Outside Your Comfort Zone – Overcome The Path Of Least Resistance


We as humans will often take the path of least resistance – literally and emotionally.

We will walk the straightest line to where we’re going – we will do ‘it’ the easiest way or the same way we’ve always done it before – and we will typically do the least amount of work possible to achieve a goal or requirement.

Is this hindering the way many of us experience real life to the fullest? I think so…

We also often choose the path of least resistance on an emotional level – to avoid conflict, difficult decisions, feeling awkward, things or situations that are uncomfortable, or even to avoid confrontation or disagreement.

When we follow the path of least resistance (physically or emotionally), without even realizing it we are restricting ourselves to fewer outlooks, a smaller view, and a narrow mind. Our efforts at creativity, exploration, or “thinking outside the box” are hindered by automatically doing something the apparent easiest way.

This way of thinking (following the path of least resistance) can lead to stagnation, or even bad decisions by not having fully explored or understood something, and may lead to missed opportunities in life.

Break out of your comfort zone.

Most of us are NOT comfortable doing things that we are not familiar with (me included). Our perceived comfort zone is based on our memories of things we’ve done before and things that we know or know how to do. We instinctively will gravitate back to what we know rather than exerting new energy towards exploring other or new options or alternatives.

Think of it logically —

We would not be comfortable with doing something- had we not at some point in our life overcome the path of least resistance. When we first did those things (created those experiences), they were new to us then, and we probably were not comfortable doing it at first. But then those experiences became part of us – our new normal. We grew.

(Not saying that all new experiences are uncomfortable or challenging – but am referring to those things which you feel in your gut to be uncomfortable or challenging)

So it’s the same thing going forward in life. While we get older and become more “set in our ways”, it becomes more difficult to overcome the path of least resistance because we have built up quite a comfortable cocoon and comfort zone around us.

Break out of your comfort zone. Try something new.

So, what does this have to do with survival and preparedness?


To even begin to realize and understand the risks that are around us, we must overcome the path of least resistance in our thinking and our actions. Our normalcy bias. It is NOT comfortable (for most people) to consider that there are REAL risks all around us (visible and invisible) and that we ought to be better prepared to deal with them…

It is not easy to become prepared or to be a prepper (or to understand the thinking of a prepper) without thinking outside the box yourself, outside your comfort zone, and overcoming your normalcy bias and ‘the path of least resistance’.

Whenever you face a challenge – something that is uncomfortable to deal with – consider pushing yourself through the mental barriers so that you can overcome your angst and learn or do a new ‘thing’.

Be willing to be uncomfortable.

Your life begins outside your comfort zone.

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    1. I like what the comedian Ron White says- ” I’m smart but I can’t prove it with papers”.

      1. really great read from yours and threads,,,,,any idea were the location of picture is,,,,totally awsome views

        1. The photo is of the “Lakes of the Clouds” hut, near the summit of Mt. Washington (New Hampshire) – an overnight destination for hikers along the Appalachian trail or those simply hiking the Presidential Range. The photo was taken decades ago on a hike with my dad (he took the photo).

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