Deadliest Tornadoes

Are Tornadoes More Deadly Today?

Deadliest Tornadoes

Many people believe that tornadoes are getting worse and/or more deadly than they have been before. Since we so often hear about severe weather, storms, and tornadoes in the news, one cannot help but wonder if things are getting worse.

Here is some perspective regarding deadly tornadoes…


Top 10 Deadliest Tornadoes

1. 1925
F-5 Tornado
Dead: 695
Injured: 2,027

2. 1840
F-? Tornado
Dead: 317
Injured: 109

3. 1896
F-4 Tornado
Dead: 255
Injured: 1,000

4. 1936
F-5 Tornado
Dead: 216
Injured: 700

5. 1936
F-4 Tornado
Dead: 203
Injured: 1,600

6. 1947
F-5 Tornado
Dead: 181
Injured: 970

7. 2011
F-5 Tornado
Dead: 158
Injured: 1,000

8. 1908
F-4 Tornado
Dead: 143
Injured: 770

9. 1899
F-5 Tornado
Dead: 117
Injured: 200

10. 1953
F-5 Tornado
Dead: 115
Injured: 844

All except one of these top-10 deadliest tornadoes occurred before our ‘modern’ times. Even with our urban sprawl of today, still (and perhaps surprisingly) most all of the deadliest tornadoes have happened before any of this. Today we do have the advantage of early warning of severe weather, but we certainly cannot control or accurately predict when a tornado will actually spin up.

It does seem logical to reason that severe weather and tornadoes are probably no more severe or likely to occur than they were 50, 100 or more years ago… The primary difference being that today’s modern media and technology allows instant reporting of these events whereas years ago reporting was a snails pace.

Given that the most deadliest tornadoes that we know about took place so long ago, we might consider that fact while we are confronted with messaging that it’s worse today than ever before.

A tornado is just as deadly today as it was 100 years ago. We need to remain just as vigilant and take advantage of early warning systems (weather alert radios) and protection methods (storm shelter/cellar) during tornado season.

Our population is dramatically larger than it was during these top-10 deadliest tornadoes and although we have suffered terrible loss on occasion, we have been fortunate not to have broken into this top-10 list except for once recently. Let’s hope it stays that way.

We simply are at the mercy of Mother Nature and her forces, cycles and influences.
She just ‘is’ …


  1. I think that over the years building codes also played a part in many structures being stronger today than they were back then, thereby deaths and injuries are far lower even though the population is much higher. Of course the early warning systems also account for the safety of the people. I don’t know if the storms are getting stronger or just bigger. Look at Hurricane Sandy and how many states were affected by this storm. Even the tornadoes that are being reported seem bigger. A mile wide in some cases.

  2. I don’t think they are getting worse, its just there are many more people seeing them and reporting them is easier since communications are so much better than the old days!

  3. Its worth listening to Dr deagle on his radio programme ,”the Nutrimedical Report”.He argues two things.
    1.Thatthe ruling class are manipulating weather through HAARP and other space based weapons that can “superheat” storms to completely devastate communities on the ground, and
    2.There has existed since the Vietnam war certain “DARPA” technology which could form “terroidal field plasma generators that could either steer away potentially dangerous storm cells from built up areas or neutralise them.
    What are your conclusions to this ?One might assume that Deagle is a science fiction nut or that he has first class scientific credibility.I prefer the latter description.Do your own research and find out what is really going on !

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