Be Prepared. Not Fearful. Not Scared.

Too often, the notion of being prepared, having a preparedness mindset, being a (gasp) ‘prepper’, is associated with fear, worry, or even paranoia.

While some personalities do excessively give in to these emotions, I’m here to tell you that from my point of view preparedness and prepping has much more to do with feelings tied with confidence, self-reliance, assuredness.

Preparedness and sensibility go together. Survivalism, prepping & preparedness – it is simply logical to the core of our being. We have inherent will to survive. And we have built-in ‘sensors’, thresholds, that trigger us to act accordingly.

Awareness, discernment, risk management and mitigation.

I am concerned. Not fearful.
I am attentive. Not scared.
I am informed. Not worried.

Fear is a very powerful motivator. Relative to preparedness however, it’s not about fear. It’s about avoiding a potentially fearful situation.

Because I am into preparedness does not make me a fearful person. On the contrary, I am unafraid. I am confident. Easy going and laid back in many ways – given my mindset of being prepared.

Why am I not fearful? Because I know that I can improvise, adapt and overcome.

Why am I not scared? Because I have a reasonable reserve of life-sustaining resources. I have plans for mitigating potentially bad situations that might otherwise put me in a more precarious position.

Why am I not worried? Because of due diligence to being informed as best I can. I identify potential risks, hypothetically play them out to discover how I might be impacted, make a plan, act on the plan, and then sleep well at night.

Am I paranoid?
Some may mistake preparedness actions as paranoid response. Instead it is based upon logical skepticism, perhaps of apparent smooth running systems – especially when life depends upon it. No, that’s not paranoia. It is freethinking self preservation.

Because I have a preparedness mindset, is my life different from most other people? No, not really. I do spend ‘x’ amount of time on plan-A, plan-B, or plan-C, however I still go about my life as many others do in this world we live in.

A nut?
Am I a ‘nut’ because some might call me a prepper? The ‘mainstream’ prepper is simply living a lifestyle that better ensures survivability all the way from Level-1 (a week or two) to Level-4 (self-sustaining) or anywhere in-between.

Prepping and Preparedness 1 – 4

Be prepared. Not fearful. Not scared.

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  1. I just love how we get labled by those who are naysayers, but then when everything looks like its going to go badly we then are their first stop.

  2. “Be prepared. Not fearful. Not scared”, but don’t get complacent.

  3. Well, where should I start?

    First and most important, I am NOT paranoid, I do NOT think “they” are out to get me; I’m POSITIVE they are out to get me…. See the difference? With this mindset one can work on relative simple ways to live to assure eradication of that “fear”. Not only that, if “They” really REALLY want to get me, well pretty much here I am.

    With the correct mindset and “Lifestyle” one can live very comfortably and free without the nagging feelings of “All of the Above”, I mean come-on-man were all going to have sorrow, heartbreak, pain, suffering, death, worry, and so-on in our lives, of that there is no doubt. What makes a difference is how one handles and recovers from these “happenings”.

    Honestly we all can go completely “Nuts” from what’s going on in the world, or in our personal lives…. Why? Will “All of the Above” change if we get so wrapped up in being a fanatic it makes the “All of the Above” go away, or even helps a little bit? I’m guessing No.

    Second, do you want to live in a Cave and forget about the world? Hummmmm Maybe, Maybe Not. There are many of things we should and do care about, your Wife, Children, Families. Maybe your Church, your belief in God and the afterlife? How about good old Blue or your “Man’s best Friend”? Being a Hermit sounds all wonderful, ahhhh try it sometimes, not all it cracks up to be, honestly.

    And yes there are some that seem not to give a rat’s azz about anything but themselves. Well guess what, if that’s their choice than, ohhhhh well, good for them. BUT should we in turn care about them? Tough Question.

    Personally I don’t give a hoot what most others think or believe on what I do. If I wish to pee off my back porch (without being indecent) than whom the ‘help’ is it to judge me or my doings? Should I be worried about there thinking? Should I be paranoid the .gov is going to kick down my door tonight? Should I live my life as someone else dictates? I think not.

    And honestly I could give a Flying Fig if others think I’m a “Nut” for having 600 rolls of TP. Tis My TP so keep yar hands off… HAHAHAHA

    Sorry people, this is MY life, NOT yours and if I’m not preaching you have to do as I think, than to ‘help’ with you if you think I have to do as you do, and “worry, fear, scared, paranoid, different, nut” at the rest of the world.

