Why People Are Getting More Tense, Rude, Uptight

rude, uptight, tense

Have you noticed it? People in general are seemingly becoming increasingly tense, rude, and uptight. I don’t see it in everyone, but it does seem to be getting worse for many in general. It’s like the mood out there is murky, darker. Optimism is harder to find. What’s the reason for this?

‘Kula’ here on the blog said, “maybe its just more of that me-me-me bs that has taken over, and a tinge of just plain rude – my opinion is the only opinion crap. Sheesh, see it everywhere..”

I have also observed this attitude among the apparent majority of people whom I come in contact with. I have learned (long ago), that people love to talk about themselves and are rarely interested in what you may have to say, or that of others. Instead it’s me, me, me. Most people really don’t seem to give much of a $hit about others. Human compassion is increasingly rare. An interest in the opinions of others. I have definitely noticed more rudeness in general too.

I recall many years ago, James Carville (strategist for Bill Clinton’s ’92 campaign) said something like, “It’s the economy, stupid”. In other words, when it comes to the mood of the American people (and political electability), it’s all about the economy, stupid! Boy was he right.

Most people don’t care about much else (e.g. the happenings in the geo-political world around them). But they do care about their wallet or pocket-book. The money. Their well-being. The things directly affecting me, me, me.

Therefore I do believe that much, or most, of what we’re seeing in the way of increased tension and rudeness may be attributed to the existing wonderful economy /sarc. Whoops, I meant to say was how happy people are to be paying so much more for everything. Energy. Food. Fuel. You name it… It really puts people in a great mood. Especially those who are living paycheck to paycheck (the majority of Americans).

When groceries seem to cost nearly twice as much from not too long ago, well, I suppose that will affect the mood of people. The cost of everything… The consequences of the many years of Big Government Spending is coming home to roost. The piper always gets paid.

Inflation really is a tax. Instead of government increasing taxes on us to pay for all of their Big Spending), instead we’re paying higher prices for everything due to inflation (excess money printing). It’s really a tax. And I do not see it getting any better. It’s going to remain high. And that does not bode well for many people who are in increasingly difficult financial times.

Yes, I notice the increased tenseness out there in general.

There are other reasons too. What do you think some of them are? Why are so many people uptight out there?