Prepare Now. It’s About To Hit The Fan (UPDATE).

world war 3

We are quite likely on the cusp of WW3. I suggest that you continue to shore up your practical preparedness. I do believe that most people have absolutely no idea of what may be about to happen (and that which is happening).

Clarification: We are already within WW3. It just hasn’t bitten you in the ass yet (as of this update)..

Wars of religion. They are always especially dangerous. In essence, that’s what this latest war front is. And it has been going on in the Middle East, seemingly forever.

Even if being used as pawns for other (non religious) gains (e.g. resources, land, the global power domination game of 4D-chess), those fighting the war, and those of the public whose opinion is being propagandized to take one side or the other, it is always Divide and Conquer.

Religious beliefs run deep. And therefore so do their Wars. This is in no way, over. It may have only just begun.

We have been witnessing the global repercussions of this war. All around the world, massive protests. Riots. Seething hatred. The instability is palpable.

From online sources and spotter reports in the region…

In the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Carrier Strike Group 12, including Aircraft Carrier USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78). Carrier Air Wing 8. Cruiser USS Normandy (CG-60). Destroyer Squadron 2 including USS Ramage (DDG-61), USS McFaul (DDG-74), and USS Thomas Hudner (DDG-116). And all of their support.

In the Gulf of Oman. Carrier Strike Group 2, including Aircraft Carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69). Carrier Air Wing 3. Cruiser USS Philippine Sea (CG-58). Destroyer Squadron 22 including USS Gravely (DDG-107), USS Mason (DDG-87), and ITS Virginio Fasan (F 591). And all of their support. Additionally, Ohio-class submarine USS Florida (SSG-728) is reportedly in theater.

In the Red Sea. The Bataan Amphibious Ready Group, the Bataan and Carter Hall, with elements of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit.

In addition to these major formations, there are others serving in submarines, individual surface ships, aircraft squadrons, SEALs, Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Forces, Seabees, EOD Mobile Units and more which have not been reported or sighted.

The build up. The build up to what exactly?

By the way, the U.S. (Ukraine proxy) / Russia war is still ongoing. Hundreds of thousands dead. Hundreds of Billions spent. You’re just not hearing about it right now (Therefore it does not exist, right?).

My advice for those who are ‘aware’? Just realize that there is a possibility that we here in the U.S. could become directly involved as WW3 escalates. Be aware of False Flags as well as the likelihood of terror attacks here in our homeland. While “it” might not happen in your immediate region, the follow-on affects certainly will impact you. Should “it” happen in any sort of major way, though it may seem unthinkable, familiarize yourself with Martial Law. It’s probably not what you think. I will write about it shortly..

Originally posted 20-OCT (original article below), here we are ~3 weeks later as the situation in the Middle East is spiraling out of control. Many nations are fortifying and have unified their alliances as assets are being positioned for the theaters of existing and planned conflict.

Following the 7-OCT Hamas surprise attack on Israel, killing roughly 1,400 people..

The War Drums are pounding while the bombs are blasting. It has only just begun.. Of the many detailed developments during these weeks since the Middle East war began, I am updating this post with recent news.

Imminent Escalation

Iran’s Defense Minister just said, “…the destruction of the Zionist regime is imminent.” “If this war and the crimes of the Zionists against humanity do not stop, they will soon receive a heavy blow in the region and beyond.”

Evidently Hezbollah will broadcast a message Friday, 3-NOV, reportedly an ultimatum. If the [atrocities] do not stop by Friday, all out War will be declared. [Post-Speech-Update: Declaring the U.S. as their enemy, but short of declaring War]


During 1-NOV, the 118th Congress voted and passed (354/53) H.Res. 559 “Declaring it is the policy of the United States that a nuclear Islamic Republic of Iran is not acceptable.”

This resolution declares that it is the policy of the United States
(1) to use all means necessary to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, and
(2) to support the freedom of action of partners and allies to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

This has quite obviously (in my opinion) set the stage for future strikes upon Iran, In other words, War with Iran. As a result, this action (if taken) will likely unleash terror cells here in the U.S., among other actions. Other nations will get pulled in upon further escalation.

The number of warships in the region is astounding. The buildup of assets has been in High Gear. I presently Do Not see a likelihood of de-escalation. Rather, all I hear and see is War, War, War! WW3.

Most Americans are Sleep Walking and Clueless about all of this. For those who are awake, I suggest that you do something, anything, for your own preparedness sake. And do it soon.

Now back to the original post:

World War 3 Is Likely Upon Us

For those who have not been following world events, go back to sleep. But for those of you who have been paying attention, digging deeper, and seeking detail about the unfolding events, it’s time to presume that it’s about to hit the fan.

Events are building. One upon the other.

I do believe that any one of many existing ‘triggers’ could get pulled at any moment. Engrained normalcy bias makes it difficult to consider. Especially the bias of “It will never happen here, or affect me here”. But you may be very wrong about that..

This post is not purposed towards rehashing all of the “why’s”, or the many details of what is unfolding in the Middle East, and the world right now. There are many sources out there for discovery (tip: seek out all sides).

I believe that we are living through a ‘fourth turning’ empire struggle for world domination. East vs. West. United States / NATO (coupled with dollar hegemony) versus an ‘East’ alliance of nations influenced most by Russia/China (and all of their proxy states/nations).

In my view, it is about to explode in the Middle East region. Soon.

The United States

Look around you. The division(s) is astronomical. Societal decay has reached previously unimaginable depths. Civility is all but gone. Seething anger. In other words, it’s a tinder box out there, even here in the ‘United’ States.

Sleeper cells will be activated. There is zero doubt in my mind. They are here. How did they get here? Well, they simply walk right in. Blame your congressperson.

There are so many ways to disrupt here in the United States. Cyber. Grid. Infrastructure. Civil War. I’m telling you, when one of these WW3 triggers are pulled, there’s going to be $hit happening here in the USA. I’ll leave it at that..

And I haven’t even begun to mention what may happen when the first U.S. Aircraft carrier (several currently in theater) is sunk by a hypersonic missile. Or when the first nuclear tipped weapon is used (of which there are an overabundance thereof – by many nations/states).

Prepare Now – The Clock Is Ticking..

Security. Food. Water. Only ‘you’ know where you might be lacking. Just get it done. Now.

Are you able to defend yourself and your household? Do you have the tools necessary?

Remember that most grocery stores basically resupply on a 72 hour rolling basis. In other words, upon ensuing panic, grocery store shelves could run empty much sooner than you may realize. After that, you will be $hit out of luck. You will go hungry. Desperate. Worse..

Though I feel that I am quite well prepared in general, this week I’ve acquired even more foods of a fairly substantial amount. That’s how much my gut is telling me that it’s about to hit the fan.

I do not know to what extent WW3 may affect me where I live. However it is easy for me to hypothesize how bad that it could get. So given that I have the present resources to prepare more, that’s what I’ve been doing in a variety of ways.

If WW3 never happens, or if we here in the United States skate through it unscathed, well, the acquired supplies will remain to be an insurance policy to keep my household alive, should it become necessary..