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Why People Are Getting More Tense, Rude, Uptight

Have you noticed it? People in general are seemingly becoming increasingly tense, rude, and uptight. I don’t see it in everyone, but it does seem to be getting worse for many in general. It’s like the mood out there is murky, darker. Optimism is harder to find. What’s the reason for this?

‘Kula’ here on the blog said, “maybe its just more of that me-me-me bs that has taken over, and a tinge of just plain rude – my opinion is the only opinion crap. Sheesh, see it everywhere..”

I have also observed this attitude among the apparent majority of people whom I come in contact with. I have learned (long ago), that people love to talk about themselves and are rarely interested in what you may have to say, or that of others. Instead it’s me, me, me. Most people really don’t seem to give much of a $hit about others. Human compassion is increasingly rare. An interest in the opinions of others. I have definitely noticed more rudeness in general too.

I recall many years ago, James Carville (strategist for Bill Clinton’s ’92 campaign) said something like, “It’s the economy, stupid”. In other words, when it comes to the mood of the American people (and political electability), it’s all about the economy, stupid! Boy was he right.

Most people don’t care about much else (e.g. the happenings in the geo-political world around them). But they do care about their wallet or pocket-book. The money. Their well-being. The things directly affecting me, me, me.

Therefore I do believe that much, or most, of what we’re seeing in the way of increased tension and rudeness may be attributed to the existing wonderful economy /sarc. Whoops, I meant to say was how happy people are to be paying so much more for everything. Energy. Food. Fuel. You name it… It really puts people in a great mood. Especially those who are living paycheck to paycheck (the majority of Americans).

When groceries seem to cost nearly twice as much from not too long ago, well, I suppose that will affect the mood of people. The cost of everything… The consequences of the many years of Big Government Spending is coming home to roost. The piper always gets paid.

Inflation really is a tax. Instead of government increasing taxes on us to pay for all of their Big Spending), instead we’re paying higher prices for everything due to inflation (excess money printing). It’s really a tax. And I do not see it getting any better. It’s going to remain high. And that does not bode well for many people who are in increasingly difficult financial times.

Yes, I notice the increased tenseness out there in general.

There are other reasons too. What do you think some of them are? Why are so many people uptight out there?


  1. I cant help but think some of it is related to the fourth turning, read a book a while back, cant remember the title or author, but it was about the fourth turning, the parallels are curiously accurate.

    1. I agree, the fourth turning is happening. It encompasses quite a lot of upheavals going on at once.

  2. Time for me to play with the kittens. The more people I meet, the more I look forward to playing with the beastie boyz at the end of the day.

    1. And the older I get, the less I want to be around other people except the few who are close to one’s heart :=)

      1. There is a saying that goes something like- the more people I am around the more I prefer my dog- or something like that.

        1. The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog!
          — Mark Twain

  3. OK, my 2 cents worth, and for everyone to call me out on it.
    The Human Animal is exactly that, a basic Animal where we have restrictions upon us, laws or supposed morals.
    When those start to break down what would be the reaction of the Animals?
    So, here is the nut, so to say, exactly what has TPTB been doing?
    Defunding the Law Enforcement. Degrading the Morals of people.
    Allowing criminals to go happily on their way.
    Making the “decent” people suffer more at the satisfaction of the lazy and worthless.
    Literally calling a Male a Female.
    I could go on and on with the list….
    Our Counrty is becoming an increasingly anti-moral society.
    AND guess what. People “Animals” always adapt to their environment, it is that environment, forced environment, that is and will continue to be a problem.
    How to fix the problem?
    Remove the Cancer that’s infecting the literally soul of OUR Country.
    I am not inviting violance by any means, but the rethinking of it’s population, leaders, and yes even the Religious aspects.
    It’s very obvious the path we currently are on is failing MISERABLY.

  4. Big one is always a lack of a sense of control over one’s environment. And we’ve been force fed that in spades the past few years. Productive hard work and living a preparedness lifestyle go a long way toward ameliorating the vicissitudes of our economy and politics. Having a grateful outlook also tends to calm one’s spirit.
    We absolutely have to be there for the little ones, as Ken described. It may be the only thing that saves them from the violence they are being led into from the messengers telling them they are only either oppressors or victims. It’s too bad that mill stones seem to have gone the way of buggy whips.

