Preparedness is Peace of Mind


When you make the decision to take that first step towards preparedness, you will experience a pleasant and powerful ‘peace of mind’.

You will suddenly become excited about the prospect of taking personal control of your life’s needs. You will become empowered as your preparedness actions take form and you begin to take steps towards personal responsibility for your survival without complete dependence upon external rickety systems stretched and squeezed to very thin margins of reliability.

As soon as you purchase that extra can of food; as soon as you harvest your first summer squash; as soon as you fill your first gallon of extra water; as soon as you unpack your first drinking water filter; as soon as you take a pro-active action towards your personal security…

You will likely have become a prepper (that dreaded word!) ;)

It will become a way of life. It’s not that your life will change so much (maybe it will), but your priorities might change a bit. You might begin to see things a bit differently. Your decision making process might become more focused around self responsibility. You might be fooled less by the systemic marketing and ‘messaging’ all around you as you dig deeper for truths.

As you delve further into preparedness you will discover that your risk awareness will naturally increase as the curtains are pulled back revealing the stark realities of the dependent systems keeping most humans alive today.

These newly discovered risks will boost your efforts to prepare even more; to become more self-sufficient; to become less dependent; to become more secure; to be liberated.

This all brings peace of mind – in that you are becoming better prepared as an individual or household – should difficult times lie ahead.

It is a rewarding journey of balancing one’s modern life during modern times – with self reliance, independent thought, critical thinking, self responsibility, and personal preparedness.

It is, after all, the way of life our ancestors lived (preparedness). Unfortunately the remarkable advances of modern technology (although beneficial in many astounding ways) creates (over time) a normalcy bias such that we’ve raised a dependent class of humans (several generations) who literally would not survive if one or a few key systems were to fail.

As our modern world becomes more complicated, dependent, and even dangerous, and as billions of people are squeezed more densely together, and as the potential seemingly increases for infrastructure and financial systems failure, – are you prepared?


  1. For me, preparedness came about in a more natural way and it’s probably because we’re on a small homestead. We think and do differently than most in America. I wanted out of ‘the rat race’ more than 30 years ago and after making the move away from all of it, our move brought about the ability to begin a more self-reliant lifestyle.

    I’ve always had extra food in my pantry since I was young, but looking back, I would not say I was a ‘prepper’ at that point. I just always kept extra food items because I cooked from scratch and I didn’t eat out, even back then (couldn’t afford to). The weekly trip to the grocery store always included produce to cook those meals (celery, mushrooms, onions were always on hand in the fridge). Herbs and spices, baking goods — I always had plenty of those things.

    After working for FEMA, my eyes were opened to disaster preparedness and the effects of disasters on a household and family. I gained a very different perspective on how to prepare, and work through, disasters from my employment there.

    But true ‘preparedness’ occurred after Obama became the annointed one. It was also during that time that our region suffered a terrible drought and our garden took a big harvest-hit. During that time, we realized that we wouldn’t be able to harvest an ample supply of tomatoes for our tomato sauce, ketchup, and paste. So we began thinking of those ‘just in case’ scenarios and we added in a 1,000 gallon water tank into our rain catchement system. We also began our second veggie garden. We planned on a larger scale because of the political upheaval/threats AND because of the importance of our garden harvest.

    So our preparedness really ramped up between 2008-2009. In 2009, the food storage began to grow quickly, as did our way of looking at savings, assets, liquidity, and a more serious means to be self-reliant. We have never once regretted our decision to become more self-reliant and more prepared for so many of today’s potential problems. We are now much more prepared than we ever were. But the world events are dynamic and so we MUST continue to prepare for unseen chaos, war, disaster, and upheavals. Do we have ‘peace of mind’? No. But we have done a great deal towards securing a better life through our self-reliance and resourcefulness. We don’t worry about ‘us’….we worry about ‘them.’

  2. “Preparedness is Peace of Mind” – think about that. Too many have taken comfort in the election of 2016 and have abandoned preparing. The threat was not defeated in that election, only a candidate and that has accelerated, not subdued, the threat.

    1. I tend to agree, I think we are going to see just how much of a threat remains fairly quickly, IE the midterms. I am convinced we are going to have an epic gridlock in the swamp…and that it will embolden the left. We on the right, and by this I mean true conservatives or “legacy americans” will become targets and will be blamed when we defend ourselves. Keep your wits about you and be ready to lay low the first week of november, I fear things are fixing to get awfully sporty here in the FUSA….

