Modern Survivalism is a way of life, a process that will liberate you from the shackles of the system that is holding you down.

Modern Survivalism is a new way of thinking, a completely liberating view of our lives, our time, and our values. It is a process that will open your eyes to what is really going on around you. It begins with the realization that you can choose to reclaim yourself from the system and the status quo. The contribution that you make to yourself will be directly proportional to your liberation, even to the point of getting off the stereotypical treadmill all together.

Survival, or Survivalism, is an instinct that is hard coded into our genome. Most people living in developed societies are not very aware of their own survival instinct because of all the products and services that are at the ready when a need arises. There is rarely a threat that arouses the survival instinct, although the veil of endless provisions is pretty thin.

Modern survivalism is a purposeful thought process that examines these modern day conveniences, dependencies, and assumptions, while considering the risks to the systems that provide them.

There are many circumstances in life that may seem like an unlikely occurrence; a job loss, personal financial issues, a major health crisis, becoming a victim of crime, being caught up in civil unrest,  or more extreme circumstances such as an economic meltdown or financial collapse, wide spread food shortages, a power grid loss, pandemic, a regional or local disaster, terrorism, a nuclear blast or EMP attack, or any SHTF or TEOTWAWKI scenario.

A key to surviving the uncertain times that we live in is to change our lives and our ‘programmed’ way of thinking, to prepare for what may come and to free us from the system.

‘The System’ is the process where many people are trapped in a repeating cycle of work-spend-work (repeat). It is an invisible mechanism that is built upon the requirement that the masses forever work for their employers, pay their taxes, and go out and spend their earned money, and keep spending it preferably to the extent of debt!

Endless advertisements to spend are continually imprinting on our minds to buy the new things that we can’t live without, the latest model (fill in the blank), the latest trends, the new ‘toys’ (kids and adults), on and on…

Yes, folks, “keeping up with the Joneses” has become the standard way of life for most people. You find yourself in competition with others whether you realize it or not, which often puts you in a place where the system wants you to be, in debt. Many people buy things that they don’t need, and pay for them with a credit card or loan while spending beyond their means.

This is all food for the system. The process of Modern Survivalism will shine the light on the folly of behaviors such as this that lead to further enslavement of the soul. Seeking truth and information, using common sensibility, developing preparedness, and enacting practical solutions will all help you on your journey to your own liberation.

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