What Will The Greater Depression Look Like?

I can’t help but contemplate what the upcoming Greater Depression is going to look like. How the lifestyle of so many people will change, and in what ways. And I wonder how I personally may be affected by it all. Directly and/or indirectly.

Of course it is speculation — that we will enter a Greater Depression era. However it seems there’s no way to avoid it this time. The Covid sealed the deal. The can has been kicked down the road so many times, but this time the can isn’t going to move. It’ll be more than just a stubbed toe. It’ll break a leg.

So going under the assumption that our new lifestyle may enter tough times, what’s it going to look like out there? Have you thought about it?

A few thoughts:


30+ Million workers have recently lost their jobs. That is a mind blowing number. Some will get their jobs back when “government” allows them back to work (it remains to be seen how this will unfold). However I suspect many will not have a job to return to, because many small businesses will be bust. We’ll see…

These people are now collecting unemployment money from the government. How many will become a new permanent dependent (lower) class? Too many. At what cost to the already insane national debt?

Rich Get Richer While Middle Class Shifts To Lower Class

I read a Forbes report today revealing that the richest billionaires have increased their wealth by some 300+ Billion dollars during this Covid crisis. All while the middle class, and many small to medium size businesses are being smashed.

“From the start of March to now, the group of billionaires’ total wealth has increased by $308 billion. Billionaires boast a combined net worth of $3.229 trillion and their collective wealth skyrocketed up 1,130% between 1990 and 2020.”

~ Forbes.com

An Over Extended Middle Class

There will be some blame on the middle class itself too. How many have over extended their finances? I suspect the majority have. People have been “livin’ large” for decades. How can that be? Well, it’s one word, “loan”. Loans (plural).

The middle class has been programmed to think in terms of monthly loans. They’re always in debt. Forever. But they might feel “rich” because their ride is a sweet 2020 SUV (or whatever). All while living in the “big house” – the one that they can barely afford the mortgage – but their friends are sure envious…

They can get away with all that so long as they’re steadily employed and are willing to live a life of fake wealth (they actually don’t own anything). But what happens when 30+ million of them lose their job? And then they need to pay those monthly loans, mortgages, rent…

Defaults and Bankruptcy

How many financial institutions are, or will be in trouble as we sink deeper into this new reality? How many people and businesses will file for bankruptcy when there’s nothing left to do?

The entire financial system is based on debt. Increasing debt. But when loans contract due to this new reality, well, so will the bottom line of these banks. There’s a ripple effect.

The country is essentially bankrupt. As government throws more and more billions and trillions at this problem, the value of its currency diminishes further. Which will make it all that much more difficult for the middle and lower classes to afford what they need.

WANTS Will Change to NEEDS

It will not take long at all for a very big attitude adjustment when finances are low to a sufficient extent.

Hard decisions and tough choices will be commonplace. Do I skip the car payment so I can make my rent or mortgage? Do I skip the rent this month so I can buy food? Things like that. Suddenly you will be able to get by with an older used car than a brand new one. Especially after the bank repos your new SUV.

Frugality will become necessary. There will be lots more of it. Fewer purchases in general. This will contribute to the already shrinking economy.

Downsizing. Personal downsizing and businesses downsizing while adjusting to a new normal.


When the new reality sets in, people will get angrier. Why? Because it will not be like it was before. For one thing, people don’t like change, or being forced to adapt. It’s happened already… lock-downs – stay at home – closures – massive job loss.

Humans aren’t designed to be cooped up. Locked down. It’s “gotta give”. Or it”s “gonna blow”.

As the depression era unfolds, people are not going to be happy about it. Those living in closest proximity to one another (city regions) will be especially stressed (because people aren’t wired to live this way). Nearly the same in modern suburbia with houses stacked up one after the other.

Really… So what’s it going to look like out there?

That’s going to depend on where you live. Because the lifestyles tend to be quite different in different places.

Unless some miracle happens very soon, I believe we’re headed towards some semblance of a Greater Depression. It will be different from the last one.

Most everyone lives a “modern” lifestyle now. One which relies upon many other complex and far-reaching systems in order to survive. Whereas back during the Great Depression, systems were fewer and largely local (or regional).

Shortages due to broken supply chains will result in a increasing necessity for “local”. Somehow. And in some ways yet to be seen. But there will be a movement towards local / regional rather than blindly relying upon larger complex (even global) systems.

Life in general will be much more difficult. Especially since most live in population dense regions where there are little or no local or regional systems to provide essential necessities (such as food) – or enough of it. Some may try to move away from it. Maybe rural real estate will become more valuable. Who knows…

What else could happen?

  • increase in crime, especially city regions
  • more poverty, probably lots more
  • shortages of many things
  • fewer food choices
  • increasing animosity towards “the rich”
  • a larger government dependent class
  • potential shift to the left, or further
  • trouble for businesses based on yesterdays lifestyle
  • more barter
  • civil unrest

What remains a big unknown is the Covid-19 virus, and how it unfolds into the future. This will affect our outcome. Additionally, it’s not only the virus itself, but to a greater extent it is the public’s perception of this virus. And subsequently their willingness to submit to measures put upon them and their lives. Time will tell. But by then, it may be too late.

What do you think the Greater Depression will look like?

I don’t think it’s going to look like the article’s featured image above of a farmer couple during the last Great Depression – at least for most people…

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  1. ” What will the next Depression look like?” If Creepy Joe wins, Venezuela!

    1. If Creepy Joe wins they’ll immediately declare him incompetent and his VP will take over. Look to the VP they choose.

      1. No chance. Look at the rules regarding VP succession; IE the 25th amendment. If the P dies and the VP holds office more than 50% of the original P’s term….the VP/P can only hold office for that term and not run for another term. It would seem more likely they hold a contested convention and decry creepy Joe unstable and replace him with….Hillary, Cuomo, Etc. Just saying.

        1. Hammer, No the VP can run for 2 more additional terms unless he has already served more than 2 years of the term when the President died. In other words, he can serve up to 10 years, but not 10 or more years. Remember, Johnson served a little less than half of Kennedy’s term. Then he was elected again. He would have run again, but the Vietnam war was so unpopular that he was likely to lose. So he decided not to.

        2. I hope I’m not missing the original point DaisyK, but I thought the original point was if Joe was pushed to the side immediately upon inauguration? If he is pushed to the side and is no longer president, the VP wouldn’t be eligible….unless I totally misread the things…..here and in the constititution.

