Instinctively Curious About Other’s Success? Or Jealous And Vindictive…

Happy or Jealous for the success of others

There are all sorts of human personalities and characteristics out there. No two people are alike. Though many are similar in one way or another.

With that said, it is not uncommon to sort people into various groups. Each with an apparent trait or other defining ‘xyz’. ‘Value’ or values. Beliefs. Skills. Characteristics. Interests. Etc.. It’s just what we tend to do.

So here’s one that I find to be very defining and informative about a person…

First Reaction: Happy or Jealous?

That is, when a person discovers that another individual is apparently “successful”. (I put that in quotes because the definition thereof is variable according to the observer.)

Okay. So person ‘A’ discovers, notices, sees, finds out, that person ‘B’ is apparently successful. Person ‘A’ will tend to have one of two instinctive initial reactions. And the reaction is usually pretty obvious to a person ‘C’ who may be observing.

Person ‘A’ is either:

  1. Happy (or indifferent) for the other, curious “how” they did it, interested to discover more.
  2. Jealous, even a bit angry, and figuring how to bring the other down a notch or two or three.

I have known, and know right now, people who fit into category 2. I have always been surprised how many of them there are. In fact sometimes I feel that there are more of the jealous type than the happy & curious type for the success of another. It has always been a source of some bewilderment.

I personally fit into category 1. My first reaction is that of interest and curiosity. How has that person become successful? What’s their specialty? Is there a unique skill? How did they get there? Can I learn from it?

My first reaction is never that of jealously. I just don’t understand how or why someone else might immediately slip into a jealous vindictive mode. It’s just weird to me.

When I notice the character trait of an individual who is like that (jealous, vindictive of success), I tend to stay away. Why? Because it brings me down! It really is a drag on optimism (and potential success)(or happiness)! It just feels ‘yucky’.

Why Is This Important?

Why bring this up on a preparedness site?

Well, it’s important who you surround yourself with. When times get tough, ‘bad’ personality traits and characteristics WILL BE MAGNIFIED. Stress will bring out the worst in people.

Plus, you will never get more than average results from someone who is the jealous type. If I were an employer, I would NOT higher such a person. If I were doing my best to live and survive after SHTF, I would NOT want such a person within my circle.

The Takeaway

Notice those around you. And your friends, family, and acquaintances. Are any of them this way?

Take note.

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  1. I tend to split this between envious and jealous. Envious is willing to work toward that possible goal, or determine that it’s not something they’re willing to work at and let it go. Jealous knows there’s no chance of them working to get what they see/want, and choose to try to destroy or derail.

    I’m envious of people who can play the piano well (or any instrument, really) but I recognize it’s not something I’m willing to work at so I let it go. I was envious of people who can dance well, so I worked at it until I could! No way would I go around tripping them or trying to keep them from winning a contest. But that’s what jealous does.

    In essence, jealous is the personality of a gimme-dat! : ) “If I can’t have it, no one will.” Which is actually straight-up evil when I think about it. What is evil if not the desire to either possess or destroy every good thing?

    1. “In essence, jealous is the personality of a gimme-dat! : ) “If I can’t have it, no one will.” Which is actually straight-up evil when I think about it. What is evil if not the desire to either possess or destroy every good thing?”
      That is why you need good OPSEC, when it comes to the supplies you have accumulated for SHTF… If I can’t have it no one will and here comes the flying flaming cocktail right through your window…

  2. I can think of many examples of both kinds of people in and around me, past and present.

    Sadly, the jealous people stand out the most in my mind. The people who thought it was easy to own a business, and that all business owners are “rich”. The people who think all good things that come to others are luck rather than hard work. The people who think that what others have is “too much” – like the politicians who tell us being a billionaire is wrong, obscene, and should be taxed to redistribute to others.

    These are people who I believe would be dangerous in a SHTF situation, as they would be mal-contents who would tear others down, cause rifts within a group and declare that any supplies and training a prepared person has should be “shared or given” because someone else was “lucky” to have them. The jealous person seldom if ever recognizes the hard work that others put in, the sacrifices made, etc… they only see that someone else has something they misguidedly believe they are entitled to themselves – without the hard work.

    Sorry, rant over!

    1. I like your rant.I just can’t understand why folks don’t get prepared.
      There are lot of excuses,but no good reasons.

