Get Out Of The Big Banks


One of the many people who I’ve been following for years, Jim Sinclair, has been sounding the alert lately to GOTS (Get Out Of The System) before the next major big-bank failures set off a chain of events which will wipe out and reset the wealth of anyone in the system.

The following 12-minute video he considers a ‘must-see’ and he says is the first of its kind in that it outlines very well the inevitable and what is surely going to happen…

Survival and preparedness is not just about food storage and preps, which are indeed core aspects. It’s also about your financial security.

Even for those of you who may not be concerned because perhaps you don’t have much money in the bank… think again. This will affect everyone in one way or another, and will likely result in a series of life changing events that could devolve into social/financial chaos in the United States and elsewhere in today’s modern world.

Your money is not safe in the big banks.

“What is perfectly outlined [in the video] is the problem at hand which must be understood and for which you must prepare.”

“Please do not be complacent on this, the most important of all events which is going to happen in the ‘Great Leveling’ well before the 2018 – 2020 Great Reset.”

-Jim Sinclair

I am not a financial expert, but over the past several years have been spending time and effort to discover more of the truths to what is happening behind the scenes in our financial world. I, and many others, agree that we are heading towards a great financial reset of sorts (for many reasons) and we are getting dangerously close to such a time…

While the solution to the message within the video is to get out of the big banks and into smaller, local banks (potentially lesser affected by the derivatives risk,) Sinclair’s solution to preserving wealth is to get out of the system completely, to hold physical gold and silver for ‘savings’ and fiat currency (cash) for transactions.

It is my opinion that one might consider using a small local bank (check their bank ratings first) for deposits-in and cash-out, along with their conveniences for electronic transactions where applicable… but do not keep any substantial amount there. Just enough for your monthly churn, so to speak… Any extra may be wisely held elsewhere in other asset forms. Not in the big banks.

This video will show why and how the government plans to confiscate depositor money when (not if) the next crisis hits in order to prop up the big banks.

The plans for this confiscation of depositor funds have been developed, they have been approved, and they are awaiting the next crisis.

Folks… I’ve looked into this. This is real, and this is what they WILL do… it won’t be a ‘bail-out’, it will be a ‘bail-in’. Big difference…

(Update: YouTube has removed the video)


  1. I got out of Bank of America during the “Occupy” movement. I have my deposits in a small local credit union. Even that I don’t feel 100% safe, so I only keep about a months worth of expenditures. Anything extra goes into preps.

    1. That’s smart! Also, people shouldn’t feel so ‘afraid’ to keep cash at home (instead of the bank) because banks don’t pay any effective interest anyway… Just ‘use’ them for your automatic paycheck deposits and the convenience of electronic transactions. Just enough to keep your deposit/withdrawal churn.

      Anything ‘extra’, should go towards whatever you personally feel are good assets. Just don’t leave your ‘extra’ cash sitting in the bank!

      1. Agree with both of you. Unusual, for me, to agree with any two people on any issue. It might be time to move from the lucky buck into something more substantial. Preps, silver, whatever.

  2. Used to be that the banks would pay out more on interest,but with everything going up the banks want to keep more for themselves.But it must be good for most banks,because in the past five years we have seen four new banks come to our area,two already established in other locales,and two new up starts,like I said must be good business.I also use the local credit union,and like you suggested mostly only for electronic transfers,and to pay out bills,the rest comes home with me.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  3. My family also just keeps enough in the bank for monthly bills. Even my young son cashed in his savings bonds, and invested it in firearms and ammo.

  4. Is there a link where I can get a copy of the U.S. paper the video was highlighting?

    1. I’ve seen some of these documents linked from other sites. If I find them again, I will add the link here (or if someone else finds any of them).

  5. Can I take my savings and send it to my mortgage company, since my bank won’t let me withdraw more than a few thousand at a time?

    1. Yes you can, thats how we paid off our mortgage quicker. Just make sure the mortgage company applies it to the principal.

  6. Why do all the videos on this site come as errors and I’m not able to view them? I have noticed this over the last several weeks. The videos being posted to inform us what the mainstream media will not. I am unable to view any of them.

  7. I never really understood how we got to this point,money wise. But this presentation, verified by the actual history of how we printed “money”, made it all come together.” The Timeline Of America’s Collapse & Final Destruction: The Decline & Fall Of The Dollar & The USA”. Found it on Before it’s News… they have a great deal of doubtful “news” but I know it is true as 50 year coin collector.

  8. I am wondering, where you all are at, if you have many banks closing their doors “temporarily” due to the Pandemic?

    Where I am at, there are quite a few. At first it was locations where employees had “tested positive” for this virus.

    Now it seems to be, some banks are closing many locations “to protect public and employees”.
    At first, I thought, “well, lots of businesses are closing doors for same reasons”.

    Last night, though, it suddenly occurs to me, banks, where I am at, are seldom if ever crowded. I am one of the few/last holdouts for NOT doing online banking. When I have gone in to the bank, there have seldom been more than four to eight persons/patrons in the bank.
    if this “number of person” was a “concern”, seems like it would be easy enough to space them out couple yards apart, or even ask some to wait outside/in cars and take turns.
    Suddenly it seemed/seems to me that “excuse” for closing said banks (and not banks where there has been declared illness), malarkey.

    Gives me more concern for “why” is/are the banks closing their doors. Is it “temporary”?

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