        3. Morning DaisyK,

          I’m gonna do my best mia culpa and George W about “mis-remembering” the 22nd amendment. I took your advice and reread the constitution. However, I think you’re missing the intention of the OP related to Joe being kicked to the curb immediately upon election….that would fall within the “more than two years of a term remaining” under the 22nd amendment. That would mean the VP would have four years remaining not eight.

          My bad on spouting off without solid understanding.

          I’d encourage you to reread the OP. Regardless,


      2. I agree with you Lauren, and I don’t know how many ” discussions ” I’ve had where ‘ve been told that I’m full of that brown fecal matter and didn’t know what I was saying. Yes, when you vote for president, you will in all reality be voting for the V.P.

    2. All,

      So as a former military officer and a granite-state resident I gotta say the fall is baked into the cake. By that I mean it doesn’t matter who wins the presidential election. The fall will happen regardless.

      We can prep short, mid or long-term but the reality remains the same. The only unknown is time.

      What we can do is disregard the status quo and bend the time dynamic to fit our need. Stop waiting for the fall. Start making the fall work for you.

      The fall is baked in. Those who look at current events as current are orders of magnitude beyond those who prepped for the past, knew the present would happen and hoped the future would never materialize.

      Put simply: stop dealing with today. Start dealing with tomorrow. If you only deal with today….well, you’re relegated to yesterday.

      1. Hammer,

        Agreed! 100%. The only question is, mid to long term what are the best moves?

        1. Morning Deep South,

          Hope all is well with you in the deep south? Did quite a few years down Alabama-way and gotta say if it wasn’t so darned hot, we’d still live there. Simply the best people I’ve ever met and some of the best food as well!

          Sorry, I digress from your original question. The simple answer is more of what you’ve already done, but with more surety that the wheels on the bus won’t be goin’ round much longer….like I said, time is the real factor. The long answer is far more difficult…..at least for preppers who have been inwardly-focused for so long; and maligned for stowing gear. Let’s use the analogy of the horse with blinders….the horse moves in a straight line because it doesn’t see, nor worry about anything outside of forward movement. We as preppers have also, to a certain extent, had blinders on in-as-much as we’ve focused squaring-away our logistics. Once you take the blinders off a horse, it tends to stay locked in place because of an over-abundance of stimuli it hadn’t known existed.

          We, as the prepared class, need to do a paradigm-shift and expect the taking off the blinders and the inevitable crash of information and stimuli that comes with that. We also need to assume, if we were really good at our logistical planning, that we’re ready….as ready as we can be.

          Now, we move external to our comfort zone. We start networking with people in our neighborhood; if we haven’t done so already. However, it isn’t just networking to ensure others have what they need or our help if needed, but also to ensure a community of resistance. We need to start the difficult and time-consuming conversations/meetings related to taking their blinders off.

          None of us will get through this alone or in small familial units; we need community support to a greater or lesser degree.

          Let’s face it, the thin veneer of civilization doesn’t take much to tatter….look at hurricane response as an example….so we need to start paradigm-shifting as many as we can now.

          The military has any number of analagous sayings: “early is on-time, on-time is late but yesterday wins the war” “Two is one and one is none…..and anyone who believes in less than three is a f%$king idiot!.” “Plan your work and work your plan……and assume everyone else can neither plan, nor work!”

          In my humble opinion it comes to this: plan and think ahead, work for today likes it’s the last day you’ll ever see and because of this you’ll always know you did your best yesterday….and you’ll relegate yesterday to just that.

          Smoke, prayers and following winds all.

      2. I think most of us here on MSB don’t fall into the today category. The reason why we prep and try to become more independent is because of what “might” happen tomorrow. We painfully scrimp and save today so that when hard times hit (COVD-19), we are better able to make it through the rough patch. I believe there is much truth in what you say but a lot does not register here because we are and have been looking to tomorrow for a long time.

  2. It all depends on who wins the election in November. Pelosi wants universal basic income, free health care, open borders, vote fraud by mail, let the felons out of prison and put gun owners in… We will have crime, poverty, martial law, hunger, inflation, race riots, censorship, even more than now. If Republicans win, there will be more race baiting, investigations, blaming Republicans for everything that happens….

    1. Hammer
      So with all due respect,
      A question.
      What should “we” have done different to stop it?
      Last time i checked most o us got zero influence over anything

      1. Kulafarmer,

        I think you are wrong in that we are all “one man/one vote.” What we’ve all done….myself included….is turned a blind eye to everything and just assumed either it would work itself out or “there isn’t anything I can do as I’m just one man.” We failed to understand it is in the “one man” that we are given the ability to win.

        How did we fail? We didn’t stand. We didn’t decide to be “one man.”

        Now you and I start to realize we failed at “one man.” Question is, how to we make that wrong right??

    2. I feel every word of this. I have teens and I see how the schools have not taught them enough of the right stuff, but have taught them plenty of indoctrination bs. And I feel to blame because WE allowed this to happen.

  3. We are living in a multi-pronged, chaotic, and undefined, lifestyle. That’s what happens when a Nation is at war. Most people are clueless about being at war because they’re not versed in politics, much less in foreign policy. But now these same people are caught up in the COVID fears, the ensuing lockdown orders, unemployment, closed businesses (no shopping and no eating out), forced homeschooling, food shortages, all while trying to cope. To them, it’s the Virus. That’s all that the masses really know because the majority of them are spoon-fed the media-narratives.

    For those of us who think outside the box and understand that we are at war, this crazy multi-pronged upheaval comes as no surprise. The US-China problems had been escalating, then China unleashed a bioweapon into the world at the same time the global economic collapse was about to take place. The masses are clueless about the full ramifications of what the manmade Coronavirus is.

    With the many different problems going on simultaneously, we know there is no going back. We have personally chosen to acknowledge the current problems, and then accept these changes so that we can adapt to the new lifestyle that we are facing. In order to survive the next 10-20 years, we have to adapt. We don’t like it, but we are forced to deal with the fast-paced changes that have taken place.

    So we personally decided to alter our 2020 plans and we are in the process of going back to full homesteading because of the war-times we are now living in. It has taken quite a bit of doing, but we are back to ‘grow your own’. We have dozens of meat chickens arriving next week so that we can grow-out our own poultry. And our new layers will arrive in about a month — we bought more than we wanted because we will sell some to neighbors.

