What An Ideal Life Would Look Like

A commenter (Silverback68) recently posted,

“I was thinking today about what my ideal life would look like compared to what my actual life is like, and what I’m actually doing to reach my ideal place in my life. Any comments?”

What an excellent question to contemplate!

It’s something to definitely think about from time to time. Maybe it will help to re-align one’s purpose, ambitions, goals. To simply think about what an “ideal” life looks like – which is obviously different for every individual.

An “ideal life” probably looks quite different from when we were young, to middle aged, and beyond. I know it has shifted for me as I have lived my way through life…

We are most certainly “conditioned” and influenced to live certain ways. Lots of externals go into shaping an individual into who they are or who they end up being. Parents. Daycare. Family. Friends. Schools. Television. Social Media. News. Mainstream. Careers. Government. On and on…

What I like most about the question above… It inspires one to think about it. I sincerely believe that many or most people don’t think about it! Instead, they’re steered through life by external influences that they don’t even realize are influencing them. A leaf blowing in the wind.

We are all affected by this. And that’s why it is such a good idea to force one’s-self to evaluate where they are, and where their “ideal place” might be.

Do you know why? Because you won’t get there unless you figure it out first! Then it requires ACTION. Sounds simple, but it’s not really…


  1. Fifty years ago I bought 5 acres of swampland in the deep south.
    Moved there from the northeast.
    Cleared it, improved it, built on it.
    Now retired, I’m enjoying living on it, and have achieved my dream retirement.
    I’ve heard, some years ago, that what counts in life is where you end up.
    I’m there !

  2. Life is pretty darn good. Some people are never satisfied, some just cant see the forrest through the trees.
    The good Lord has placed me right where i am,

    1. Kula,
      right on! Some people never really are satisfied, with anything. You first have to learn to happy and thankful with whatever you have at the present, if that is “nothing”, learn to be happy for just being alive. Once you learn to appreciate every little thing you have and are given, you will find you will be happy most of the time. I can say from experience, once you are feeling you are where God wants you right now, its as good as this life can get on earth.

      1. minerjim,—Amen to everything you said. There’s so much beyond our control, but learning to be grateful for what you have leads to a happy heart. Even little things, fully appreciated, make a big difference in my attitude.—The past year has taught me so much about that. For all the challenges, there were always creative solutions, helpful people, and opportunities to see grace at work. It is different where I am now, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss places and people that are far away, but I know this is where I’m called to be. Every day reveals unexpected blessings, when I’m open to seeing them.

  3. Since we are dreaming, put me in that cabin in the photo!

    I had a family cabin on a beautiful lake for a few weeks a year with my family for 60 years, then my cousins decided not to let us come there anymore, and the family is scattered into their own wind or have passed on. Those were the best days of my life and where I learned most of the basics in survival and love of family–if just for that time, no one fought, argued, or degraded me or each other. We were having too much fun.

    It was like a piece of Heaven..so when I die, I will say to God, I don’t really want a mansion, just give me that little log cabin on the lake with my dogs and family.

    1. Stardust, I too have a dream of a place I would like to be. I have a tapestry of a Thomas KinKade painting called “A Peaceful Retreat”. A cabin in the woods situated by a flowing mountain stream into a peaceful lake surrounded by mountains. As the sand in my hourglass gets smaller in the top, I find myself just trying to make my time as peaceful as I can make it for me and my wife. It reminds me of the exchange between Ray KInsella and his father, John KInsella, where he asks,” Is there a heaven?” and John answers,”Oh yeah. It’s the place where dreams come true.” I had an epiphany at a estate sale that one day someone would be buying all the things I once held dear for as all of us know, we are leaving with no more than we came into this world with. I read all ya’lls comments and it seems all of us are looking for our own ” Field of Dreams.” This blog is priceless.

  4. Oh, my kind of place. Walk outside so you can fish off the deck, and enjoy reading a book at the same time. Dreams are made from this photo….

  5. I am blessed to be living a life that we have worked towards for many years. We love the land where we are (although I cannot stand Cuomo or his crime family) and we simply continue to work towards a self sustaining and self-fulfilled life. We cannot afford to let others dictate how we should live or base our happiness on their dictates. I only have limited influence on a small circle of people in my life and I am okay with that. It does not affect my joy when I get up in the morning and think about my day.