    2. OC
      Thats why for myself its more like what NRP says, its a lifestyle, i dont consider myself a prepper, but i do try to be prepared for the possibilities. Its a fine line i know, but homesteading and personal responsibility as well as a measure of self sufficiency are definitely reassuring.
      Its good to have a plan B with a metaphorical “olive barrel” as NHM calls it. The old saying of not having all your eggs in one basket as it were.

  3. My husband and I were just discussing the fact that the kids today are not learning to do anything to basically live without computers. They know nothing about building, about wiring, basic sewing or cooking, in general living. They are a generation that needs to be entertained and have things done for them. He remarked that we are the last or near the last generation that have been brought up to learn how to do things for ourselves. They will probably build robots to do everything for in the future, if there is one. Sad
    And on being prepared, there is the old saying,
    If you are prepared, you have nothing to fear.

    1. OldLady,,,
      So true, its sad, personally the most enjoyment i get is in doing stuff with my hands, making things, be it with wood or leather.
      What you said has been real evident to me lately. Been trying to find info on making shoes, it is a dying art. So much of the knowledge is being lost and so few are picking up an awl and last and learning the trade. This i have found to be true of most skilled trades such as welding, leather and wood work, the human mind and human hands are capable of producing beauty and function, a machine can only mimic what it is programed to do. Mechanization necessarily reduces the intrinsic art and quality of of an item.
      Im glad im getting old, i have no intrest in the world that is coming

      1. Old Lady,
        The wife and I were visiting friends in a rural setting but with close by neighbors, much like urban areas. There was a group of young folks at the next door home. Friends remarked they were “weekenders” meaning the people only occasionally showed up at the house.

        It was remarkable to watch them try to do simple things. Hang up laundry or wet towels on an actual clothesline. Starting a propane grill. Watch out–everybody back, here goes. Then later on watching them attempt to light a small campfire. Two of the young men went squealing and running when some sort of insect came near them. Not joking or playing around, real fear.

        The seemed like really kind and christian kids, ages 18–20 maybe. There was no bad language or intimidating behavior at all. Only a sense of immaturity emanating from all of them. There ignorance of simple tasks was readily apparent. At one point their propane canister (20 lbs.) ran dry. They had another full bottle but were unable to hook it up. Left hand thread, as all of you know. My friend walked over and helped them change out the bottle and re-light the grill.

        I can only assume this is bad parenting. No one who is 20 or so years of age, should be that helpless. My wife commented later, those kids won’t have a chance if anything ever happens. It is not just preppers who need to learn things, it is the population in general.

        Sad, really sad. I’m sure their parents or whoever raised them, were over protective. You have to let youngsters learn by doing. Yea they will skin their knuckles and hurt themselves, but they will remember the lesson.

        My seven year old grandson loves to help me burn brush or even trash. He has his own fire stick (an old metal broom handle) so he can “help” with the fire. I told him “when ya get burned, ya can’t cry.” He will get burned at some point, but ya have to let them learn by doing. By the way, he knows which end of a screw driver to hold on to. A surprising skill set now a days.

        1. I have 2 sons in their 20’s. They thought I was a real hard a$$ when they were younger. But now they can both work on cars and fix other stuff. They both hunt and fish. The oldest son has started raising a garden. I have 5 grandkids. The 3 older kids like to go camping, hunting and fishing. The 2 younger ones are not old enough yet. My oldest grandson has started shooting. My boys may not call themselves preppers but they are capable of providing for their families.

          1. My daughter is in her early 40’s but she can shoot, fish and do all kinds of mechanical things. Her first husband and his father wired the hutch to light and everytime they turned it on the frig went out. She fix it.
            She is also smart enough to know how to read and learn to do what she needs. But her boyfriends unbelievable and very sad.

  4. I started prepping in 2009 when an ice storm knocked out our power for 2 weeks. The nearest store or gas station that was open was 20 miles away and the roads were in bad condition. Thank God we had enough food and kerosene to get us thru until the roads were cleared. We now have enough food to last several months and keep more gas and kerosene. It is comforting to know that we can eat and stay warm. DW and I both have medical problems and have been out of work for extended period of time. Our preps got us thru. We don’t have enough land to be completely self-sufficient but we do raise a garden and freeze and can as much as we can. It makes me feel good when we don’t have to go to the store for food. I have a permit and carry a pistol everywhere I go so I can defend myself and my family.
    Yes it does give me peace of mind to know we will be ok no matter what comes. I am grateful that God has provided for us and will continue to do so.

