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Prepping and Preparedness Brings Peace of Mind

Prepping and preparedness. Be it a ‘once and done’, or be it a lifestyle. Prepping and preparedness brings with it, peace of mind. It’s a natural byproduct. When you make the decision to take that first step towards being better prepared, you will begin to experience a pleasant, calming, yet powerful, ‘peace of mind’.

Prepping and Preparedness can be a sort of ‘one and done’. Procuring extra consumables for a ‘bump in the road’, just in case. And that’s okay if that’s the extent taken. At least there has been some action, and hopeful mitigation! This certainly will be some peace of mind.

It can also become a lifestyle. It’s not that your life will change all that much (though maybe it will if you take it further). Rather, your outlook and priorities (and your decision making process) might shift a bit.

Recognizing risks and gaps. Beginning with the likelier types and filling those holes, and moving on to greater risks and their associated fixes. I used to say that many of the bigger risks are less likely to occur. Although that may be statistically accurate, it sure does seem like some of these ‘big’ one’s are increasingly likely in our current world environment! But I digress..

Prepping and Preparedness can be a rewarding journey. Balancing one’s modern-day lifestyle with self reliance, independent thought and critical thinking, self responsibility, and preparedness for ‘just in case’.

The more that you do for yourself, your household, etc.. in this regard, the better you will feel about your situational security and well being. It’s natural to feel good when you’re accomplishing prepping and preparedness goals by your own hands, so to speak.

You might begin to notice and see things (news, events, realities, systemic risks) in a different shade of light than before. You may begin to see through the marketing, ‘messaging’, and propaganda all around, as you dig deeper for truths. Prepping and preparedness has a way of making you more of an independent minded person. And that’s a good thing in my view.

As you further your journey, you may also become more focused on self reliance and sustainability. That sure does bring more peace of mind!

In closing, we sure do live in uncertain times right now. When things don’t feel quite right, it’s normal to circle the wagons. To feel like hunkering down.

The thing of it is.. the longer you’ve been active in prepping and preparedness, the less the feeling of “oh shit!”. Because you’ve established yourself a sort of security blanket which lies over the broad spectrum of all your prepping and preparedness along your journey. A peace of mind.

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  1. Can not imagine it as a “once and done”. We made it a lifestyle two decades ago, and have never been happier (or healthier for that matter). We feel pretty secure in our preps and certainly have gained extensive skills and educated ourselves in many lost arts. I would never wish for SHTF, but feel fairly confident that if it does, we will be able to assist our extended family as needed. My wish for all here in MSB is that you can say the same. Keep living the lifestyle, and thank YOU Ken and all for sharing so many wonderful ideas.

  2. My 2 cents worth.
    I have no idea what this Prepping stuff is??

    It’s been a Lifestyle for a very very long time I believe.
    My parents were Depression Born-n-Raised, they never would allow the Pantry to run empty or even show a few empty shelves, ALWAYS had a garden (HUGE garden), raised Rabbits/Chickens and bartered for a full beef every year.

    The word Prepper was not even a word back then.
    When one is raised in that environment it comes easy to remain living a Lifestyle.
    Yes times have changed, but that core thinking still remains.
    Yes even the skills we learned as youngsters are still valid today.
    Some people put down the Boy (&girl) Scouts, but in my day ya learned a LOT about how to take care of yourself, even when camping in 2 feet of snow, and shooting 300 yards with dad’s hunting 30-06.

    Make your “Prepping” a Lifestyle and get your face out of the stupid-phone and brain deadening devices.

    Be informed but live life.

    Yes my friends “Life really is good here on Lightning Point”

    1. I agree 100%. I was stocking up on food tools ect 40 years ago against winter and slow time in winter ( worked construction back then ) Wasn’t a name for it then. As things got worse in the world I just stepped up my game . Now I just prep for the same thing but longer term

  3. I am surprised this particular topic has so few responses. Yes, knowing we have our ducks in a row and can better face whatever may come our way brings peace of mind.

    It also saves me countless hours that I do not have to spend in a store or at a market because I have consolidated my shopping or grown what we need for our household. That time is most precious to me.

    And it saves me angst because I do not enjoy being in the stores where people seem to be more entitled and act out in public like a 2 yrs old that is not getting his way.

    It saves me money because I only shop when an item is on sale because I have enough stored to manage until the next sale.

    The most important savings is my peace of mind. There is enough weird stuff going on in this world so gaining some “quietness” for my soul is a giant plus. Try it and surprise yourself at how much better you will feel as most of us on this site can attest.

  4. Been thinking about this since it was written. Have to say – Nope. Maybe I’ve been too many places and seen too many things, but when I contemplate preparedness I become more anxious, not less. This is not to say I don’t have faith; I do. I’ve been given talents but am I doing enough with them? I’m mentally tough, but the thought of widespread devastation being visited upon the innocent is an open wound these days. Maybe it’s just that after coming down with original virus back in early 2020 I’ve never regained my previous strength. And endurance is waning with age. I prepare. I’m prepared. But NRP’s question nags at me. Will it be enough?

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