  5. Humans by nature are social creatures, when the lock downs came because of the lies. It was fine for a few days maybe a couple of weeks, but as time went on along the nasty side of the animal came to the surface.
    Those who saw what was happening said this does not equate to reality, so they used the brain granted them. Figuring out that the so called ‘others’ were using mankind as an experiment for social behavior under the disguise of this so-called illness.
    Wheather I am correct or not, it how I have seen this proceeded on mankind. It started with the ‘leaked videos’ of a certain group of people in a certain nation dying suddenly. Giving them the platform to say ‘guess what’ we have a miracle drug for you to try. We need volunteers, and they received them, under the guise of the ‘miracle drug’ will work. What they did not bother to inform those who volunteered for it was not so miracle after all.
    That is my cyanopes of this calamity.

    1. A.C, you left out the fact it was a failed experiment for longevity in animals, before the human trials began.

  6. Other reasons? Here’s my theory: People today are soft, pampered and spoiled. We have all been living in extreme comfort, relative to earlier generations. My grandfather worked in a coal mine as a child. He worked in forestry, swinging an axe all day. Sometimes tons of rotten bark would fall down, crushing and burying the man. He rode the trains during the depression. Men would fall asleep and fall off and die. My great aunt lived through a diphtheria outbreak. She stacked her children in the barn like firewood as they died, one by one. There was no internet, smart phones or dating apps, no food coming to your front door. Poor people were skinny. Back then, life was hard, and people valued their neighbors.

    Today, there is also hardship, mainly in the form of high housing prices, but life is pretty easy, overall. Today, a crisis usually consists of something that happens on the internet. Kids get bullied online. I still can’t get my head around that one. Then there are the driving-related complaints. “Someone cut me off.” There is something about driving that brings out the beast. You put on your signal to change lanes, the guy in the other lane speeds up to close the gap. Everybody hates everybody. Everywhere you go, you’re getting the finger. People are ready to kill you. For nothing. Why? Because they are all pampered, spoiled, overgrown babies. I want to believe there are still good people. Maybe we just don’t notice them as much. I shudder to think how people will react if something really bad happens. On the other hand, maybe people will start being kind to each other — after they’ve suffered enough.

    1. wooly bugger –

      My thoughts align with yours and the phenomenon has been previously well articulated like this:
      “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.” ― G. Michael Hopf,

      We are in steps 3 and 4 right now. Our grandparents lived during steps 1 and 2. Go on YT and look at some of the films from the 1950’s. The US and to a lesser extent Canada, coming out of WW2 were so puffed up and full of themselves. “Yezz, this is the American dream”, the steely announcers would proclaim. So the bubblegum and bobby socks generation enjoyed the good times brought by strong men. Then from the late 1960’s through the 1980’s men got weaker from all those good times, started acting like girls. Now we have men cutting their schmekels off and prancing around in women’s clothes.

      We have come full circle back again where weak men (people in general) are causing hard times, and hard times have arrived. The rest of your observations are on point and consistent with this condition.

      1. Good quote.
        My grandparents were ok dollar wise but still made soap, cut tobacco, washed the clothes, picked and canned the garden, slaughtered the animals…………..and my Mammaw was lucky she had a horse to ride to school and in the winter the grown ups had to pull she and her sister off the horse their legs were to cold to move when they got home.

  7. “The Plan to Wreck America” on the burning is definitely a “WOW” article and adds to the comments.

  8. IMHO it all started with the breakdown of the family unit. With all the unwed mothers and the loss of the father figure the kids lost direction. Not saying all turned out bad but that’s where it started! And then “They” decided that to solve the problem we had to make exceptions for the trouble makers. Everyone gets a trophy! Everyone can be on the team! You can’t tell them no, it will hurt and embarrass them! As most of us know, life is rough sometimes and you have to get knocked down to learn how to get back up! A lot of people are getting knocked down for the first time and don’t know how to fight back and learn and make things better. They expect someone else to come and rescue them and make it all better. And of course our all knowing government steps in and gives out all the free stuff and makes it even worse! With the high inflation even the EBT can’t keep up and those who depend on it are starting to panic with know where to go! I truly believe it is going to take some kind of reset to make things better.
    Sorry for the rambling!
    Now enjoy the beautiful day in the neighborhood!

  9. People are scared. They are, some more slowly than others, coming to realize the lies and deceptions they’ve lived with over the last few years.

    Food price inflation at 10%? Even the poorly educated who’ve experienced their grocery bills go from $150 to over $300 knows that is more than 10%. Got to replace that $350 washing machine and find it now costs $700-$900-$1000. That $4 happy meal now costs the bigger part of a $10 bill.

