How Much Are Your Property Taxes?

We’ve recently touched upon things to do before you retire (5 Steps BEFORE You Retire) which included investigating the property taxes of a potential retirement location (because property taxes are always due, and they NEVER go down – only up).

There certainly are parts of the country with much higher property taxes than others and there are even counties and towns within counties that have higher property taxes. Some states rely on property taxes because they don’t have income tax or sales tax, etc.. So decisions have to be weighed out. Some states simply overcharge in ALL areas!

I thought it would be interesting to anonymously (if you wish) comment with your annual property taxes and list the state that you reside in. You can simply enter anon (or whatever) if you don’t want others to know that it’s ‘you’ ;)

Obviously there will be differences in property taxes based on one’s home (size, evaluation, etc..) but it should still prove interesting to discover if there are any trends…

Sound interesting?

Okay, lets get started…

Comment below.

I will eventually build a results list and post when we’re about through with responses…


Okay, given the results as of this update, I’ve quantified some of the numbers.

Note: Most of one’s property tax is based on where one lives, one’s home valuation, with lesser weight on outbuildings, and lesser weight on the land itself – to an extent. Given all of the variations it is nearly impossible to actually compare property taxes, however, I did anyway ;)

Note: Even within a given state, property tax can be exceedingly high in the city versus rural (common sense I suppose).

Note: States like California make it more difficult to analyze due to Prop-13 skewing long-time homeowners vs. new homeowners.

After throwing out the highest and the lowest property tax I came up with an average property tax being paid across the country by those who have submitted their data.

Average property tax: $2,889
Average home size: 1,972 square feet

The following list is sorted by state based on reader input data:
(If square footage was not given, I listed as 2,000)

State  Tax Sq.’ home
Alabama  $          404 2100
Arizona  $          650 1600
Arizona  $      1,200 1800
Arkansas  $      1,400 1300
California  $      1,400 2520
California  $      1,500 980
California  $      1,786 1073
California  $      3,000 1900
California  $      4,500 1400
California  $    26,000 2000
Colorado  $          329 2400
Colorado  $          625 2700
Colorado  $          765 1000
Colorado  $      1,043 1080
Connecticut  $      3,800 1000
Delaware  $          501 1800
Florida  $          950 1200
Florida  $      1,250 1700
Florida  $      1,750 1200
Florida  $      4,000 2700
Georgia  $          480 1800
Georgia  $      1,800 1800
Hawaii  $      1,600 2000
Idaho  $      3,200 4200
Illinois  $      1,800 3000
Illinois  $      4,100 1900
Illinois  $      6,300 2000
Illinois  $    12,900 2600
Kentucky  $      1,050 1200
Maine  $      2,200 2200
Maine  $      2,500 2000
Michigan  $      3,000 1800
Michigan  $      4,200 3800
Minnesota  $          220 1200
Mississippi  $          375 1800
Missouri  $          846 1600
New Hampshire  $      4,300 1900
New Jersey  $    10,866 2006
New Jersey  $    13,000 2000
New Mexico  $          500 2100
New Mexico  $      2,124 1825
New York  $      2,900 1000
New York  $      4,800 2800
North Carolina  $          800 1200
Ohio  $      1,300 2000
Ohio  $      1,800 1200
Ohio  $      4,300 3800
Oregon  $      2,500 1000
Pennsylvania  $      5,000 3700
Tennessee  $          295 700
Tennessee  $      1,551 1900
Texas  $      2,800 1700
Texas  $      3,200 3600
Texas  $      4,300 1850
Texas  $      7,800 2000
Utah  $      1,800 2000
Utah  $      3,895 3600
Vermont  $      2,700 1700
Vermont  $      6,000 2000
Virginia  $      3,200 3200
Washington  $      1,650 980
Washington  $      5,700 2400
Wyoming  $          584 1000


    1. Wyoming has no income tax and only 4% sales tax, plus the towns and counties can add an additional 1% sales tax. Property taxes are very low, average just over $1,000. There is an exemption for veterans and for seniors, but in the case of seniors, there is a limit on other assets so I don’t qualify for the senior exemption yet.

      Wyoming gets most of its revenue from taxes on the oil industry.

      1. The minute I saw your post, I thought….dang, I need to move to Wyoming!!! :)

        1. @ME,

          Oh THAT’S FUNNY! It took a moment to ferment in my head, but I see what you did there. “Driving Miss Daisy”. Hahahaaaa! Well played.