      1. NormalChuck
        And even just the basics,,, thats the one that blows my mind, these people who dont even have a basic week or so worth of food and water etc,,,

    2. I get that all the time… I’m a landlord I rent out 1 apartment so I “must” be rich… NOPE… I’m lucky if I clear $50k/yr and I work 3 jobs… God I’m tired…lol…

    3. AMEN Brother, AMEN… the only thing I plan to give them is lead in their direction at a high velocity…

  3. I used to tell my boys, even a dog can be jealous. Be a human and get over it!

  4. WC
    One movie that brought the scourge into focus for me at a much younger age, was “Dr. Zhivago” where the communists moved people into larger homes and the people there were forced to share everything – living conditions went to hell for everyone. But I guess that is the mentality of the socialists, all suffer together.

    1. The entire moral code of Socialism is personal sacrifice. The more you are able to do…the more you should sacrifice for the whole….even those who hate you…and spit in your face, as you give them the products of your labor.

      1. Isn’t this the exact same concept as republicans have? If you earn a lot of money, you should donate more to help the less fortunate. I even hear its in some famous book about some dude named Jesus.

        1. What
          So, if you donate 10% whether you have low income or high income is unfair in your opinion – if only taxes were as fair. Your math needs work!

        2. is that a question? You started asking a question and then made an assertion about my opinion. I’m not sure I’m following

        3. What
          It is not the Republicans that want the taxes of upper income people to be as high as 90% – it is the socialists. I’m not an expert on Jesus, so I do not know if he preached that I should give the fruits of my labor away to those that will not work for their living.
          Your assertion or argument is incomplete but your message is clear.

        4. What
          BTW I’m in favor of a consumption tax as opposed to an income tax. If you use resources you should have to pay. The more you produce yourself, the less you pay in tax. Ask your friend Bernie if he built his three houses, or did he just scam them out of his supporters?

        5. One of the many differences between what the Bible says and what socialism says is that the Bible says to “give” with a willing heart. Socialists want to “take,” whether you’re willing or not. That’s a world of difference.

        6. Yup, and socialist and communist governments killed millions of their own people after disarming them during the 20th century.

        7. Wendy
          Your heart is in the right place, but your wasting your time trying to have a discussion with what. He or she is commie to the bone and there’s not enough reason to change their mind. I know it’s hard to think that if you have a reasonable reason for what you believe that it should be easy to make others understand but a commie may be rich and tell you ” I’ll give all I have for the good of the whole”, but in reality they are to one in 9 billion that will be the exception. To them it all sounds good but the math just want add up know matter who is doing the adding in the long run.

  5. The reason our Founding Fathers set up our government the way that they did was they believed/knew that the human heart is capable of much evil. Thus checks and balances.

    As a Pastor I knew a Couple who drank beer like water, smoked two cartons of cigarettes a week, and spent most of their disposable income on Lotto and Bingo. Yet they blamed ” The Rich” for all of their lives problems. We have a snarky term for people like them here in the South, PWT’s. (poor-white-trash)

    1. Many people are born stupid. Many such people have no defense against propaganda, and have tenacious intellects, which grab onto any answer to any doubt they might have. Once grabbed, they will NOT abandon it, no matter the irrationality…as giving up an answer only causes them to renew the doubt, and forces new efforts to answer questions they thought they had conquered.

      Best to forget the doubt…forget the contradictions…and just remain as they were before..pretending the irrational answers are rational..and making it easier to go down the road to oblivion.

      1. So nobody thinks that I’m “heartless” often people who are living a defective lifestyle suffer from depression, and self medicate with booze, sex, drugs, and gamble often.

      2. Ision
        Are people really born stupid?

        Or, do they learn stupid, from the environment they are raised in?

        Most stupid people I meet, are under 30, a few older generation, but not the majority.

        1. Stand my ground,
          I think it is a combination of environment and genetics. Watch the movie Idiocracy with Luke Wilson. Just watch the first 30minutes. I honestly believe that is where we are headed.

        2. Yes, people are born with poor intellectual capability and low IQs. This cannot be doubted. Just as people are born with great intellectual capacity and very high IQs.

          If your IQ is above 130, most everyone around you will seem slow, the bulk of the population incapable of comprehending the same Existence as you. What is obvious to you will be a mystery to most others, even if you attempt to explain.

          Environment, or Society, will have an impact, but it is your genetic code, which rules. It is much more Nature…than it is Nurture.