    War-times create all types of shortages. We have had to search for day-old heavy breed layers. Either hatcheries have cut waaay back and aren’t producing or raising chickens has become America’s new favorite past-time, along with novice-gardening. lol (It doesn’t really matter WHAT the reason is, it is the resulting effect that affects us and how we will work around the shortcomings.)

    Once we finally tracked down some layers, we wanted to get the full supply of feed, for fear of shortages. Well, we quickly learned that Chick Starter feed is unavailable in our region. We have quite a few chain stores and even 2 small mills in our region, but no Starter feed could be found (or ordered). We finally located a business that was 45 miles away and drove there one day to buy nearly a half ton (bagged). More shortages!

    So that’s a couple of examples of how we are personally affected by an intertwining supply/delivery system that is breaking down. Shopping trips are VERY infrequent. We don’t need to go out just to see if the stores have restocked everything. We check inventory with a store before we leave — wartime conditions make it dangerous out there! Shortages are typical of wartime conditions. We believe these shortages will become worse, not better. Better to call ahead, or check online, before venturing out.

    1. China did not ‘release’ it. It was released on them after it surfaced in the US last fall. The virus peaked out in Feb. 2020 in the US. What has transpired since is a .gov-corp. media TV production to cover mass asset theft and expansion of police state power.

      1. Sure, “Snowdog”. Provide some worthwhile sources, then we’ll discuss.

  4. My mom was teenager during the great depression of the 30’s. From the stories that I heard, I believe we were a kinder, more caring and much more rescourceful people at that time.
    My impression of todays population is a “me first” mindset. We are a nation of people today that are augured in debt beyond understanding. People that take responsibility for themselves and their own actions are a small part of the population.We seem to be a people ,for the most part, that are dependent on the .gov for our survival.
    If we are heading into a great depression at this time and it looks like we are, it will probably be very much like Venezuela, no matter who is president.

    1. Bluesman, you are right, we were a kinder more resourceful people then. Unfortunately no longer the case. Most people today never learned to do for themselves and a result of all this some will resort to doing what they do best, take from others.With force when necessary, this is what scares me most as I am old and won’t be here forever to protect my wife from an intruder or someone attacking her in public.And Ken as always I feel your list of could happens is fairly accurate.We are entering a whole new world with unforseen challenges and we will have to adapt or succumb to whatever were dealt.Like they say we will have to think outside the box to survive.It infuriates me to think we will have to do all this because of others bad decisions and China’s actions. So much for My Golden Years, ha! Take care all.

    2. I don’t think it is just .gov that most people rely on but more so .bank. Think about it, the average family has a mortgage, two car loans/leases, credit card debt, etc…. All made possible by .bank. Of course the system is intertwined together. People fail at paying, then .bank loses money. Then .gov bails out .bank. Then after a while .bank starts giving out money again thinking big brother .gov will be there to help them the next time. And guess what happened? .bank was right..gov is giving them trillions now not just billions as happened before. Sure, the bailout money is allocated to airlines, etc.., but that money is still going to .bank so the enterprises don’t have their credit ratings lowered by continuing to make debt payments. .gov is a big part of the problem but .bank is right up there as well. Examples: why do we have to put only a few percent down to get a mortgage? In many countries, you have to put down a large percentage in order to get a mortgage. The result in the US, a large number of people buying a huge house that is beyond their ability to repay long term. Then when they need more money after a while, they take out a second mortgage so they can continue their bloated lifestyles, pay for kids college, remodel the house, or consolidate so higher interest debt (credit cards, appliance rentals, etc… which will be racked back up again in short order). So, .gov and .bank are by far not our friends but the average Joe and Jane are responsible for these problems as well.

  5. The anger part scares me
    Just wait till the first heat wave this year and if everybody is still couped up and/or unemployed
    It only takes that first spark and to many people feel they are owed something. And with the divide between the haves and the have nots getting so much larger. LOOK OUT

  6. The $600.00 checks the Govt. is sending out equals $15.00 per hour.
    Does that strike anyone else as a little odd?
    So, the folks receiving $600.00 per week may not wish to return to a job paying less.
    So, then the illegals (still coming) will take those lower paying jobs and they will no longer be available at all, and the illegals will, of course, vote.
    I do not think this is by accident.
    Skank Nancy wants universal income for everyone too.

    This will get ugly before long, IMO.

    1. Tango, perhaps many will not return to their jobs while 5hey can collect more sitting at home -like the people who were only earning minimum wage. However, this also affected many higher wage earners who lost their jobs…like my sister. The unemployment does not cover her/ their wages and she pays $1200 monthly for health care.

    2. Tango,
      Billionaires made billions off of middle class and poor Americans during this time. Do you have any retirement or exposure to the market at all? You lost money and yet you complain about a small amount of people making a little more money than they would typically. The disconnect here is just unbelievable. Maybe it’s time we stop getting mad at people trying to get by and start getting mad at the people stealing billions right in front of us.

  7. My own parent experience in the 1930’s show there will likely be “two worlds”. My mothers family did OK during the depression, as my grandfather had a “new tech job” driving gasoline tankers and kept it throughout the depression, till he retired after 40 years with the company. My mother said they were pretty well off, but the family had 8 kids and of course grandma did not work outside the home. But they did have other “family” stay with them at .times due to that persons circumstances.

    My father on the other hand, lost his dad at age 3 from the effects of poison gas during WWI. At the age of 10 he, my grandmother and the other 3 kids, had to move from southern Indiana to south Chicago for her to find work. It was very hard going, with little to eat, he talked about their “treat” being “sweet coffee bread” a piece of stale bread, with sugar and coffee over top, which was usually one of their two, when lucky, meals a day. At the age of 14 and being the oldest child, my dad “hit the rails” with millions of other men to find jobs around the country and send home what money he could. Then the war hit and he enlisted shortly after Pearl Harbor at age 16, as did many back then, most had no birth certificates and recruiters really didn’t want to know! He went ashore 1 week after D-Day in France as a infantry rifleman (BAR) and fought through until he was wounded in the Rhineland campaign in Germany itself. He was and is my hero!

    So, those with jobs will likely do well….. those without…… not so much…. the difference. Now you can earn more without having a job than having one!!!

    Does not bode well for our country!!

  8. The lack of food will cause theft from grocery stores to become commonplace. When their supplies run low, burglaries from homes looking for food will occur. Justified shootings of intruders will increase greatly. Police resources will be overwhelmed by the increase and the staffing reductions caused by those who stay home to take care of and protect their families. Remember, nationwide, criminals by the thousands have been released from the jails due to “virus concerns”. They will “re-offend”.

