What Is Modern Survival?

Modern Survival. The name I chose for this site.

Yes, it’s about preparedness. However my angle is somewhat a focus on preparedness being a part of our modern lives. Survivalism as it may relate to our modern way of life.

I originally posted this at the outset of the blog’s beginnings during 2010. I believe it was my very first post on January 23, 2010.

11 years later I read it again. The thrust of it is still the same. I decided to tweak it a bit, and repost.

Mindset of Preparedness

A mindset of preparedness, self reliance, and personal freedom. A process that can (if you let it) liberate you from the shackles of the system holding you down. You might even integrate it into your own way-of-life.

Modern Survival. Preparedness in our modern world. It starts with an adjusted way of thinking. It’s a process that will open your eyes to what is really going on around you. It begins with the realization that you can choose to reclaim yourself from the system. The contribution that you make to yourself will be directly proportional to your liberation. Even to the extent of getting off the stereotypical treadmill all together – if that’s what you want.

You might say that Modern Survival is partly a thought process of critical thinking as it pertains to your existing way of life. And how it relates to modern day conveniences, dependencies, and the many built-in systemic risks to our very survival.

The Many Risks

There are many circumstances in life that may seem unlikely to affect you. A job loss, personal financial issues, a major health crisis, being a victim of crime, maybe caught up in civil unrest. Many more… Or, more extreme circumstances such as a systemic financial collapse. Wide spread shortages. Power grid interruptions or breakdown. Cyber-attacks. Pandemic. A regional or local disaster. Terrorism. A nuclear event. An EMP attack. Tyrannical government. Or any SHTF or TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) scenario.

The System Holding You Down

A key to surviving the uncertain times that we live in is to readjust our ‘programmed’ way of thinking. Break free from the chains holding us down. To become better prepared for what may come our way. To free ourselves from the system.

‘The System’. It’s an invisible cage that has been built around you. Most people are trapped and they don’t even know it. It is a designed mechanism of sorts, built upon the requirement that the masses continually feed it. Pay your taxes – spend your money – get in debt – obey – conform – and shut up.

Keep up with the Joneses. It has become the standard way of life for most people. This competition will put you in a place where the system wants you to be, in debt.

But I digress. There’s lots more to it (the system that’s holding you down). More later…

Open Your Eyes

Open your eyes. Recognize the propaganda. Seek truth and information. Use common sense. Critical thinking. Be reasonably skeptical.

Develop a preparedness mindset. Practical solutions to risks. A mindset of self reliance.

Come join me on a journey that will liberate you to the extent you let it…


  1. Things can happen in an instant that affect our lives. To be prepared brings a peace of mind that nobody else can give you. It can be very difficult to be prepared, just imagine how difficult NOT being prepared would be. Its worth it, and in this day and age far more complicated than in the days of olde,,

  2. I’m glad you reposted this Article, Thanks for smacking a lot of us upside the head… again.

    For my 2¢ worth, Living with the correct ‘Mindset’, as you said several times, is so much more critical than most will ever realize.

    I have been hanging around MSB for a couple of weeks or so, hehehe, and have often said this is a “Lifestyle”, aka ‘Mindset’ not a ‘shopping spree’.

    I don’t care how much stuff one buys, or how many buckets of Beans and Rice ya have in the basement, if your mind/thinking is not in the right place, well let’s just say you’re basically screwed. For you are NOT going to even see whats coming in the way of Dangers, be it an EMP or slicing off the end of your finger cutting an Orange.

    Being “Prepared” is a heck of a LOT more that just barging about how well your doing (stuff you got) or showing off with your World Views, but having the Knowledge to keep your mouth shut at the right times.

    But, I digress, back to the gust of the article.
    Modern Survival: what a perfect name for the Site. For one needs to think on what it would be like to revert back to the 1800 or earlier and live off EBT cards or the .gov handouts.

    Preparedness again is NOT about just buying your way into survival, but Knowing AND Practicing Skills, knowing the thousands of things it really would take to Survive ‘Without’, Hence The MINDSET (or again the ‘Lifestyle’) of knowing where you, ‘YOU’ are heading and this had better start becoming very important to a lot more folks.

    There is a Storm on the Horizon my friends.

    1. True
      The biggest impetus for me was my time in the Boy Scouts. That is why for many years I had a shoe box fiull of string of various lengths and sizes. It’s not just about having rope but also how to use it. Sometimes a little five inch piece is just what the doctor ordered for the task at hand.

  3. Thank you Ken for this informative website with your articles and letting people voice their opinions and experiences. We are wiser for the reading all these years your website has been in existence.

    One has to be diverse in skills and have critical thinking, such as learn to do many things to enhance survival, question everything from the government, seek the truth, and prepare for catastrophes, increasing crime, and political chaos. Whether manmade or nature created, we live in a world where bad things happen, many all at once.

    Which led me to this isolated life in the northern boreal forest, a hoarder of everything and knowledge of survival. I have used nature to provide me with raw materials, food, and heating my home. I practiced what I preached by living it. I taught kids a way to use nature for their benefit which modern man has forgotten. Best way to learn is through experience, which is challenging but rewarding. It builds self confidence, but keeps you open for new ideas.

    However, most people today do not want to learn these skills and preparedness, so they will suffer the consequences of their ignorance if shtf, either locally or wide spread. There is a huge criminal element loose today so imagine what will happen when things get bad with an immoral, desperate population. We also must prepare for that as well with home defense and protection with cyber security. Modern Survival articles can help, and I am glad it is a venue into what we can do to be ready.