  5. i grew up dirt poor we didnt have much so we learned fast to make do with what we had we where taught just because something is broken doesnt mean just throw it away you fix it or you re purpose it i remember my parents making me go weed to the garden and i HATED IT but when it came time for all that good food being harvested i loved it
    we learned fast to stock up on what we could when we could even something as simple as a can of corn
    im a old man now and im more into prepping more than ever and i see how the early hard years of my life how much it prepped ME for the hard times in my live and just how strong hard times make someone

  6. I grew up as the middle child of a large family. Hand me downs that never fit….late to the dinner table to end up in the pantry for sandwich etc.
    I had the luxury of all of my grandparents being alive and vigorous and willing to spend time with us to teach us what THEY knew. I can sew ANYTHING, CAN anything, cook and or butcher anything, grow whatever can survive at 8650 altitude (LOL) and repair just about most things mechanical. DH and I built our home from the ground up, and most of our kids participated (as adults) and so got the benefit of our experience.
    Now a grandmother myself, I do my utmost to provide the same sharing with my own grandchildren. My kids also had the luxury of their grandparents (still alive) and learning those arts and capabilities. I wish the rest of the world had/has these luxuries….but alas, I see so many broken families without the generational experiences.
    Prepping IS A LIFESTYLE that can be handed from generation to generation. I am worried for the masses of the next generations.
    Peace is always the desire, but I fear the younger generations do NOT fully comprehend that peace takes work! And, that a lifestyle also takes work….it can not be handed to them.

  7. I started prepping after Katrina, I was in the National Guard and was activated by my state to assist.
    I saw how FEMA and the RED CROSS operated down there and I said “NOPE NOT GONNA HAPPEN”.

  8. Most everyone here knows my story, I guess I’ve been a Lifestyler since before ‘Prepper’ was even a word, but started in earnest around 1981 when we moved from Cali-fake-nia. Thank GOD I left there.
    Also as many know I don’t care for the word Prepper or Survivalist. Lifestyle is more appropriate, for true Preparing is a Lifelong Goal, hence Lifestyle. BUT regardless of what you want to call it, please Prepare, even if you have just started and have 3 cans of Beans, it’s a start.

    Enough of that; Ken states that “Preparedness is Peace of Mind” I will agree 1000%, but it’s also more than that.
    Many and I do mean a LOT of people believe that “The Sky is Falling” and we all will perish in 1 week if we don’t prepare, 3 weeks if we don’t prepare enough. Well they may be correct, and maybe not so much.
    One of the biggest fears bestowed upon the masses is the “Lights Out” or Grid Down aka EMP or CME via the hype of Novels and shows like Dooms Day Preppers Yep, that would do it, and 1000 other things would be devastating. PLUS the FACT that the .gov and FEMA would be completely worthless except to themselves (they have proven that time and time again from their stupidity), one might have good reason to worry and PREP.

    My worries, since I feel very comfortable in my Lifestyle? …. Well I really don’t worry too much about all the Doom & Gloom crapo out there. I have the day to day worries of course like everyone else, but something major, well “Bring it On” if needed, but again like most, would rather “Something” NOT happen and we all live in peace and sit around singing ‘Kumbaya’ at Ken’s place, June 20th 2020 mark your calendar.
    I do have concerns about if I have enough TP and Charcoal, but think I have my butt covered there HAHAHA and can Charcoal Grill for a few decades for sure.

    I do know there are a lot of “newbies” out there and sure do encourage them not to think in the Doom & Gloom world of ‘The Sky is Falling’ but to realize that more than likely something will happen in your life you’ll be glad you have those 10 extra rolls of TP, and have moved to a Self-Reliant Lifestyle.

    Yes it is all so true….. “Preparedness is Peace of Mind”.

    1. I hope the charcoal boring beatles and the T.P. mouths don’t mess up your master plan.

    2. I hope the charcoal boring beatles and TP mouths don’t take your happiness away.

  9. Still on our bike ride and getting ready to drive through NH Michael’s great state on HWy 2. We were impressed to see a coupe gun shops in Bernie’s Vermont – so someone is preparing! Currently stopped for a lemonade. Yes, we have all our get home insurance for peace of mind. But it would be a long walk!

  10. If you are not prepping than I would get ready real fast. I personally believe the black hats will do a false flag before Nov. 6th. The libtards are starting to get real unhinged on news and comments. We are in the middle of the greatest spiritual (light versus darkness) battle in American history. On a major network this morning a woman reporter said the Supreme Court nominee was not qualified. Why?Because he is not a black man. OMG- Earth to Major Tom, come in. Maybe 17 has been right all along, follow the white rabbit.

