The Most Valued Jobs After The Collapse

(Great Depression era corn farmer)

The economy will be in shambles after “the collapse”. What is the collapse? For the sake of this discussion it is a hypothetical wherein we are all affected after having been hit by a major crisis/disaster. It is a global crisis throughout the modern developed world that has extended to the point of massive job loss, financial collapse and loss, and levels never seen before of turmoil and social chaos.

This event could be a massive global financial collapse triggered by some major event having caused all the dominoes to fall (seems plausible these days…).

Although the hypothetical that I’m referring to is not necessarily a devastating event such as “grid down” of our electricity and electrical infrastructure, a reader here on the blog recently commented on the article, “Without Electricity Most Of The Population Will Not Survive”

Here’s something to think about: when/if the lights go off, there will be certain specific jobs that will guarantee income in the days, weeks, and months after such an event- barring complete societal breakdown. Getting a job now in the electric, gas, and water utilities or in security, medical, or law enforcement could pay huge dividends later.

While most struggle with their basic needs, people in these fields will not only be in high demand (and absolutely critical to restoring the infrastructure and in serving/protecting the lives of the rest of society) but will prosper.

It’s safe to say that some of the most valued jobs after “the collapse” will be those which specifically relate to whatever it might be to fix the damage caused by the event itself. Whether this will be possible or not will depend on what exactly we’re talking about…

Additionally though, and depending on the extent of collapse, presumably many will be largely on their own. There will not be enough (or any) .gov assistance in this hypothetical. This in and of itself will bring on tremendous societal breakdown given that so many today are dependent on .gov in one way or another.

That said, the most valued jobs will also vary upon geographical location, the needs of the many and the needs of the few.

Assuming that it’s not an environment of complete utter breakdown “every man for himself” and there is still some semblance of civility remaining in various regions or localities (forget the cities!), I suggest that some of the most valuable jobs might be those related to…

…practicality, infrastructure, security, basics, hands-on, mechanical, electrical, carpentry/building, entrepreneurship, farming, animal husbandry/livestock, health-care/doctor/treatment, and others.

Let’s face it. Most people today can’t fix much of anything or do much of anything practical with their hands (other than work a smartphone). When some or much of today’s modern life conveniences are disrupted such that one’s lifestyle is forced to change, this will also create opportunity in the realm of that new lifestyle.

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Some will not be able to cope with it. Some will resist, kick and scream while others will rage and riot. You however may be able to leverage what you have and what you know to your advantage.

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So what do you think? What might be some of the most valuable jobs after “the collapse”, presuming that it’s not all-out chaos out there…