When you make the decision to take that first step towards preparedness, you will experience a pleasant and powerful ‘peace of mind’.

You will suddenly become excited about the prospect of taking personal control of your life’s needs. You will become empowered as your preparedness actions take form and you begin to take steps towards personal responsibility for your survival without complete dependence upon external rickety systems stretched and squeezed to very thin margins of reliability.

As soon as you purchase that extra can of food; as soon as you harvest your first summer squash; as soon as you fill your first gallon of extra water; as soon as you unpack your first drinking water filter; as soon as you take a pro-active action towards your personal security…

You will likely have become a prepper (that dreaded word!) ;)

It will become a way of life. It’s not that your life will change so much (maybe it will), but your priorities might change a bit. You might begin to see things a bit differently. Your decision making process might become more focused around self responsibility. You might be fooled less by the systemic marketing and ‘messaging’ all around you as you dig deeper for truths.

As you delve further into preparedness you will discover that your risk awareness will naturally increase as the curtains are pulled back revealing the stark realities of the dependent systems keeping most humans alive today.

These newly discovered risks will boost your efforts to prepare even more; to become more self-sufficient; to become less dependent; to become more secure; to be liberated.

This all brings peace of mind – in that you are becoming better prepared as an individual or household – should difficult times lie ahead.

It is a rewarding journey of balancing one’s modern life during modern times – with self reliance, independent thought, critical thinking, self responsibility, and personal preparedness.

It is, after all, the way of life our ancestors lived (preparedness). Unfortunately the remarkable advances of modern technology (although beneficial in many astounding ways) creates (over time) a normalcy bias such that we’ve raised a dependent class of humans (several generations) who literally would not survive if one or a few key systems were to fail.

As our modern world becomes more complicated, dependent, and even dangerous, and as billions of people are squeezed more densely together, and as the potential seemingly increases for infrastructure and financial systems failure, – are you prepared?

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