        3. “If your IQ is above 130, most everyone around you will seem slow, the bulk of the population incapable of comprehending the same Existence as you. What is obvious to you will be a mystery to most others, even if you attempt to explain.”

          And if you have the INTJ personality traits, you are more than content to enjoy your own company more than another’s…

        4. MT
          Sounds familiar,,,
          The more people i meet,
          The more i like my independent snobby cat!

  6. Richard Branson says the fastest way to become a millionaire is to start out as a billionaire then buy an airline. That’s funny.

    I think there is another category – our reaction to the prosperity of the wicked. Not curious about it, certainly not desirous of it, just hate it for the misery of others it causes and for the ill-gotten-ness of it. That reaction comes from an innate sense of justice most of us have.

    Worked like crazy for decades. Am still alive and have some great stories to tell. Have a wealth of loving friends and family, and my little farm to show for it. Truly an embarrassment of riches. Now I can be as lazy as all git out, as long as the animals are fed and plants are watered.

    Happy at the good fortune, blessings, gifts, talents, and interests of others. Don’t want any part of a lock-step, all gotta look, sound, speak the same society that the libsiders are calling for.

    They rail against rich capitalists and in the next breath say those same capitalists will be the source of funds for all their free stuff programs. Yeah, right, until the capitalists run out of money or run for the hills of the island nations. That’s the day, soon coming if one of them gets elected, that we start to look like a Marxist state – all misery except for the rulers and their enforcers. No thanks.

  7. Slaves are all equal. Free people are not. There is nothing more dangerous to freedom, than the idea of equality. One may only be as equal as the lowest possible member of the group, the lowest possible living standards, the lowest possible mental capability.

    The only equality should be in the administration of the law, that is it. But, as you know…this is exactly where people’s inequality comes into play…and the same crime receives different punishments, thereby.

    The equality of a slave is not to be sought.

    1. Learned this from a book written by a Russian MIG pilot who defected to the West in the 1970’s. ” The only place on earth where everyone is treated equally , where they all eat the same, have cloths and a place to sleep, is JAIL”.

      1. Jail? Let us see how well the movie stars are treated during their few weeks stay. I’m sure they eat well, have TV, internet, sports, maid service and laundry service, library, …
        When I become homeless I think instead of the streets of LA, I will just pay a few obvious bribes and get 5 years of comfort.

        1. hermit us

          That’s what I wonder. Why do so many in the entertainment industry, including movies, music, and team sports, support the libsiders? Don’t they realize they’re going to be taxed into oblivion too?

        2. Anony Mee
          If a multi millionaire lose 50% of their wealth they are still millionaires. If I lose 50% of my wealth, I will still be poor. I just question why so many give money to these non-producers of the circus. Escape reality for some I guess.

        3. Because they honestly believe they will be immune.

          The weakness of those who support these plans is that every single one of them believes strongly that he or she will be at the top of the heap when it all shakes out. They firmly believe that THEIR wealth is going to be safe. THEIR power is going to protect them.

          I spoke to one young man who was a strong proponent of the 200 million population limit, and all the plans intended to get us there. Genocide, in a word. No problem, just excess population from his POV. He firmly believed that he was going to be one of the 200 million. 9 billion people are going to die through engineered crises (one of those he mentioned was forced migration, another was engineered water shortages) and HE is special enough that he’s going to be one of the survivors.

          This was a nobody. He didn’t even have a steady job as far as I know, but he was going to be one chosen to be “saved.” These are those designated as “useful idiots,” and they’ll be the first to be purged once their perfect world is achieved.

    2. Economic philosophers have discussed different types of equality. Friedman lists equality under God as in created equal, equality under law as in equality of opportunity, and equality of outcome. That’s what the socialists/communists are pushing for and Ision is correct, it makes us all slaves to those who get to decide what “equal” looks like.

      Lots of current writing and speaking right now on equality of opportunity (not holding anyone back) vs equality of outcome (making sure everyone crosses the finish line at the same time.)