    1. Southernman I don’t understand 17 has been right all along follow the white rabbit.

      Please advise

    2. Southernman please explain “Maybe 17 has been right all along, follow the white rabbit”

      Thanks friend

    3. Southernman please explain “Maybe 17 has been right all along, follow the white rabbit”

      Concerned as I too have concerns about a false flag pretty soon


    4. Southernman,,
      Personally ive pretty much had it with the libtard billzit,,, heck, add on top of that the gubermint, they are no longer of benefit to the average citizen. Time to replace every last one and hold them to that oath to uphold and defend the constitution…

    5. Houston, Houston, this is Cape Comm. We have lost Major Tom from all TDRSS links. I say again, we have lost Major Tom. Last transmission indicated he was attempting EVA. Last known position approximately 160,934.4 Kilometers. Expect passby of red Tesla Convertible in one-five minutes. Please advise. Cape Comm out.

      At least Major Tom won’t be around when all hell breaks loose.

      1. Not My Asphalt your giving me a mental flashback to the Movie “Heavy Metal” :-) Except if I remember correctly it was a red corvette convertible landing in a Kansas Wheat Field :-) Thank for the happy thoughts back when Americans were free to AGREE to Disagree with each other.

        Onward to Peace of Mind via Preparedness! Some folks prefer NOT to THINK ahead about future problems, Like the Turkeys and the Farmer story they KNOW the Farmer LOVES them because he feeds and protects them….. Warning them that Thanksgiving is coming is not a welcome thought for them. You can ID them as the upset folks wandering around the newly snow plowed roads looking for an Open MacDonald’s and Wi-Fi after power is lost in a Nor’easter. They HAVE a degree of Peace of Mind because they deny anything BAD will happen to them.

        You cannot fix stupid but you can teach the ignorant. The key is identifying the folks that can learn.

        Being Broke is NOT a reason not to Prep. Broke People NEED to Prep because they do not have the reserves to go buy a new shiny replacement when stuff happens. Preps can be like some of my Redneck friends having Trusted Relationships where you can borrow a Pickup Truck if yours is broken so you can earn enough to fix it up with welded scraps and old parts. Preps can be as simple as learning how to grow a Tomato plant from a seed and a tin can starter kit.

        Go to that Yard Sale look beyond the battered plastic toys, humble yourself SO that you can SEE the Work Apron in that ugly pair of pants AND DO IT.

        1. NHM
          This could be the year that those Noreasters turn into months long ice overs,,,
          Its only the 6th of sept and here at 3200′ on maui the temp is already down at 54 degrees at 6:00am
          Thats cold, for us anyway, and tells me that this year we will see frost regularly by the time we are into jan through march. Gives me chills just thinking about what its going to be like on the continent for yall,

          1. OY Tommyboy I was having a good day and lookie….

            Climate is what you hope for Weather is what you get :-)

            The two Farmers Almanacs have two very differing ideas about this winter. One an El Nino Warmer one and the other QUOTE “Teeth Chattering COLD”. We shall see.

            I like most of my neighbors have over two years of firewood laid on. Hopefully I don’t have to defend it from the Gimme Dats.

            So Tommyboy do you have some ugly blankets to protect your crops?

          2. NHM
            Nope no ugly rugs,,,
            But i do have a few thousand feet of row cover,,, does that work for ya???

          3. Tommyboy is a Fancy Pants,,,,, LOL

            For my information how many YEARS can you reuse that row cover?

            A couple of my ugly blankets are over Ten Years Old in Garden Service…. Covered rows, small trees, bushes and even some Rabbit Cages when we got a REAL Cold Snap.

            54 degrees is COLD? I need to send you a Care Package for Solar Minimum :-)


          4. NHM
            How long they last depends on a few factors, the light ones will last a few seasons if you are careful with them and dont have agressive critters. The heavier ones could go as long as 5 years if you are careful, they are fairly light weight by mainland standards, mostly for denying the birds an easy meal, they are also light enough that i can leave them in place on a typical winter day where we get down to a chilly 45 degrees at night and then dont have to pull them off when its 80 in the sun,,, at least not on most stuff, i usually just use them to protect seeds and seedlings, rare i would need them for anything else.
            I have a hard time with ugly,, dont do it so will stick with picking up a 1500’ roll of Agribon every few years

          5. NHM
            In a small home garden setting with the agribon 30 or heavier you should be able to use it for 5 years or more,
            The good thing for you folks would be that it does let light through and if you do a double like a low tunnel then use row covers in it you can grow some stuff year round, if Elliot Coleman can do it in Maine or wherever he lives you should be able to in NH.

