If You Could, Would You Move To Another State? (Poll Results)


“Regardless of whether you will move, if you had the opportunity, would you like to move to another state, or would you rather remain in your current state?”

The poll results of 500 responses are in!

Here are the results:

We had results from every state in the United States (except District of Columbia).

The poll is non-scientific in that although we had poll results from every state, the results will be somewhat skewed based on the demographics of those who visit this website. Nonetheless, we believe we’ve captured a valid general sentiment.

The two questions asked were the following:

I Live In This State, But Would Like To Move

I Live In This State, And Would Rather Remain Here

Our method for each state:

We tallied the votes and determined the percentage (of each state’s total # of votes) for those who would like to move versus those who would rather stay.

This method (as opposed to bulk numbers) helps to offset the skewing from population of each state whereby more votes are statistically received from states with more people in them versus lower population states.

Therefore we believe this method (percentage) better reflects the overall sentiment on average.


Would Rather Move To Another State

List of states with greater than 50% voting to move

The percentage of those voting in each of these states who would like to move out of their state:

Connecticut 100%
Delaware 100%
Illinois 100%
Rhode Island 100%
New York 95%
New Jersey 91%
California 86%
Massachusetts 86%
Florida 81%
Wisconsin 80%
Maryland 78%
Ohio 78%
Kansas 75%
Hawaii 67%
Iowa 67%
Nebraska 67%
Colorado 64%
Nevada 63%
Louisiana 60%
Montana 53%


Would Rather Stay In Their State

List of states with greater than 50% voting to stay

The percentage of those voting in each of these states who would rather stay in their state:

Mississippi 100%
Georgia 91%
Wyoming 78%
New Hampshire 75%
Oklahoma 71%
Texas 68%
Alaska 67%
Pennsylvania 67%
Utah 67%
West Virginia 67%
Washington 65%
South Carolina 64%
Oregon 63%
Arizona 63%
Indiana 63%
Maine 60%
Michigan 60%
Vermont 60%
North Carolina 58%
Idaho 55%
Tennessee 54%

The results from the raw number of polled votes from each state (disregarding population factors for each state), the results are as follows.

Top 3 States Where People Want To Move Out


Top 3 States Where People Want To Stay


Provide some insight for others about your state…
Although the poll is closed, feel free to still leave your comment and opinion.


  1. I live in PA where people are taxed way to much. It is not a right-to-work state.

  2. I love the Pacific Northwest and there are a lot of decent, law abiding, constitutional loving people here…but, not enough to overcome the libturd, anarchist, commie loving people of Seattle. If I could afford to relocate to Texas I would. Maybe in the near future.

    1. I’d say the whole west side (of the Cascades) of Washington is pretty much commie.

  3. I live in New York, but in the Adirondack Mountains. Not mentioned much among preppers, but we have a nice small community interested in local food, young farmers, lots of woods and mountains, hopefully not too appealing to people leaving the city. It would be hard to survive up here if you didn’t know how.

    1. I have the deepest respect for you “upstaters” ( that’s what we call you in NYC). You showed a tremendous amount of courage in not registering your guns, etc.

  4. I currently live in Calgary as an ex-pat. I retire in one year and we are moving to Montana. I have had a house there for two years. Small town. 5,200 foot elevation. 950 people. 1-1/2 hours to nearest big city in Montana.


      1. Yes near Malstrom. But a lot of the missiles are now gone and the base is a shadow of its former self.

        No silos west of us. Besides, if the nukes fall the squirrels in the big cities are the ones who need to worry the most.

        1. I meant that tongue in cheek. Launching at the silos seems pointless. They would probably be empty on arrival. Enjoy MT.

        2. Just hope the Russians/Chinese have removed them from their respective target lists….

  5. Where would I go? The boys live in Washington state and they hate it ( bc of the polilitics, poliliticans, tree huggers, greeners, and the dope smokers ) and will be moving as soon as they can. Other than where the boys are, I don’t have anyone and I live in a income tax free ( well, maybe not completely tax free, state and local tax )state. the house and car are paid for, I know where all the local coffee shops are. I know where I can get a deer in season and where the fish are biting. If anything, I’ll probably further away from town, back to the farm. Another hundred miles west.

  6. Taxes and fees make Oregon one of the most expensive states, and is not a right to work state. It is also a sanctuary state, being overrun by gangs in nearly every city and town. We will move from here at the first opportunity.

