Proof Of Magnetic Pole Shift (Reversal)

Image credit: NOAA National Geophysical Data Center

Pole Reversal evidence is clearly shown in NOAA’s new data from the National Geophysical Data Center, named “EMAG2” Earth Magnetic Anomaly Grid (2-arc-minute resolution).

The map colors represent the direction of magnetism of the crustal surface rock (0 – 30 miles deep) as compared to the direction of magnetism of the earth’s core field deep below. The largest portion of the Earth’s magnetic field is generated in the Earth’s core, while magnetized rocks in the crust and upper mantle also make a significant contribution.

This map tells it all.


The way it works is…
New crust forms about 1 inch per year in many places, and during this process and as magnetic minerals cool below 1,100 degrees F, they develop a magnetic field and direction the same as the the strong core field beneath. This is ‘pretty cool’ because we can then ‘see’ the various fields and their magnetic ‘directions’ by way of data-mapping the magnetic fields of the surface crust and upper mantle.


Here’s how to interpret the colors on the map…
The red-to-purple areas indicate magnetic fields of the surface to be in the same direction as the core field, creating a ‘positive anomaly’. The blue-to-black areas indicate where the magnetic fields on the surface oppose the core field, resulting in a ‘negative anomaly’.

Yellow, white and light-blue indicate areas in which the surface field is either very weak, or is in the same direction as the (stronger) core field.

Pacific Ocean west of California


What to look for…
On the ocean floor ridges you can clearly see stripes of uniformly magnetized crust on each side of a ridge. Every few hundred thousand years the core field reverses direction, and the next set of stripes therefore acquires the opposite direction of magnetization. This is clearly visible in EMAG2 as striped patterns which are symmetric about the ridges and appear as opposing colors of red-purple to blue-black.



The cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis suggests that there have been geologically rapid shifts in the relative positions of the modern-day geographic locations of the poles and the axis of rotation of the Earth, creating calamities such as floods and tectonic events. Between approximately 790 and 810 million years ago, when the supercontinent Rodinia existed, two geologically-rapid phases of true polar wander may have occurred. In each of these, the Earth rotated ~55°


Are we overdue for a magnetic pole shift? Many say yes.

Do we know how quickly the pole shift will occur? No we do not. Many believe it is a very slow process, while others believe it to be much quicker.

Do we know the consequences of a magnetic pole shift? There is (are) the obvious issues with navigation methods that may still use magnetic compass. Many believe that earth stresses will occur resulting in dramatic earthquake and volcanic activity and some believe that during a magnetic shift that the surface of the earth will be highly vulnerable to solar radiation which is typically kept in check from the earth’s magnetic field.


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  1. I’ve been following this story for over a year and learned that the northern magnetic field is moving toward Siberia at about 55 miles a year. The initial shift just about two years ago probably triggered the destructive Japan quake and tsunami. The earth’s core has an influence on the ocean water temperature which can mean changing weather patterns. It is theorized that the eastward movement of the northern magnetic field is drawing warmer than normal air to the northeast this winter and has affected the precipitation levels as well.

  2. My background consists of being a former weather map plotter in the US Navy. Since leaving the Navy, I keep myself educated on the weather. It’s an interesting inexact science. The movement of the magnetic field could be the beginning of what is said in the Holy Bible. If you are a reader than you understand.

  3. “Check the USGS each day and watch for earthquakes . . . north of 70 degrees north as an indication of something going on up and down there.”

    Three days later of your post. . .
    Earthquake Details
    Date-Time Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at 13:50:43 UTC
    Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at 04:50:43 AM at epicenter
    Location 67.588°N, 166.680°W

  4. Do not forget you are leaving out the physics of rotational stress on the planet itself. At the equator, there is 26 miles of extra elevation, due to rotational spinning; 13 miles at equatorial regions of the planet, all of the way around the equator. If there were a drastic ~55 degree tilt, suddenly throwing the planet out of kilter, the swollen equatorial regions would suddenly sink as they moved to new latitudes,to as much as 26 miles, on each side of the world. If moved toward the equator, a northernmost elevation could raise 26 miles at most, all the way around the new equatorial region. A bug-out mentality is great, but insignificant in overall perspective. By the way, Atlantis probably met this same fate.

    1. Hi Paul,
      I don’t know if you’re still watching this as it’s an old post. Firstly, I don’t think if Atlantis was a real place it went that way. It likely went the way of Pompeii via Vesuvius. Man wasn’t building villa’s when the last polar shift occurred although that event was well after homo erectus. Also, if a polar shift occurred the earth would continue to spin exactly as it is which wouldn’t affect the stress on equatorial regions. There is no friction to change the earths rotation in a polar shift, it simply tilts differently. To change to earths rotation direction or speed would require a different kind of mega event such as a massive meteor impact. That would create the friction required. I personally believe that’s what happened to the dinosaurs. It wasn’t just the damage to earths habitability or all life would’ve been destroyed. The impact changed the speed of the earths rotation which changed the gravitational pull. Creatures that used to stand under their own weight suddenly couldn’t because a slower spin would make things heavier. Only smaller stronger creatures could survive. A t-rex could no longer support his weight to chase you.

