Preparedness Items For Social Unrest



There are many survival preparedness items that you can store now, to be used later, or to be carried with you for preparedness sake, as insurance for varying degrees of an emergency. The following are suggested items that you can store and have ready for…

Social Unrest, Social Upheaval, Social Chaos, Riots

Before determining what are the best survival preparedness items, or preps, to have during a time of social unrest, first consider the scenarios and ask yourself several questions…


Where will you be when this happens?
At home
At work
In your vehicle
Walking in a public place
Traveling on a business trip or vacation

What will be your support group around you?
You are alone
You are with someone, a friend, a relative
You are with a larger group (less likely)

How long might the social unrest last?
An hour or a few hours
One day, or a few days
One week with sporadic outbreaks
It looks like it could last some time due to a major breakdown (worst case scenario)


Each set of question and answers will alter the priority of preparedness items that you may wish to have close by or on your person.

A more difficult scenario to prepare for is one where you are alone, out in public with only whatever you have on your person. Whereas planning or preparing for social unrest while you are at home is not much different than ordinary preparations, although with an emphasis on security.

The key to any social unrest, upheaval, chaos, or rioting situation is one thing… AVOID IT.
I cannot emphasize this enough. Unfortunately humans are sometimes drawn in with a high curiosity factor, the same curiosity when slowing down on the road to look at an accident – hoping to see ‘something’.


What should I do if I am being suddenly caught up on the street in a flash mob or chaotic situation? Immediately become inconspicuous. Blend in and find a way out. Avoid eye contact with others and search for an exit. If everyone is running, then trot with them and escape at an angle away from their direction. If everyone is milling about, then mill about yourself with a purposeful direction of exit. You get the idea… Blend in, but get out.

Could social unrest really happen near me? You betcha. Especially if you live in a moderate to high population density region (which most people do). Social unrest could be triggered by many number of things, not the least of which is our rapidly degrading economic condition (in many areas around the globe). High unemployment, especially with the younger folks, foster feelings of restlessness, a lack of purpose or worth, and many other negative emotions. People can and will resort to violence when they become desperate. More and more are being ‘brought up’ and raised without values or discipline – leading to further degenerative behavior. Gangs – thuggery – and even organized violence.


Unfortunately I am convinced that we cannot avoid a period of time, perhaps quite a long time, until this situation may (or may not) reverse itself. For America, I believe that until things hit rock bottom (like the depression years), not until then will a majority of citizens change their ways and resort to frugality, discipline, and a new way of life raising more responsible citizens. Until then, buckle in and buckle up… it’s going to be a long and bumpy ride. Be prepared.


So, after all that, what are the best preparedness items for social unrest, upheaval, or chaos??
Here are a few ideas.

When thinking of this situation, what first comes to mind are preparedness items having to do with security or items to help immediately get you out.


Be physically fit (start now)

Learn some defensive fighting techniques (It will also build confidence)

Pepper Spray (while it’s still ‘legal’ – although some places it is not)

Firearm (a last resort life-threatening confrontation, where legal of course)

Learn how to use conventional items as weapons

Baseball bat in the house and/or vehicle (not every scenario requires a firearm)

A golf ‘5-Iron’ may be handy if required…

Keep your vehicle gas tank near full rather than near empty

Keep a 72-hour survival kit in your vehicle (72-hour-kit)

Wear clothes that blend in or have a change of these clothes in your vehicle

Wearing sunglasses helps to look around for escape without being obvious

Walking shoes or ‘sneakers’ in your vehicle or at work

GPS navigation, especially helpful outside of your familiar region


Other items to consider will be those that will help you should a region undergo a longer period of unrest, a time when it will not be safe to go out looking for a store to purchase food or supplies. So rather than list those items, use your common sense and store some extra food and the consumable supplies that you go through on a weekly basis.

In summary, first try and avoid getting into a geographical location where social unrest may happen, either by accident or on purpose. Second, be prepared to get out. Physical fitness may help considerably depending on the situation. You may have to walk for quite a way, or worse, you may have to defend yourself physically. Third, plan preparedness for your home – in case of a long period of trouble.


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