  7. If not for my underwater mortgage (Not due to extravagance, just bought a reasonable townhouse at the height of the housing market a month before it dropped out), I would be heading to the Pacific north west in a heartbeat.

  8. I am planning to move to New Hampshire this year. Even though the southern part of the state is being slowly overrun, most of the state is still free. No income tax either.

  9. Obviously I would stay here. You can garden all year long. You do have those occasional cold, cold days. Summers are very hot. But would not go anywhere else.

    It is very conservative (except for Austin). Most everyone is friendly. Lots of trees, nature,and housing is inexpensive as compared to most other states.

  10. Here in the Golden State (CA) vast tracts of productive farm and forest land are being condemned and “protected” by the Feds, the Flakes and the Freaks. If not for the highly concentrated and vocal “useful idiots” in LA, SF, and Sacramental, CA would be one of the best states to live in. Mountains, Valleys, Oceans, Deserts, all within a days drive. You know, I think I’ll stay and take back this great state , built by my Grandfather and my Father. I owe it to my Grandchildren. May God help us.

    1. I’m with you, Jacksoneson. I live in California and I love it. It all depends on which county you live in, as far as cost of living and taxes and so on. My county is very inexpensive to live in, it’s pretty sparsely populated (I can only see 4 houses from my property and they are the only ones within a mile.) I have 10 acres of good farmland that I can do anything I want with. I have family and friends here, and some great neighbors.
      Plus, the family across the street opened a feed store, which has been nice for feeding all my livestock, and they’re willing to barter for feed.
      Oh, and judging by the number of people I see commonly walking down the road with a shotgun or rifle on their shoulders, I think it’s legal to open carry here. Yeah, I know, Kalifornia! Doesn’t sound like the California everyone loves to hate does it?
      But that’s okay, you all keep hating my state, we have enough people already.

      1. I live in California, but in SoCal. I can’t think of anywhere worse to live should things go bad. Far too many people. Far too many of those people are, how should I put it, NOT smart. The ATM people Ken was talking about in a past article. There are far too many illegals, and far to many people sucking on the public tit. The prices and taxes here are way too high, you may disagree, but I know we pay about 40-50 cents a gallon more for gas than most places. And that is just gas, milk costs about 50 cents a gallon more. Well I could go on, but you get the picture. Our government here is the worst, outside of DC. Too many rules and restrictions. We are in a bad drought which is for sure going to effect your farm areas. And if things go bad slowly our bleeding heart government is going to grab even more money from taxpayers to give to the people who are too stupid to prepare. I don’t know of anywhere in CA where you can carry a loaded weapon without a permit, and they just don’t hand those out to everybody. And the worst part of all, People here believe they are entitled, and when their gravy train no longer pulls into their station, they are going to go out and steal what they want. Look at how easy it is to get a riot going here. And when they riot they loot and kill. And I know when the resources run out in the cities, they are going to hit the roads and find places like yours. I will agree with California having great areas and the best weather, but it has some pretty good earthquakes also.

  11. do I have to explain why I want to move from califorina [gun control,taxes,smog,more taxes,expensive gas prices,cost of living the list goes on]

    1. Living in California right now. Mountains, the ocean, desert, 300+ days of sunshine a year… And I’ll trade it all in a second for a colder climate, conservative, like minded town in the mountains..

      1. Yup. Live in Sierra Foothills and love the area but hate the politics. Just bought 10 acres and tiny home, large barn in SW Idaho. One more year here and we’re outta Cali.

  12. Me… Any “Red” pro-gun state….

    Can’t wai to leave this Marxist Run Cesspool I live in now…..

  13. Here in the foot hills of the Ozarks There is good weather, hunting , fishing and water.
    Folks around have no love for the government or revenuers. We are well armed and know our neighbors for miles in any direction. People around here keep to themselves unless help is needed or there is a shindig going on.

    1. Would love to move to the Ozarks, what part of Arkansas would be good to live in? or Missouri?

  14. Would move out of CT in a heartbeat. Mainly because of government controls and taxes. Would go to New Hampshire but very far north.

  15. I live in Hawaii on Maui. On the surface it seems like a good place to live, in reality unless you have money or a real high paying job you will never own decent property, and even at that it is difficult to find anything reasonable where you could even try to be semi self sufficient, im lucky in that my family owned an 8 acre rural lot that has been used for farming, that aside, water is an issue, not enough rain where we are at for catchment to cover farming and the house, and a well is out of the question, cost prohibitive.

