If your budget is tight, or negative, and you’re wondering how you can trim your expenses, or you’re looking for more ideas to save some money, here are some things to consider as to what you might do without.

Even if your budget is on-track, by trimming or doing without ‘this or that’ may enable you to save cash to purchase more food storage or preps, etc…


Do without the daily morning Starbucks – make your own instead.

Do without buying your lunch every day while at work – make your own instead.

Do without new clothes for awhile – wear what you have instead.

Do without the ‘takeout’ dinners or restaurants – cook your own instead.

Do without the name-brand foods at the supermarket – buy store-brand instead.

Do without buying all those processed foods – make some of it yourself from scratch.

Do without the ‘full TV cable package’ for awhile – get the basic package instead.

Do without running errands every time you need something – consolidate trips and save gas.

Do without driving yourself to work every day – bike, carpool or public transit.

Do without buying expensive gifts – be creative; buy or make thoughtful less costly gifts.

Do without the expensive monthly data plans of a smartphone – consider a ‘dumb’ phone.

Do without a phone ‘landline’ – just use your cell phone as your main number.

Do without a newer car and it’s higher payment – fix what you have, or buy an older vehicle.

Do without late fees – pay your bills on time.

Do without a high student loan – choose affordable college; Community college basic credits.

Do without bottled water – filter your own instead, or drink tap water (it’s Okay).

Do without the dry cleaners – many clothes can be washed delicately; wear something else.

Do without the new clothes – wear your old ones longer or buy used at thrift shops.

Do without an expensive apartment – look for a cheaper apartment somewhere else.

Do without expensive vacations – plan a fun camping trip or other creative fun.

Do without being around friends who like to spend money – keep temptation low.

Do without your credit card temptation – put it away and use only cash instead.

Do without buying from vending machines – eat and drink your own foods.

Do without expensive cleaners – make your own homemade cleaners for pennies.

Do without all those magazines each month – find free things to read at the library.

Do without the gym membership – exercise for free at home, or walk, jog for free.

Do without saying yes all the time – learn to say no; it may save time and money.

Do without new things – learn the word “used”.

Do without low insurance deductibles – increase them for much lower rates.

Do without going to ‘the store’ unless ‘needed’ – minimizing the temptation to buy stuff.

Add your own suggestions for what we can potentially “do without” to save money…

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