Don’t Forget To Stock Mobility Aids

Guest post: by Tammy

You may not need crutches or a wheelchair today, but…….

If you have no access to doctors or hospitals, there are bound to be injuries that may diminish your mobility, or that of someone in your family or group.

What are you going to do if you break a leg? Of course you know first aid, so the break can be set. But what are you going to be able to DO? Sit in one spot and wait for someone to help you move to another spot when you need to?

No, because you thought ahead and added crutches, a walker and maybe a wheelchair to your preps. Or at least have a couple of things on-hand that can be re-purposed to serve as mobility aids. Things like a desk chair on wheels, while not perfect, are better than nothing. Even a wheeled garden cart can be useful in this case.

It’s a good idea to look at what you have on hand already, with an eye towards things that can help you get around if needed. Try those things out, see if they would actually be helpful. If you can’t find anything, I urge you to acquire at least a couple of items. At the top of my list is a wheelchair, as that can really be helpful if you need to move quickly.

Having mobility issues myself, I have stocked up on aids:
Two manual wheelchairs
Electric wheelchair
Electric 3-wheeled scooter
Folding aluminum walker
A pair of crutches

I have solar chargers for the electrical appliances so they should be good for a number of years (unless something breaks). I also have a rugged plastic garden cart that will do in a pinch, plus it makes a great trailer to haul behind the wheeled chairs. I haven’t bought extra batteries yet, but that is at the top of my list.

There are a lot more issues to discuss on the subject of mobility but I feel the most important one is having something to help you get around if you need it.