Planetary Alignment With Pyramids Of Giza


No matter what you may think about the significance (or lack thereof) of a very interesting planetary alignment on December-3 2012, the fact is… it is happening and seems fairly remarkable.

On 12.3.12, the layout of the three pyramids of Giza in Egypt will line up (exactly) with the position of the planets Saturn, Venus, and Mercury.

The planets will not be floating directly over the pyramids in alignment (like some of the images I’ve seen floating around the internet), however the position of the planets themselves in the early morning sky will pattern exactly with the layout of the pyramids.

I was suspicious myself, so I decided to do my own due diligence. Besides, I enjoy a bit of astronomy now and again…

First, using the free program ‘Stellarium’, which shows stars, planets, and other space objects with relation to a time, date, and geographical position, I set the program location for the coordinates of Giza, Egypt. Then, after setting the date to the early morning DEC-3, looking WSW, I captured the image of the planetary positions of Saturn, Venus, and Mercury.

Then, using Google Earth, I zoomed in on the location of the three Giza pyramids and captured that image.

Finally, I adjusted the relative image size to see if the three planets truly lined up to the same pattern as the three Giza pyramids. The result is shown in the image at the top of this article, and as you can see, they do line up.

Is it meaningful? Who knows… It is a curious observation to say the least.

To take it further… I found this factoid… there are 25,920 Minutes from December 3, 2012, 11:11am to December 21, 2012, 11:11am. 25,920 is also apparently the length of time, or close? (years) for the Precession of the Equinox… and is the same length of time of the Mayan calendar… which ends on DEC-21 2012. Interesting symmetry, yes?


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  1. Yes it is quite interesting. Like you I don’t know that it means anything, but then I also don’t know that it doesn’t. I just haven’t been around on this earth long enough to know… LOL But I guess we will all find out!!!

  2. The Mayan calender does not end on December 21st. It is merely the end of one era, so that the next one can begin.

  3. Its again the old problem: Humans tend to find patterns (we are evolutionary strong at this) while there are none or they have no meaning.
    BTW: “Our” calendar ends each year withouth catastrophical events. We just start a new period. And thats exactly what the mayan calendar does. One cycle ends, the next begins.

  4. Ah… The Procession of Equinox’s… and Ken, I hope you know about the other parts to the Milankovich Theory… the whole thing boggles the mind!

    1. It certainly makes for fascinating Google Search and reading material… It all makes sense when you think about it, variations in orbital eccentricity, polar tilt, wobble, etc. all adds up to cycles within cycles, our interaction with the Sun with apparent climate related consequences, and who knows what else…

      1. Check out the cycles of global warming periods and how it also lines up… all great things to know about!!

  5. “Solar System Live” is interesting to see where all are:

    Interesting about the pyramids. I think the earth is also in an interesting position as it’s moved in between Jupiter and the Sun. Saturn is pulling from the other side. Pluto is on the same plane as the other planets and that’s pretty rare for our lifetime. For some reason, the outer planets seem to have more influence on volcanic activity and earthquakes. The inner planets have more impact on solar activity. Too bad the guy from RCA isn’t around any more as he was the only one that seemed to be any good at predicting the solar flares. He left all his notes and pattern formations but they couldn’t replicate his ability.

  6. Is this going to be the cataclysm that has to occur every 7000 years to renew the earth after pollution of the earth, air, water is so great that it has to switch poles in a twinkling, north to south. Where water once was, will be mountains. Where mountains once were will be water. Land and water will be moved and everything on earth will be renewed again. Those who survive will know where to be when this pole shift occurs. I would like to know if on Dec 21st, this will happen.

    1. @Eternity11, Logic tells me, no, that won’t happen. At least in the short time frame that you describe. ‘Usually’ earth changes take long periods of time to evolve. Having said that, there are geophysical changes that can occur in an instant… volcanoes, earthquakes…

  7. @ Ken, Great post, and going to read the links, as it does seem a good read… Thank you… o…

  8. Interesting that the Mayans, Hopi, Aztecs, I-ching and Egyptian civilizations scattered across the planet all have their calendars pointing to the same period in time for the sole purpose of a “reset”? Lonnie Thompson has discovered that a global event occurred approximately 5,200 years that froze the planet. He also believes there is a correlation between his findings and the Mayan calendar. To disregard the culmination of many millennia of data collected by past civilizations and corroborated by science of today is a dangerous leap of faith, especially coming from our civilization’s relatively short existence. Chances are you wouldn’t be at this site if you were one of those. Are the odds in favor of nothing happening this year…definitely. Then again, if I were a gambling man I wouldn’t be here and have a house full of preps now would I?

  9. I really hope that people realize that the messiah Jesus Christ is due to make his return very soon. He has warned in scripture what the signs and wonders represent and to not be fearful. He also warned that the wise will see the signs and others will not and he has said to not be wrapped up with the sun,moon and stars….I pray that everyone be blessed and repent!

    *pull your head out of the sand you little ostriches, get with the truth*

    Daniel 12:10
    Deuteronomy 4:19

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