    EVERYTHING needs to be shipped in, so SHTF everything will disappear. Less than 18% of all food consumed is grown here. Cost of living and taxes are high. When you look at the DHS constitution free zones the ENTIRE state us orange,, that one is the most troubling of anything, not sure how that would play out but i assume it will end with me and my significant others in body bags.

    I want to relocate to eastern Washington or eastern Oregon or Idaho, or maybe Wyoming or Montana, might actually be able to afford some acreage or at least get on with a ranch as an operator or mechanic where there is some space,, would be nice to live where there is open carry and more friendly firearm regs, over here one mistake and your a felon! Is not good,

  16. I grew up near Concord, Massachusetts, moved to Poulsbo, Washington, have a winter place near Punta Gorda, FL. I would not trade those places for anything. If you stay away from the city limits of Seattle, WA. and Portland, OR. the Pacific Northwest is hard to beat anywhere in the USA. Southwest Florida is the only place to be January through April…..

  17. I live in the Arizona desert, and you can’t drag me out of it ever again (spent 8 years here, then 16 in Nevada…then back to AZ two years ago). I love the heat, the sunshine, all the wide open space, the peace and quiet. I love the freedom! I open carry my firearm everywhere I go, and no one bats an eye (except for gun nazi californians passing through). I can conceal carry in my purse, and no permit required. There are no gang bangers out here, and if there were, local people won’t stand for it.

    1. HAH! When I lived in Bullhead City and there was an influx of Californians we would purposely open-carry just to see their faces. We called them “CATS” or California A$$whole Tourists”.

  18. I live in Miami which is expensive, crowded, has high crime and horrible traffic. But anywhere North of South FL is nice. I will be retiring in two years and will move North close to the GA border. I really love the beaches we have in Florida and the great areas for boating and fishing. I wish GOD would have given us some mountains to go with our beaches like California has.

  19. not really. PA is the home of the free and the brave.

    Except for Philly of course.

  20. But, we wouldn’t want to let people vote for their laws, now would we? /snark

    Either everyone gets a vote (well, illegals should not get ’em), or you’re running some other system (incriminate the poor and disenfranchise them). And yeah, farmers == 3% of the population.

    What the cities need to do, is to take back the jails, so rural people don’t get the benefit of those people being added to their census, while preventing them from voting – which gives rural people a disproportionate part of the vote, when broken up by counties, etc, etc.

  21. I am a Conservative living in “Usefulidiotville” aka New York City.

    The high taxes, heavy crime rate,lack of freedom and corruption are astounding and sickening. And it continues to get more oppressive every day.

    Yes, I want to leave NYC but don’t know what state or country would offer a better quality of life as it seems the problems are pervasive in our country and in the world in which we are living today.

    2 Chronicles 7:14

  22. Unless you live north of sacramento there is no reason to live in california signed a san francisco bay area resident.

  23. What might be helpful / informative, is total numbers for each category. ie: there are a lot of people living in NY, CA, TX, etc. And not so many in VT, NH, etc. But, perhaps demographics of this site are different/skewed from mere population totals.

    In any case, the combination might be more informative (right now, numbers say):

    15 times as many people want to leave NY vs want to stay.
    5.25 times as many people want to leave CA vs want to stay.

  24. I have a really good situation in central Mississippi. I live on a dead end road that ends at a river full of fish. Swamps and woods surround the area and are full of deer, turkey, squirrel, rabbit, and other game. I am 25 miles from the biggest city and 17 miles from any town. If I moved it would probably be to the Washita mountians in west central Arkansas.

  25. I didn’t see MN on the list, but that’s where I live. I CAN move wherever I want, but I would/will stay here. There are plenty of fresh water lakes for water and fishin, and there are plenty of deer and grouse to be had here also.

    1. Rob, The people who responded to the poll in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Virginia were all split down the middle at 50% who would like to move and 50% who would rather stay put.