    Remember, what’s going to happen will happen. How you handle it is up to you and you only.

    Kinda long sorry. Ohhhh well, I’m not worried about it…. HAHAHAHA

    1. Its all about “lifestyle”
      Honestly, nost all the regulars here dont fit the definitions of “prepper” or “survivalist” myself included. Now “homesteader” that sounds closer to what most of us are doing, we are striving to be as self sufficient as possible, yea sure we most all have more canned goods than the average American, but exactly how well will the average American fare if we see anothemassive downturn? Myself, i like to eat, i like to be able to wipe my arse with soft TP, i like my pork products with my eggs and my rice with my stir fry, but i dont hardly think that would classify any of us as nutcase preppers like that show had on it….
      Stuff to think about, so many douchebags who like to scream about lables then turn around and lable huge swaths of those with a different mindset as subversive of some form or another. Honestly, WE are the normal ones, watching out for our families making sure we can get by if times get lean, we are the ones who are being responsible, me thinks those who would lable us one way or another are jealous and bitter that they have no forethought,,,

      1. We cannot forget another part of prepping is being economical. Because part of being self sufficient is being financially sound. Sure we splurge on some neat gizmo at times but with the knowledge that it is paid for with hard-earned money not put on the CC paying 23.99% interest. Often we are being economical without fully realizing it at the time. For example, you have a garden that has tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, beans, lettuce, cabbage, etc… It is great eating food that you have grown and possibly healthier. The other side of that coin is the considerable savings of $$$$ versus buy those same veggies at the store.
        Just my 2 pennies

      2. Yes, I agree. We are more of a group that view things differently than most. I think I am a very responsible person who can look at the world, then look at my choices about how deal with what’s happening in our world and figure out how to survive the happiest way I can. We couldn’t care for and afford our huge house and property so we found someone who could and wanted to. We figured out a way it worked for all of us and we adapted. We still live on our property in our RV which is what we want and someone to care for our home and they want to learn from us! Win/win! We must adapt and be willing to change when things take a turn in a direction not of our choosing. I didn’t think this is where I would be, but it works! I don’t care to keep up with the fads and what’s in style anymore. Like NRP I really don’t give a rip if anyone likes what we are doing or how we live our lives. As long as we choose our path, don’t harm others, and know that with hard work and yes, planning, we will be in much better shape than the sheeple. Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

  4. Preparedness does give peace of mind.
    It’s just the direction of this country and where it is headed/ing that causes more frustration, than fear.
    I’m not as old as some of yas, but I do remember the way it used to be….. not so long ago.

    1. Joe c;
      Respectively I need to disagree, Preparedness does give a “Peace of Mind”.
      I agree whole heartedly the direction of the country is 100% frustration, but when one is prepared and in the right mindset, there is nada to worry about or fear.
      I might add, you may not be as “old” as some here, –Ken–, but you seem to have a great wisdom about you that’s admirable.

      1. NRP
        Who are you kidding?
        “Great wisdom”
        …..Coming from a TP hoarder!
        Just kidding
        Thanks, man

  5. I am reminded of my favorite Charlie Daniels song.The part about I Don,t ask nobody for nothin if I can’t get it on my own.I have lived 50 of my years this way. Because I had to.I am dependent on no one,because I,’ve been let down by to many, including my parents as a child. Not whining just say in I,’ve been self sufficient since adolescence . And I’m not afraid to stand alone. Against whatever comes my way.Please d,not misinterpret because I care a great deal about my wife and children I would defend them to the end of my life.And I care about like minded people,I,’ve just never met any of you personally. Stay safe.

      1. Maggie’s farm & blackjack22;
        That would be June 20, 2020, at 2020 hours…. :-)
        BTW Beach’n is making the Mint Juleps hehehehe

  6. Being prepared gives a person control over one’s life, especially when living in an out of control world. Anti gunners, socialist, and sjw’s live by the victim card, dependent on others for safety and security while giving away more and more control and choices “freedom” to others. A belief in one’s self, “proven through years of experience” with a can do attitude or a community victim mentality with a blind faith and dependency on others. There is no debate, “as far as I’m concerned” who has the irrational attitude.