    Depending on the relationships with neighbors and communities, resentment and confrontations between the “haves” and “have not’s” will increase.

    And that just because of the food chain supply breaking… Throw in a war conflict, grid down, currency/economic collapse, and things will be magnified greatly. Be careful and stay safe.

    1. That’s about the size of it! Silver Lodge, I think it could happen just like you say. On the other hand things could return to normal. If it does go south in the extreme my wife and I will likely perish in the process. I will adept to the future as it unfolds.

    2. I agree 100 percent. We are lucky to have good neighbors, one retired infantry non-com. We raise small animals for meat and they garden…both of which have been ratcheted up. We are well equipped to assume a defensive posture and have thought it out and have plans in place. The so called “Golden Horde” will have a harsh reality to face, up to and including meeting Golden Sabre…we will not be victims.

    3. Silver Lodge, 100-150 years ago the stupid people ether killed themselves while doing something stupid or, got themselves killed (by somebody else) for doing something stupid. Ever since the 60’s “we” have been saving these people from themselves. I guess history is about to repeat itself… maybe???

  9. I will tell you where all this is headed..

    I even put it to music to the ‘DO-RE-MI’ song from ‘The Sound of Music’.

    I just changed the lyrics a bit 😋

    AHEM, (in my best Julie Andrews voice), here it goes…….

    “OH sh*it, my dear, toss me another beer!

    HEY? BANG!! goes the FEDs gun!

    TEE-PEE a name, not on the shelf!

    COVID, has a long long way to run!

    SO, more rice and beans I dread!

    HA! Preppers told you so!

    ME? Canned goods under my bed!

    And that brings us back to Oh-oh-ohhh!”

    1. OMG Fire for Effect
      Had to pull the moho off the freeway I was laughing so dang hard! Very clever!!
      I loved your best Julie Andrews voice. Very well done !!

  10. What Will The Greater Depression Look Like?

    Ever watch Mad Max?

    1. Yes, how about The Grapes of Wrath. Then there is the Walton’s who where never hungry.

      1. Great book. Very timely recommendation as well.

        Another good one along the same theme is;

        “Locusts on the Horizon” by the Plan B Writer’s Alliance

        The ebook can sometimes be had on Kindle for free or stupid cheap.

        Well worth a spot in the prepper library.

  11. OK doomers their is some hope in this realignment.

    Or neighbors are already starting to come together with Friday evening Happy hours out on the street keeping a reasonable distance.
    We are talking and organizing and we will be pooling our individual talents when needed.

    Tech, Nurses, Ag, Infantry, construction will all be usable skills. Tech will still be necessary in GD2.0 (Great Depression 2.0) Sticking to your homestead may not be enough to get through this. This is now a long term endurance race… Wuhnan China FLU is just one of many obstacles ahead.

    Now I am not saying to give away your supplies or labor just the exact opposite… Their will be a crap load of bartering going on. It has started in my neck of the woods already. This is a positive outcome of all of this and will make our country stronger. Spending less being frugal, reusing, gardening are all positive.

    We are at WAR with China. The Party will be starting shortly. I think those _______ers are gonna wait to see what happens in the US concerning a civil war conflagration between the states. Then the chineese will pounce. We will see… Hope that does not happen because you will be losing me as a poster. I will be very busy at that point.

    1. White Cracker:
      I think you may be on to something with the ” WAR with China ” thing. They may be waiting to see how much this flu will weaken our country and military. Our navy is already affected greatly, to where it may affect their ability to defend us. There has not been much word about the rest of our military branches, at least not that I’ve heard. The Chinese may possibly be waiting for internal strife to start and further weaken us, and possibly civil war to start. And if our economy crashes, things could be even worse. Then, when we least expect it, WHAM! O.K., just let me know when I’m getting carried away here.

      1. P.S. Think the Chinese can’t or couldn’t invade this country? Think again. They could lose 50 million in an invasion, and they would celebrate, because it would make more room for the rest of them.

        1. BigBadCat — have often heard it discussed somewhat similar. They have so many humans, it is a tiny per cent (loss if death). In fact, no idea if true, but for yrs have heard the comment, “just line them up (as many heel to toe as a mile or two wide) along their coast and jump…Create a tsunami …”

        2. Jane Foxe, Go take a look at Korean war photos, taken after the Chinese assaulted our lines then, withdrew. Piles of bodies, and the machine guns (50 cal.) we used to defend our lines all had melted barrels because the Chinese came on so fast that the gunners could not change barrels.
          We have a population around 330 million people here in the US (men, women, children) “they” have 10 % of their population just in their Army (somebody correct me if I am wrong, please). If the CCP tells their people that there is plenty of FOOD over here and we are holding on to it, you can bet those # WILL increase.

        3. How would the Communist Chinese get here? What would they do with a virus infected land with a broken economy? And, why?

        4. Because we have more resources than any other country. Physical resources, not degraded currency. The CCP (and the Emperors before them) have made no secret of the fact that they believe the whole world belongs to them and we’re wrongfully holding them back from taking what’s theirs.

          As for how, I can see a number of different scenarios right at this moment. 50 million on the west coast within 48 hours.

  12. At this point who knows!
    I do know that there are a ton of people who are oblivious to our very real predicament. Things are not going to get easier, nor necessarily better for many. They will definitely be different.
    My gut, tells me that we are headed for a world of hurt. Too many possibilities to get into specifics as it is all speculative. I feel that going back to basics is the best bet at the moment. Organizing, contemplating, planning a way forward with what i do have and what i can do or control.
    Food is the number one priority, not as in needing more stored, but in getting the gardens dialed in and the livestock upgraded to the full production mode.
    It will be most interesting to witness the progression or regression of the current situation.
    Hang in there folks, Ive a feeling we are in for a bumpy ride.

    1. Kulafarmer,

      Well said. I am seeing some of the oblivious people waking up. It’s not pretty. Since they’re late to the party, they’re panicking. I’ve spent a good part of this day talking or e-mailing folks down, calmly walking them through what they need, trying to provide some encouragement and a gentle ‘get going’. A lot of people in my area are at least close enough to the producer side of things they might have a decent shot at gardening, if they get on it. We have a thriving Amish community here, and they usually produce more than they need, so that will help. I really don’t even want to think what it’s like, and going to be like, in the large cities. Where will they grow stuff? Totally unsustainable, in the way that word really means. Yup, bumpy ride.

