Gifts For Preppers – Christmas, Birthday, Whenever…

Gifts for preppers

A brainstorm idea list of gifts for preppers. Practical things. Gifts reflecting common sense preparedness. I would consider gifting any of these to non-preppers too!

Although ‘preppers’ have a sort of reputation thanks to mainstream characterization, the fact is that most preppers are the type of people better at recognizing risk (and doing something about it). Preppers recognize vulnerabilities, and then mitigate them.

Some preppers are just beginning. Others are well supplied for the long term. However any of the following prepper gifts would surely be appreciated. Even if they already have one, because the saying is, “Two is one, and One is none”..

Which leads to a list of gifts for preppers. The things that would assist in mitigating the many vulnerabilities that exist in the course of traversing through life. The disruptions thereof.. Or just great ‘tools’ to have.

Are you wondering what might be on a preppers Christmas list? Or simply a list of some prepper gift ideas for any occasion? Or, what about prepper-oriented gifts for the non-prepper – things that are not so esoteric…

Gifts For Preppers – List of Ideas

This is a brainstorm list to get you thinking. Associated links to amzn or direct suppliers, for your browsing convenience.

Everything here has been vetted. I would buy any of these myself – although I already have most all of them anyway :=)

Prepper Gifts – Categories

    That list of gifts for preppers should give you lots of ideas to consider.

    You might think of it in terms of categories. Food, Water, Shelter, Security. These are essentials for survival. Within each category there are so many methods to mitigate disruption and consequences.

    Although common sense and practical skills are a big part of it, having the right ‘things’ is important too! This blog is filled with such information. But this quick list of gifts for preppers should spark some thoughts for your own gifting ideas.

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