  7. Scared no, but worried yes.
    There was a time when I felt I had more freedom than now. It seems that there is more pressure in our daily lives, inflation of food and energy, higher taxes, school boards taking more from us to indoctrinate our kids, technology that we no longer understand and can not fix, creeping socialism, … The frustration is that no matter how well we insulate ourselves, families, community, the powers that be, government and corporations, somehow keep chipping away at the lifestyles we worked and sacrificed for. Now the rest of the world feel we are greedy and demand that we share with all – welcome to the mud hut world because it is only fair.

  8. Hermit
    That’s what I’m talking about….
    Not only is it .gov , it’s the corporate, the gimme dat’s, even the ‘working idividual’ that feel entitled to what us fore-seers have worked for to prepair, to sustain.
    Everyone’s hands in your pockets…..
    All you are left with to pull out is lint……..

    1. There are a few corporations that actually do scare me – they are becoming more dictatorial than government ever can be. They can control all purchasing, information, technology, … it is a train we can not avoid or get off.

  9. If/when it comes down to the need to be prepared, the he unprepared will be the ones most susceptible to fear, worry, and paranoia.

  10. I remember the old Boy Scout motto of ‘Be Prepared’ means being ready to handle a situation. I don’t remember seeing anywhere in the moto where it says crap your pants or curl up in a ball and cry when a situation occurs. Then again, with the ‘New’ Boy Scouts, they might have changed that and added the latter conditions since it seems to have lost the battle with the PC culture.

  11. Why am I a prepper? Because I’m a bigoted man.

    Bigot? Yes. I’m bigoted because I firmly believe I am more able than my wife or my children to face adversity and what might be seen as unsurmountable challenges. Yes, I feel superior to them in providing for their needs than they are under harsh circumstance. I’m a bigot because I believe, as a husband, father, and grand father, it is my responsibility to provide for my family’s needs.

    I readily concede that my wife is stronger and wiser than I am. She has qualities and abilities I will never possess. She has the ability to nurture that I don’t. No one can heal child’s bruised knee, scraped chin, or hurt feelings like her. She has staying power to keep going all night long to watch a sick child, even after toiling all day long cooking, cleaning, and nurturing others. I can do those things too, just not as good as her.

    Of course, I can shoot, lift heavier loads, fix the roof, build a shed, plow a field better than her, but she can do all those things too.

    So, when you get right down to it………., we are a team. A team that believes parenthood (and great parenthood) is a calling and a mandate not to shirk. Prepping? It’s just a part in what we are try to accomplish in this life, making sure our loved ones don’t suffer because we didn’t do what we could, when we could.

    Yep, we are a couple of bigots. We feel superior to folks that can, but won’t.

    1. Dennis according to Webster your definition of Bigot is only half right. In what would be called the positive definition your definition holds up well. However in the manner most use the word Bigot “intolerant or racist of other peoples” I don’t see that in any of your postings.

      Or as my military buddies would say “It ain’t Brag IF you can DO it” And I suspect you can DO it.

      Carry on the mission my friend but don’t load the Liberals Social Cannons for them.

      Pray for the Republic and the rule of law to be restored.

      1. NH Michael,

        As for me and my house, there is only one race, that’s the human race. We come in different colors, sizes, shapes, and locales. What separates folks, in my eyes, what matters, is what they do with what God gave them. Providing for themselves and their families to the best of their abilities and helping those who try, but fail for reasons outside their control, is what matters. Race, or sex, or nationalities don’t figure into a person’s worth. Nor does wealth or lack of it. The measure of a person comes from within, not what the outside looks like. I would like to think that everyone that follows this blog believes the same.

      2. Dennis I am not surprised, your my kind of neighbor. :-) Once I cut the skin in surgery all I see is male or female human. That and what I’m there to help fix (I say help because all good surgeons know it’s GOD that heals).

        My favorite quote when I am facing a SJW is from MLK Jr. “That a man not be judged by the color of his skin but by the nature of his character”

        You’d be amazed how few even if you add “I have a Dream” to it have no clue of what I am speaking.

        If what Q and X22 is saying doesn’t get going STAT there will not be any Republic to save from the Chaos of Social-Democrats/Deep State.