    6. Houston, Houston, this is Cape Comm. We have lost Major Tom on all TDRSS links. I repeat, Major Tom comms down. Last known action was EVA attempt. Last known position 160,934.4 Kilometers. Canberra DSCC indicates no signal/data. VLA reports same. Please Advise. Cape Comm out.

      At least Major Tom won’t be around for the stupidity.

      NMA out.

    7. Southernman,
      It has gotten real. Emotions are over-the-top, situations are escalating. False flag is more like a guarantee than a possibility.

      BTW, have you seen the CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time interview w/ John Kasich? Kasich actually said, “…John McCain was put to death…”

      Do you believe in coincidences?
      Stay the course and trust the plan.
      Protective measures are in place.

  11. Southernman this my 3rd attempt to post what does “Maybe 17 has been right all along, follow the white rabbit” mean?


  12. I became a “survivalist” in the 70″s.
    That is when Mr. Carter was President and the US was in a mess–look it up–
    High interest and inflation, no respect in the world, hostages in Iran.
    I had a few acres, chickens, rabbits, a couple cows, some dairy goats, and a garden.
    We both worked full time, We canned veg, meat, both game and domestic.
    I hunted and fished, we stocked the rewards.
    We had fruit trees. We tried to as self sufficient as we could.
    Well since then, we divorced. I relocated to another state and eventitally remarried
    We are retired and debt free. We have a well stocked pantry and all that stuff.
    It is comforting to know we can weather most any storm.
    Do not relax folks!

  13. I became a “survivalist” in the 70″s.
    Somewhere along the line, “prepper” became the chosen term.
    That is when Mr. Carter was President and the US was in a mess–look it up–
    High interest and inflation, no respect in the world, hostages in Iran.
    I had a few acres, chickens, rabbits, a couple cows, some dairy goats, and a garden.
    We both worked full time, We canned veg, meat, both game and domestic.
    I hunted and fished, we stocked the rewards.
    We had fruit trees. We tried to as self sufficient as we could.
    Well since then, we divorced. I relocated to another state and eventitally remarried
    We are retired and debt free. We have a well stocked pantry and all that stuff.
    It is comforting to know we can weather most any storm.
    Do not relax folks!

  14. Now that I am fairly well prepared there is a great sense of relief that I no longer have to think about the “what ifs” so much. As I add to my stores it serves to build my sense of security in my home. It is also very, very satisfying and enjoyable. It has been a journey of many years but well worth it.

          1. JC
            Man oh man,,, was looking at some news stuff (can barely stomach it) and the world and our good old FUSA has gone full retard.

    1. Tommyboy, we are in Maine for a few days enjoying life on our motorcycle. I love it…on the road with my spouse, Lots of free time to think about how to do things at the farmstead, and lots of good eats. We rarely take a vacation, but when we do, this is what we do. I have family here and love to explore the less inhabited areas. Yesterday saw several gun smithing shops and tons of farms. The roads in Vermont that we road were not that great…big difference once we got into NH. Maine roads are pretty good also. We are taking all back roads, no highway.

      It will rain this afternoon so we will be suiting up in rain gear a bit later in the day. Thinking of everyone as I check out farms and homes along the roadway. One thing I noticed yesterday were cabins situated way back in the woods (getaways?) but I could see them miles off in the distance from the roadway. Something to consider people – there are eyes everywhere even if G@@gle earth is not available.

      Take care all. We know not when it will start.

      1. Blueberries are in season, lobsters and clams always are, watch for moose running around, Friday and Saturday is the New England Rib Fest in Bangor, pit masters from around the country, giving it a go.

      2. DamedinNY
        That sounds like a great adventure, nice to clear the cobwebs out and get some sun,

  15. Now that I am fairly well prepared it is a relief to not have to think about the “what ifs” so much anymore. I feel very safe and secure in my home. It has been a journey of many, many years but, as you say Ken, it brings a sense of peace. I look forward to continuing on and it will be fulfilling and rewarding.

  16. Yes! You are so right about this Ken.
    There is a pleasant satisfaction tthat comes with completing a step toward greater self sufficiency. And it motivates me to take the next step.

    1. The nukes hit and you just don’t know it yet.

      My post is the last post you will ever see, do not be alarmed…

      1. Chuck Findlay turn off the chatter for a few hours and MSB is like a Library. All I could do was read posts and look up older and still VERY Interesting posts.

        So will we see Chuck again? One can hope as his postings are always interesting.