    1. Q1A, You are exactly right. Their inflation numbers are BS. It’s all ‘cherry picked’ to soften it to the maximum extent possible.

    2. ‘Q1A is our Brazilian Terrier we replaced the chihuahua that was snatched by a coyote with. He jumped up in my lap as I was typing this…I thought the post had vanished…only to find he had signed it and pressed “post comment”. In the grand scheme of things ‘Q1A ain’t a bad alias.

      1. Dennis, Hahaha! That is hilarious – glad you found a replacement too.

      2. Dennis
        And I thought my dog names were of the chart..!! Q1A, That’s to funny. Thanks for the laugh, I needed that….

      3. All,

        I figured out how “Charlie” (`Q1A) was able to pull it off. Caps lock, the apostrophe, Q, 1, A, and the tab key are clustered together on the upper left of my keyboard about the size of his paw print. Turning on the caps lock and hitting the other keys would give you `Q1A and advance the cursor to “post comment”…the other paw coming down on the mouse pad would have posted the comment.

        It was either purely accidental or…if it happens again, I have one intelligent dog. We’ve had a good time laughing about it here on the mountain.

        See…I told you we were gonna have a good day.

  10. Well Chick Filet just announced that kids under 16 can not come in without an adult. This is a two fold problem. Some good kids under 16 get to go for a sandwich with friends. It might be one of the few things they are allowed to do. Second, too many parents use places like this for babysitters. These are are parents that have not taught their kids not to have pickle fights at the table, or smash ketchup packets with their fists. The folks at Chick Filet raised a big family and foster kids. They stand by their values in a wake of criticism. I applaud their decision, while feeling sorry for the kids that act their age when out in public.
    Maybe the “me, me, me” people are trying hard to find kindred spirts and feel desperate in their search. I think I am one of those. It takes me about ten minutes to decide if I want to take time to see if I want to look at a friendship or not

    1. The demographics of an area determine the policies and actions businesses must put in place in order to try and maintain a safe and civilized environment. Many times this is impossible especially in inner city cesspools. This costs US customers billions every year as stores try to recoup their loses from thieves and damage. The majority of the ones living in these areas are too ignorant to understand basic economics and are receiving SNAP so they have no comprehension of how this affects pricing nor do they care.

      Today reality is labelled racist hate speech in order to try and divert the discussion away from the facts and statistics they don’t want to admit and they do not want to change the behaviors that are required to fix it.

      1. Ariel,
        Anyone that points out these facts and reality are labelled as racist. The black community refuses to acknowledge that black rap culture has done more to destroy their community than the KKK could ever dreamed of. They would rather blame the cops, whites, slavery etc. than to accept that the culture they have adopted as their own is destructive, anti-social and in no way can create a productive, civilized and healthy environment.

        Until blacks look in the mirror and accept the fact they are their own worst enemy, their communities will be crime-ridden cesspools that continue to decay and no amount of blame shifting will fix it.

    2. Dennis, I feel sorry for the older honest people who can’t afford to get away to shop. Maybe if they had come down harder on the next generation it would not have come to that. There doesn’t seem to be any cause and effect in the heads of those who cause this to happen. They shoot themselves in the foot then point fingers at everyone else involved.

  11. I blame illegal drugs. It used to be called ‘drug addiction’ now it must be called ‘substance use’. They want to reduce the stigma but with reduced stigma new drug addicts are created from the younger generation moving into adolescence who view non-medical drug use as an option without stigma. Illegal drug users trust their drug dealer the way that normal people trust their doctor or pharmacist (who is trained and licensed and prescribes for the individual patient). Coke heads, meth heads, Fentanyl overdoses…their sense of entitlement is obvious when they panhandle older women outside stores, women who only want to go shopping. Older women who are often on legal medications for aging related conditions. Older women who are seen as an easy target, if they do not provide money willingly they can always have their purse stolen. In my day, kids were told if you do illegal drugs you are getting kicked out of the house. We were too young to understand the biology of addiction but having this red line was effective and may have prevented many addicts in the first place. Parents did not care about our feelings. The goal was to prevent harm, not reduce harm as in ‘harm reduction’. We were told that there are bad kids, youth and young adults with bad lifestyle choices and to stay away from them. Life was not perfect and maybe John or Jane failed some courses, they may have been lazy or needed extra tutoring and had to attend summer school, or even failed a grade, but far fewer Johns and Janes became drug addicts and it was easier to get their life back on track without addiction issues to contend with.

