Biden I DID THAT peel stickers for gas pumps

I DID THAT! – Biden Stickers For Gas Pumps

Oh, My, Goodness… This is PERFECT. Biden Stickers for the gas pumps out there, that say “I DID THAT!”. So True!

Perhaps you are so inclined to do your own civil disobedience in this regard. For pennies a sticker, you could easily slap one on the gas pump as you fill-er-up next time.

Whoops, I said fill the tank? Well, at today’s prices maybe not! Wow. Maybe a few gallons! And to think all of this could have been easily avoided. But I digress…

I’m ordering my own “I DID THAT!” stickers today. Can’t wait to start applying them. Do your due-diligence regarding ‘stealth’. I am not promoting vandalism. In fact, these particular “I DID THAT!” Biden stickers do come off easily. However, even if they’re later removed, in the mean time, you’re getting a message out there. Kinda fun…


100 Stickers – Mix of 4 Different Patterns

Biden I DID THAT! stickers: This hilarious sticker is as fuel prices continue to rise, people put these stickers on fuel pumps all over the country! Simply place this sticker right next to the total amount of gas at the gas station and observe how people react when they refuel!

Biden gas pump stickers You can paste it anywhere, even decorate your water cup, laptop or mobile phone, etc.

A few reviews:

Not only do I enjoy spreading the truth but I have given away quite a few to my friends upon request.

I really like the fact these stickers came in little (two per) strips rather than a big roll – so much easier to carry around. 


Perfection!!! I am slapping these things on every has pump each time I go to gas up. Also am putting them on meat packages at the store now as well. Love them!

The next best thing to FJB Let’s Go Brandon!


  1. AWESOME!!! I just ordered a set for me! They should be here in time for my next (gulp!) fill up!

  2. Ironically, I just saw this as a comment on someone else’s post. They used to work at a gas station and said the owners or managers will get written up and somehow dinged for things like this on their gas pumps. I don’t want to create hardship for the wrong people.

    1. The ones I saw of the VP say “I just suck”. Fancy Nancy was “I helped”

  3. I bought a pack of 50 several weeks ago, applied several so far.
    Mine are just about 2″ tall.

  4. i would order some but they are on every pump in my area. HAHA
    we all truly hate that guy and his sidekicks

  5. Those are awesome . . . Wanna bet they go “OUT OF STOCK” in no time. LMAO.

  6. Hehe. We’ve had these for a few months. Most of our gas stations already have them – one place keeps trying to scrape them off but people just put another on, it’s kind of funny. And I will admit that I left one in the meat section of the grocery store last week.

    1. Here in SoCal current price for regular, most stations around $5.25! Some areas in CA are already at $6.00.

  7. Excellent,,,
    Got a bunch of rm, going to stick em on pumps and stuff everywhere

  8. Sorry guys, that’s a crock of shit. Oil is a commodity traded on the markets. Speculators and price gougers are what you are paying for. Look it up.

    1. And i bet you voted for the turd in chief eh, donkey

      Policy and supply and demand dictate price, the fact it is openly traded is irrelevant

    2. The sanctions on Russia added to the price, that was a political decision by Biden.

      Shutting down the keystone XL pipeline added to prices, that was a political decision by Biden.

      The corona virus mandates played havoc with production and transportation workers which impacted prices, and that was a political decision by Biden.

      In a free and fair market you are right, speculators and price gougers make money of arbitrage from the futures markets, and they do it a lot in the oil market. However, right now geopolitics is setting the price, not the markets, and the markets haven’t been free and fair for a while.

    3. If speculators and price gougers are responsible for the fuel price increases then the Democrats would have “speculated” the price of fuel through the roof under Trump. Fortunately supply and demand ruled the day and YES, the fuel prices we see today are 100% a result of the Biden Admin. policy.

    1. Well dont buy them there then,,,

      Ill go buy another batch there just because!

  9. Creepy Joe sure is about stupid and the people that actually voted for him are even more stupid. It took less than a month and he stopped out pipeline losing thousands of jobs. Then he stopped oil drilling and offshore drilling. Why would someone do this? Because he is a idiot and just doesn’t care about the average American citizen that busts ass every day to keep our country running. Why should the democrats care? They are rich and live in multimillion dollar homes and to them gas prices have no effect on their lives.
    Creepy Joe is trying his best to destroy what our nation is about. Every day he tests us on just how much abuse we will stand for. I realize that the average American citizen is not rich and live in multimillion dollar homes, we try to live our lives the best way we can.

    1. Why would someone do this? Because his handlers told him to. Go down that rabbit hole and you will get closer to the truth. It’s all part of their plan. And it is seemingly going swimmingly.

    2. WB1889,
      Don’t forget there are a lot of Republicans, that for years, have been helping the democrats destroy our country. McConnell, Rubio, McCain, Bushes, Romney, Cheney to name a few are all part of the NWO global elites and are as dangerous, if not more so than the democrats because the democrats will tell you up front they intentions, while these Republicans wrap themselves in the flag every 2 years, promise to fight for conservatives and then sell us out. Both political parties are evil, anti-American, anti-Constitution globalist they just use different means to achieve the same objective…global control.

  10. Have you seen the Trump stickers?
    It says ” YES HE DID IT ” .
    I’m already to start sticking. Not just gas, but groceries . I’m going to put them on empty shelves and on the buggies.
    It’s a shame that there has to be a sticker to say what is obviously clear. EVERYTHING has gone up almost thirty cents on the dollar. For me, they are going on everything.

  11. Just saw a story on fox that a guy got arrested for putting these on pumps in Pennsylvania

    1. Well, the rest of the story sheds some light on why he was arrested. First, he was spraying a clear-coat over the stickers after being applied to the pump(s) so they couldn’t be easily removed (more into the vandalism territory I would say). Then, when the police showed up (he was there long enough for that?), he apparently went ballistic – fighting (resisting arrest) and so on. Sounds like he was ‘stupid’ about the whole thing.

  12. Cosmic MAGA (listen in that reverberating sci-fi voice). And that’s all I have to say about that.

  13. WA claims it hadn’t raised is gas tax, which stands at $0.494/gal plus a plethora of micro taxes taking it up to $0.53. That’s the GAS tax. But wait! We now have a CARBON tax of $0.45/gal for gas and $0.54/gal for diesel. That’s on top of the federal gas/diesel tax of $0.184/$0.244 per gallon. Total gas tax here is $1.26 a gallon. Which is why I was relieved to see gas in town still at $4.59 the other day. ..
    Are they dealing with the climate with this money? No! Just paying the bill for bloated and over-paid lefty programs.

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