        Praying for the Republic

  12. Has anybody heard from Q or the X22 report lately? I normally hear something weekly and it’s been a couple of weeks since I last heard from them.

    Did the Deep State or Google shut them down? I’d love to hear oldhomesteaders take on this Honduran invasion in time for the Democrats to scream about Trump during the elections.

    Secure your dining tray in the full closed positions the plane ride is coming into real turbulence.

    Or as my Mormon friends like to say “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear” Or maybe “God wants you to do your part HE will do His”.

    1. NH MICHAEL,,,, SOME WON’T LIKE WHAT I THINK ,,,wire and tear gas ,and more wire and tear gas ,,,then when the message is received ,the air force has transports that can hold 350 at a time I think ,,,,and still work uninproved strips ,,lets see three birds =1000 × times 7 or 8 round robins per bird three trips a day per bird ,,,,problem solved ,,,that said ,,who ever is paying for this needs a orange jumpsuit ,,,,and a bill to pay for the fun and games ,,,,and I still have a set of cuffs and belly chains and leg irons from days way past I will loan out ,,, at least I think I can find them
      That said I’ve spent time way south of the border and I like the people ,have even considered expating to Costa Rica at one time ,,,,,
      Most of those coming are good folks ,just that there doing it the wrong way ,,,,build the damn wall ,,,,,

    2. x22 is up and running if you are not getting notification’s it might be that some entity has removed you from notification list

  13. I would be willing to bet the folks all along the southern border between the USA and Mexico are ramping up their preps. Things are going to get real sporty. I am still waiting for the POTUS to invoke Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution. I will not hold my breath.

    1. Some of us will hold our vote to see what Trump will or will not do! Tried to contact Sen Cruz but only get form letter or recording. Other wise always ready, always watching!

  14. On the “migrant caravan”. In any other world, in any other time, this is no more or no less than a hostile invasion. None of the participants claim they or looking for asylum or refuge from harm. They readily admit they are hoping to share in what we have. They are seeking to obtain this, openly admitting, by overwhelming our borders by sheer numbers.

    How does this differ from a home invasion? A strong arm robbery? A direct challenge to our sovereignty? It doesn’t.

    They will, more than likely, succeed. Why? Because good people (us) will do nothing. No, we will sit by, whining that Trump or someone must do something or we will withhold our vote. I’m guessing that if 20,000 outraged American citizens (1/3 the number that showed up in Houston for the Trump rally) showed up to confront this “caravan”, in hand to hand combat if necessary to repel the invasion ( armed folks against unarmed would most likely invite U.N. troops), politicians would line up with us, shoulder to shoulder. That will never happen though.

    No, we want someone else to make those decisions. Have someone else take the risk. Not get our hands dirty. Be able to point fingers and say how it should have been handled and continue to gripe about nothing being done. No different from the ones who are afraid to check that noise in the backyard, call the police, then criticize how they handled it if things went bad.

    Excuse me brothers and sisters, but you know it’s so. We are so used to letting others do the hard lifting, we fail to see our own responsibilities. We better wake up. You don’t see the left wing socialist groups failing to show up in greater numbers when conservative groups try to have a rally or parade.

    I’ll go ahead and beat myself up and offer my excuses before others attack what I’ve said. I’m old, my health is less than optimum. I’ve served my country and fellow man in the military and I was one of those that came when others were afraid to confront that bump in the night, or to put myself between them and those who would do them harm. Truthfully, I’m tired. I’m tired of the whining and complaining about how someone else should do something. Even so, I would go to the border to confront the invaders, but I know, just as well as I know the sun will rise in the east, no one will join me, at least in an appreciable number. So, I’ll whine and complain that someone, anyone, should do something.

    1. Dennis, at this point it is in Trumps hands, if he wimps out I will not vote again. He is the only reason I voted last time. If he fails then it is up to us and you are correct, there is not and will not be the numbers to fight this and the government at the same time, at least not until enough people are hurting. Some times the person who no longer has nothing to lose, will lose it.

    2. Dennis
      I hear you with my aching heart, but I want you to know,


    3. Sorry to say Dennis, the masses will not stand up until about half of the country is overrun. Previous conflicts that are not quite the same have shown when the tide will turn or total defeat occurs – France in ww2, Russia in ww2. The problem this time is that the enemy does not wear a uniform and there is no clear goal to their fight except total anarchy.