  4. While walking though a family members garden, we were discussing different plants. The knowledge passed down by parents, along from reading came flowing out like a waterfall. Family members looked at me as if I were a walking encyclopedia, and apparently I am.
    Here is what I tell family and friends. If you want to learn about something ask me, if I have the knowledge I will share it with you.
    Yet if you wait to long, one day I will no longer be here to answer those questions you needed answering.

  5. Thank you so much, Ken, for creating this site, sharing your wisdom and allowing others to do so, as well. Just a little over a year ago, I posted my first ever on-line comment, on MSB. Being a lurker for years, reading but never commenting out of concern for privacy/OPSEC, it was a tremendous gift to find this community and follow the inner nudge to join in.

    —More than anything, the sharing of experiences and encouragement is a critical tool in the survival box. It’s much easier to build the mindset, develop skills, and practice the discipline to live a survival oriented life with a community that supports such. A much needed blessing for these crazy times!

  6. Thanks for the article repost Ken . It helps to dust off the thought processes a bit to help us stay in the self reliant mindset with our actions and deeds. Each of us will have different sets of circumstances on our journey through life but most folks on the MSB site seem to understand and try to live the self reliant lifestyle.
    You mentioned personal debt and I believe that is a major factor with so many people. We have been conditioned through TV ,newspaper ads, movies and magazine ads to buy a lot of stuff that we really don’t need. Debt is also a control device. Getting out of debt is a critical point .
    Most people are resistant to change , even if it is to their benefit , most folks seem to be happy in their own little comfort rut.
    Sometimes it takes a very uncomfortable event to shake a person up enough to change habits.

  7. I have read through the whole site and found many things even from 2015 that are way more pertinent today. As a newbie at 70 yrs old I find a lot things I have to research further especially terms ref electronic items. Too bad I can’t find color coded solar panel hookups, but I am learning slowly. I just wish more people were interested but most just think I’m crazy for trying to be self sufficient. Keep up the good work I will be reading daily.

    1. klynnn,
      We also wish more folks, especially family members, showed an interest in self reliance. An interest at any level would be good for them and reassuring to us .The education never stops ,as long as we don’t.

    2. klynnn,
      Wow – the whole site… That’s nearly 2,000 articles – though many are short-n-sweet

      Thanks for visiting. And don’t be concerned about what other people think. Because that, is actually, their problem!

  8. Recognize your shortcomings, I have many. Beyond recognition, ya must work towards fixing them. Lots of smart folks on this site. Most are humble and willing to offer up their knowledge on various subjects. I’ve learned a lot of things from many people. Most importantly, I’ve tried to improve. I’ll never be “ready.” Looking back, I’m much better prepared than I was. Yes, some of it is things I’ve purchased. Most however, are the things I’ve learned and actually done.
    Using a keyboard has been a part of earning a living for many of us. With preparedness, I MUST get out of this chair and actually go out there and DO IT. I’ve found fun and fulfillment in preparedness. A sense of partial accomplishment.
    I’ll never be ready!

  9. Found MSB one day while searching for something. Read for awhile before posting and I ain’t shut up since. 😁 Have learned a lot and found a dowser too….AC.
    Thanks Ken and To DW for allowing the time!

  10. Ken,
    Just wanna say thank you for your site.
    Thank you for all your hassles and time spent to keep us safe, and being the referee, here on the blog(s).
    Modern Survival…
    Keeping us up to date on the ever changing challenges that we all may face.

    relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past.

  11. I been fallowing you since 2012, a daily must read. Keep up the good work !

    1. Thank you. I do recall your alias name from way back :)

      It would be interesting to discover how long today’s regulars have been around here…

      1. Ken,

        Pretty sure it was late 2015 for me. Had always been a preemptive prepper but never much of a internet surfer, until I was recovering from heart surgery. Gravitated to preparedness sites, ran across yours and was impressed with the overall soberness of the articles and the commenters (as compared to most sites)…..been here ever since. I hope you take pride in your creation, it’s a refuge from the idiocy that surrounds us.

      2. Not sure. 2014? 2016? Looks like my first article for MSB was in 2018, so some time prior to that. I also watched for a while before I decided to post.

      3. I was reading Organic Gardening and Farming from around 1970 when I was a kid. Fascinated by the self-sufficiency aspects most. Found one blog maybe 8 – 10 years ago. When it became too preachy looked for others and found MSB @ 2016. Read back through the whole index over a year or so. Happy to be here.

      4. – I was a lurker for a long time before I ever posted, so I’m not really sure when I started. I have learned a good bit from this site, even just from my time in the background. Only started posting when something came up I did know something about.

        – Papa S.

  12. I read the site on & off but did not post at that time. Believe it was after 2015 that I posted on the site, and been here every since. It is the level headiness of this group that kept me coming back to read the articles and responses from the group.
    Must admit I do miss certain parties that once posted but are now setting on the side lines, which is understandable.

  13. I have been reading and gleaning knowledge from your site soon after relocation from California in the winter of 2010. This is a fun site in that we all learn from each other. Lots of experience to be gathered here.

    I have been interested in “the lifestyle” since living off grid with limited trips into town decades ago. It was during those years I began to realize how difficult life can be and how much work it takes to stay warm, dry, clean and comfortable while living off grid.

    Many thanks to Ken for keeping this site going despite all the misbehaving trolls out there. I know you have been working hard to keep this going for us.

    1. Calirefugee,
      Thanks for all of your many comments throughout the years. That’s what I really like about this site…the input from all of the comments.

      You may be the earliest MSB ‘regular’ still on this site today :)

  14. This site is different because it is one of the only forums I have seen where we learn from each other.

    There is a lot of humility from most of us who have been there and tried that because we share our failures as well as successes.

    10 years on and this nation is a lot more contentious since the time Ken started this site way back when.

    Sometimes, failures can become funny stories years later after the sting of loss or injury sustained has gone away.

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