    I love growing plants and animals, cooking for myself and our friends and family. Going for a motorcycle ride or a walk on the hill with the goats….or perhaps playing in the grass with piglets or new ducklings. There is such joy in holding baby animals and watching our grands marvel at the life on the farm.

    And I am content when I can share bits of that joy with family and friends. I am exactly where God put me for a reason and I am blessed.

  6. I just returned from a hunting trip. ( my annual tradition.) so I am in a pretty good frame of mind right now. Hunting has seasons so the game will not be depleted. Same with fishing. The thought may cross your mind while out in the field: “I wish I could do this every day!”
    When I was living and working in the woods, it was a seasonal job and the thing I yearned for was a steady, high paying job. I have that now and I am approaching the end of my career. As I get older, the more I try to strike a balance of things and activities in my life. Life is good for me now and I made change of state and location to an area where I am more happy 10+ years ago.
    Sometimes, local situations may change on you and moving to another location may be what it takes to make for more happy situation for yourself and your loved ones. My wife was the person that was least happy with living in SoCal during our last years there.

  7. So many people define their lives by stuff. I mean, it’s great to have a big house, or a nice car, these are the things society teaches us to value. But those things are part of a life, they shouldn’t define it.

    I for one would be seriously miserable if I couldn’t grow anything. I’m rooted. And I like having plants around, getting my fingers in the dirt. If all my trees were destroyed I’d mourn–and replant.

    If I lost my house I’d be devastated, but the house isn’t me. I could walk to an abandoned area, put up a tent and still be me. Then I’d find some seeds, stick them in the dirt and watch them grow.

    What I’d LIKE is different, but if I’m still living urban when I’m 103 I’ll be fine, provided I can walk.

    Ideally? 2-5 acres, a greenhouse, and a good water source. House semi-optional. : )

    1. Lauren,

      Funny you said that about stuff. I’ve come to realize that people spend the first part of their life trying to get stuff. I did it when I moved into my own place for the first time. I kept doing it when I bought a house. I “deserved” more stuff the harder I worked. My brother is alarmingly in that mode now.

      For the past couple of years, I’ve been desperately trying to GET RID of most of my stuff. Don’t know if it was my parents passing and having to deal with all of their stuff too — that really made me understand that, in the end, it is all just stuff. Or maybe it’s menopause?? Like the opposite of nesting when you’re pregnant? That’s my current theory. Have a hot flash? Fill a trash can or donation box!

      And I’m the exact same with plants (and books) (ok, and dishes). I propagate anything and everything, sometimes just to see if I can, and then give them away to friends when it gets overwhelming. I bought DH a greenhouse last year…uh, that has not helped cut down on the plants. He must have pulled 15 geraniums out of that thing today. So the text went out to rehome as many as I can. After I make sure I have cuttings of each color of course!

  8. Sitting in the middle of at least a 100 acres with a nice creek and some springs, fenced off with sturdy fencing. Some undisturbed land to look for medicinals and such. Too many neighbors around me now. However we are able to live a lifestyle and there is no need to complain. So forward we go…..

  9. A life of love, faith, and service. Beloved offspring is happy, which makes me happy. Fortunate enough to have found my forever home and to be engaged in a preparedness lifestyle. Only wish Xander and Cookie weren’t runners, and jumper and digger respectively. But rescuers can’t be choosers.

  10. I could give a big list of things I would like to have but none of that really matters. My greatest wish is for DW and me to be in good health.

  11. Happest times in my life are in a 700 square ft cabin with DW and the cows ,worst time was with ex DW In 11,000 sq ft posh house on the hill ,,,,good =a little can of venna sausage and a little can of beans for dinner out on the overlook watching the sun set on mt hood ,on Christmas eve ,bad- a corporate board meeting in the ‘city’ with the must do dinner and ‘party ‘ listening to drunk slobs tell you about how great they are ,yuck ,,,, good – a new born calf taking its first breath after you and the cow worked on a hard birth , bad – someone from some from government coming to help
    ,,,,good -a fine tea and cherry cheesecake, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,sun is out think I’ll go talk to the cows

    1. OH
      having memories of all we are and were content with.

      Life lessons that tought us to go a different route…..for the good

  12. I’m pretty well content for location. Grandpa’s farm.

    As I age, the house, I built, is now, too big….yard is too big. The simple 10×12 cabin out in the swamp, seems better. Lol
    But I’ve got my other half, our critters and fam close by.

    The one thing I would change is, to being more secluded. More independent from ‘the system’
    ….and my dwindling career as a factory rat.
    But I guess it raised a family, pays the bills, keeps the tax collector away.