    1. Condo Lady –

      You said: “Illegal drug users trust their drug dealer the way that normal people trust their doctor or pharmacist” .

      You know why, right?

  12. Falling in line with the above train of thought, is banning guns because black men are killing other black men with stolen guns. Then there are the innocent kids, already in bed, or riding in the backseat of a car, when daddy is targeted.
    Very few what to look at the right cure. For starters, fathers need to stay in the home and man up.
    Ban Tick Too and don’t be afraid to take their phones away….start young,

    1. Ariel –

      Black men aren’t just killing other black men. If we as a nation ever develop the stones to brutally curtail outrageous black behavior in this country (not all, just most) then I think the national fever will come down a few degrees. We are in a triage situation now, we must deal with the worst first if we are to survive.

      1. Ariel, “Where were they for the funerals of fallen (murdered) officers?” Really?? Those officers were/are’ EXPENDABLE ITEMS’, no crying for them, they knew what they were getting into. Thats the lib. mind set.

  13. This is nothing new to those of us that came home from the service in 68 , we have long memories . I have avoided people for over 50 years I live the life of a hermit people say but I’m happy and content unlike them . VA says I’m in self exile lol but in reality as long as I’m left alone there is no problems LOL I guess I dont play well with others . Its far easier to ignore and avoid others then to explain to the law why you hurt someone

    1. I understand, I really do….and I am so sorry that the war tore you apart. There was no help available. No many even tried to understand. It took a piece of many. It took all of some. Not many families were spared either. I hope you are in peace, but I am doubting that you have found it. Lord, I know you have tried.

    2. Trapper Dave, My hubs was there, on LST. moving supplies. ect. He cried a few years ago when someone told him welcome home for the first time. .

  14. As others have said , we’ve gotten soft with time and the leadership today is the result. But life is about choices and accordingly how we choose to react. A little saying I stumbled across by an unknown “Choose your hard” and the thoughts behind it. Certainly rings true for me every day.

    “Marriage is hard. Divorce is hard. Choose your hard.
    Obesity is hard. Being fit is hard. Choose your hard.
    Being in debt is hard. Being financially disciplined is hard. Choose your hard.
    Communication is hard. Not communicating is hard. Choose your hard.
    Life will never be easy. It will always be hard. But we can choose our hard. Pick wisely.”


    1. Nice. My kids’ school does memory work once a week. I’m going to ask them to add that one.

  15. Well, I know one of many reasons I’m so irate. #1 The work place.
    We are now, more than ever, working side by side with the generation, that are ‘entitled’, lazy, non-comprehensive, no common sense, can’t follow direction.

    Had a young dude, today….
    Hey, xxx, what are you going to do with those 2 pallets you have?

    Take em out back where we dump them.

    Okay, so can you take my stack of pallets with you? My forklift won’t make it thru the snow and ice. Your truck will.

    Duh, yeah. I can stack my 2 underneath your stack.

    Ya know where all those pallets ended up?
    Outside my fricken door. His pallets stacked underneath mine.
    I’m sure I’ll get hell tomorrow for not cleaning up my area.

    #2 Leadership that has no right to be leaders

    Do I have a ‘tude?
    Hell, yes. And unfortunately it spills onto others.

    A form of release for me
    to unleash

  16. My gosh, you don’t even have to intermingle with stupid.
    You can read it online with product Q and A’s.
    Black 5 tier shelving unit.
    72″ h, 48″ w, 12″ d
    Capable of holding 25 pounds each shelf.


    Does it come in red?
    Will this unit fit in my 48″ crawl space?
    Can I stack 40# bags of softner salt on it?

    1. Joe c…
      “Can I stack 40# bags of softner salt on it?” Bwahahahahahahaha……..PRICELESS!!!!!! I just installed a softener in my home and this comment just hit me hard!

  17. “When God wants to judge a nation, He gives them wicked rulers.” – John Calvin

  18. I will agree 100% with the work place Joe C.
    On my last day of work just before my retirement, I had a younger man working close by on a new CNC surface grinder. Everybody Knew it was my last day, heck there was a party in the lunchroom and everything. So, after lunch this “30 something” guy puts in the wrong numbers in the command program that tells the machine EXACTLY how to move in a very precise manner! Well he crashed the grinding wheel into the a very expensive jig on the precision surface magnet jamming the rig so bad it tripped multiple breakers in the control cabinet and did about 2 or 3 thousand dollars damage. That Stupid S.O.B had the nerve to ask me if I would fall on my sword and take the blame for this, cause I would not be here for the fallout!!!
    I want to say, this is the kind of quality and pride the is building the future of our country! Not to mention aircraft, medical machines and many life and death equipment. Many of the youngsters I worked with the last few years of my working life had absolutely no pride in their work at all. Just barely do enough to get a paycheck!