        I DO Wonder who decided to shut down MSB for a while OR was it a glitch?

        Who said Once is accident, Twice is Coincidence Three times is enemy action?

        Pray for the Republic and prepare for that Water Fall Event coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

  17. For many people getting prepared can seem impossible when they see all that needs to be done and look at the limited funds they have to get prepared.

    It’s a long road that starts with a few extra cans of food on the next shopping trip.

    Before long you have a few months of food and with the purchase of other supplies (bought used when possible to save money) acquired over time you find peace of mind with the knowledge you can survive bad events.

    Knowing you are reasonably well prepared and knowing you don’t have to rely on FEMA for help is comforting.

    While toys are nice (the latest prepping things) they are not needed. Yes many of these things make surviving easier, but people have survived long before these things were invented.

    Not that I’m guilty of buying a bit too many prepping toys.

    Where did I put that Amazon card, I need to spend some money……

  18. We have always had a garden , canned food and put a few things aside for storms that will come along in life .We ramped up things about 15 years ago and today we feel we are in a position to handle stormy weather fairly well.
    At the end of the day we are comfortable with a real contentment to our lives . The self reliance lifestyle is very rewarding ,healthy and fun too. We are able to share some of our bounty with friends and neighbors and that is a blessing as well. We are always learning new things and methods to improve our gardening skills .
    We are living in very interesting and uncertain times , we are happy with our lifestyle choice .

    1. Bluesman, yes and amen to that! Living the lifestyle as NRP says helps tremendously. It took awhile to feel that comfort again once I opened my eyes further (I was somewhat prepared to begin with – that was just my mindset).

  19. Prepping
    I’ve said it before but is it so any different than what our parents/grandparents did?
    It is a (should be) every day of life…to “prep”
    Common sense for X- sake.
    Modern convenience has torn us apart and many will suffer.

  20. I think I’ve been a survivalist pretty much my whole life and didn’t realize it. I grew up poor, and that’s the way we lived. We always had a garden, fruit trees, etc., hunted, fished, and canned and froze everything. Chopped wood for the stoves, and had everyday chores. I thought that was just the way people lived. Didn’t know it was prepping. Well, I don’t think I’ll change my ways now, it’s seem to work all these years. Besides, I’m getting old. (darn). I feel sorry for all these young people that don’t know squat. I hope they wise up before it’s too late. I try to teach some of them what I can when I get the chance.

    1. Same thing here, I prepped for years before I ever heard the word “Survivalist.”

      It is just common sense…

  21. What got me started was when Carter screwed up the hostage recovery in Iran, I thought that if he happened to still be around for another term we would all be screwed, so I started out small like with rice and beans, canned foods and bought another handgun and rifle, used at the pawn shop, my wife at the time,daughter of democrat parents wondered why the change in me, I had to try to explain it to her but she could not comprehend, ending up saying her parents thought Carter was the best president we have ever had,I guess that is one reason down the road, I divorced her,but I still kept putting back and kept getting ridiculed by both the ex wife and her folks, who at this time were hating that the great Ronald Reagan was president,and I still kept prepping and have since,been a lot of rotating stock,new tools,etc.Be prepared and ready. Keep your powder dry.

  22. Being prepared gives me peace of mind. I am not able to relax by ignoring things, like the majority of the population.

    It is funny to see how some preparedness measures have caught on in the mainstream. Like having a spare tire. Typically vehicles come with them and are designed to keep them. Yet you rarely need one, you can even go the entire life of a vehicle without needing one. Yet when you do need it…

    1. Keeper, I was wondering about your job as a LEO. I kind of presume it is rural and if so what is the approximate size of your department. Mostly what I was wondering about and this would be for all of the LEOs on the site, do your departments have contingency plans for if ROL has a major disruption?

      We all have community assets somewhere. For some of us it might be 40 or 50 miles away for others much closer. In my smallish county we have a Walmart, Safeway, Grocery Outlet, Rite-Aid, CVS and Walgreens. along with 5 gas stations. Each of those would be absolute treasure troves if JIT delivery stopped. Do any of your departments have plans on how to secure these? Would posses be deputized? Have you discussed this with the powers that be in your departments?

      I recall a couple of friends being over with their young adult daughter. The daughter opened one of the kitchen cabinets and commented on how much food was in it. She was living on her own and between rent, utilities, car payment and insurance had very little left over for other things. What she saw when she opened the cabinet was just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many like her out there.

      Tommyboy, “Mechanization necessarily reduces the intrinsic art and quality of an item.” That was probably the best post you’ve ever made. It is so true and sadly, so very few appreciate the art of an item anymore.