      Campus Reform has a short video out that really brings it home to some college students:

      One article I liked was this one:

  8. I used to be a bit jealous when we would have a cook out and all the kids would gather around the uncle with long hair and tattoos(nothing against tattoos) and the cousin that can do a standing back flip. I was working my ass off to cook for 20+ people and they were the star of the show. Then the uncle and cousin came to me when they didn’t have money for food. I learned an important lesson that a stable home and a well stocked pantry are much more important than a few minutes of popularity. Today I consider myself fortunate to be able to help when someone is in need but I worked long and hard to get here and continue to work for it. My home is not fancy but it is warm and dry. My truck is not the newest model but it is paid off. My treasure is not the “STUFF” it is my family. I consider all of this to be blessings from God and try to remain grateful instead of jealous.

  9. The key to personal success…is to have children, who become Millionaires. I have three.

    1. Ision

      I have two kids that got engineer degrees. So, why am I still the one putting together their Ikea furniture and swing sets???? I’m still waiting for them to support me in the manner I have not become accustomed to.

      1. Same! I keep reminding them that I am old and they are not. Whenever there is a problem, they tell me, which makes me jump up and work to solve it. My fault, I guess.

    2. Ision,
      I will be thrilled just to have my 9yr. old make it through the next 20 yrs. the way things are going in this country. Yes, I live in the US…

  10. This post is kinda what I was thinking but was having a hard time articulating without expletives. I had thought on jumping in on the recent posts and did on one other occasion a while back who represented themselves poorly.

    I want others to be successful, when conducted in the correct manner, and I have what I have which is less than others and more than some.

    Do I have family and acquaintances that are ate up with greed and/or jealousy? Yes

    Do I have friends that way? NO and never will cause I don’t need that in my life and they aint gonna be the kinda friend that’s a friend. Friends are a choice.

    1. – Matt in Oklahoma,

      I have to agree. “I want others to be successful, when conducted in the correct manner, and I have what I have which is less than others and more than some.”

      OTOH, I have been told that “Friends are family that we get to choose.”

      – Papa S.

  11. Not a jealous person, I’m a strong believer in the saying “the more stuff you own, the more it owns you.” I’ve seen it happen first hand all around, the stuff is the priority and that stuff has controlled the depth (or lack of) of the life that was lived.

    I prefer to surround myself with others who are willing to pitch in, be a part of a project, able to be humble and asks questions. Alas, getting harder to find.

  12. Well, I am the type 1 and agree with Ken’s article. Earlier today (before I read this article) I was reflecting on past jobs and several people who were ‘problem’ people for me. I am so glad that I’m not in that environment anymore! For me, each ‘problem’ person was female and each person had bad jealousy issues with me. At times, it affected me until I began to understand the dynamics going on. I worked in a professional capacity in a male-dominant environment most of my life. The females were in secretarial positions and were more than just difficult — they were vindictive. It took a while in each instance to comprehend what was going on. What I did realize was that each of these females were very unhappy.

    I’ve always been a very curious person and have been genuinely curious with people and how they became who they were….it’s not a ‘nosey’ thing, it’s a curiosity. There are so many twists and turns in a person’s life, and so many diverse possibilities that I find it intriguing to know the ‘back history’ of individuals. Wealthy or poor — makes no difference — I like to know what made a person become who that person is.

    I tend to root for the underdog and have great admiration for the person who succeeds despite the odds. The ‘back history’ of Ben Carson comes to mind…. I also have great admiration for the person who was given the seeds to begin a solid life and grew into a productive individual. So what is a productive individual? The honest worker: the man who held a 9-to-5, 40-hour a week job as a clerk in the 1950s and raised up his family on his earnings, the dairy farmer who never left the farm because there were always chores to do, the business owner, the big-city accountant, the mother of two children, the nightwatchman…. My curiosity makes me want to know each person’s story — how people became who they are. These are the people to respect — those who have accomplished several life goals — even if it is ‘only’ parenthood which, in today’s world, is somewhat of a meaningless value. Reading old diaries or books about people during the Depression have shown me what “important” really means. And I’m always curious.

    Jealousy? Because why? Rich? Talented? Beautiful/handsome? I say ‘good for them!’ Hopefully these people count their blessings, not flaunt themselves (it’s not a becoming feature). I don’t really get the jealousy thing…maybe it’s because I’m secure with who I am and where I am in life.

    1. Modern,
      You are funny… Try being a male in a female dominated industry… What you did 100x for me now…

  13. “Mean-while, back on the farm” Johnny is working his fingers to the bone. While these people are doing nothing and expect to be fed. It reminds me of the story of the ant and the grasshopper, or Henny Penny… You know what I mean. You reap what you sew. Its the entitlement attitude that IS killing this country. I was always taught: “If you want “it”, you have to work to pay for “it”.”

