Fuel Treatment For Generators


Not only might you have your own generator sitting at the ready for a power outage, there are tens of thousands of generators at the ready in a wide variety of settings such as hospitals, airports, cell phone sites, internet service providers, fire and police stations, large apartment buildings, office buildings, data & telecommunication centers, drinking water pumping stations, nuclear power plants, and many more…

The thing is, when you need it the most, your generator might not start – because you didn’t use any fuel treatment…

The weakest link in these generators is the fuel, which often sits unused or not rotated for many many months or even years(?)


There has been a surge of residential generator purchases in recent years. How many of these generators have been sitting idle and neglected (along with their fuel storage) for countless months, just waiting to be started up during an emergency?

The problem is, many of them will be ‘gummed up’ or won’t run due to old fuel sitting in the lines, fuel filter, carburetor, and even your fuel cans. Many of these perfectly good generators will fail when they are needed most – because of old fuel.

Most fuel will only maintain its freshness for about 3 months in good storage conditions.

Unfortunately, this relatively short shelf life can be very bad for backup generators.

There is a solution to this problem however.

Fuel treatment with fuel stability additives.

There are many fuel treatments to choose from and they are available at automotive stores, hardware stores, etc. Many of them are formulated to keep fuel fresh for about 6 months up to 1 year. While this is pretty good, I’ve found an fuel additive that’s even better…

Having researched this issue, I have come to the conclusion that there is one fuel treatment that is apparently much better than the rest, and while it costs more than the others, it will treat fuel for years without issue. The company is called Power Research Inc., and they make a product line under the name PRI-Products (they are not an advertiser).

PRI-G Gas Fuel Treatment
PRI-D Diesel Fuel Treatment

If you look for fuel treatment at your local stores, there is one brand that is often seen on the shelves, named STA-BIL. I have used this fuel treatment myself for some time (with no problems), although I have always rotated my fuel by the time 1-year rolls around.

I have since discovered that the PRI products (sold separately for diesel and gasoline) and their specifications and research claims – are far superior than any other, and I am switching to them so as to take advantage of even longer fuel shelf-life.

If you have a portable generator, take care of it, so it will run well when you need it most.

Start it up at least once every several months.

Be sure to use fuel treatment.

You’ll thank yourself later.

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