Too often, the notion of being prepared, having a preparedness mindset, being a (gasp) ‘prepper’, is associated with fear, worry, or even paranoia.

While some personalities do excessively give in to these emotions, I’m here to tell you that from my point of view preparedness and prepping has much more to do with feelings tied with confidence, self-reliance, assuredness.

Preparedness and sensibility go together. Survivalism, prepping & preparedness – it is simply logical to the core of our being. We have inherent will to survive. And we have built-in ‘sensors’, thresholds, that trigger us to act accordingly.

Awareness, discernment, risk management and mitigation.

I am concerned. Not fearful.
I am attentive. Not scared.
I am informed. Not worried.

Fear is a very powerful motivator. Relative to preparedness however, it’s not about fear. It’s about avoiding a potentially fearful situation.

Because I am into preparedness does not make me a fearful person. On the contrary, I am unafraid. I am confident. Easy going and laid back in many ways – given my mindset of being prepared.

Why am I not fearful? Because I know that I can improvise, adapt and overcome.

Why am I not scared? Because I have a reasonable reserve of life-sustaining resources. I have plans for mitigating potentially bad situations that might otherwise put me in a more precarious position.

Why am I not worried? Because of due diligence to being informed as best I can. I identify potential risks, hypothetically play them out to discover how I might be impacted, make a plan, act on the plan, and then sleep well at night.

Am I paranoid?
Some may mistake preparedness actions as paranoid response. Instead it is based upon logical skepticism, perhaps of apparent smooth running systems – especially when life depends upon it. No, that’s not paranoia. It is freethinking self preservation.

Because I have a preparedness mindset, is my life different from most other people? No, not really. I do spend ‘x’ amount of time on plan-A, plan-B, or plan-C, however I still go about my life as many others do in this world we live in.

A nut?
Am I a ‘nut’ because some might call me a prepper? The ‘mainstream’ prepper is simply living a lifestyle that better ensures survivability all the way from Level-1 (a week or two) to Level-4 (self-sustaining) or anywhere in-between.

Prepping and Preparedness 1 – 4

Be prepared. Not fearful. Not scared.

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