If You Want To Get Somewhere In Life – Start Thinking About It…


Watch your thoughts.

Your thoughts become words.
Your words become actions.
Your actions become character.
Your character becomes your legacy.

What does this have to do with preparedness?

Like any goal (e.g. preparedness), they always begin with thoughts. The more that you ‘think’ about it (whatever it is), the more likely you will be motivated into action.

Note: Time spent ‘thinking’ is different from time spent ‘reacting’. Many people go through life reacting to the world around them. They’re subliminally pushed into directions and actions. Ultimately they become like a leaf in the wind, subject to their environment which chooses the direction for them…

When I recently came across the statement, “Watch your thoughts because they become actions, and actions become character, and character becomes your legacy”, I thought about how true that really is. When I look back through my own life and the major ‘actions’ that I took, it is evident that those actions evolved around a lot of thought.

I recall when many years ago I had begun to spend a lot of ‘thinking’ time to do with preparedness in general (and the various reasons ‘why’ I began thinking of such things), and all of those many thoughts and the time spent thinking about them were what led me in the direction that I ultimately went. I took some very big steps and eventually completely changed (adjusted) my lifestyle and even my geographical location. Those thoughts truly turned into many ‘words’ which turned into significant actions. None of it would have happened to any great extent if I had not thought LOTS about it. This is true for nearly any actionable event in one’s life. Your thoughts become the actions.

So what’s the significance of this? On the surface this may all seem ridiculously obvious…of course actions come from thoughts first… The significance though is the realization that time spent thinking about ‘this’ or ‘that’ has lots to do with eventuality. Those actions become ‘you’, and who you are. So if you want to make a change, all you have to do is to start thinking about it. And then think some more. And more. Action will result…

Conclusion: Knowing that one’s character is eventually formed by actions which are formed by words and thoughts, you might ‘watch what you think’ ;)

If you want to get ‘somewhere’ specific in life, start ‘thinking’ about it!

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  1. Watch your thoughts. Thanks Ken, I am reminded that thoughts in mind produce in kind. I practice Mindfulness to guard the gate to my mind. “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.” We are living in interesting times. I was reluctant to embrace my happy thoughts over the election. I hope for the kind of change we need to save our country however in the back of my mind I have serious doubts. As I mull over the possibilities I stay focused on my plan to survive. I wish with all my heart I could just find some refreshment in the coming change, but as I observe the reaction of the left to the election my hopes are dampened. We are in for a ruff ride. We must keep on guard and continue to stay awake.

  2. I heard your opening statement of thoughts to legacy when I was a teen and it really stuck with me and I know it is true. When I feel anxious I write down what is making me anxious and whether or not I can influence the cause of the anxiety.

    If I can’t I mark it as out of my control and I allow it to leave my thoughts. If I have some control or complete control over it then I decide what needs to happen to solve the problem.

    It was interesting because a while back I saw one of my “worry lists” and I was surprised because I had not taken a proactive and concepts effort to solve those issues yet going through the list I noticed that at that current point in time they were all resolved. Just thinking about them caused them to be fulfilled eventually.

    Another big point of that statement is why it is so important to watch your thoughts so you do not slowly become someone you regret and so you can make sure your thoughts lead you to who you want to be.

  3. Wisdom says:
    “Choose my instruction instead of silver,
    Knowledge rather than choice gold…”

    Our over-stimulated, over-communicated culture constantly interupts our lives.

    Take time to un-plug, and think your own thoughts for a while…


  4. Very nicely written.

    I reflected back on the journey from my small home town, to a university, big city, moving from my home state to two different states 1/3 across the country and understand I was driven searching for a geography that “fit” what I envisioned with work/career as a means to get there, versus work/career being my lifestyle.

    Initially the drive was to achieve monetary and career goals-which when achieved (early) did not satisfy, leading to learning how to enjoy the ride and the end point is not finite, but a continual revision.

