Propper Tactical Pants

Propper Tactical Pants Lightweight For Summer – Wear Them All Day

Propper Tactical Pants

I have been wearing Propper tactical pants for 9 years and counting. Propper is a particular brand which I originally researched years ago which had all of the functionality that I was looking for. I still find them to be one of the best.

For many years I’ve rarely worn any other type of pants. While others may think I’m boring in this regard, they’re perfect so there’s no reason to change my style ;)

One of the many reasons that I like them is they have lightweight and heavyweight pants for both summer and winter. I’ve recently switched over to my summer tactical pants so I thought I would post about why I like them:

Propper Men’s Lightweight Tactical Pants, Earth


Propper Tactical Pants: FEATURES THAT I LIKE

– Pockets and their functionality
– Lightweight for summer
– Extra large belt loops (IWB or OWB carry belts)
– 65% polyester / 35% cotton (great combination for comfort)
– Teflon fabric protector (very difficult to stain these pants)

tactical pants pockets


The functionality of their pockets has been perfect for me. This is a big reason that I wear the Propper tactical pants brand.

The left and right leg pockets (above the knees) are perfect. They’re deep enough (without being ridiculously deep) and wide enough to keep plenty of ‘stuff’ inside.

My wallet fits perfectly in one of these pockets. I often keep a small notebook and pen in the other. My keys will drop in too. I can even fit my iPad mini in there with the flap open.

I utilize the Velcro flaps that fold over these pockets in two different ways:

1. Fold over the pocket and the Velcro mesh securely holds contents.
2. Fold the flap inside which exposes the pocket contents for easy quick access.

Note: If you’re in a situation where you’re concerned about the velcro ‘rip’ noise when opening, and if you’ll be accessing contents under this condition, fold the flap inside so pocket contents remain exposed. Obviously though contents may fall out when sitting – depending on what it is. I personally have not had issues with stuff falling out when I sit.

The pocket above the left leg deep pocket is perfect for my cell phone and/or an extra mag (which may also fit inside a left/right leg pocket).

The primary left & right hand pockets (up at the belt line) are deep enough. The right pocket has a separator down inside which holds my little pocket knife perfectly.

The left & right butt pockets are DEEP. There’s an additional flap inside the left butt cheek pocket for a wallet, but I don’t like carrying my wallet there (and sitting on it). I can even fit a big old maglight in one of these pockets (with the risk of pants falling down without a good belt!)


Lightweight but Heavy Duty and Comfortable

I really like the stretchy waistband segment. This makes it very comfortable sitting versus standing, etc.. Also the stretchy waistband greatly assists in the wearability of an IWB holster (you might consider getting an extra waist size bigger for this).

Durability. These tactical pants, even the lightweight summer pants, are VERY DURABLE.

Reinforced knee. I don’t know how they do it, but the knees hold up well. I’ve spent a fair amount of time with knees on the ground and they’re holding up well.

I don’t get too hot in them. They apparently breathe enough and they’re ‘relaxed’ enough (not tight on the legs) that I don’t get too hot in the summer.


Other Attributes

– There’s a small D-link at the belt line if you want to clip on keys or other tool.

– They don’t shrink.

– They are surprisingly wrinkle resistant.

Well there you have it. This is what I wear.

Check it out:
Propper Lightweight Tactical Pants, Earth


  1. Wore these for thirty years of LE work, even in 110 degree heat…surprisingly the black ones are no hotter than the tan ones. All of what Ken says is true. These are a better value than the 511’s, and don’t fade near as fast. Highly recommended…. :-)

  2. These look good and are obviously functional. Not to rain on anyone’s parade though, but my concern is they look “tactical” and therefore make a person stand out, attracting unwanted attention. If I really wanted to shrink into the woodwork, I believe an old pair of jeans would do the job….

    1. I just can’t do jeans. I need the pockets.

      Cargo style pants in all sorts of brands, similar in appearance with ‘tactical’ pants, is pretty common where I live. I realize though that in suburbia and population dense regions it’s probably less common and you would stand out more…

  3. Dickies brand is cheaper and a solid pair of pants. Same 65-35 fiber mix and tough as nails.

    They do have Tactical Pants but for grey man just about every service person I know wears Dickies or Jeans and they are tough pants.

    When you get them on sale you can get two pairs for one Propper Tactical Pants.

    1. Yep Dickies are the way to go, they don’t adsorb water so they don’t feel heavy. They are good for blending in and with a button-up shirt you look better dressed then a good portion of the public. Very Grey-Man.

  4. Funny you post this today Ken, I saw this add in my NRA Shooting magazine. I went to Proppers website selected the pants but would not let me checkout, but yet you can order on Amazon?

    1. Bluecatmatt, I’ve purchased all of my Propper pants on Amazon over the years.

  5. I’ve worn 511’s and was very impressed with how long they last, and how resistant they are to snags. How do these perform for around the homestead style chores? I don’t wear my 511’s because they are too hot, and although levis are slightly cooler, I’m still too warm. Cargo shorts (my preferred hot weather go to) are out of the question because of the dense woods on our property. I need protection from mosquitos (see my comment on Ken’s mosquito thread!) as well as from abrasion..

    1. For bug free cool long pants and shirts try Surgical Scrubs. Made of tough 65-35 Poly-Cotton like hard wearing bed sheets and if you tuck your pants in ticks resistant.

      Lack of pants pockets is an issue but the Long Sleeve Tops (called warm up jackets) have plenty of pockets.

      That reminds me to buy some more mine are over 10 years old and going strong.

