Leaders And Their Blind Followers


Most people are followers – not leaders. Similar to the behavior of dogs who will follow a pack leader, most people tend to follow others – even blindly or subconsciously.

A preparedness mindset tends to break you of this habitual human behavior (being a ‘blind’ follower in the pack). But watch out, the wolves leading the pack of today’s modern sheeple-people don’t like it when followers begin to ask questions…

I suppose that if you put 100 leaders in a room, nothing would get done. Progress needs its followers. My gut instinct tells me that maybe 5 or 10 percent of people might be so called leaders. So does that mean that the 90 to 95% of the rest are followers blindly following their leaders? No, but I do suppose that a majority follow ‘blindly’ (easily persuaded or swayed) while some lesser percent may ‘think’, challenge or question some of the time.

Some leaders take their position and abuse it (which is the context of this post). Some leaders are ‘extreme’ or become extreme. Not all leaders have good intentions. Some leaders are gifted with more charisma than others, and may abuse it nefariously to sway the pack of sheeple.

Some ‘followers’ have personality traits such as loyalty and obedience which can be beneficial, but if taken too far can lead to a blind follower (followership?). Powerful leaders (or a leader) with legions of unquestioning followers can lead to bad places… Just look back through history.

Not sure how many followers are ‘blind’ followers, but I’ll suppose there are many. Many followers are easily convinced or swayed by a single ‘nugget’, and will subsequently ‘fall in line’ and will march in lock step behind their leader. Other followers require a handful of ‘nuggets’ before they will set themselves in motion behind a leader – but this is not a problem for most leaders who have plenty of nuggets to go around. Still others will require ongoing ‘nuggets’ throughout the entire following process to continue playing ‘follow the leader’. But again, some leaders will find a way to keep dishing out the nuggets…

But should a follower begin to stand out and challenge the direction of said leader, watch out…

So what’s the point of all this?

Good question… I am often concerned about the apparent large percentage of blind followers (particularly regarding our direction of the nation, the world, our so called political ‘leaders’, and the messaging of propaganda). Those who ‘follow along’ like a leaf in the wind will always blow in the direction of the crowd. This is not such a good thing, and unfortunately sets up ‘ripe’ conditions for leaders who will take advantage.

We seem to be living in a modern society where questioning so called authority is often taboo or a bad thing. We’re living in a modern world which does its best to shape us into good little followers who are trained and taught NOT to think for themselves (it seems). I am concerned that independent thought and critical thinking is waning in our modern world. Not sure if this perception is partly to do with getting older and seeing the big picture more clearly, but I don’t think so – I believe that something has changed over these several decades and it’s not leading to a good place. Like rows of sheeple willingly walking off a cliff one right after the other…

Many followers who dare to question or challenge are sometimes chastised or punished – perhaps as an example to the others who might be considering similar actions. Nefarious leaders need blind followers after all…

A healthy society is one in which their are fewer ‘blind’ followers. The question is, how do we open their eyes?? Or can we?

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  1. Excellent thought provoking piece, Ken. I have personally decided that I don’t have the time, (or more importantly) the PATIENCE, to hand out “nuggets” to the sheep, for them to digest, then decide if they want to continue to play follow the leader.

    In fact, I am disgusted at the willingness of the sheep(le) to be led to the slaughter, get sheared for their wool, or be eaten by the predators who prey upon the sheeple.

    Again, excellent piece, we need MORE of these, to help people to actually THINK for themselves, rather than blindly following anything or anyone.

    Keep it up! I personally appreciate it.

    1. @TPS, Thanks. Ultimately though, it’s up to the sheeple people to decide for themselves to take the ‘red pill’ (loved that movie…), but every bit of extra prodding from time to time may help one or two of them… Independent thought and critical thinking aren’t part of today’s gubment school program these days…

  2. I know quite a lot of followers who defend their abusive and corrupt leaders. I call them the mob because they threaten, they lie, they cheat, anyway possible to gain power and privilege. Regretfully some are my family members and they think the same as the corrupt and abusive leaders they support.

    I don’t think they all follow blindly, but some do want the benefits and dependence on gov’t. handouts and then don’t pay attention to real news. They listen to the propaganda MSM which are those who are corrupt and abusive as much as their leaders and intentionally leave out scandals and important news, to deceive the public.

    It is natural for people with common behaviors/interests form groups with the same behaviors/interests and follow a leader of that group. Whether it be a good or bad group, they all have something in common within their group.

    That’s where independent thinkers are different. They follow their conscience, not with the mob and it’s leaders. Eventually some in the following realizes they didn’t get what they wanted or their mob went too far because they feel the pain, personally. This is how the blind followers “wake up”.

    Still, there will be those followers who think corruptly and abusively that will never wake up and blame everything they and their leaders do on everyone else.