        2. Thanks McGyver! I didn’t get it until you mentioned the movie.

          To “me”

          Wyoming is a good place to live in some ways. 5 1/2 people per sq mile statewide, only about 2/sq mile in this part of the state NW quarter.) Real estate prices are low, but so are wages. Food prices in small towns are higher than you may be used to.

          Wyoming is a constitutional carry state. When people come across someone with a gun, they DON’T scream, “Oh no. He has a gun!” They just admire the stranger’s gun and ask him about it — discuss guns in general. There are few residential burglaries; about half the people I know don’t lock their houses. Almost every household owns a gun and burglars don’t want to walk in and confront a homeowner with a gun. We have had business burglaries, though. In small towns in winter, you will see half the cars on the street or in parking lots with their engines running, because people want to keep their cars warm while they are inside shopping. There is a joke, “You know you are in Wyoming if you leave your keys in your car and the car is still there the next day.”

          Most of the jobs are in mining, oil, agriculture, tourism or government. Lots of young people live in Wyoming and commute to North Dakota for weeks at a time to work in the oil fields.

          I don’t know what type of work you do. In this part of the state the major crops are sugar beets and hay. There are a few potatoes, sunflowers, and beans. Sufficient water is the biggest problem. There is a sugar beet factory in Lovell, a bentonite plant, a Pepsi plant, a community college, two national parks, and a national monument in Northern Wyoming. And of course, there are ranches, shops, hospitals, nursing homes, construction companies, well drillers, veterinarians (especially large animal vets) and all types of service companies.

          I hope you can travel to Wyoming to check us out.

        3. Yeah Daisy you live in a beautiful state! Back in the 70’s I did a lot of traveling on my thumb. Kept getting rides with this one guy and he said when we get to Denver you have to go north or south to continue west. If you go north I live in Rock Springs. If we get separated here’s my address. Stop by and if I’m not there just hang out on the porch until I get there. I did and stayed for a couple of days. He took me out to the prairie and it was so quite. I kept hearing this thumping sound. Could not figure out where it was coming from. Then it dawned on me, it was so quite I was hearing my heart. Truly a wonderful place Daisy but your winters are to cold for me!

        4. DaisyK, sounds like we live in similar places. I had a friend visiting from out of town, and he had a really hard time understanding that I don’t lock the car when I’m in the store shopping or the house – ever. It’s just a different mentality here in the rural mountains. Although, if SHTF, I would probably start locking the door (and figuring out what key I need to use to unlock it) ?

        5. When I first moved to Wyoming, I got a job the first week working for the local newspaper. On my first day the publisher came in and said his car was in the shop and could he borrow someone’s car. The lady sitting next to me said he could borrow her truck and told him where she had parked it around the corner. He left and I asked her, “Don’t you need to give him the keys?” She said, “Oh, they are in the truck.”

          It is true that it is too cold here, especially where I live, but on the other side of the mountain the winter temps are 25 degrees warmer in winter and about 5 degrees cooler in summer. I wish I had the money to move there, perhaps in a earth bermed house with a fireplace.

      2. The problem with Wyoming is that when the wind isn’t blowing it’s blowing 15-20 mph.

  1. $ 450 a year. 6 acres and home, shop and barn. In far north west of Ca. Reason is because property passed to me from parent at time of their death. I was allowed to keep their tax rate.

        1. Yes, thanks to him I pay over $12,000/year for a 1,700-sq-ft home. Great idea.

    1. $2200 here in the foothills of Northern California. Without prop 13, our tax bill would have increased to over $8000 a year.

  2. $3200 a year Kootenai County, Id for 4200 Sq foot home with a 900 sq foot shop on 4.6 acres.

    1. Idaho! Been considering moving there from Cali. Interested in Arizona and Nevada.

      1. About $3k here in Southern California for 1900 sq ft house one acre, a shop and built in pool. About $225 of that is for extra fees and local school district bond. They just passed another school bond which will raise my property taxes about $175 to $200 more dollars per year.
        We also have this stupid “fire prevention fee” imposed by Cal Fire of $133.
        I’ve lived here for 17 years and my home value has increased dramatically ($199 to about $450k). Property taxes here in CA have been restrained thanks to Prop 13, passed by voters many years back. The Dems are trying to get around it.

