Having a good pair of binoculars can be a great asset for many various applications, and similarly will be a valuable and useful tool for preparedness.

I have owned several pair of binoculars over the years, and while I do have a current favorite ‘best’ pair, the fact is that owning ANY pair is better than having none – given their many practical uses.

Here is a bit more about it, as well as a request to brainstorm a list of uses for binoculars:

Binoculars come in a very wide variety of shapes, sizes, weights, qualities, ruggedness, and technical parameters. Some are cheap and inexpensive while others can be VERY expensive. Obviously your use-case-scenario (what you’ll be using them for) will partially determine what’s best for you (as well as your budget).

I have always been a fan of quality, and I appreciate the differences between the ‘cheap’ and the ‘good’ or even ‘best’. That said, sometimes it’s just not practical to pay for quality, but other times it’s well worth the extra.

A current pair which I’ve owned for years is the Nikon Monarch ATB 8×42. While there are binoculars that cost lots more, I have found this quality pair to be a very good combination of attributes from a well known and highly regarded ‘optics’ company. They are not ‘compact’ but I enjoy the relatively light-weight small design (very important if you’re carrying around) coupled with the extremely good quality optics (the main reason for having binoculars!), low-light performance, waterproof, and rubber armored body for grip and durability.

(relative size) Not compact, but not too big either.

I’m currently browsing around for a good quality pair of ‘compact’ binoculars, but haven’t decided yet. If you have any preferences regarding the ‘compact’ size, manufacturer, model, etc.. comment and let me (and the rest of us) know…

Okay, lets come up with a list of uses (practical or otherwise) for binoculars.

I’ll just list a few to get it started, and then after you’ve commented with your own thoughts, I’ll update the list later.


Uses For Binoculars

General purpose from inside the house. My Nikon binoculars are usually hanging next to one particular large window which overlooks some of the property, woods, and fields. Since I don’t have the eyes of an eagle, I often use them to discover “what is that?” that I see moving out there…

Bird watching. We have lots of birds around this year and there’s one elusive variety that I’ve not yet seen (although I very often hear its unique ‘call’ which I’ve never heard before until moving here). This bird is evidently very timid and whenever I even remotely approach the tree where I hear it – he goes silent. Even with the binoculars I haven’t spotted this bird yet. One day…

Surf casting (fishing). When I occasionally take a ‘R & R’ trip from here in the mountains down to the ocean for some surf casting, binoculars help while scanning down the shoreline looking for birds hitting the water or an area of ‘boiling’ water with ‘bait fish’ – both signs of a school of larger fish underneath doing their natural part of the ‘food chain’ cycle…

Okay lets hear from you.
Brainstorm a list of uses for a pair of binoculars, and why we should have a pair…

Note: It’s interesting how we often refer to binoculars as “a pair of binoculars”. It’s actually a pair of hinged monoculars which makes them a single ‘binocular’, is it not? But I digress… ;)

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