      1. Hey me.

        I work in a rural County in the Dakotas, in the middle of an agricultural area. We have a Sheriff and 4 Deputies at normal capacity. We are the only Law Enforcement in our County, besides a passing Trooper or State Police for investigations. We have just over 2.5k residents, mostly spread out. We have no Walmart, no chain grocery, and no chain prescription stores. The only chains we have are gas stations. Surrounding Counties are very similar. We bring rural to a whole new level.

        Our Office does discuss Prepper topics. In fact I would say two of us are Preppers and two are Prepper “lights”. Typically we just hope the problems do not reach us. Currently our plan is to do what we can while still being close to home. We joking laugh that if SHTF, we don’t need a bugout plan because there would be no where to go. If we needed “support” I am sure the Firefighters (farmers), would be more than willing to help out. Even in ROL they help us out, they are not afraid to jump in. Typically we all know who we are dealing with, where they live, their background, etc.

        The Dakotas are quickly becoming Prepper areas. If population density is a concern than we have a great area. People are friendly out here and practical minded. In fact one could say that our farmers out here, have never turned away from being prepared. Lots of houses even still have wood stoves for winter blizzards. Many still plan to be trapped in snow for several months every winter.

  23. Had a fun conversation this morning with a new younger employee.
    New employee asks me, “I’m just wondering…why do you have a bicycle in your truck?”
    I answer, “So I can get home if my truck breaks down”
    New employee, “why wouldn’t you just call a taxi?”
    me, “What if the taxi’s can’t run either? I can still get home.”
    New employee, “I’ve thought about that stuff before too”.
    me, “Well, then start doing something about it. I sure do sleep a lot better at night knowing I can take care of myself, for a little while anyway…”
    YEA!!! Some of them are thinking! I will offer suggestions if she asks again. But,. I won’t put myself out there too much.
    luv ya’ll, Beach’n

    1. Beach’n,
      Hooray ,there is some hope out there among the younger generation. I have seen a few with some smarts about the world around them . Just not enough of them .Hold your cards close and don’t reveal too much .

      1. Bluesman,
        Never show your cards! We live where hurricanes are a possibility, so I’m comfortable discussing hurricane preps with her. Preparing for a hurricane gets you a long way towards “prepping” :D
        luv ya’ll, Beach’n

        1. (Never show your cards! )

          I agree, all it ever got me when I talked about anything prepping is the tired statement ” I know where I’m coming if anything ever goes wrong.”

          For years now I NEVER bring up guns, buying silver, prepping or any kind of disaster preps.

          Most people just won’t prep and even a casual mention of prepping will be remembered for years to come.

          Lack of planning on their part doesn’t make me responsible for taking care of them.

          1. So true, Chuck.
            For years my mom (gone now many years) had a sign over her desk at work “A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.” Loved it.

            She also had a pretty poster on her wall of fluffy yellow goslings running around on green grass (we raised geese at home) with the saying underneath “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”

            I sure do appreciate the leadership you and others display here, and the expertise you’re willing to share.

  24. I am with Tango and Andy in that I am old enough to remember the presidential administration of Jimmy Carter. I was living at home then and I remember my father being in a bad mood for those 4 years. He ( my father) was a hard core Republican.

    To Keeper: I moved away from home to go to college and join government service during the Reagan Administration before my 21st birthday. If I wanted to work for the feds back then, I had to go to cop school. So I became an obligate Law and Order Republican. thereafter affecting my world view.

    Part of that government service gig I did back in the 1980s was living off grid for months at a time where I learned to collect and protect my toilet paper. ( Mountain Money – making me the most popular guy in fire camp, hunting camp etc.) I also learned to clean and service my weapons by the light of a flashlight and candles. As Dennis knows, I learned how to combat reload while under fire with local yahoos plinking at me for sport. ( sometimes, you just don’t have enough magazines on you.). As long as you have good cover ( something that stops the bullets coming at me), it is all good.

    I consider the titles of prepper and survivalist to be derogatory these days and I shun them because it is an unfair label and is currently a derogatory term by the far left, tech geeks and those who are at the opposite end of the prepared spectrum. As a person that studied Economics in college, I do not know if I can ever be completely at peace with my full larders and packed pantries. ( same for gold bars, pyramids of ammo, etc.)

    With this background and the fact I still work in the healthcare infrastructure, I have supplies set aside for really weird stuff. I do not have too much set aside because it makes it difficult to relocate when you have to move. ( I’ve done that several times for numerous reasons mentioned here on this site over the years.).

