The Value of Prepping & Preparedness When It’s Actually Needed

value of preparedness

Prepping and Preparedness has become remarkably mainstream. Notably conspicuous are many of the rich and famous, including those within the billionaire class building luxury bunkers and remote bug out locations. Those who used to snark at the prepper class are now themselves understanding the value of prepping and preparedness.

What is that value? In essence, peace of mind. At least to the extent of investment. It’s insurance.

What is the investment? Material goods and supplies, protection, practical knowledge, mindset, skills, and know-how.

Why has prepping and preparedness gained so much popularity? The answer is clear. Today’s excessive uncertaintly, anxiety, and concern. Not just a little, but a lot. Global, National, and Local political societal and economic uneasiness (to say the least).

For every person, there is a threshold of what you might call institutional distrust. When that threshold is crossed, a survival instinct begins to kick in. People start taking action to protect themselves.

Whereas many ‘preppers’ have long been doing this for the sake of practical and sensible preparedness (as well as a sense of enjoyment, self-reliance, and sustainability), many today have woken up and are now realizing the horrible mess we’re in. They are suddenly realizing the value of prepping and preparedness.

Valuation. It’s different when comparing between a time when all is running smoothly to a time during ‘collapse’. For example, what’s a nice $1,000 TV worth when the grid is down? Nothing. What’s a 6 month supply of food worth when grocery shelves are bare? Everything.

Consider the value of goods and supplies that people will wish they had during a time when supply chains are severely broken or non-existent. Focus on procuring more of those things to the extent of your risk tolerance. Given today’s glaring uncertainties, it shouldn’t be too hard getting motivated to figure out what’s worth what under those circumstances.

Think about “when it’s actually needed”. What will be more valued when times get rough and tough? How to survive without electricity. How to feed the household when there’s nothing left at the grocery store. What to do to stay safe when society is collapsing all around. Where will you get your information from? How will you communicate with others?

Hopefully this angle or viewpoint of preparedness will instigate some action on your part. What’s the true value of preparedness when it’s actually needed? Focus on that.

When you boil it all down, the greatest value is peace of mind. An assuredness that you are better protected. Protected from what? Well that’s up to you and the extent of your categorical ‘investment’.

Invest wisely. You may need it some day..

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