What Is Modern Survival?

Modern Survival. The name I chose for this site.

Yes, it’s about preparedness. However my angle is somewhat a focus on preparedness being a part of our modern lives. Survivalism as it may relate to our modern way of life.

I originally posted this at the outset of the blog’s beginnings during 2010. I believe it was my very first post on January 23, 2010.

11 years later I read it again. The thrust of it is still the same. I decided to tweak it a bit, and repost.

Mindset of Preparedness

A mindset of preparedness, self reliance, and personal freedom. A process that can (if you let it) liberate you from the shackles of the system holding you down. You might even integrate it into your own way-of-life.

Modern Survival. Preparedness in our modern world. It starts with an adjusted way of thinking. It’s a process that will open your eyes to what is really going on around you. It begins with the realization that you can choose to reclaim yourself from the system. The contribution that you make to yourself will be directly proportional to your liberation. Even to the extent of getting off the stereotypical treadmill all together – if that’s what you want.

You might say that Modern Survival is partly a thought process of critical thinking as it pertains to your existing way of life. And how it relates to modern day conveniences, dependencies, and the many built-in systemic risks to our very survival.

The Many Risks

There are many circumstances in life that may seem unlikely to affect you. A job loss, personal financial issues, a major health crisis, being a victim of crime, maybe caught up in civil unrest. Many more… Or, more extreme circumstances such as a systemic financial collapse. Wide spread shortages. Power grid interruptions or breakdown. Cyber-attacks. Pandemic. A regional or local disaster. Terrorism. A nuclear event. An EMP attack. Tyrannical government. Or any SHTF or TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) scenario.

The System Holding You Down

A key to surviving the uncertain times that we live in is to readjust our ‘programmed’ way of thinking. Break free from the chains holding us down. To become better prepared for what may come our way. To free ourselves from the system.

‘The System’. It’s an invisible cage that has been built around you. Most people are trapped and they don’t even know it. It is a designed mechanism of sorts, built upon the requirement that the masses continually feed it. Pay your taxes – spend your money – get in debt – obey – conform – and shut up.

Keep up with the Joneses. It has become the standard way of life for most people. This competition will put you in a place where the system wants you to be, in debt.

But I digress. There’s lots more to it (the system that’s holding you down). More later…

Open Your Eyes

Open your eyes. Recognize the propaganda. Seek truth and information. Use common sense. Critical thinking. Be reasonably skeptical.

Develop a preparedness mindset. Practical solutions to risks. A mindset of self reliance.

Come join me on a journey that will liberate you to the extent you let it…