    I know I sound like and old guy but seems to me that no one in my Gen X or younger generation knows or remembers Kennedy’s famous speech. To hell with prepping. Lets start with get off your @$$ and work. I prep. I work. I support my family. I support my country.

    I got married, bought a house and THEN had kids. I guess I’m back-@$$ ward compared to my generation.

    1. Jabba
      You reap what you sew. Its the entitlement attitude that IS killing this country. I was always taught: “If you want “it”, you have to work to pay for “it”
      I couldn’t agree more. I’ve worked mostly 100 hr weeks my whole life. I EARNED my success, nobody gave ma a thing, I earned it.

      But, I deal with jealousy every day. People, mostly do not, or will not, work this hard. Not my problem. I have several answer to their criticisms, but, Ken would not permit that kind of language.

      1. Ya, S.M.G., I hear you. I started working when I was 10yrs old delivering papers everyday, after school, weekends, rain, snow, you name it…fast forward 35yrs later and I wish I was working a 40 work week too..

  14. Envy, is a not so good thing.

    I admire people, tolerate people even have a strong dislike of some people, ( ok, some people i just hate) but i dont think i envy anyone, its an unattractive thing to me.

    Curious? Always,

    People envy the rich, i dont know why, they got headaches too, generally multiplied by their money,,,

    Its like Ken, i admire what he does, cant fault him for trying to make a buck, hey thats the spirit of what built our country, i salute him for choosing to referee this band of monkeys we become every once in a while, but truly admire his persistence and perseverance with keeping this place going, even going so far as to accommodate us regular nutjobs with our own page with witch to converse or be total azzholes from time to time.

    Anywho, cheers all!

  15. I do envy some. The people that I think will survive through thick and thin;
    The Afghan goat herder.
    The Chinese family with a rice paddy.
    Remote jungle tribes.
    And others that have few possessions but a way of life that I could not begin to adapt to.

    Are they less happy? Do they worry everyday that they may lose their wealth – I think not. Certainly not suffering with obesity. But maybe a shorter lifespan?

    1. hermit us,

      I agree. I would say the same for many in my parent’s generation, raised through the depression. Especially those hill folk that live around me now. Most have died off from old age, carrying with them a resolve and knowledge of how to make do with near nothing that may never be matched again.

      1. Dennis

        I try very hard to retain the old ways. I’ve had plenty of failures. I’m pretty good also, but there is still alot to learn.

        I’ve had very good teachers, which I’m profoundly thankful for.

        The FoxFire books, and The Lost Ways, are invaluable. An amazing read, and text, on how to do things, the old ways.

        1. I own all the FoxFire books. Learned when and how to butcher a hog….

  16. There are two types of people in the world. The makers and the takers. Makers go out everyday and try their best to improve their lives, the lives of their families and learn from others that have been successful. When they fail they look back on the situation, regroup and go forward not making the same mistake. The makers love capitalism as it offers the opportunity to grow and prosper with hard work and they have no need for big government since they are responsible for taking care of themselves and their family. The feed, house, clothe and prepare their family for the future

    The takers spend their day blaming others for their failures and for their poor life choices, doing as little as possible to get by and always expecting someone to give them a free ride. The takers love socialism and big government as it puts the responsibility on some besides themselves and gives them someone to blame when it fails.

    In the past there were a lot more makers than takers but society has become soft and makes excuses for the choices people make. There is no longer any shame or embarrassment for being a loser or taking a government handout instead of working so the takers are increasing and the makers are getting tired of of them.

    The one good thing about a SHTF situation is the takers will be disappear very quickly and the makers will be left to rebuild and hopefully not make the same mistakes in the future.

  17. It is easy for a #1 to become a #2 when they find out that the subject got it and they perceive the subject had not “earned it”.

    Humans are incredibly good at identifying “microinequalities” that breach the trust placed in “fairness”. One of the best ways to exude outrage is in the presence of unwarranted exceptional success.

    Combine this with the human nature of bias and it can make a lot of #2s apparent.

  18. Can’t be envy be a good thing?
    Envy to me means an envy to strive, to be successful, to challenge myself. A drive that says, if they can do it, why can’t I? But there is a fine line
    Jealousy, on the other hand, does/can lead to vindictiveness.

