How To Keep Your Cell Phone Charged During A Power Outage

(possibly the best cell phone charger for when the power goes out)

When there’s a regional power outage and the power goes out, your cell phone will keep on working – at least until the battery drains.

Then what? During the time of Hurricane Sandy I recall reading articles describing how people were desperately looking for ways to charge up their cell phones for communications with loved ones.

It was a great example of what will happen when the power is out for more than just a few hours and the need for a solution to the problem of recharging portable USB devices such as your cell phone.

Well here’s an effective way to keep your cell phones charged when the grid does down or while you are off-grid:

I will point out three products.

1. A power storage device (USB external battery) which is capable of charging your USB devices many times over.

2. A popular USB wall charger to initially charge the USB external battery.

3. A USB solar charger.


Portable USB External Battery For Charging Your Cell Phone

Anker PowerCore 10000

I have owned one of these USB external batteries for a while and have been impressed with it’s functionality and ability to recharge my USB devices many times over.

The brand ‘Anker’ is apparently #1 in this category.

How It Works

It’s simple – you first ‘charge up’ the USB external battery ‘power bank’ by using a USB wall charger.

The following is currently the most popular “Anker” brand USB wall charger:

Anker 40W/8A 5-Port USB Charger

Once it’s charged, the USB external battery will subsequently charge any cell phone (and many other USB devices) from it’s USB ports using “PowerIQ” technology.

Anker’s PowerIQ technology recognizes what type of device that’s connected and charges it at the appropriate specification for that device.

This is great for preparedness and any off-grid condition where you might need to recharge your cell phone or nearly any other USB device.

If you travel, this will be a handy way to charge your devices without having to search out a wall receptacle.


Solar Charger For Cell Phones

For a more permanent or long-lasting solution to charge your cell phone or USB devices without grid-power, the following solar charger will get the job done.

Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger

Similar to the previous Anker product, their solar charger uses USB ports to charge your cell phone, USB external battery, or other USB devices.

How It Works

Set it in the sun! Plug in your device!

It’s 21 watt capability also uses ‘PowerIQ’ technology to automatically detect your device and charge it according to the specifications of the device itself.

Well that’s it – I thought I would point out these solutions to charge electronic devices like cell phones during a power outage.

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