  26. I’m planning to move soon… I have now abandoned the condo idea altogether though I am still drawn to the West Coast. I plan to buy two nice little homes with as much of a security system in them there can be, which will be paid for with the money I would have wasted on outrageous Condo fees. One home in WA and one in CA. My primary residence will be in WA to avoid having to pay state taxes on my annual income/earnings/cap gains. I have always wanted to live in CA because of the beautiful weather, ocean, mountains etc. and of course California Women are just sooo beautiful. I will rent out my places with 6 month leases when not there or maybe not. I don’t know yet. It comforts me to know if I ever feel cramped in one of my homes/neighborhoods/towns what have you, I can always just pick up my suitcase and go to my other house until I feel like going back to the other. I hate being boxed in and this seems to be a pretty great solution. Now I just have to locate sleepy little neighborhoods in CA & WA which are not too close but just far enough from hospitals and malls and grocery stores that will deliver groceries to me which is way cheaper to have done as my crunched numbers have shown. Ideally my homes will be near forests for natural resources. Freedom from unfair taxation, from the noise and dirt and crime of the chaotic cities, easy egress from the nosy types, gossip mongers and crazies. My business is mine, my preps are mine, my Freedom is mine, not to be infringed upon by those who seek to deny others. I think I just may have found the best realistic solution for the kind of flexibility and peace I have been searching for. Any suggestions on locations would be tremendously appreciated.

    1. The two main problems with renting out your places, other than the typical landlord ones, are that you will have preps in both of them, which might be hard to hide, and you will use whichever one you’re not in as a bug-out location if you need to leave. If you’ve got it rented out, it will be difficult to move there.

      Nice that you can work from home no matter where you are!

  27. So if you would have had the top four states , that folks don’t want to leave , Mississippi would had been there ,mostly the reason why folks feel how they do is because the powers that be mostly leave us alone , plus most residents of the state just get along . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

    1. The Top 10 States (by raw number of votes in the poll) where people would rather stay put, are,

      1. Texas
      2. Washington
      3. Tennessee
      4. Oregon
      5. Idaho
      6. Georgia
      7. Arizona
      8. Montana
      9. Alaska
      10. Wyoming

      1. The Top 10 States (by percentage of those who voted for-and-against) where people would rather stay put, are,

        1. Mississippi (100% of MS responses want to stay)
        2. Georgia (91% of GA responses want to stay)
        3. Wyoming (78% of WY want to stay)
        4. New Hampshire (75% of NH)
        5. Oklahoma (71%)
        6. Texas (68%)
        7. Alaska (67%)
        8. Pennsylvania (67%)
        9. Utah (67%)
        10. West Virginia (67%)

        1. Ok so it appears you are going on what percentage of the population in each state , by the number of the population in each state , and since there is a larger population in the states is why they ranked higher , I get it now , and am glad that you stated that of the number of the population that was polled all 100% answered they would not leave , and thank you for breaking it down for the actual percentages in the other states . Great site , glad you cover what you do . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  28. While I realize that everything from economic issues to the level of police state varies greatly between US states, I would realy like to see what percentage of Americans would answer ¨Yes¨ if the question was another COUNTRY instead of another STATE? I´m a recently retired US Naval officer and it´s what I´ve done, one of the best decisions I ever made…

    1. Do you mind telling the rest of us where you’ve settled? What are some of the biggest differences you have noticed between the U.S. and the country where you are now?

      1. After 22 years in the military and being stationed overseas for about a third of that time – I realized that the ¨Land of the Free¨ line we´ve been sold is now little more than propaganda. While the US has historically provided many financial advantages and ¨liberties¨ not easily available in most other countries – sadly, times have changed. In fact I generally feel much more ¨Free¨ in almost any other country and I certainly spend alot less to live comfortably. The country I´ve chosen is not necesarily the ideal place for everyone, since there are many factors to consider (such as your particular economic situation and your willingness to adapt to another culture/language). I personally like Central and South America but Southern Europe, Southeast Asia and possibly Australia or New Zealand may be more suitable options for some.

      2. Minimum monthly income (for a family of 4):
        $1,000-$1,200 – Ecuador, Philipines
        $1,200-$1,500 – Panama, Belize, Mexico, Thailand
        $1,500-$2,000 – Dominican Republic, Spain, Portugal
        $2,000-$2,500 – Chile, Costa Rica, Italy
        $3,000-$4,000 – Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland

        Note: Belize, Australia and New Zealand are English speaking.

  29. I grew up mostly in East TN, and currently live there. For many years tho, my previous career took me all up and down the eastern half of the US. While I landed in some areas I liked, I don’t see myself leaving TN…especially given that we live lake front in a rural area with plenty of natural resources. The only thing we are considering, is acquiring a bit of land in our area, but further out in the foothills, and building a small, self-sufficient cabin well off the beaten path. If our son stays in the area after college, he would inherit our current home, and the wife and I would move to the above mentioned cabin.

    If I were to ever consider moving, it would probably be to the Texas Hill Country.

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