        1. I have to add that if I sell my property and purchase it at its 2017 value, my taxes will increase per the increased value 1% assessed value.

      2. If you belong to AAA they will send you maps, tour books etc of any state that you ask for. I recently got Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. Didn’t ask for all of them but the maps are double sided and books covered more than one state.

      3. Moved to SW Idaho from CA several years ago. Weather no longer a reason to stay in CA. Also lived in AZ for many years. Loved the northern desert there but moved to ID for the abundance of water and fertile ground.

  3. $4300 a year here in New Hampshire with ~1900 sq ft home on 30 acres – although acreage itself is taxed very low due to agricultural type classification and (in use vs. not in use).

    Note: Literally half our taxes go to the school system (some to county some to state).
    Note: NH has no sales tax and no income tax, so property tax is a primary revenue stream (along with business taxes).

    1. This topic has turned out to be very interesting to read. My husband and I have been sitting here, talking about all the different areas!

      1. I agree. There are wide ranging differences for sure…

        The fiscal requirements can be quite different from town to town, county to county, state to state. It would really require a lot of homework to discover impact if one were to consider moving and to compare one location with another…

        1. Yeah,Ken, another great topic. One of the reasons I keep coming to this site.

    2. Ken, if you are referring to the “in current use” deferment, it is my understanding that to remove the land from this classification, the entire deferred amount would need to be paid.

  4. $3200 each year for a house(3600 square foot), barn (30x 60) and 120 acres here in Texas. This is for running the schools which do a very poor job of educating the kids.

  5. 1300 a year. 4 acres, Preble county Ohio. Ranch house, barn, shop, 2 outbuildings.

  6. $501 a year. 1800 sq ft house on 3/4 acre. No sales tax and Delaware doesn’t tax 1/2 of your social security income over 65. $50 off real estate taxes for veterans.

  7. 1800 per year for 1/3 acre and a house in Utah. All property taxes go to the schools.
    600 per year for 1 acre with a house and shop in Kansas

  8. $295 with a 700 Sq ft cabin/house on 6 acres in TN.

    Adapt and Overcome.

  9. $4,000, 2,700 sq ft home 4 acres half under water northwest Florida They tax everything.

  10. $1800 for 4 1/2 acres and 1800 sq. ft. home in N. Georgia. Rate will go down some when I hit 65. (Homestead exemption).

  11. $1200 a year for 1800 square foot home on 4 acres with detached workshop/garage, 2 chicken coops, and a private well, in Cochise County Arizona.

  12. $846/year, 4 acres, 1600 sf home, 2 barns. We also have personal property tax on cars, trailers, etc. at $625/year.

  13. $553 city property tax
    $998 county property tax
    1900 sq ft house, detached garage, 1 acre
    Small Town USA, Southern Middle Tennessee

  14. 1250 annually, 1700sqft home. 1/2 acre homestead exemption.
    1750 annually, 1200 sqft home. 1/2 acre non exempt rental
    Sister has 5 acre,1200 sqft home, 2 out buildings. 950 annually. Agricultural
    State Sales tax 7%, property tax covers, sheriff,fire,schools, on and on.
    Sw Florida

  15. Eastern WA state. $5,700 per year. 100 forested acres, 2400 sq.ft 2-year-old house w/attached 2100 sq. ft. garage. 40’x60′ pole building. 5000 sq. ft. fully finished separate shop. Private well, fully fenced and cross-fenced. Dead end, county-maintained dirt road.

  16. $1,400 real/personal property. 1,300 sf brick/log home, 1 1br-1 ba cabin, 1 2br-1ba cabin, 1,500 sf metal shop bldg., 720 sf tractor shed, 3 vehicles, tractor, 2 utility trailers.

    9.5% total state,county,city sales tax (all stores are in the closest city 28 miles away).

    State income tax (5% first $50,000-7% all income over $50,000).

    Rural NW Arkansas.

    Republicans gained control of all three branches of state government last election (1st time since reconstruction) after promising to reduce tax burden.

    1. $7800

      2000sft house on 3 acres near austin

      looks like Im the winner for now :(

  17. $ 1,650.00 annually , 1/2 taxes go to school district , bah, humbug! 980 SF mobile , 1200 SF shop , 4 acres , 300′ riverfront. No state income tax , 8.5% sales tax.Washington .

  18. $4300 on 1.2 acres with an artesian well & 1850 Sq in the Tex hill country. 3 Grandkids get free school lunches since their dad Marine NCO on active duty in Okinawa.

