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We have had an online presence since 2010.

We present a unique mix and variety of article topics within the preparedness arena while the website serves thousands of daily readers.

Modern Survival Blog also receives thousands of additional daily PageViews from a wide variety of web-search results to further enhance your branding and advertising.

How to Apply as an Advertiser

Note: We vouch for the companies that do brand and advertise with us. It reflects upon Modern Survival Blog those whom we choose. We don’t accept all advertisers.

1. Use our contact form to email the page link for your advertisement.

2. We will review the page / company to decide whether it fits with us.

3. If acceptable, we will email you our current rate sheet and await your reply.

4. If we both agree, a PayPal request will be sent to you (as explained in the rate sheet). Upon payment, your banner advertisement will be up within 24 hours.

Q & A about Advertising Here

Question: How many people will click on the banner to my site?

Answer: We cannot guarantee how many may visit your site. Why? People’s varying interests, the ad itself, and other variables. With that said, the value of branding is a powerful thing. Our regular visitors will see your banner and brand every day. You will appear weekly in our open-forum. We WILL promote your company/product/brand in specific articles from time to time. It all adds up…

Question: How much traffic does Modern Survival Blog get?

Answer: We receive about 200,000 unique page views a month (Google Analytics) and about 700,000 pages served up each month (Awstats).