    1. Do not mistake what envy is. Envy is the hatred of the Good…for being Good…and is always a sign of self hatred.

  19. Depends on how you get it I guess. Did you lie, cheat a stal to become successful? I remember A Garfield cartoon where he is climbing a ladder. The caption read I don’t care who I step on on the way to the top because I’m not looking back.

    Take two folks with IQs of around 85 and it is quite likely their progeny will be close to that also. With an IQ of 85 it is unlikely that the kid is going to grow up rich unless he inherits from someone outside his immediate line or gets lucky with a lottery ticked. If he goes to school studies hard, stays out of trouble, and plays by the rules he will probably get a dead end job which will be automated away in the near future. Presuming it doesn’t he scrapes and saves and get 100 grand in savings. Then he or she has a major medical event and the hospital takes it all for their CEO’s bonuses.

    I’ve seen it happen way to many times and it is getting worse. Too any people working 16 hour days just to scrape by and not really making it. While others cheat and steal and live the good life.

    Nobody ever said it was supposed to be fair but it could certainly be a little more charitable.

    Anyone ever see the movie Bullworth?

    1. When one has a low IQ, one must trust others to be competent in their proffered professions, like Doctors, as they cannot effectively weigh, or challenge, their professional opinions…even if they are deliberately fallacious. Being stupid costs.

      What pathetic creatures comprise Humanity? All the other Hominids have died off, and I am amazed we have made this far. But, we have advanced right into the final trap of our technology. Another Carrington Event…and I believe we will die off as well.

      Live well. Cook great food. Love your spouse. Drink only the good stuff. And, be of comfort to the fearful, when darkness falls.

      1. Yup. All us deplorable rednecks living in the outback never took an IQ test. But if any of you know how to play the banjo, I can accompany with the washboard. Maybe someone can come with the harmonica or the comb.
        We may not know how dumb we are but we do know how to live well and enjoy comradery around a campfire.

  20. Jealousy and envy are two things I have been guilty of in my life. I say guilty, because in each case, for me, these feelings did bring ill feelings towards someone else, even if just a bit. I strive now to have just enough-not too much, and not too little. (Reference Proverbs 30:8). I find that in old age, I accept and am happy to be where my God wants me to be. Truthfully, I believe that I am very rich in the important things- my relationship with God, my family, the life that I have been given to live. What is left for me to want?
    Presently I see that jealousy and envy of money and possessions are being used to drive the socialist cause in this county. Nothing good will come from it, imho.

    1. Minerjim
      We are all guilty of it at one time or another. We falter but as long as we don’t fall and stay down we are ok. I’m as flawed as they come and need forgiving too.
      Like you I am a wealthy man with those things that matter. The smiles of my grandkids as they run down the sidewalk to me upon sight is the gold that keep my drive going.

  21. I am a little jealous. I am a little jealous of the lucky people who have a cabin in the woods or a house in the middle of 20 acres. I would give up my phone, tv, etc. I would be happy with just my hubby, dogs, books and sewing. Oh and a a little garden without squash bugs. haha
    Thats all I want. No fancy crap. Maybe someday. Right now I have a home, food and a sweet hubby. Life isn’t too bad.

    1. Texasgirl

      You have hit on the truth. So many would be much happier with much less. But it seems so difficult to cut those cords of urban dependence. It actually cost more to come out with less and some self-sufficiency. Hope you get your little house on the prairie.

    2. Texasgirl,
      You’ll get that little cabin in the woods, if that is what you and your hubby want. It might take time, took us into our 50s to get to the farm. Ask for God’s guidance and help, it will happen when it is meant too.

      1. Thanks hermit and mierjim………Someday. Unexpected expenses always pops up. But that is the way of life. Saving and dreaming!

  22. This article got me to thinking. I sincerely hope, I have not offended folks with some of the things I write. I am truly trying to share what I have found, that works. Solar/wind, ham radio, medical stuff. I am not an expert. If I seem condescending, I apologize. It is not my intent.

    I try to learn from others. There is no need to repeat the failures tried by others. No one can be knowledgeable about all things. I do know my IQ. It would serve no purpose to provide it.

    I gather much knowledge from those on this site. I try to repay that by providing what limited knowledge, I may have.