  19. I don’t own it, just live here..
    120 acres, a large chunk is zones agricultural, the rest is forest.
    3 bedroom house, about 1,900 sqft. not counting the basement.
    Taxes last year just about $4,100

  20. State of Jefferson aka Northern California:
    Dh is exempt on the first $100,000 due to being a disable veteran, our saving grace.

    13 acres with a 2520 sq ft manufactured home with a deck, 24×26 garage, 20×24 carport, 24×20 hay barn, mini barn 14×16, 4 out building less than 200sq ft each. Fenced and crossed fence acreage, 1-1550 water storage tank gravity feed, 1-2840 water storage tank, 1-6,000 water storage tank, 2-5,000 water tanks for fire protection, well.

    Water district was kind enough to tag our area so we now pay for water, water lines, pumping stations all that great stuff city people have to have for survival. We get to pay for it, tune of $700 a year for not using their water, which tastes like crap.

    A fire fee of $117.00 in June plus the property tax $1,400. Many of the other neighbors run around $1,600 to $2,400 a year plus the fire fee which is a TAX. NO matter what they call it.

    1. We pay about $133 for that fire tax/fee. It’s really illegal, but they get away with it anyway. I think it s the Howard Jarvis anti tax group that’s fighting it. I just don’t know how these beaurecrats get away with this crap.

      1. JF
        Know how you feel every year on the bill I write it is highway robbery.
        State it is a TAX, and we had no representation on this matter.

        We have a fire station that responds, and we pay a fee on our taxes for that station that is why our bill is less money.

        1. It’s being contested. Every time I send in my bill, I send a form along disputing the fee. Last I read, it seemed the fee may be overturned, but I believe they said in order to get a partial refund, you would have to send in that form.

    2. I pay about the same but not for water. Lines stop several lots away. 3 acres 2100 square foot house, pump house, 14′ by 21′ shop, 12′ by 12′ garden shed. We live in the Redwoods which are essentially the most forest fire proof tree out there yet we to have to pay the fire tax too. I also get that the disabled vet reduction and I do appreciate it.

  21. $6300 for 1/8th acre lot in Chicago. 1/8th acre! And that’s being generous. On a per acre basis I think this one wins.

  22. House appraised @ 150K (but last appraisal listed as $168K..shhhh); taxes $1300 with $300 discount because we are seniors.

  23. in upstate NY (Southern Tier) on 5 acres, 1000sq ft. 2 year old home with new 30×40 pole barn taxes for county and school combined are around $2900.00

    1. Wow! I am also upstate NY and taxes are much higher…. different counties though most likely. Home is on 3/4 acre listed as 2800 sq. ft, 4 br, 1 bath taxes are $4800 year. The farm is right up the street on 55 acres with 32 X 64 ft. pole barn and taxes are $1800 a year. We don’t qualify for farm exemption or anything else other than the standard exempts.the people who check on the “farm” for its value would love to raise it up much higher but they would have to hit a lot of neighbors too, which they are not willing to do right now.

  24. nailbanger

    this one really surprised me. Would have maybe triple that???

  25. Just north of Denver, CO

    $1043 for a townhome – 1080sf living space that has a 540sf single-car garage w/ storage as the bottom level.

    HOA is $193/mth, or $2,316/yr, if you want to consider that a type of property tax too.

    Really need to find another home that doesn’t have an HOA.

    1. My property tax in California for half an acre and my 3 room house is $18300 a year.

  26. $1050 for a half acre lot and 1200 sq ft house with a full unfinished basement in central KY. (within city limits)
    $200 for 35 acres and no buildings in the next county over.
    Go figure!!

  27. 800.00 Western North Carolina. 20 acres, 1200sf house, many springs, timber.

  28. Real & Personal Property taxes $3,200/year for 63 acres in Virginia, 3,200 sq foot home, barn, greenhouse, tractor shed, hay shed, shooting shed, rabbitry, buck barn, hen house.
    Personal property taxes are nothing more than car taxes (1 car, 2 trucks, 1 RV, 1 horse trailer).
    Also pay yearly County vehicle b.s. ‘registrations’ and dog license fees which are just add-on taxes.