    4. Dennis
      I finally found your comment.
      I hear ya.
      I would stand with you…..and not to down play you, but…..
      I have less than a weeks vacation, bills to pay, a homestead to oversee……
      The left loves this crap of the rights dedicated responsibility.
      Hell, I don’t have the time/fore notice of events at my state capital, let alone a thousand +/- miles.away.
      A sorry excuse, I know. And am ashamed…..
      The left loves.the idea that their constituents would sell their own mother for $1000. That’s why they have the backing.

      1. If these Hollywood chastised people would stand together, not separately, we would have an awesome stand.
        James Wood, Tom Selleck, Chuck Norris, Ted Nugent, Charlie Daniels, etc.
        Seems no matter who you are we are still alone…….

      2. Joe c,

        Yes, conservatives have responsibilities and are dedicated to their jobs and providing for their families. Dropping everything to rally against stupidity can cost them everything they are working so hard to achieve. If the socialists keep taking advantage of that weakness (?), we may lose everything any how. Sort of a catch-22. Darned if you do, darned if you don’t. Do we fight at the border, or fight in our front yard? I guess we will find out shortly.

        1. Indeed, D
          If it were a simple matter of loading the gear in the pickup and heading off to rendezvous i would be there.
          As it were though, a million miles away and outnumberd and flanked, unbeknown to the enemy at this point, but still realize limitations of the situation.

        2. Don’t be surprised
          There might come a day when someone you stand beside says,
          “Hi, Dennis, my name’s Joe, Tommy, Neal, or…..?”

        3. Dennis/JoeC
          Was watching news this morning over at my moms house and the announcer was saying these groups are aiming for the border crossing near SanDiego,
          So pretty much will be business as usual

          1. Yeah and if I was seeking a better life in America, I would certainly walk an additional 100’s of miles.
            Soro’s bus fare ticket, please

          2. Ya,,,
            Can see the welcome now,,,
            WelCUm to KalifORnia,
            Dont mind that pile o turds over there, or there. Or well, there, and there n ther n there, or over there and dont step on the used needles, they have cooties!

  15. I think it is just best to be calm and do what you can. Chances are if your reading this website than your already better off than all of your neighbors.

  16. The cover photo supposedly is one of Ken when NRP showed up unannounced at his door one dark night, according to anonymous sources.

  17. I saw an interesting article on CNBC. It talks about a 72 page report about socialism. The White House released the report titled “The Opportunity Costs of Socialism”. I haven’t finished reading it yet but so far it is very enlightening. The CNBC article is titled “The White House Issues 72-Page Report Slamming Socialism as Trump Blasts Democrats”. Click on ‘report’ in the article to view the 72-page report. It talks about the history of socialism to the present and gives numbers how our economy would be impacted if socialist policies were implemented here in the US such as socialized healthcare. It talks about the USSR, China, Venezuela, and the Nordic countries socialist policies.

  18. Actually, if you haven’t panicked yet now would be a good time. I panicked a decade ago and it set me on a new path, where I feel better prepared to handle certain situations. And its been quite a trip.

    Panic is a strong motivator, especially if you set objectives and work towards them steadily.

    The time to panic is NOT when the chips are down. There is nothing but wailing and gnashing of teeth in that.

  19. It is always, “us against them.” In every phase of life. Imagine the problems of each of us here. The man you spoke to at the feed store, the other day. Right now, he’s probably considered “us.” After shtf, if he shows up at your home, demanding xyz, he will definitely be “them.”

    This caravan thing is no different than the potential golden horde we all envision in some form. Us against them. It is human nature and cannot be changed.

    I try to prepare in order to provide for my wife, child, grandchildren. Definitely us! I would gladly include others into us. No free riders. Ya got to earn your way, us. Am I afraid? No, I don’t think that is the right word. I am a prideful person. It was part of my upbringing. You do for yourself if you can. I believe that is missing from many. Simple pride. Pride of accomplishment, of ownership, of preparedness. Pride is easily overdone, but an important factor in one’s make-up. I don’t want to go, hat in hand, begging others to provide for “us.” That is my job.

    This caravan thing; The people all look well fed, overweight even. They all appear to have new looking clothes and shoes. Should they somehow, arrive in our country, they will definitely be “them.” This very well may be, a preview of coming attractions.

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