, he asks, “What are you afraid of?”

    “Not a damn thing.”

    1. Lauren,
      it’s all about attitude, i remember well when i was 6 or 7 a cop pulled my mother over for speeding. he asked her if she knew how fast she was going, she said”yea, i damn sure do”. his response was to say, please slow down mam. and that was it. you guys would have liked momma. five ft tall and 90 lbs but she didn’t take crap off of no-one.

  6. Overcoming fear is an essential part of a life. To become a skydiver I had to overcome the natural fear of jumping out of a plane and as a BASE jumper decided the adrenalin rush was more important to me than worrying about dying. Everyone has fear and it will control you if you let it but it can be overcome and it usually opens doors to things never thought possible.

    In the military we learned to overcome fear and to realize that if you control the things you can and not focus on those that you can’t your chances of survival greatly improve. Once one accepts that we are all going to die in the future (no one’s getting out alive), then it takes away the burden of fearing the inevitable so you can focus on the present and prepare as best you can for the future.

    1. raspberry sound–
      The one time I went skydiving the guy had to push me out.
      I told him on the ground that I paid for it and it was going to happen.
      If I raised both hands that meant I couldn’t do it and he needed to give a shove.
      He did.

  7. Mmmmm
    Cut two

    Those characteristics are motivators in preparing.
    Not the bat **** crazies, but the little voice that talks to you.
    Supplies are short, I fear I may not be able to obtain those canning lids, gasoline, pasta, rice, beans. I best resupply.
    I’m scared that my country has run amok.
    I need to secure my home, my property, myself and my family.
    Who can/cannot trust?
    What can or I cannot do/say to draw attention to myself?
    Be Happy
    I’m content, I’ll put it that way.
    I’m not Happy for the reasons why.

    1. Reactions should not be based solely on emotions, in any circumstance.

      A clear mind, a thought process, a possible outcome should all be considered.

      No one said life was easy.

      We’ve been long cohearsed in the ways, ‘they’ deam acceptable.

  8. Oh, I don’t know. Preparedness reflects optimism about the future, but for me it is not without its component of fear. Today is perhaps a good day to reflect on this. I risked my life in Kabul the last time the Taliban were in charge in order to secure the safety of Afghan citizens who worked for us. Took the opportunity while there to improve safety for the UN staff and some western NGOs as well. Was I afraid – oh yeah. But it made me that much more conscientious in my work and careful in my movements.

    This despicable administration has now put those people I came to care for at risk of death and their families of destruction.

    After all that’s happened in the past seven months am I afraid of what it will do during the next three and one-half years – you bet. Am I concerned about other disasters and unfortunate events that might befall me, my family, friends, neighbors, community, or nation – yes. Finally got around to discussing the Modern Grand Solar Minimum, and the expected crop loss and famine that accompanies these cyclical solar weather circumstances, with a very liberal DFM. Objective, no politics, no appeal to emotion, just factual recounting and encouragement to set aside staples for the future. Was accused of doomsday fear-mongering. My increased focus on preparedness these days is directly attributable to my informed opinion that food may well become and remain scarce for several years. A reasonable level of fear keeps rust off the sword.

    1. I suppose thats where i am going wrong, im prepared for different stuff, but have zero optimism about the future, pretty much know its going to suck

      1. No matter how much it sucks, you’ll be prepared for the suck. So that’s a positive.

        1. True, Lauren.
          We’ve spent our whole lives combating, preparing for the little suck(s),
          just to be awaiting the big suck.

      2. Kulafriend and farmer, re ” Preparedness reflects optimism about the future” . . . The biological imperative is toward survival. But beyond that, I think our preparedness reflects an optimism that there is something worth reaching for beyond the tragedies of today and tomorrow. There is something worth living for that gets us through the toughest of times. Something worth fighting for that keeps us fighting – most often love of others.

  9. Keep in mind the biggest dangers and threats to you and your tribe are within 5 miles of where you live. Plan accordingly.

  10. This life is about preparing for eternal life with God. Faith, hope and love keep fear away.

    1. Salvation is personal. I can tell the “scoffers” day in and day out why I believe, but it won’t mean anything because they didn’t experience it.

      I KNOW there is life after death. I KNOW there is a God who loves us and wants what is best for us. I KNOW that family feeling and love continue after death. With those things an absolute, I have faith in the rest.

    2. SoulSurvivor,
      i always tell the scoffer’s to just look at our world, and our planet, the diversity of life and eco-systems that it has. from the deep oceans to the high deserts.
      i just can’t believe that all of this happened by accident. there must be a higher power.

      1. SoulSurvivor,
        it’s called courage. another lost word in our language, and there are many other lost words like honesty, dignity, chivalry, courtesy and many many more.
        not for all but for most. and people wonder why i have become a hermit of sorts.
        no fear here, just going to sit back for a while and see what happens. barring a meteor or something i’m in a good place.
        in my youth i would never have imagined living where i do and living this lifestyle, but it seems like God has always had His hand on my shoulder protecting me, and me from myself and guiding me to where i am now. i give Him thank’s everyday.

    3. Truth well said. 1 Corinthians 13:13 “And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.”

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