Pole Shift Data Coverup?


The NOAA National Geophysical Data Center has updated and revised their ‘magnetic north’ pole-shift positional data (during 2012). They have also projected the location of the magnetic north pole through 2015.

The evident magnetic (north) pole shift continues to race along in the same direction since it dramatically accelerated back during the mid 1990’s.

Pole Shift
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However, NOAA made some significant changes and revisions to the pole location data going back to the years 2001 through 2010.

The most noticeable result of the changes that were made was an overall slow down of the magnetic pole shift during the past decade, although still occurring at a high rate of speed.

They have projected positional data through 2015 and have slowed the pace of movement each subsequent year from 30 miles (2012) to 24 miles (2015).

No apparent reason for the change was listed. A 10 year retroactive change nonetheless! Coverup? I don’t know..

Given the fact that they suddenly changed their previously posted data of the preceding decade to indicate a slower pole-shift progression, they are now able to project a slowing trend through 2015.

The following map shows the position of the magnetic north pole, and its shift since 1977.

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Clearly it can be seen where the annual magnetic pole location begins to spread during the mid 1990’s when the acceleration rapidly increased.


The following image plot shows the comparison between the original magnetic north pole locations and now the new revised locations (2001 onward) from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).


While this could be the result of a NOAA factoring error of some sort, one wonders why it wasn’t caught at any other time between 2001 and today. It took 10 years to find it? Hmmm…

previous NOAA data revised NOAA data

Source: http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/

Note this author does not know for certain if NOAA themselves changed the numbers, or if the new data came from another source prior to NOAA processing. We also do not know the details as to why it was changed. This is simply an observation and commentary of the apparent new facts, seemingly leading up to a magnetic pole flip sometime in the future..