    1. Plainsmedic

      We could all gather and have a good discussion at the next Mensa meeting – if any of us felt like joining any kind of group and if they let us in the door carrying concealed. haha

    2. Plainsmedic
      Your discussions have helped me as many others on here.
      In my small, wishing it were bigger, group we all have things the other doesn’t. That’s what makes us strong though.

    3. Plainsmedic,
      No worries. You are fine. I too worry that I sometimes come off as condescending, even after I have re-read my comment 5 times before sending. (Engineers are prone to being condescending, and it is a really ‘piss-poor’ trait that I hate.) So I will give out the same apology, I hope I have not offended anyone. Hey, we’re all in this together, trying to help each other out. We’re good. I enjoy your comments, especially the ham radio ones.

      1. Minerjim;
        Your an Engineer???? Well that explains a LOT!!!! HAHAHA
        BTW, have work for years and years with “your type” best thing I have found…
        Offer em a 1/2 gallon of 100 proof Shine. and ask them how come the liquid does not self explode hehehe
        Now Architects on the other hand….. Helpless LOL

      2. Engineers are easy for other Engineers to identify. Same for only children.

        Do not fret, there are worse things than being an Engineer. So far as I can tell after wearing many hats, all of them appear to center around not being an Engineer as the root. But there may be bias visible from an Enginerd’s point of view.

    4. I enjoy hearing others successes and failures where they get back up and start again! I am always curious and enjoy hearing new ideas. Gives me ideas for new projects. While I am not as bright as some on this board I do pretty good research once I get a project idea.

      Todays project was Bok Choy and what to do if you cannot buy seeds for it. I’ll move the rest of this post to Open Subject but am sad that the information will disappear in a few days.

    5. Plainsmedic,
      Same here .Some days I read and absorb, others i have some input…
      Once i have tried an experiment and it is marginally sucessful- it can give a starting point for the next person..
      .. Each individual is so unique no one person will respond to any substance the same.It is important to know how “you” generally individually respond…in order to make judgment calls on EVERY thing attempted.. -whether it be a hearing issue on a radio, or a remedy..
      Thanks for your input.. You enrich us all.

  23. Ken,

    I like this article because it gently forces us to self examine what our priorities are/what is truly important in life.

    As I read the short article and the first 5 responses, something struck me. ( and this time it was not my wife using a skillet.)

    One of the 10 Commandments was: “Thou Shalt not Covet thy neighbors house, nor his wife etc.” Upon looking up the meanings for envy and covet, I choose to use the word covet as being an unhealthy desire for something that does not belong to you. ( Covet: to desire something to an inordinate degree. This is beyond healthy and does not specify obtaining only within legal means.)

    Joe C. pointed out that envy, in small doses and using legal means, can be a good and healthy thing in order to obtain something. Years ago when I went back to school to become an RN part of that motivation to apply for the program, hit the books and work and study hard was based upon my relatives that were RN’s and had a relatively settled lifestyle and a secure job status. It took me 4 years butt it was worth it. I envied them just a little and it provided me with additional motivation to continue in my labors.

    Some of the smartest people I have met have also been the most curious people always asking intelligent questions. I believe everybody that contributes to this site more than 1x per month is of group 1. That is why we see lots of invitations around each others campfires as long as we bring our home brew and TP with us. ( in the trailer – behind my truck.).

    When I was young and mobile, working seasonally and going to school in the winter, I enjoyed that nomadic lifestyle much like the Afghan Goat Herder that Hermit Us mentioned. I was also smart enough to realize that when you live on the margins of society, you are also very vulnerable to things going wrong or disaster can take many forms.

    When I went back to school last time, the purpose was 2 fold: The other part was I wanted to settle down as well as obtain a professional license – through honest means.

    This site answers a lot of questions and points us in the right direction for those of us that are curious. That is why many of us keep coming back and, through the years, an informal support group has formed.

    As for sitting around the campfire, I am reminded of the campfire scene from the movie Blazing Saddles where the cowboys are eating beans.

    I am a lapsed Methodist that enjoys watching comedy on my time off.