    Observing what you think about is self-awareness of what is grinding along “upstairs” then deciding if it matters or not to what you want to do, or be. At this stage of my life I really enjoy life based on past experiences and application of previous knowledge through better judgment, gained some wisdom over time, life is less complicated due to reducing what’s important to a few things.

  5. Someone said ” you are what you think about “. Reminds me of a book by D. James Kennedy- Character and Destiny. Which I hope President Elect Trump has read. A great read! Especially for a President of our Republic :)

  6. Good morning y-all
    Another great article Ken, Thank You

    Has been a very long week as many of us know, the process of rebuilding and reuniting is just beginning and for many a very difficult change and challenge.

    As a Buddhist I try to meditate (pray to others) often, probably not as often as I would like. This process is actually a rather lengthy ordeal. Allow me to explain a little of my process and you may better understand why I bring this up.

    Unlike what most may believe, the Buddha Spirituality (not a religion) and Buddhist don’t usually go to church on Sunday and repent my “sins” and hit the reset button on the way out of the Church. Personally I don’t “pray” to a “God” or worship an Alter. FYI I also don’t even own an Orange Robe and/or a beggar’s bowl. I do have an area set for my meditation, happens to be on my deck overlooking a wonderful valley I call home. As often as possible I get my little chair, too old to sit crossed legged on the floor anymore, and just relax, allowing thoughts and my thinking to go ramped. Thinking about anything and everything that happens to pop into the old Gray-Matter; I touch on the thought, and let it flow out and discard it/them. Eventually the mind starts to slow; often the same thing will pop up, and again be discarded. The purpose is to free the mind, to allow yourself to become in a relaxed state of mind without all the “garbage” clogging your mind with worthless thoughts that really have no meaning or reasoning. Everyday thoughts become less frequent as I relax towards the freedom the minds needs to free itself from the “clutter” that seems to destroy who we really are.

    I find in the process of Meditation the things that actually matter to life become a focal point, one has the time to actually think and reason on those “things” or thoughts that are the core of one’s life. I find this time is when great memories, thoughts, and what really is the core of myself comes to the forefront. I often drift into a place called Nirvana (look it up) for this is when one sees oneself for who you really are.

    Our minds are so full of crapo and everyday garbage in this fast paced world, I believe we ALL lose the true selves we are. I will totally agree what Ken is saying about your thoughts will become whom you are and your legacy. Unfortunately the “everyday” thoughts 99.999% of the time are NOT who we really are. They are the everyday hustle and bustle of living the fast lane. And yes, if you don’t know who you truly are than “THAT”/those thoughts are exactly who you become, quite often not a very “nice” reflection of ourselves.

    The famous quote “Tell a lie enough times it becomes truth” (in some people’s eyes), same with your thoughts; think and/or have the wrong thoughts and ideas, than that is who you become. Use caution.

    I would greatly suggest everyone to take the time, ASAP, to look inside, search out, and rediscover whom you really are and cast off that cloak of your own misconceptions of what you “may” have become. In other words, find out “who” you are, truly who you are. You cannot be someone to anyone (not even yourself) if you have no idea whom your soul is.


    PS; this is a very difficult process, I wish you best of luck knowing yourself and becoming that Legacy.

    1. They say discrepancies of one’s true values and the values which one is implementing in his life a are a major cause of mental and spiritual anguish…so yes, I see how being bombarded by the messages of today are creating so many people with mental illnesses.

      I pray, to the Father in the name of the Son with hopes of inspiration of the Holly Spirit…but I have also found value in meditating…in my closet on the floor with the lights off and the door shut (best part is my family still has not figured out where I go when I do this)…but if I find that I’m really starting to have trouble with patience or unsatisfied with missed expectations for myself, clearing my thoughts, auditory and visual planes help me to rebalance.

      Thanks for the reminder I’m going in their now. Saturday morning chores with the kidsare not going as smoothly as one would hope today…and its probably me needing to be refreshed.

