How To Reduce Your Expenses


So many people are overwhelmed with debt because they ‘acquired’ numerous ‘wants’ instead of recognizing the difference with ‘needs’. We just talked about a 4 step plan to eliminate your credit card debt, but to reduce it even quicker, you must also reduce your expenses…

Modern survival and personal freedom are more effective and ‘real’ after you eliminate your debt and you are not beholden to credit card companies or banks, or need every last dollar of your paycheck just to survive.

It quite simply comes down to this…


Wants vs. Needs

If you are going to be able to decrease or get rid of your debt completely, you must have a good grasp of this…  In order to gain financial independence you have to be able to accurately distinguish between a ‘want’ and a ‘need’.

This means that you must be honest with yourself.

So the first thing you must do is… take a step back and really take an objective look at your spending habits.  You need to be completely honest and objective.

EVERY purchase that you contemplate, MUST be viewed through a strong lens.

EVERY time, you must ask yourself the following questions…


Why do I need this?

…to help you realize if this is really a want or a need.

What will I do with this?

…will reinforce the answer to ‘why’.

Are there alternatives to this?

…force you to think of other ways or solutions, perhaps less expensive.

What would happen to me if I did not buy this?

…will you suffer without it? How badly? Could you do without or find another way?

The truth is, lots of what we buy is not really necessary. When you have set yourself a goal to eliminate your debt, you can accomplish this much quicker by reducing your expenses to the bone, so to speak. Do without, for awhile. Adapt. Find other ways. Buy used. Purchase less costly foods for awhile. Motivate yourself to change your spending habits so that you can use this extra cash to more quickly pay down your debt.

Being debt free from credit cards, car loans, etc., should be a high priority for those who wish to escape the system – the parasitic system that wants you in debt and wants you as a host. Once you are free from this, you will be stunned with the sense of freedom that will go along with it.

The road to becoming debt-free does not have to be miserable. Learn to enjoy the process of being frugal. Learn to enjoy seeing that balance go down…

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