    1. Ohh,
      and if anyone has recommendations on slowing the aging process,
      Imma listening

      1. Joe c – Youngevity Health Start Pack 2.0 with added kicker of Selenium. Works for me.

        1. I get mine online. If you use Amazon (I don’t), I think you can find it there cheaper. Been using it a long time, results for me are amazing.

        2. SS
          Dh has been using it since 2015 or about that time frame. I have added Boron to the mix for his bones and healing. Those with AO exposure require additional vitamins & minerals which I have discovered. It is in their bodies. although may not be active can still cause issues to arise that require more of mother natures elements to keep the system healthy.
          (not a doctor, just a spouse who keeps a watchful eye on the ol f@rt) lol

        3. AC
          Not to override Ken, but it was an ideal placement of such post.

          “Overseeing ole f@rt.”
          ‘What An Ideal Life Would Look Like’

          Same subject

        4. Antique Collector – Your Dh is blessed to have his angel watching over him. And you are blessed to have the heart to do so. In my book, that is an ideal life. The rest is just minor details.

        1. Joe c,

          Yep…..takes a little nuance though…..being stingy with it doesn’t seem to work….only works when you think about sharing it……….

      2. Joe C, Funny, just this morning I was reading about the “Blue Zones” around the world…and how these people live to be in excellent health and over a hundred years old. Japan, Costa Rica, Greece, etc. Simple living, and excellent simple, healthy foods. Even reversing Alzheimers. Check it out.


  13. Wife and I are happy up on the mountain and are enjoying one of the best things we have are invested in which is contentment. My sphere of giving a crap has shrunk to my county line.

    1. RC,,,
      my sphere of giving a crap stops at the end of our road these days, may shrink even further in the future

  14. My ideal life is a good thought topic that is very worthwhile to think about , thanks Ken.,
    I am at peace with things that I cannot control. We live in a canyon, on a dead end road, on a creek, lots of wildlife, no mortgage, a garden and a full pantry.
    Having stuff is not the answer to an ideal life. We really value our health ,it has been good considering our ages. We truly enjoy being able to help others with their problems, what a blessing!
    Folks are sharing lots of wisdom regarding this article, thanks to all.

  15. At age of 30 I was lucky to be able to buy an old farm house. I’m 46 now and consider moving to the countryside as an excellent decision. The current biopolitical situation has just deepened that feeling.

  16. I have discovered the more simple I make my life, the closer I get to my “ideal life.” I spend my time and days doing exactly what I need to do and want to do. We live seasonally, and with the rhythm of life. I find peace in this lifestyle. And like Lauren, I HAVE to have dirt under my nails and grow things. I have the greenhouse in winter (and the kitchen where my citrus trees live in their pots indoors in winter – smelling divine when they bloom), the garden in spring, summer, and fall. The orchard where I hope to implement Permaculture one of these days….the chickens we raise for meat and eggs, (and entertainment). Even clearing land of brush and trees to expand our homestead into more usable land.

    We are truly blessed to live in a country where we can achieve our dreams. May we always strive to keep this freedom.

    1. DJ,
      I actually wrote my comment without having read yours, although it sounded like I was being redundant with some of your comment.

  17. First of all, OH, it’s good to hear from you.
    I think that the ideal life actually comes from within. A matter of character.
    Be content with such things as ye have. If you want what you have, then you’ll have what you want.
    I also believe that the ideal life is rooted in faith. That faith that is an anchor for the soul, steadfast and sure while the billows roll.
    I’m sure that there are those of you who enjoy listening to the song entitled,
    “ In Times Like These “.
    Perhaps the richest person therefore, in some respects, at least, is one who finds satisfaction in simple pleasures. Some examples of which are those rendered to us by nature; a copper dawn brilliantly beaming across a lake. The awesome beauty of a deer, especially a doe with a spotted fawn or two. A rainbow, and a double rainbow! The unequalled beauty and splendor of springtime’s dazzling boutique in cherry blossoms, dogwood, apple blossoms and azaleas!
    Life on the mountain.
    Even if your not on a mountain, do yourself a favor and find a mountain of pleasures in the simple things in life.

  18. I think Cheryl Crow had a song that says it well (its not having what you want, its wanting what you have) or something like that. Health is my main, i wish. Arthur has found me, and of late with a vengeance. Overall i am where i as close to ideal as is reasonable.

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