Happy or Jealous for the success of others

There are all sorts of human personalities and characteristics out there. No two people are alike. Though many are similar in one way or another.

With that said, it is not uncommon to sort people into various groups. Each with an apparent trait or other defining ‘xyz’. ‘Value’ or values. Beliefs. Skills. Characteristics. Interests. Etc.. It’s just what we tend to do.

So here’s one that I find to be very defining and informative about a person…

First Reaction: Happy or Jealous?

That is, when a person discovers that another individual is apparently “successful”. (I put that in quotes because the definition thereof is variable according to the observer.)

Okay. So person ‘A’ discovers, notices, sees, finds out, that person ‘B’ is apparently successful. Person ‘A’ will tend to have one of two instinctive initial reactions. And the reaction is usually pretty obvious to a person ‘C’ who may be observing.

Person ‘A’ is either:

  1. Happy (or indifferent) for the other, curious “how” they did it, interested to discover more.
  2. Jealous, even a bit angry, and figuring how to bring the other down a notch or two or three.

I have known, and know right now, people who fit into category 2. I have always been surprised how many of them there are. In fact sometimes I feel that there are more of the jealous type than the happy & curious type for the success of another. It has always been a source of some bewilderment.

I personally fit into category 1. My first reaction is that of interest and curiosity. How has that person become successful? What’s their specialty? Is there a unique skill? How did they get there? Can I learn from it?

My first reaction is never that of jealously. I just don’t understand how or why someone else might immediately slip into a jealous vindictive mode. It’s just weird to me.

When I notice the character trait of an individual who is like that (jealous, vindictive of success), I tend to stay away. Why? Because it brings me down! It really is a drag on optimism (and potential success)(or happiness)! It just feels ‘yucky’.

Why Is This Important?

Why bring this up on a preparedness site?

Well, it’s important who you surround yourself with. When times get tough, ‘bad’ personality traits and characteristics WILL BE MAGNIFIED. Stress will bring out the worst in people.

Plus, you will never get more than average results from someone who is the jealous type. If I were an employer, I would NOT higher such a person. If I were doing my best to live and survive after SHTF, I would NOT want such a person within my circle.

The Takeaway

Notice those around you. And your friends, family, and acquaintances. Are any of them this way?

Take note.

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