  5. nice tidbit on the extra girth at the equator, Paul. i wish there were a site that easily showed us the day to day exact movement. a widget or app is overdue. And Atlantis, Stonehenge, Easter Island, the actual Myan calendar, Apothecarian Device, Machu Pichu, The Ten Commandments and The Crystal Skulls are all potential artifacts / evidence we have been through this before. in speaking with a local Pentacostal Minister last year i learned that “no man is to know the time of revelations. one clue is that it will happen during The Feast of Trumpets (sept – oct).” He finished with, “..but when it does finally occur, i think God will owe Sodom & Gomorrah an apology for waiting so long.”

  6. After reading through I must conclude that if this information is correct, the poles are nearing a shift. My calculations indicate that when the earth moves under the pressure of the shifted magnetic south, true south should be pulled to within 300 miles of where magnetic south is now. This means Detroit Michigan, currently 3200 miles from true north would wind up within 1700 miles of true north. Magnetic north would shift the appropriate 1800 miles and those differences would gradually subside until magnetics return. Meanwhile the earths rotation would change from a medium tilt to a more extreme tilt where the current northern and southern hemispheres are more in line with six months of night or day. Welcome to the next 60,000 years!

  7. I should add that popular science does not believe in sudden axial shifts but neither can they prove one way or the other. They can prove polar shifts at intervals of nearly a million years. They’ve been known to happen as early as 10,000 years apart and revert back within a human lifetime. The last one was over 750,000 years ago so this is very much a possibility. What they don’t consider is that the poles could shift because the Earth tilts so far on it’s axis that it would literally tip over (upside down). This would cause Earths molten core to shift inside, essentially reversing north and south in it’s core until it tipped back (Twilight Zone theme plays here). Think of it as a hamster ball. It rolls around in a predictable course yet the hamster inside always stays in the same gravitationally controlled position.

  8. There’s no such thing as a polar shift. It’s complete Sci-Fi BS, because it’s impossible. The Earth’s core will always support a synchronous tilt and freely spin in the same direction forever until the planet is destroyed. The core will never flip either as long as the planet continues to spin in the same direction and continues to orbit around the Sun in the same direction. I’m sorry, but you folks have been duped by bad science.

      1. Ken I hear about this Pole Shift from time to time but am confused. What do you expect we would see-experience here in NH? I think I understand that Magnetic North would be screwed up until it stabilized and we recalibrate declination angle of the (New) Mag North vs. True North?

        Ken would it be an odd inconvenience or a troublesome event?


        1. NHM and Ken
          Is it just me??
          Seems to me the sun is changing direction.
          For years the morning sun has hit a certain window in the AM, now it is hitting another window farther to the north..approx eight to ten feet.
          Also it seems to be at a different angle, further north on the drive to work. A same road traveled the past 29 yrs.

        2. Throughout the year the sun’s apparent angle changes vs. time of day. At least until the same time a year from now… unless you’re on the equator.

        3. Ken
          Don’t get me wrong.
          I understand the sun’s rotation though out the year.
          But these changes i’ve noticed, have occurred through out several years,
          The same ole routine

        4. Joe c,

          I’ve mentioned the same thing to my wife. My front porch faces almost due east, I view the same landscape year after year. I watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee almost every morning and I would swear the sun is rising a little farther to the north every year than at similar times of the year. At my age, I don’t worry about it much. I’m just glad I’m still around for the ride. (most days)

        5. Dennis
          Good to hear that I’m not the only one who thinks I’m crazy
          Thanks for back up.👍

        6. I almost never seee the sunrise, but the sun set I see, often,.. and it is further north by at least 15 degrees . Almost a year ago, I knew something had changed and began watching the road as I traveled west in afternoon. Think it has been moving around for a few years… I just never wen anywhere at time it was most noticeable to me.

        7. Michael, I can’t answer that (what to expect). It’s speculation.

          I suppose that worst case – a magnetic shift/reversal may negate (to an extent) the protection we get from solar radiation. The earth’s magnetic field shields us from much of the radiation from the sun.

          Michael, without it (during a time period when poles are weak), we would theoretically be subject to bombardment of solar radiation here on the surface, regardless of where you live.

        8. Thanks Ken. Seems every day we get something new to fret about. AKA Yellowstone’s throwing rocks now…

          Off to bed early start tomorrow

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