  29. Property zoned for farming. 17.5 wooded acres with a 2100sq ft log home with a galvalume metal roof on a full basement with covered front and back porches. 1200 sq ft, with a 16′ lean to for tractor, wood heated, insulated metal shop building + 30×60′ pole barn. Annual property taxes of $404.37. Plus I have a 100 yd rifle/pistol range on property. House appraised for $250,000.

  30. 1800.00 for 3,000 sq. ft home on 1 1/2 acres in Illinois. Hoping the assessor does not come to the area, as aquaintances in the same county pay a lot more for a lot less.

  31. $3800 a year on 3 1/2 acres. 1000sq foot home, no outbuildings. Also have yearly taxes on car, state sales tax, income tax. Connecticut. We would like to move out of the state, but difference of opinion keeps us here. I wish to go north, DH wants to go south. Someday we will have no choice.

  32. Missaukee County, MI $375 for 1800sqft home w/ garage on 5 acres, black top road and state park across the road.

  33. 329.00 for 71 acres (agricultural in use) with 2400 sq ft home, 600 sq ft greenhouse, 1200 sq ft barn shop. State income tax 4.75%, local sales tax 8.25%

  34. $2500 a year on lake front home in Western Maine. 1 acre lakeside and 4 acres across the road.

  35. OK, my Kevlar pants are fitted and my ears are plugged:

    $4,500 a year, 1,400 s/f house, on an 8,600 s/f lot, in …. you-know-where.

    But here is the worst part.

    I have the very *last* house in LA county. Yep. My fence is the county line. My next door neighbor lives in SB county, in the same exact house I have, and their taxes are half what I pay.

      1. AC:

        Yeah, I saw yours too. … I want to leave for Jefferson TODAY! I was headed to Lowes just now, so I could dump more money into maintaining this 1950’s starter-home, with the creeping foundation, stuck door frames and stucco cracks. But now all I can think of is how much of my stuff will fit into a 26 foot box truck… and what the weather conditions are presently over the grapevine and through Shasta.


        1. Rainy, very, very RAINY. the area is going to truly get dumped on this weekend. We’ve put off taking our RV down to the dealer for work until it gets better. Wonder what you’ve been finding around Jefferson. Not sure how old you are or what kind of work you do But where I live the biggest employer
          is Pelican Bay State Prison. Lots of people start 2nd careers as corrections officers. It pays well and many of them choose to live about 20 miles north in Oregon. Oops sorry Ken, Off topic and I apologize.

  36. Central AZ ………………1600 sf house ………….1/4 acre …………. $650/yr

  37. Farmstead: $625.00 per year for 2700 sq ft home, barns, shop, greenhouse, misc buildings, 32 acres zoned agricultural.

    Investment/cattle company: $1025.00 for 102 acres agricultural. Tiny house for ranch hand.

    We own irrigation water shares at $6000.00 (currant price, not what we paid for it) a share. We pay the maintenance company $275.00 plus $27.50 a share, per year.

  38. Hey, where is NRP?

    He probably owns a mountain spanning all four corners, with an alligator stocked moat, part of a river and an 8,000′ x 150′ concrete runway in his backyard; and the counties probably pay him to maintain it.

    1. McGyver

      Yes, you are probably correct on the alligators…lol.

  39. I might add as suggested by Ken above…the average household earnings of my area to compare to the tax base using city or county. That may help describe why your taxes are high or low. Wikipedia has the data for a reference.

    The median income for a household in my county was $36,234 in 2000. Forestry, logging, and tourism are the major sectors in the economy.

  40. $2124.88, 3.75 Acers land, 1825 SqFt House, Large 3 car separated Garage.

    Over 1/2 goes to the local schools, that are second to last in their ranking in the US. Absolutely worth school system here, yet they keep building monuments for class rooms and all the Snowflake feel good crapo.

    And we have a 7.19% Sales Tax.

    And we have an above average Income Tax

    And of the 2million people that live in NM, over 450,000 are on food stamps and welfare….

    UGH!!!! I guess someone has to support the leaches of society


    1. Yup we are in Jersey too. But not forever. We’ll escape eventually.

    1. Born in LB, too. Nothing like the old days when you could ride your bike everywhere and not worry about getting shot. After being mugged in NLB in 1984, moved to N.AZ. Now in SW ID. I hate to even go visit friends in CA.