  13. I think many of you are so blessed to have experienced the life lessons of your parents and grandparents. They imparted great wisdom into your lives that you now impart to others when you share your stories and experience. My parents and grandparents passed when I was still young so I read excellent websites like this one to teach me the ways of the force – the frugal and the prepared 😊

  14. And suddenly……. just like that………nobody’s talking about laying back and eating popcorn while enjoying the show…..

    Kidding aside, we’ve run out of road to kick the can down. Really ain’t a heck of lot we can do now. A good portion of the population will dutifully await instructions from on high, lining up for whatever the government decides is their allotment. Some, maybe a lot of them, will prey on the weaker among the population.

    Cities that have purposely become magnets for illegal immigrants, homeless drug addicts and alcoholics, will become completely unlivable for “decent folks”.

    Thomas Paine once said—“THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

    On our department, a rookie officer was never fully trusted until they had been tested under untenable circumstance. You didn’t have to win, or come out on top. You were judged by whether you stood your ground and did your best. Could you be depended on to be there when it started, and not run before it was over, making an account of yourself through it all.

    Many have gone through their lives, never truly tested. I suspect we all are about to find out what we are truly made of. Chest beating in peace translates to zilch when momma can’t help you.

    Reflect on who you truly are. Make a pledge to yourself that you won’t go down without giving a good account of yourself. Your loved ones deserve your best.

    Pretty sure the folks here at MSB will do just fine.

    1. Those same “decent folks” will be called racist for fleeing, and the following degradation will be laid on their shoulders.

    2. Dennis

      I have no doubt of my resolve. Already been tested under fire. I will not take a step backwards, I’ll Stand my Ground.

      Mat God bless us and protect us.

    3. Dennis,
      Thats because im eating venison jerky and drinking nice cool pure water from my Berkey, enjoying the view!

      1. Kulafarmer,

        Like I pointed out, was kidding about the eating popcorn and enjoying the show. Whatever’s coming, we can’t stop it now. No need to panic. Is a need to get our heads on straight.

        Mowed pasture for half the day yesterday. Played on the steel range the other half. Both were therapeutic. Was a beautiful day. Weather perfect. Blessed.

        1. Kulafarmer,

          Failed to mention that just as I was leaving my pistol range, a C130 buzzed me about 100 feet directly over my head.

          Our region is popular with the Air Force C130’s for ground hugging practice, following the contours at low altitude. Normally there are 3 at a time playing follow the leader. This one was all by itself and much lower than usual. Tree tops swaying from the turbulence. Could smell the exhaust, but seemed the noise of the turbo props was much lower than normal. Didn’t hear it coming until it was almost on me, even with my amplified electronic ear muffs.

          Good thing I’m not paranoid…………….

        2. Good thing you don’t have an itchy trigger finger. Probably also a good those muffs were on.

        3. I know Dennis,
          Honestly though, as you basicly said we are little more than spectators to all of this.
          I am trying to just focus on the stuff i CAN do something about.
          Yesterday it was starting to clean the leather shop and finishing a pair of boots, today it might be hooking the chipper to the tractor for some late season pruning, or maybe working on the frames for a couch set im building,
          The weather has been exceptionally beautiful,
          Im going to enjoy that and not stress over stuff i cant change.
          We all have a choice

    4. And suddenly……. just like that………nobody’s talking about laying back and eating popcorn while enjoying the show…..

      Great observation Dennis

    5. Dennis – it is amazing to watch. Most of those who I figured would stand their ground did. But there were some I was surprised to see retreat. We definitely need to watch those first few moments….

  15. I think the coming depression will look very much like the last one, but the move of people from the county into the cities will be reversed. More folks will me moving out of the cities. they will do it for both food and physical security, and more freedom. If you live in the rural areas, get ready for an influx of people just wanting to “get away from the city”. there will be good and bad. Many will come and want to learn to live a simple rural lifestyle. Others will come to look for ‘easy-pickings’, those are the ones we need to watch out for. I think we will see an uptick of rural crime, so I guess we need to be preparing for that. Truthfully, violence scares me, but I will do what I have to do to protect myself and mine.

    1. minerjim,

      I think you are right when you say to expect a flow of people into the rural areas.Our concern right now is local crime. We may see an uptick in burglaries, low level thievery like pilfering gardens, tools left outside and firewood disappearing. We are putting up a 5 foot perimeter fence now ,welded wire-barbed wire combo. We also think that storing old rusty barbed wire scraps in brushy spots is a good idea . Spicey times may be upon us whether we like it or not.

    2. minerjim, it has already happened. Those who had 2nd homes/bug out houses in the rural tourist areas (read Tahoe, Sun Valley, Telluride), have migrated into those small towns that do not have the resources to support them. My first responder friends in those areas are overwhelmed, and Sun Valley and Truckee have become hot spots of COVID (Mainstream Media telling you that??). So those who have migrated to the small towns have inundated them with their problems. It is a picture of what is to come in the small, rural towns. Not only their medical resources, but their food and shopping resources have been affected….and those who work those resources have become infected and badly impacted.

      1. Pegasus,
        I believe it. I see what is going on in Telluride, Aspen. Sad. Fortunately, I am in one of the poorest counties in the state, no one comes here, yet. Too hard scrabble for most. But as the depression gets worse, they’ll come. Hopefully we will be able to shoo them on without violence. Staying grey, flying under the radar. Be safe.

  16. Hi All,

    I haven’t posted in a long while but I do look in from time to time.
    I feel we are in for some tough times. My mom always had extra food and materials on hand while I was growing up. She was born in the 30’s and experienced those hard times. She also taught me, you can live in your money, drive your money or you can spread it around.. (Thank you Momma)
    We know of so many that have lost their jobs. Good paying jobs. Yesterday my husband was laid off from his job of almost 16 years. I feel it will be a while before the industry recovers. I also have a feeling it will never be the same. These losses will be felt through the communities. It rolls down hill. Our future plans hit a mountain yesterday and emotionally it hurt. Right now we are taking a BIG deep breath and reassessing everything. Then its time to redirect and get to work on plan B. Personally we will be ok, but today, today it hurts.

    1. Hi Juls,

      I don’t know you, and I’m kind of new here, but just wanted to say how sorry I am for your husband’s job loss. It sounds like you are both strong people, and are thinking clearly about what to do next. I wish you well with plan B. Hang in there.

