“Regardless of whether you will move, if you had the opportunity, would you like to move to another state, or would you rather remain in your current state?”

The poll results of 500 responses are in!

Here are the results:

We had results from every state in the United States (except District of Columbia).

The poll is non-scientific in that although we had poll results from every state, the results will be somewhat skewed based on the demographics of those who visit this website. Nonetheless, we believe we’ve captured a valid general sentiment.

The two questions asked were the following:

I Live In This State, But Would Like To Move

I Live In This State, And Would Rather Remain Here

Our method for each state:

We tallied the votes and determined the percentage (of each state’s total # of votes) for those who would like to move versus those who would rather stay.

This method (as opposed to bulk numbers) helps to offset the skewing from population of each state whereby more votes are statistically received from states with more people in them versus lower population states.

Therefore we believe this method (percentage) better reflects the overall sentiment on average.


Would Rather Move To Another State

List of states with greater than 50% voting to move

The percentage of those voting in each of these states who would like to move out of their state:

Connecticut 100%
Delaware 100%
Illinois 100%
Rhode Island 100%
New York 95%
New Jersey 91%
California 86%
Massachusetts 86%
Florida 81%
Wisconsin 80%
Maryland 78%
Ohio 78%
Kansas 75%
Hawaii 67%
Iowa 67%
Nebraska 67%
Colorado 64%
Nevada 63%
Louisiana 60%
Montana 53%


Would Rather Stay In Their State

List of states with greater than 50% voting to stay

The percentage of those voting in each of these states who would rather stay in their state:

Mississippi 100%
Georgia 91%
Wyoming 78%
New Hampshire 75%
Oklahoma 71%
Texas 68%
Alaska 67%
Pennsylvania 67%
Utah 67%
West Virginia 67%
Washington 65%
South Carolina 64%
Oregon 63%
Arizona 63%
Indiana 63%
Maine 60%
Michigan 60%
Vermont 60%
North Carolina 58%
Idaho 55%
Tennessee 54%

The results from the raw number of polled votes from each state (disregarding population factors for each state), the results are as follows.

Top 3 States Where People Want To Move Out


Top 3 States Where People Want To Stay


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