When is the last time that we as a nation and a people have lived within our means? As each subsequent year ticks by, we’re deeper and deeper in debt. The numbers themselves are apparently meaningless to most people – and one wonders whether or not it makes any difference whatsoever… If we as a nation can borrow (print) currency with infinitude, then why not simply print even more – and send each and every person a check for say, $10,000? Or why not more? Wouldn’t that help the economy?

The many problems we face as a nation, right down to the household and individual, is rooted in living BEYOND our means. The issues are right in front of us, as well as the logical solutions. When is the last time you heard anyone talking about ‘reining in’ or curbing spending and living within our means?

Instead, the solutions to date have simply been to spend more. Government has been twisting the numbers, redefining the measuring sticks, funding with borrowed money, using smoke and mirrors, artificially inflating the markets, suppressing truths, propagandizing untruths, devising distractions and shifting perceptions. The thing is…it’s all temporary. It’s not a strategy that will fix anything, it’s a strategy to prolong the inevitable. The inevitable being that someone always pays – eventually, one way or another.

While many ‘hope’ for a miraculous solution, ‘hope’ doesn’t get it done. It may be very unpopular, but only a good plan and hard action gets it done.

Speaking generally, our political ‘leaders’ (I think I just threw up a little bit…) are evidently completely inadequate for administering, controlling, handling, and executing a plan to bring about a solution of living within our means. It’s just too complicated for them. They are inept.

The same problem exists throughout our warped society of ‘buy now’ and ‘pay later’. A society which has been brainwashed to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ – spend, spend, spend, regardless of the burgeoning debt load! Don’t worry about it, everyone’s doing it! Even your government is doing it! It’s okay! Look over here! Nothing’s going on over there! Don’t worry!

WRONG. It’s not okay. You are being duped. One day you will pay.

As our national leadership and their controllers squeeze every last drop from those who still have a drop to give, YOU can change things for yourself to better protect yourself from the consequences that are sure to come.

You can start living within your means. Don’t let the system take any more from you. All you need to do is figure out your priorities – your real needs – and then budget them.

In my estimation we WILL experience a great change, a great reset, an alteration that will affect everyone’s lives. Someone always pays, and given our current state of affairs – the debt collector’s coming…

It will be a fearful time for many, a time of hardship for those who have not prepared. The process may take some considerable time to unfold and the course will not be straight. It may even become dangerous. However YOU can make it around the curves and bends by starting today – living within your means. Learn to live with less so that when you are forced to live with less – it will not be such a shock.

The choice is yours. You can continue to spend like there’s no tomorrow and put your ‘head in the sand’, or you can start today by making a plan to live within your means to help survive through a time of economic hardship.

While no one knows the future and whether or not our controllers will be able to manage the unfolding crisis without a hard crash landing, you and I can take control of our own situation despite the incompetence from ‘above’.

Do your part. Be prepared.

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