    2. Juls:
      Crunchy Old Fart here.
      Honestly I totally understand what you and DH are facing.
      Millions of people are now in the same space you are…
      Tomorrow and tomorrow’s tomorrow is going to hit us all like a ton of bricks.
      Personally I dont have the answer I wish I did.
      I truly hope the best for you and the Country.
      Take time to just relax, sit down and analyze where you are in life and where you are going to do.
      DO MOT PANIC, Panic leads to bad decisions. Take a day or 3 to truly think about your next move/decisions.
      There are millions of options there.
      But as I 6, take a deep breath and make a plan.

    3. Juls,
      A lot of us have hit a mountain, so don’t feel as though you are alone… Indeed, Plan B. Adapt and overcome. We can do it!

    4. Juls:

      Your “new normal” starts today, right? You came to a good place to share your burden & you sound measured & resolute. You and your husband have each other, mature life skills & time to reassess & move forward, not backwards.

      I personally hope you will continue to share your journey here w/ us. It is both cathartic and inspiring to be in the presence of like-minded individuals. I pray you will be a good
      helpmate to your husband, for peace in your household and that you will both recognize the best way forward.

  17. Thank you all,
    In the span of 4 homes around us 2 of those have been laid off as well. My heart hurts for them too. We have worked hard and learned some lessons along the way. I am so thankful we did. It helped prepare us for today. Many are/were not prepared. Will they now learn and prepare or will they still expect someone else to take care of them and fix it? I am speaking from my emotions today because they are so raw, sorry about that. Tomorrow will be a better day. I see some fishing time in the near future to decompress. But plan B will not be far behind. I truly appreciate this site and all that yall share. The different perspectives and ideals and knowledge.
    Thank you again

    1. Some will learn but most will still expect someone else to take care of them and our government is supporting that by doing what the are doing with giving out FREE money which is really money we will have to pay for one way or another down the road ( assuming the economy doesn’t fold) if the majority were going to learn they would have after 2008.

      I am sorry to hear about your situation and hope you have some money and preps put aside to help you get through the rough patch coming to you. Most of the people I know don’t and now want to blame whoever they can for not having saved anything against just this type of situation. My wife was never really on board with my prepping but never tried to stand in the way of it either and now ( to a point ) see’s why I did what I did. She still doesn’t see the whole picture as due to my systems her life hasn’t really changed much except for staying home more and wearing a mask and gloves when she does leave the house

      1. Poorman,

        Yes we are ok for a while. Thank goodness. I am the prepper in the family :-) I passed it on to my kids as well.

    2. Juls, it helps to talk to people. I don’t think this is any doing of you or your husband. Make sure he understands that. It is a hard blow to be released from a job. He needs your support now more that ever. As long as you trust and believe in the Lord you and your husband will get through this. I’ll be praying for you!

    3. Juls,
      I am late to the post. I can only state what others have.. It sounds like you have a plan B, at least tenatively. and a way to decompress(fishing). Do not jump in with drastic action immediately ..take time to think re:each action and reaction. Take control of what you can.. You are not alone. Hang in there.. and continue to support your DH. Grow your skills, and continue to stretch the things you already have. Best of Blessings to you and your family.. We will continue to pray for your situation.

  18. The jackazz government needs to start a program like the CCCs back during the depression,

    Only problem is people want hand outs and will scoff at rolling up their sleeves. What the hell happened to our country,,,,,

    1. Kulafarmer:
      Wow. This is the first time I’ve heard about anyone talk about the CCC camps in ages. My dad use to tell me about them. Back then you could go there, work hard, get dirty, and earn an honest buck. At least it was something to keep you going until things got better. Now days…..,well, don’t insult someone by asking them to work hard and get dirty. Your right, people think they’re owed a handout. It’s a sad world we live in today. Maybe a depression might be a good thing right now. People might learn some values, how to really work again. (There are still many who work hard, but can’t seem to get ahead, and are getting crushed by this.) How to help their fellow man to get along, how to get along with less. How to live without a smart phone and all the other luxuries that have made todays people lazy. Hopefully, all this will help things to turn out to the better for the good of the people in this country. Let us pray for a return to sensible and normal times, and hope things don’t go asunder. I’m sure this stimulus check they sent out will help a lot of people, but we can’t rely on that forever. This is indeed interesting times.

    2. Kulafarmer,
      They get hungry enough, they will work. But until the ebt cards run out, they will just cry for their mamas and uncle Sam to give them money. You’ll see who the real men and women are, they will be the ones that step up to work and shoulder the load and not complain. They will be the survivors.

  19. People must get over their outdated notions about money.

    Money is entirely fictional and is not tied to any tangible, controlling, value, whatsoever. Money is not backed by any wealth, and no longer represents unconsumed production, or any production of wealth at all.

    The ONLY thing backing the money in your wallet, or the money in your accounts, is YOUR FAITH in its ability to acquire wealth. Money is not wealth. Money is what is used to obtain wealth, just as long as the seller of the wealth you seek has the same FAITH in it as you do.

    The government does not need your money for anything, as the government knows with certainty, any “money” spent within its domain is not real, and is only limited to others by themselves…not to them. The government only TAXES you to make you think your money has VALUE, and to control your actions. After all, if money is an intangible fantasy, why would the government try so hard to take it?

    When the government increases your taxes, pointing at the debt they created as the reason, why doesn’t this debt decrease as a result? If the government needs your tax dollars to operate, as if limited in their capability to function to tax revenue, how can they magically create trillions of dollars on a whim…to do as they wish to do…regardless of any amount of tax revenue?

    The fact is your taxes have nothing to do with what government wishes to spend, as any amount it wishes to spend within its own borders is meaningless…as no wealth is being lost…and every financial event, at every level…involves their reinforcement of the faith in money and a taxable event….and an opportunity to control those financial events and the behavior of the population.

    Real money only exists between governments, not between their subjects. Real money is the actual wealth exchanged between governments, tangible commodities, such as bulk wheat and other foods, industrial/manufactured products, and minerals.

    This is why governments can spend huge amounts of “money” on their military forces, or their space programs, or their “infrastructures,” just as long as the materials required to do so COME from inside their own nations…where they are not forced to actually give up wealth to do so…or to greatly reduce this amount.

    So, when the government “resets” the money, they shall be very careful to do so, while preserving the FAITH, giving the “new” fantasy money value in the minds of the subjects, and negotiating the new standards of wealth transactions between nations.

    Our government could care less about any debt, no matter how large, it owes to itself…or owed to another Nation, which is not a threat.

    So, stop thinking the debt needs to be paid, or that it shall EVER be paid…or that it CAN BE repaid.