  24. Jealousy is an emotion that is so all out destructive to one’s own psychic it’s unimaginable.
    Not only is it self-destructive but it can and will tear apart any relationship you may have, be it personal or in a group. We all have seen the Husband that is always looking at his neighbor’s wife and is always thinking “gee if I was not married”. Guess what, give it a very little time and he won’t be married. Look at the Woman that’s always looking at those Magazines thinking “gee if my husband only made more money”.
    How about that Shooting Range you may belong to? Are you the type that always looks at that dude shooting that $10,000 shotgun, and is disgusted you don’t have one?
    So, what good does it to be jealous? Will it make your wife be more attractive? Will it make your husband richer? Will that Shotgun show up for Christmas?
    OR will it just tear you apart inside with the constant wanting more/better/expensive?
    Sure it’s ok to think “gee I wish I had one of those” that’s NOT jealousy, that normal and at times a good little push to do better, but being obsessive and jealous? Not so much.

    So being the jealous type is not such a good way to go. Unless ya like being Crazy.

    How about Vindictive as Ken suggested?
    Only thing that will do for you is getting you hurt or killed.

    Although I sure would like a nice Fire Ring like Ken has…… hehehehe

  25. Response to NRP:

    I was the guy that would show up at the trap range and outshoot the fella with the $4,000 Krieghoff or $3,000 Perazzi with my $280 Remington 870.

    In the end, they all just throw a cloud of shot in the direction it is pointed. Gold-inlaid quail and hunting scenes on the side of the receiver do nothing drop birds or improve scores.

    Years ago, the only clue that I was a ringer at the trap club was my dirty, blood stained game vest that had pin-feathers and dog treats in the pockets. I guess the sight of me, my vest and the well-used shotgun offended some of the yuppies clad in brand-new Bob Allen shooting togs in the San Fran Bay Area ranges. The old shooters, on the other hand, they knew and would quietly place bets on the quiet guy with the dirty vest and used shotgun.

    In the end, it aint what you got so much as what you can do with it.

    P.S. There are some young ladies down in Southern California that shoot trap, skeet and sporting clays with Perrazi’s and do quite a bit better than me. One of them is Kim Rhode – Olympic level shooter sponsored by Winchester. She can really work that imported shotgun and earns every penny of its worth.

    Somehow, I picture you me blue, my dog sitting around Ken’s fire ring eating beans. There is no way the ladies would let us inside the house after that. ( My wife included.)

    1. Calirefugee;
      “Somehow, I picture you me blue, my dog sitting around Ken’s fire ring eating beans.”

      Add some home-fermented Kimchee to that mix and ya got a deal… HAHAHAH

      PS, I learned a very long time ago, tis not the Skin of a Skunk that makes him stink, 99% of those that “Can Do” don’t need to advertise that fact by flashy “Stuff”

  26. I don’t know who said this. Life is not about having what you want. Its about wanting what you have. Probably not quite right, but something like that.

  27. If mean people do well I do tend to hate them, especially if they put others especially those less fortunate (in terms of wealth, intellect, health, etc.) down. If a nice person does well it is OK. I do find that with the rich, the old rich were often philanthropists for the betterment of society (they funded hospitals, schools, museums, the public library and literacy programs, parks, humane societies, etc.). This I can admire. I detest the snobbish, empty nouveaux riche people who do not have any empathy for those less fortunate (think widows, orphans, homeless, elderly, disabled, animals, the environment, etc.). One of the charities that seems to be moral is the Salvation Army as they do so much. Does it bother me that a so called bum will get my mittens (that do not fit me) – no, if he can use them, great. I like to see people dropping off stuff at the thrift shops. It is also a form of recycling. We come into the world with nothing and leave with nothing. This is why I am de-cluttering over time and believe in the ‘give us our daily bread’. When I retire my corporate clothes will be donated as I will return to my student outfits mostly – those of sweat pants, yoga pants, t-shirts, sweaters, and a few hoodies even. One retired gentleman told me that when he retired he owned 50 suits; just after retirement he downsized and kept 2 (for weddings and funerals) and donated 48 to the Sally Anne. This is good as he passed on what he no longer needed and the next people could use these suits. Parents do this a lot – pass on good used clothing as their children outgrow the garments, for the next in line so to speak. I do not see this as socialism but as Christianity and environmentalism and recycling. I also believe in good decent pensions and medical benefits as the elderly have worked for it and they should be able to retire comfortably so that the next generation can enter the workforce for 30 to 40 years. It used to be this way but today everyone seems to hate everyone else. I believe in passing things on that you no longer need. I was happy to pass on my gallbladder for hospital medical students and pathology examination and learning. I have absolutely no use for it. The elderly need decent pensions and benefits, young adults need decent jobs with benefits that can support a young family. For everything there is a season as the saying goes.

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