Prepping and Preparedness for Independence

Prepping & Preparedness For Independence

Today is Independence Day here in the USA, also known as the Fourth of July. A celebrated date in time. The Declaration of Independence. The declaration that the Thirteen Colonies were no longer subject and subordinate to the monarch of Britain, King George III, and were now united, free, and independent states.

Prepping and Preparedness as it relates to Independence

One of the many definitions of Independence… Independence is a condition of a nation, country, or state, in which residents and population, or some portion thereof, exercise self-government, and usually sovereignty, over its territory.

In the context of prepping and preparedness, we might say that it too is somewhat analogous to the word, Independence. Except in this case, it’s more of a personal thing.

We’re not some country or nation. Rather, we are ourselves. Individuals. Governing ourselves. Sovereign in the sense that we each have authority over ourselves. It’s taking the concept of a Independent nation and placing it upon ourselves as individuals.

Maybe it’s a bit of a stretch, but lets go with it..

To varying extents, we seek independence from..

Total reliance upon grocery stores being readily accessible and stocked with all that we may need. The assumption that food will always be available to us, without disruption, anytime, anywhere.

Our complete dependence on the electrical power grid. The normalcy bias that any power outage will be quickly fixed and restored. The reality of what would happen without the grid for an extended period of time.

The reliance upon others to keep us safe and secure. An assumption that we are living in a protected, safe, bubble.

Basically the reliance upon the notion that all life’s modern and technological systems of infrastructure will simply continue to hum along without issue.

There are lots more examples of course.. But one underlying thing here is Independence. Most of us who are into prepping and preparedness are simply shoring up our own independence from external systems to one extent or another – just in case.

Some of us sort of make it a lifestyle. Getting into homesteading to varying degrees. A way of life coupled with todays modern day world.

At the core of it, we as individuals have an inner desire to be free and independent. To be our own sovereign selves.

So on this Independence Day, I celebrate prepping and preparedness, as it relates to our own personal Independence.


  1. On this Independence Day, I celebrate prepping and preparedness, as it relates to our own personal Independence.

    1. We really need to strive for personal independence as much as possible, for oh so many reasons, if not just to have a bit of peace of mind. The world around all of us is in total chaos of one fashion or another, along with that comes uncertainty. To me the only way to mitigate that anxiety that goes along with uncertainty is to do everything possible to become independent. There are many varying degrees of independence, so one step at a time, one day at a time work toward the goal.

    2. Oh yea,
      Nice picture, i love those, just makes the mind wander to a different time

    3. Yesterday I canned 13 pints of “Squickle” relish (Yellow squash, cucumber, onion) and today I’m canning 7 qts of green beans. Later a friend is coming over to use my range to sight in his new Henry .22LR rifle. Celebrating the three “F’s”….Firearms, Fireworks and Food.

  2. I just moved to Florida and got a big shock. The majority of manufactured homes are on “lot lease” land that you can never own. These monthly fees are $100 to $1,337 a month.
    I’m seriously looking to relocate because the number one most important prep is land.

    1. Same here in Tennessee. You own the home but not the lot. Some of the fee is for the utilities and ‘upkeep’.
      Come on up here. Consider the Cumberland plateau area.

    2. lee ward side of Appalachians from n.e. georgia to s.w. virginia is the best choice .

  3. Mrs. J and I will celebrate our P&P Independence early this evening by grilling burgers (juicy 80%) and dogs (Nathans all beef), as well as indulging in some of Mrs. J’s yummy fresh homemade potato salad, and a delicious regular salad, topping it all off of course with a celebratory desert (ice cream!). At which time we’ll watch Mel Gibson’s ‘The Patriot’ movie.

    1. Same here. Just finished burgers, beef from the neighbor. Grilled potatoes i dug this morning and believe it or not sweet corn that managed to be ready on the 4th.

  4. Dropping this here for posterity.
    Ariel, re the GSM, I heard about Dr Valentina Zharkova a few years back, googled her, and read/watched all I could. Authored a couple articles for Ken that you can find by putting zharkova in the search box. Articles and comments have links. She has a website now – .. .. .
    For demographics and population collapse I listen to/read what Peter Zeihan, a developmental economist/demographer has to say. He’s at Don’t care for his politics but his geopolitical and economic analyses seem free from bias and spot on. .. .. .
    Ice Age Farmer still has resources, though no new posts, at and .. .. ..
    But MSB has a wealth of into. Search for topics you’re interested in, or just read the archives. That’s what I did when I found this site years ago.

  5. to help decide see catastrophe cycles at suspicious observers u tube .

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