    1. That’s about how much my aunt and uncle pay in Pennington NJ! Nuts!

  41. Here I thought I was going to be the highest ’till I saw a few from Kalifornia.

    2600 sq/ft ranch (4/2) on 1/4 acre in a subdivision outside of Chicago (Kane County). 2014 taxes were $8600. 2015 taxes went up 50% to $12,900! My wife and I put the home up for sale that week. Took us a year to get rid of it. Illinois is a dead state. We want to leave but still have good jobs so we stay. Guess that’s the price you pay.

  42. approx $500 a year for 11 acres, 2100 sq ft house, 2 outbuildings, front and back decks, a huge seperate garden and an orchard. In New Mexico, Catron County

  43. Property taxes are $4,200.00 on 2 acres with a 3800 sq/ft walk-out ranch in Lenawee County Michigan. Sales tax of 6% (none on grocery) and state income tax of 4.25%.

  44. $3,000.00 per Year on a 1,800 Sq. Ft.Old Farm house and 40×60 pole barn on 3 acres in Mid Michigan. State Sales tax 6%

  45. Central New Jersey….on 1 acre…. 2,008 square foot home….$10,866 in taxes!!!

  46. $8900 for a duplex (appx 4000 sq ft) in Orange County. Would be worse if we were in LA county. No extra land, property is built to the limit lines. I know , I know.

  47. Did not mean to be so negative with the reference on the additional tax for the water district making us pay for putting lines into our area.

    What upset me the most is those who voted to bring the water in bought land with or with a home on it, knowing the had NO water or little water but purchased anyway. When they water came in they sold off their properties sticking those who did not want it or need it with their bill.

  48. Central Oregon-2000 sf home on small lot = $3200. Our rental is $3600 at 2300 st and bigger lot. Sigh…..we used to live in Wyoming.

  49. I have a 2500 sq home on 5 acres- a little ove $700

    I also. Have 245 acres of prime timberland, unimproved- just over $400


  50. Texas 3000 sq w/pool, golf course community, in city $6,500 year. small lot. Outside of but suburb of Houston.

  51. Property tax on about 1,100 sq. ft. ranch-style, $4,030.00, in Cudahy, Wisconsin.

  52. 10 irrigated acres, shop, 1600 sf home in central Washington. $3,300 before $500 open space credit. $678 for irrigation.

    Over half of the taxes go to the new schools being built to replace old ones. After several failed school bond attempts, it passed and now they are talking they need to build even more school buildings because of overcrowding. A new fire station was built and now the police dept. wants a new building, too.

    Sales tax 8%+ and 41% of state residents used DSHS in 2015.

  53. $11,000 for 3000 Sq Ft on 1.5 acres in Central NJ. 80% goes to schools. NJ income taxes and 7% sales taxes all go to cities so burbs pay for schools through property taxes.

  54. The sad part is many are paying monthly tax amounts that equal a house mortgage payment. So even if the house is paid for the tax obligations are daunting especially on a fixed income. They will constantly increase. Not how it should be! I sold rental property in a couple states because of the stifling tax burden. I either would have to raise rents on people already struggling or absorb the cost and make zip on my investment. Opted out all together.
    The wasteful spenders are strangling our economy and the Country. They are the true domestic terrorist in my opinion…

  55. North Carolina
    Rural, 1500 square ft, shop, pond, out bldgs, 1 acre
    Taxes $433 yr

  56. Flagler County, Palm Coast, FL. 2400 sqft cost us $848 per year after homestead and veteran exemptions.

  57. Ken,

    thanks for a great article. It was especially eye-opening for me…I said, hey, let’s see what my old house taxes run (pre divorce house on other side of town)…throw in the ex’s name, and SURPRISE! His new wife bought a house two blocks from me back in November!! Gee, when were they gonna tell me???!!! A bit of a shock, I tell ya. Not totally unexpected, but still! haha

    Guess I’ll be getting new neighbors soon…the little one will be happy, anyway (which is all that matters…) crazy.

  58. Kind of late to the party here…just now catching up on last week.

    I’ve got a 1000sf house on 3/4 acre, between Louisville & Lexington.

    Taxes are $1270, with over half going to the school system. To top it off, a 4% prop tax increase is coming this year (all for the school system).

  59. Property taxes are the most evil kind of tax!

    The Goverment is way more dangerous than ISIS They are the real terrorists!

      1. Unless you buy your own island? Although I suppose that they’ve all been claimed by now ;)

  60. $801.00 a year in South Carolina, 3 acres and 2700 sq ft. Drops to about $400.00 a year at 58 yrs old.

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