    1. I agree with your take on the attitude of the younger worker.

      It was practically impossible to find an employee, who could actually do the work, AND pass a drug test. Those few who could physically perform the job, and had no drug problem, were often unemployable because of they were found to be completely illiterate, or unwilling to actually do the work…going “no show” after one, or two, initial work days. Most, had absolutely no ambition to excel at their tasks, and worked very hard to determine exactly how little they could do….and not get fired.

      Anyone showing ambition and incentive and proficiency, and had a 9th Grade reading level…were made supervisors and managers…and were given pay raises without asking for them.

      It is a REAL problem.

      1. Ision –

        We do not drug test. It’s insulting and degrading and no one here is flying a jet or armed. Most came from a place with severe penalties anyway. Anyone with a drug dependency problem will show themselves by way of poor performance, then they get fired for that. Interviews are generally 3 to 4 hours long. A lot can bubble to the surface during soft interrogation. We have an amazing crew, selected for their obvious intellect and problem-solving ability. The new generation of young adults has a lot of winners. They just keep their head down and do an excellent job.

        1. We never considered the drug tests we took to be anything other than exactly what they were…a test to see if one is a druggie, or not…slapping for veins at lunch, in some bathroom stall. The only people having issues with the mandatory testing…were those using drugs…which is understandable.

          Security Clearances gots their rules…

  19. Regardless of people’s past, many had a relatively long period of relative socioeconomic prosperity. Meaning there was a huge swath of Americans that never got a taste of relative financial certainty. I’m talking about the stimulus, whether it was the multiple one-time payments, the increased unemployment benefits, or the increased child tax credit. A lot of people saw a boost of their perceived wealth for a year and had price stability for most of it.

    The stimulus is gone. $1600 per child of tax credit has vaporized. No more additional unemployment assistance. But there are still an extra three trillion dollars floating around in the economy devaluing a person’s labor value (fiat currency is more or less a valuation on labor).

    People don’t always notice a slight improvement in socioeconomic status. But they sure as hell notice when their socioeconomic status slips. And there are tons of people that have slipped, way more than had a temporary improvement.

    Expect more violence.

    1. There is a measure of currency or money called broad money, if you look at this spread over time you can see that the currency of all nations in the pandemic increased radically, by 40% or more for most countries. Those stimulus checks, and soft bail outs radically increased the money supply, and this is the cause behind the inflation, in effect world purchasing power dropped by 40%, your $100 pay check that used to buy 100 cans of coke, can now only buy 60. You can see the news media blame the ukraine conflict, and sure it is to blame for a bit, but the actual cause of the underlying inflation is related to government and federal reserve spending and money supply inflation. I doubt any economist will mention that in public.

      1. Spot on Old Will,
        Most peoples lack of understanding leads them to believe whatever the popular narrative is

  20. Ken, you asked, so here goes…
    We’ve all talked about our parents and grandparents. How their generations were so much different than ours. How tough and self-sufficient they were. Their sense of family and community. The struggles they faced immigrating to this country, working in the factories or on the farms. Working in the Five & Dime. Prohibition and bathtub gin. The Spanish American War, World War I, World War II. The Stock market collapse and the Great Depression and it’s effects on society until the beginning of WWII. The Spanish Flu, Polio, Typhoid, and Whooping Cough. The right of women to vote and the outrage that caused, Strike busting, etc., etc. You get my drift.
    Times are not so different, but they are different. We live in a time of Information Overload and disinformation. It takes work and time to fact check everything we see and hear. Time most of us don’t have. We go with whatever aligns with our beliefs, true or not. We really don’t know, but we feel.
    Our sense of community we find on the Internet, in forums like this. Maybe in our church or hobby groups. How often do each of us participate in making our community better? I mean seriously better, not just donating to the door to door types.
    If each of us chose to support our communities and engaged our communities in emergency planning, volunteering in the schools and other opportunities to make a difference in a child or young persons life, we may not change the world, but we could change where we live.
    Our lives are not so different than our parents and our grandparents, but the times are definitely different. It takes a community, nobody said it couldn’t be a community of rugged individuals. And beside, maybe somebody would wave instead of flip you off.

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