Modern Survival Blog is a well established top-tier preparedness website. We focus on practical, sensible preparedness.

We have had an online presence since 2010.

We’ve authored ~2,000 articles to date and present a unique mix and variety of article topics within the preparedness arena, while the website serves thousands of daily readers.

Modern Survival Blog also receives thousands of additional daily PageViews from a wide variety of web-search results to further enhance your branding and advertising.

How to Apply as an Advertiser

  • We do not accept all advertisers
  • We do not accept guest articles in trade for a link
  • Only those who in some way offer preparedness-related products or services to our community will be considered
  • Contact us (info in footer) for our current rate sheet

Q & A about Advertising on MSB

Question: How many people will click on the banner to my site?

Answer: We cannot guarantee how many may visit your site. Why? People’s varying interests, the ad itself, and other variables. With that said, the value of branding is a powerful thing. Your advertising & branding will appear in a number of places on our site. Contact us for our current policy.

Question: How much traffic does Modern Survival Blog get?

Answer: We receive about 200,000 page views a month (Google Analytics) and about 700,000 pages served up each month (Awstats).