What I Can Predict With Certainty..

my prediction

Predictions. They’re a popular topic, especially during the beginning of a new year. Predictions are like opinions. Everyone’s got them. You likely have your own predictions for our collective future.

Browse your favorite sites, listen to your favorite podcasts or vlogs. The new year brings a lot of predictions, and this year is no exception. Unfortunately, lots of them are dire indeed.

With that said, I will give you my own prediction. Beyond a doubt, the ride this year will be bumpier than ‘normal’. I would say that prediction is a pretty safe bet.

We are facing many divisive and impactful National and Global issues that are beyond ‘normal’ times. Some of these issues may end up affecting our lives one way or another. To what extent? I don’t know, and I can only speculate like the rest of you.

Current threats to stability include:

  • War (The Middle East)
  • War (Russia – Ukraine)
  • War (China – Taiwan)
  • War (North Korea – South Korea)
  • Use of nuclear weapon(s)
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Financial crisis meltdown
  • Social Chaos – Civil Unrest
  • Cyberattacks on infrastructure

I could get into more detail identifying and examining the many issues that we face, but I won’t. There are plenty of other sources for that. Besides, many of you are well versed in what’s going on out there..

Instead, I will say the following. I’m looking at it like this.. You might say there are two worlds out there.

  1. The world in which external forces are defining or projecting upon you.
  2. The world that you create, control, and live in.

I believe that most people live in world #1. Allowing others and external influences to define their world. Their thoughts. Their beliefs. This has created unprecedented division, a controlled mindset, and altered behavior. These powerful and influencing forces have seemingly heaped the firepit with bone-dry tinder and kindling, and are now holding a lit match right above it.. but I digress.

I also believe that despite the push of external forces, you have the power to compartmentalize them. I wouldn’t necessarily ignore them. But I would try not to let them consume you.

You have complete and utter power to create and adjust your own world. Your own life. Your own thoughts and actions. That is, once you recognize the external forces for what they are.

Yes, I predict a probable year of excessive uncertainty, possibly upheaving turmoil, and maybe even a true SHTF this year. But you will have no control over any of that. It’s either going to happen, partially happen, or not (though the ‘not’ is doubtful).

While staying aware of world #1, I choose to live in my own world of my own doing. Trying my best to seek the positive, though remaining true to my overall preparedness for the bumpy ride.

I will not dwell on the bad, because I have already gone way beyond simple due-diligence research into the many forces at play. I already know it’s bad out there. And I don’t need anymore convincing.

Don’t let your lifestyle be overly influenced by all the bad news and predictions. Don’t ignore it (because some of it might actually affect you), but don’t dwell there. Mitigate what you can, and then move on to the positive. The good. There is plenty of it to find and create.