    Good article, Ken, but I can’t do much opening up eyes. I have been fired several times for opening up eyes to corrupt practices at the workplace. For standing up for my beliefs in this country, I have been ridiculed, threatened, kicked out of discussion groups or driven out, and personally attacked. My words are no different here than at those places. As long as there is freedom of speech it can be printed for those willing to learn something. But deep down inside, I think the blind have to feel the pain of their support of the mob before most turn around.

  3. Killery is basically a CULT LEADER. They’ll say in Unison She Has Never Done Anything WRONG, NEVER.

    1. A new Title for Killery. But the Proles won’t understand. She’s so above us Little People.

  4. Most people have a need to have their peers recognize and approve their lives. The herd mentality is hard wired in most. Blind support for an athletic team, product loyalty like Ford or Chevy are perfect examples. Street gangs fill this need for neglected children. Groupies, environmentalists, political parties, are all primitive emotional tribal herds. Thinking for ones self leaves most people feeling lonely and disconnected thus most people will follow a herd of others even if it results in loosing free thought and action. This is why it is easy for the herd leaders to manipulate their herds with such ease. Using the strong emotions of all people such as fear, sex, greed,envy etc will work every time. In the past people in this country had filled this need with Christian and free thinking beliefs but we are now seeing the results when evil replaced this need.

    1. “Thinking for ones self leaves most people feeling lonely and disconnected thus most people will follow a herd of others even if it results in loosing free thought and action.”

      Similarly, observe how often (nearly always) when it comes to politics and congressional votes on bills, etc., the votes are straight up and down party lines. Rarely or very few will ever vote outside their party affiliation ‘D’ or ‘R’ lest they become outsiders to the goings-on of the party, or unable to get on committees, or get certain perks for their districts, etc.. Even if they’re opposed to a given piece of legislation, they will not vote their gut – but instead they will vote for their ‘career’ (which is one reason why we need term limits).

  5. Kool-aid and the Jonestown massacre. All those weakminded followers of Jones in South America. Jones wasn’t a leader, he was Cult leader. The followers just needed someone to feed the ego into their minds to feel important, but extremely dependent on the leader. So when Jones got the outside pressure, he fed his followers poisoned Kool-Aid back in Nov 1978 and about 250 weakminded people DIED.

    Does this sound familiar in 2008 and 2012? People needed to hear someone who would feed them, supply their needs, nurse their wounds.

  6. Thanks Ken. So many people don’t want to be “unpopular” or “different”, so they go with the group – we know those results.

  7. I think it’s important to take this article out of the here and now and place it into a post-collapse scenario. As I read the article, my context wasn’t political parties or who will be the next president, but thinking about those people in my neighborhood who will rise to be leaders in a post SHTF scenario. What traits will define them. Will we get ‘Karate Man’ from Lights Out, Rick Grimes or the Governor from The Walking Dead. Will it be me?
    Knowing what traits make good leaders and despotic rulers will help raise our awareness of others in the future.

    1. Only when people have to think and rely on themselves will free thinking begin to reappear. When people moved west in the 1800’s their was very little support. Self reliance was the norm which created the independent culture of the west. As population growth and government support grew in the west so did the mindset of government control and dependence. Great leaders may be born but without an independent thinking population it may well take a huge disaster to reboot the populations mindset. De-programing a population is not as easy as one would think. It took the complete collapse of Nazi Germany before the population rebooted their thinking.

  8. Question EVERYTHING.

    Just because “it’s always been done that way” or “that’s the way my parents thought” or “but they teach that in school,” is not a reason to accept ANYTHING.

    What does your gut say? What does your philosophy on life, or your religious belief have to say? Don’t rely on current (or past) leaders to inform. Do you believe everything your president says? Or the Pope? Or the UN? Or your congressman, mayor, or police chief?

    Again, question everything and see if it matches up with your core beliefs. I recently read a book by Michael Bunker called “Surviving Off Off-Grid: Decolonizing the Industrial Mind” and it has me thinking more deeply than ever before about many of my previously held beliefs.

    Never stop questioning. You are your own “expert” when it comes to your beliefs.

  9. I urge everyone to vote at the next election. Simply write in “No Confidence” for all major positions of government. This will be much better than not voting. Spread the word.

  10. Excellent post Ken. Many great thoughts in the comments as well. As I have “unplugged” from main stream society, there has been a feeling of being isolated and alone. I find myself not even enjoying being around family and friends as I now have so little in common with them. It pains me to see their lives revolve around watching sports on TV, sitcoms, and following “reality” TV. Oh, lets not forget Facebook and whatever app is popular this month. Knowing that something is coming and they are totally unprepared doesn’t help things. I am already a well known leader in my county due to different positions I hold. Friends and family usually turn to me first when they need help. Despite my attempts to wake them up, they keep their heads in the sand. I am not looking forward to the day when I will need to turn them away so I can keep my own family safe.

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