    I will not admonish people to “get ready on this site because it is preaching to the choir.

    To Plainsmedic: I find it difficult butt I try to help out the youngsters with their fire starting and propane experiments. Number one is I do not want to end up using all my bandages and burn cream on their faces when they get their first flash-burn. ( it is all good until you lose your eyebrows right?). Number two is I remember the many scoutmasters and mentors I had growing up that taught me how to do this stuff when I took the time to ask. ( older men and fathers with infinite amounts of patience.).

    1. Calirefugee ,
      Now it’s our turn( and responsibility) to be those men and Mentors…
      You would be welcome at my campfire anytime…

    2. All good points. I just prepare as I can and try not to worry about things to much. I prefer to keep the stress down. I never really refer to myself as a Prepper, except online, and not because I am worried about OPEC. I usually just mention I like survival skills and preparedness. It is more accurate, but means more or less to some.

  25. I clicked on the comments of the SCOTUS hearing this morning on a couple of different websites. When I get lax, I will go read the comments on different websites. I am quickly reminded that normal as we know it is rapidly coming to an end. I saw no less than 50 comments on “wishing all you hillbilly klansmen will die”. Several “loving progressives” demanded death to everyone who doesn’t see things their way. Folks, they mean it. One lady from the “peoples republic of kalifornia” said that southern white Christians need extermination so the “normal people” can live in a ‘just society”. This whole country is sitting on a powder keg. I read the secret internal document that has been recently released from the Media Matters group. This document details the efforts of those in the media to rile and stir this country up to a boiling point so they can win all the elections. I was floored reading their plan as I see it coming to fruition on a daily basis. The document was written after the POTUS loss in 2016. Did you see the unhinged “progressive” that rammed the local Fox station in Dallas? Did you see the unhinged “progressives” disrupting normal people while they work or visit DC? To be fair, I saw a lot of hatred from the conservatives as well albeit usually in response to being told to go die or being labeled as a Nazi.

    I kind of rambled while I was typing that out. I was writing it in my journal as well as this site. However, the conclusion is the same. One little incident and this country will never be the same. The coming fury will be breathtaking.

  26. Calirefugee,

    Amazing ain’t it, how when you’ve been there, done that, you tend to try to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes again. When I was a young officer, I never carried a back up gun. One night I was booking a man into jail at one of the substations when a hot call was dispatched on my beat, “a man with a gun shooting randomly”. The call was located in a government housing project. I was just finishing the paperwork on the prisoner and my partner yelled for me to “come on” so we could answer the call. I rushed from the booking area to the squad car. When we arrived at the complainant’s address and approached the front door of the apartment, a young boy of about 5 years of age approached me and tugged on my pants leg. He asked, “Mr. Police, why don’t you have a gun like all the other police do?”. Looking down at my empty holster, I realized I had, in my rush, forgot to retrieve my pistol from the lock box where we secured our weapons before entering the jail. Not losing my composure, I told the young boy, “Oh, I carry the shotgun.” I immediately returned to the squad car to retrieve that shotgun. From that point forward, I always carried a backup weapon.

    Like many here, I remember well the Carter years, the oil embargo with gas rationing, the runaway inflation and inability to get a car loan (Texas still had usury laws making interest rates above 20% illegal), and Carter trying cost controls which caused shortages of many staple products. Having my pay cut because Texas governmental budgets are required to be balanced each fiscal year and submitted a year in advance, so our city cut wages in order to pay for fuel that tripled in price overnight. This when other employers were giving mid-year pay raises to try and keep up with inflation.

    Experiences such as these, and many others I could name, are the driving factor of my preparedness instincts. when you suffer any deprivations from events outside your control, you try to insure that next time you are more able to weather the storm with less discomfort.

  27. Is the site down? Nothing on my page since Dennis’s post yesterday about being the guy that carried the .

  28. To Dennis:

    That is a scary story. Thanks for having the hubris to share it with us on this site. In SoCal, things were busy enough that we placed our weapons in the trunk of our patrol car prior to going inside the jail. ( we were one of many arresting officers booking people on any given night.) In rural counties, we would bring our weapons in the jail and place them in the lockers provided after a husband shot his wife in the parking lot of the county jail. ( she drove in to report her husband.).

    As departments are going away from the sedans to the SUV’s many are switching to a locked metal box cabled to something inside. That is the system I currently use within my truck. Still, a backup is always a good thing especially when you are on solo patrol. ( the closest thing to a partner that you have when back up is an hour away.).

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