  20. This may be sexist, or stereotypical, but I believe our nation lacks the men that will be needed to pull us through what lies ahead.

    During the last depression we had real men. The ones that could shoulder the load, roll up their shirt sleeves and do what needed to be done. They could tinker with machinery to ease some more life out it, help a neighbor raise a barn or bring in their harvest, deliver a calf and get it to the table when the time came, then say grace over the bounty as they carved the servings from their spot at the head of the table.

    Our society today has given us terms like Toxic Masculinity and Metrosexual, as well as drugs like Ritalin to curb that energy that used to course through the veins of every red-blooded little boy I was blessed to grow up with in the 60’s. Now the boys play video games rather than stalk game with their 22 rifle. They don’t dig for worms or splash in the creek for minnows to put on the end of their cane pole, they go to soccer practice. They grow into males that sit in cubicles staring at computer screens and get mani/pedi’s, hit the gym, then stop off for a latte. Being male doesn’t make you a man. Yet it will be men – real men – that we will need.

    During the last depression the role you played was dictated to a large degree by your gender. Yet which side gets relegated the man-bun male and the tattooed wanna-be’s that think they look tough, but will fold very quickly when the SHTF for real? Your grandmother wouldn’t want them underfoot in the house, yet your grandfather would have chased them out of the barn for being worthless to him too. You’ll need all the labor you can get to just get by from day to day. So someone’s going to have to fit training a new generation of men into their already hectic schedule. Otherwise, we will have a true deficit that they never had to contend with the last time around when real men were in the majority and saved our nation by the sweat of their brow, as they toted that barge and lifted that bale from sun-up to sundown without complaint.

    1. Agreed, Well said! The boys playing the Xbox say there’s nothing to do outside when they get kicked out to play. Build a fort, explore the woods, go fishing…. different times…

      1. We have always lived in different times. Just in my 60ish years much has changed. When I was small TV was new, there were ‘party lines’ on telephones, and you were lucky to have a phone at all. Many in rural communities still had out houses for toilets and wells and cisterns for water. There was one inside bathroom for sometimes 8 or more in a family. Siblings may have slept in one bed. All parents slept in a double bed no matter how tall the man was. Air conditioning, what, that was a dream. There was no air when I was in school. They opened the windows. Automatic transmissions were not the norm. Gas was about 20 cents a gallon and you did not have to get out and pump your own gas. The attendant did that in a clean uniform while cleaning your windshield and checking the oil and fluids in the vehicle. Doctors came to your house if you very sick. Yes, and sometimes they got paid with a chicken or eggs etc.
        We always live in different times it how we roll with it that matters thus this blog where we can be a small type of community. Which back in the day would not have been possible.
        Peace, health, hug hug and well, we have needed our preps……

    2. M’Lynn
      Unfortunately it’s true
      Don’t know if was done by design or dads just not taking the time to pass on knowledge
      When the starter went out in my sons Jeep we replaced it together. Same as when he needs the oil changed
      We homeschooled him for several years and we used a lot of the Boy Scout merit badge books for part of his curriculum. He learned about a lot of different stuff that way(Gardening,home maintenance, car care, cooking , first aid, etc )
      Reminds me of Brad Paisleys song
      I’m Still A Guy

      1. It’s at least partially an age of absentee fathers (whether divorced or married to their careers) and boys being raised by single mothers and THEIR mothers.

        The elephant story–years ago a bunch of young elephants were taken out into a new area of a reserve to start a new herd. After a few years elephants were being found gored to death, and the park attendants found that it was the young bulls–unsocialized, untaught. The problem was solved by introducing a few older bulls who quickly taught the young bulls how they were supposed to behave.

        1. Lauren, I agree. Resulting in trouble based on lifestyle, as Ken notes. I fear that will impact the majority of the other items mentioned, as well as present us with a challenge that will have to be addressed.

          An EMP leads us straight into a depression. Unless we’re at The Gulch with 0H, or tucked away with BJH, we’ll have a “Tribe” that hasn’t been living the lifestyle, as NRP calls it. These new males that may be your daughter’s useless boyfriend, or your sister’s worthless son that she’s brought to the BOL. In a perfect world we’d pick men with talents and skills who can pull their weight. Yet when the lights go out, I fear there will be a dark reality of getting who we get and having to make them into someone other than a dependent class.

          Playing a video game won’t mean that they know the difference between a clip and a mag to assist Dennis with security, or use an actual gun to help Kula secure acres of necessary crops. He’ll trample your covert plantings, unaware. Won’t know what medical supplies to help Beach’n gather. You can’t send him for water because he’s never seen a topo map, let alone be able to comprehend Papa’s ‘rule of thumb’ for using it. He didn’t earn a merit badge from DB on how to build a fire, or read even one Foxfire book to know the first thing about Birdee’s chick’s, or sheep, or the AGH’s of MT’s. We’ll be looking at a person who can’t check one single box on Pioneer Woman’s questionnaire. And yet….at some point we will face the need for more labor, more muscle, more resources – with this guy being the only resource to draw upon.

          I think it will come down to the elder’s too. Mr. USMCBG and ACDH may have to come out of retirement and make a few good men for us by running a Boot Camp that toughens these new males up, or gets callouses on their hands like InPrepper mentioned. The older bulls, who know where to place a boot, to produce tangible results. Otherwise this will be a far greater depression because we lack the real men that brought us out of the last one.

        2. In a similar way, though, girls are not being trained to be women. They’re being trained to be dependents. Helicopter parenting and so on. It’s not just the boys.

        3. Lauren,
          That or they are being taught to be butch man haters,,,,
          That one sorta sucks.

    3. I believe this is how I heard it once before.
      Hard times make hard men
      Hard men make good times.
      Good times make soft men.
      Soft men make hard times.

      I remember my granpa in South Ms had a hand pump in the kitchen and an
      outhouse until 1967.
      Sit on the front porch and swat flies all day so the yellowjackets had something to cart off to their nest for food.
      Pallet on the floor and sleep with only the screen door closed.
      Little off subject here but after Ms U posted down below it reminded me of things as a kid.

      1. Mr Catfish,
        We had some of those privileges…. a dug well about 100 ft from the back door, and an outhouse until 1970. No air conditioning, fan in one window and water cooler with ice in back for chilling of the air. We had a big front porch, a secure storm shelter, Huge oak and Elm trees in the yard, A 6 strand Solar clothes dryer…

    4. Seems to me that there was failed parenting of both parents. Someone set those expectations and it wasn’t the children.