      By the way we used to live near a Budhist temple and we were so thrilled with it and always pointed it out to visitors with much pleasure.

  7. Good thoughts, Ken, pun intended ;-)

    I have a hundred or so thoughts coursing through my head most the time. Some I take action on, some I put off until later, and some have to re-think because they won’t work. I take out most of the emotional elements in my thoughts because I’d rather be logical in my thought processes. I can later express emotion once the deed is done.

    I thank God for sleep, unplugging every day and letting it set.

    Being a dog trainer I saw how training a dog new commands a few hours before they sleep for the night allows the dogs training to set like jello for the next day to remember those commands. It gave my dogs an ability to win at every event they participated.

    The saying “Let me sleep on it” does have it’s benefits to the thought processes. ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz (I am processing it now) ;-)

  8. This may be off topic just a little but here it goes. Everyone is claiming that she won the popular vote in this election, I disagree. And here is my (Thought) about that. With all of the illegal non citizens, fraudulent voting machines that flipped votes, dead people, people who have two residents in different states, staked paper ballots. I say she did not win the popular vote. And here is my (Action) I’m going to write letters to all my senators and congressmen urging them to pass laws that require voter id when voting. And there should be security cameras at all polling locations. This would cut down on a lot of fraud. We now have the ability to get these types of things done before the next election cycle which is right around the corner. We must demand that our mandated wishes be brought to fruition. I can guarantee that the evil left is plotting their next move as I am writing this. Our (Actions) must be to stay on our newly elected officials so they don’t roll over like last time!!

  9. Loving thoughts can repair damaged DNA (Dr. Glen Rein).
    Plants respond favorably to thoughts of love (Backster, Bose, Vogel, etc.).
    Meditating on thoughts of love and peace can positively affect criminals and lower incidents of violent behavior, even when these thoughts are sent from a distance (Journal of Offender Rehabilitation).

    Sending out love: It’s not always easy for me… I’m workin’ on it…

    1. Don’t forget Emoto’s water experiment where the actual form of the water crystals were changed by the words they were exposed to. Good kind works created beautiful symmetrical designs while negative hateful words created syenite am non aesthetically pleasing shapes….and humans are mainly water.

  10. @ walker, the left needs to meditate on thoughts of love and peace! There certainly is a reason that Lord said ” love your enemies”.

  11. As I begin prepping more seriously and living more intentionally, I can’t help but think of Thoreau’s Walden Pond. I am a literary gal, and American Literature is one of my specific areas of interest along with Women’s Literature. Thoreau is easily my favorite American writer. This post about being mindful about your thoughts first made me think of him because that was all he did (certainly during the 2 years he spent at Walden Pond) – think his life into existence. Obviously his thoughts became actions…etc.

  12. hello everyone, i once heard that you need to say positive reaffirmations to yourself and really reinforce what you say to yourself. This is how it works and I’ve tried this and it really works …if you tell yourself, “I feel bad and I’m sore and sick” you’ll be exactly that, however you want to overcome this negativity with the positive affirmations like this and say it out loud to your self. I feel better and i’m going to circulate and go for a walk for some fresh oxygen in my blood. It’s been really fine and instead of gripeing myself out and putting myself down I just talk really positive and sweet to myself and it helps me to be positive and sweet instead of negative and sore I’m going to reaffirm, the positive statement and believe it or not you’ll find yourself feeling a lot better and breathing easier. someone once told me too, if you can picture yourself doing this in your mind then it’s a given…the positivety wins,instead of being sick, you feel better and have a better attitude and everything..thank you this is good stuff. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERY BODY…GOD BLESS YOU AND BE GOOD TO YOU. I LIKE ME AND I LOVE TO HELP MYSELF BE MORE UPBEAT AND POSITIVE. IT’S ENERGIZING AND AWESOME. OYE

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