    5. I’ve known a few tattoo artists, and hung out in a studio a few times. You’d be surprised at how many tough dudes and gals choke down pills and booze so they can take the horrific pain of a tattoo session. I was a construction worker. I probably stepped on a nail every other week. Never took anything for those pains-and I have a low pain tolerance. Tattoo ownership doesn’t impress me any more.

  21. I slept on this topic before posting, wanted to mull it over a bit.

    My initial thought was that a severe recession/depression is inevitable. Too many jobs not coming back, debt, etc…

    After that, though, I thought about the politics of it. Over and over I thought about the Fed and Treasury talking about creating what amounts to an endless supply of currency. This is an election year, no one in power, or who wants to be in power, will want to be the one blamed for a full-blown economic crash.

    So, I think it we are in for a prolonged case of more kicking the can down the road. More helicopter money, more people back on welfare, more printing of currency and loans and grants being thrown randomly about in an attempt to keep businesses going and get people back to work.

    If employees keep calling in sick at the food plants, I figure the NG will be doing the work. Anything to give the appearance that everything is okay – food is on the way!

    Inflation and both personal and national debt will continue to sky rocket. Bad for individuals, but since no one cares which countries owe what to who any more, it won’t matter. Practically every nation will have massive, un-repayable national debt. Developed nations will prop up their own economies through the shell game our own Fed plays. Print money, buy whatever is tanking, loan and give out a whole bunch of cash… rinse and repeat.

    And most people will be happy to get back to their “regular” lives: activities, work, shopping, overspending… it will feel normal to most, and get many back into their comfort zones. It will take a while to get everyone back to work, but unemployment will be extended to make people feel better. The rich get richer… Many regular people will struggle.

    And once again, a crisis will be “averted” (really meaning delayed) and we’ll wait for the next shoe to drop. And at some point, it finally will.

    Guess I’m feeling cynical this morning.

    1. So Cal Gal:

      I wouldn’t call you cynical; maybe just “full up to here” w/ all the meanness, shenanigans & downright evil around us today! It is difficult to be a reasonable, responsible, honest, God-fearing person nowadays!

      Case in point: Got word today that my husband’s old boss was laid off from his Fortune 500 job. While we were socking $$ away to pay cash for our retirement home & driving an 11 year old car, that man was traveling Europe w/ his partner, buying new luxury cars every year & eating @ the finest establishments. He was astounded when my husband announced his early retirement & move back to Texas…. he just couldn’t understand how we could walk away from all that money, power & corporate largesse. He is now just one more redundant attorney, crying while he sweats, riding on his Pelaton. I am normally a very sympathetic person & I truly appreciate his hiring my husband all those years ago, but really, I am just “full up to here” w/ him & his ilk. I once asked him what charities he & his partner donated to & his response was the “church of self”.

      This coming depression will separate the wheat from the chaff. We, meaning most of us on this website, have scrimped & worked hard, making large & small sacrifices along the way. When I buy double @ the grocery store, often much is donated to our local food bank. I carry brown bags in my car w/ canned tuna, applesauce & bottled water to hand out to the homeless…& on & on. You all do many of the same things. We should hang tough & keep our heads on a swivel. What will be, will be. Peace, out!

  22. – Juls,
    Welcome to the nuthouse, oh, excuse me, comment side of the Blog. Be assured, our prayers are with you. Just remember, a door is never closed without a window being opened. Just pay attention to your surroundings and that open window will appear.
    – Papa S.

    1. Thank you. We will be looking for that window!! In the mean time we will appreciate and love him being home.

  23. Regardless of who wins the president spot this year, continue prepping as always and keep your powder dry.

  24. This is an exaggeration. Once cities and states open up again a lot will quickly return to normal. Airlines, travel and oil companies obviously have greater issues which will need to be sorted out and return will take longer. Same with those who work for large venues like stadiums and theaters. But the government is literally replacing people’s income with higher unemployment benefits and PPP is helping small business along. The $3200 a family of 4 is seeing on top of unemployment certainly is substantial for them. As long as government is providing ample stimulus these defaults aren’t going to be like 2008. Housing prices are more stable and are not in a bubble. Banks have tighter lending standards and have twice the capital.

    This isn’t the greater depression.

    1. Maybe, maybe not, but I will ask you this, when those trillions come due, who pays the bills? And if you think the tyrants that locked you in your home and told you what and when you could buy are going to forget how quickly you have up your rights, you are sadly mistaken. Next time, it may not be a Chinese virus…

    2. I certainly hope that you are right in your implication that this is essentially a ‘nothing-burger’ with little or no worries/concerns.

      Being a preparedness oriented site, I dig into the possibilities – some of which are uncomfortable – occasionally triggering a normalcy-bias response. This is understandable.

      If I recall correctly, you said on a previous comment that you are in New York City. Hows your lock down going? Are things back to normal there?

      1. It’s getting there. Finally paper towel is back in stock. More restaurants are back on grubhub open for delivery only. More people are outdoors for the warmer weather. The reality of a healthcare worker, someone with moderate symptoms of coronavirus, someone who has to use the subway (which should have been shutdown 2 months ago to stop the spread) or someone who is threatened with arrest for having friends or family over on private property, is very different than others. I’ve been pretty content at home aside from the economic situation since I have electricity and the internet. I know it hard for a lot of people eager to spend time outdoors doing activities but nothing would be more impactful than being stuck at home without internet thus anything to do. If power and the internet went out for more than a few days across the country, it would be chaos. Coronavirus has had much less of an effect than a typical hurricane has had outside of those who get it and the economic effects of the government ordered shutdown. I can relate to the people who want to open up and make decisions for their own life’s according to their own risk factors and risk tolerance.

  25. Nothing will ever change. Ask why? Because you can’t fix stupid and you can’t eliminate GREED.
    I’m 75 years old and have had one hell of a good life. Your lives on the other hand will suck beyond belief (by my standards) unless you educate the masses and vote true patriotic Americans into government, on ALL levels.

    1. “Nothing will ever change. Ask why? Because you can’t fix stupid and you can’t eliminate GREED.

      “True, until stupid is a death sentence and greed gets you strung up by your toenails.

  26. Just my honest opinion it will look a lot like the great depression BUT there will be a lot more tards out there that can’t/won’t take care of themselves. Can’t/won’t cook, hunt, forage. They have no idea how to, much less have the ability, which is their own fault.

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