      1. Had a few pairs of scrubs, actually used to work for one the country’s biggest manufacturer of scrubs. Extremely comfortable but they fragged very quickly when used on the homestead.

        1. Goodness restoring Brad what do you do friend? Roll around in the barbed wire? :-) I guess since I like having my tools of the day with me I tend to wear Work Aprons over my Scrubs. Mine last a long time but maybe I’m easier on clothes (don’t tell my Beloved that :-)

          Since we are on working clothing theme who has the best knee pads as I am heading for 60 pretty fast and these knees hate rocks.

        2. Hard work on the homestead (extremely dense woods) as well as typical chores. Best kneepads I’ve found are for younger folks skateboarding. Available at wally world and they really hold up well!

        3. NHM
          I use Steel Flex kneepads,
          Here is one version of them, are about the best as far as comfort and consistent protection. Pretty much none of them are perfect or foolproof.

          Heres the amazon link

          NEW Redbacks Strapped Knee Pads

    2. @restoringBrad, I wear these every day on the homestead. No snags. Surface is pretty slippery (must be that Teflon magic that they put into the fabric).

      I have several pair that I’ve managed to get pretty dirty and stained with paint, dirt, grease, you name it. And I use those as my “dirty pants” for when doing especially dirty work.

      The rest are still presentable ;)

      1. Good to hear. I bookmarked them and when we have the $ I intend to pick up a few pairs to try out. I am definitely tired of Levis, and prefer BDU style cargo pants/shorts.

  6. Thanks for the info. Ken. It’s good to hear of something that’s tried & true.
    Although I do have one question. As per the answer to the first question on Amazon’s Q&A about these pants, does Amazon carry a good quality zombie repellent? 😁

      1. It is a cute product until you read the reviews and why people have bought the stuff.

        Children have been traumatized by zombie TV. Parents have actually bought that product so their kids can feel safe at home and in bed at night.

        so sad really :(

        1. Sounds like a case of “stupid parents” to me.
          Don’t blame the product.

  7. Love these pants and have worn them for years. The best price is from LA Police Gear once or twice a year clearance sale. The 511 pants (SWAT) are outstanding for Alaska but way to heavy-duty and warm for Dixie. The 511 Tac shirt with collar are wonderful and even work with soft body armor under them. As for what people think, I really don’t care. Most of the time I want them to wonder if I’m a Fed, Sheriff, Cop or just Baba Yaga having a bad day.

  8. Nice looking Pants, unfortunately I don’t see em in “Fat Boy” size… :-(

      1. Yeppers, that’s me. HAHAHA
        FYI, admitting the weight and doing something about it is better than that River in France :-)

  9. You would stand out in pants like that around here. Even though its hot as blazes, most people wear jeans, jean shorts or athletic shorts. I can see the functionality though. You try wearing scrub pant and everyone prob will start asking medical advice or its open season for a conversation about hey you a doctor or what? hahahaha. Everybody has to make small talk. So funny.

    1. Smiling Texasgirl for avoiding ticks, black flies and mosquito bites those Scrubs do a Darn Fine Job!

      For my friend Stand My Ground they are easy to wash esp. if you combine them with those work aprons. When the Power goes down Bugs will be even more difficult (no trash disposal, Sewer not working etc.) and doing laundry by hand will be difficult. Thus the ease of washing scrubs.

      Aside from that if they ask for medical services after SHTF then at least they are not shooting at me :-). Post SHTF medical services from my tribe Tooth Pulling/Dental Hygiene, Baby Catching, Minor wound care, various minor surgery given success with Wild Lettuce Extract.

      So maybe Scrubs and Medical services are ok? :-)

  10. I might have to get me some scrubs for after TSHF……..if the do repel them darn skeeters…….if anyone is expecting medical services they are sol………hahahaha……..I can put a band aid on a booboo, but that is about it!

  11. Y’know, all this talk about scrubs has really got my attention. So logical! I would have never thought of it but for this blog. Seems like it might be an excellent way to roll. I believe I’ll try some out. Anyone have recommendations for a particular brand or style? Or does a person just go with whatever Amazon recommends…? Apologies for hijacking your thread Ken!!!!

    1. Tactical pants to Surgical scrubs… who woulda thought… Just remeber to spray some Permethrin on those scrubs cause those skeeters will bite right through – too thin… πŸ˜‰

      (NH Michael) We’re not really serious about comparing this are we?

      1. Well the way I look at it reading/participating on the MSB is sometimes a bit like mining for gold, but finding platinum instead. Lots of times I’ll pick up useful information not really related to the original subject matter, or that gives a fresh look on a topic I never considered before. Anyway, the resemblance of surgical scrubs to tactical pants is not too remote: at least they are both about clothing! Since there are some here who really know about the topic, might I propose at some point that we have a stand alone topic on scrubs? There are likely a lot of dual use dimensions for them…… Again, apologies for any thread hijack, its just something I see gleaming in the pan… :)

        1. No apology necessary! It’s all good… I was just laughing to myself how it went from tactical pants to surgical scrubs. Couldn’t imagine myself working outside around the property in scrubs ;)

          Sounds like comfy indoor wear though! Might get myself some…

    2. – I wear Carhartt’s brand when I’m working. They have a Rip-stop fabric similar to the old summer BDU’s. I would not want to wear them for true outdoor work like using chainsaw, plumbing, etc. They do have thigh pockets, only one hip pocket, though. No flaps on any of them.
      When I’m working outdoors/whatever I go grey-man route, and wear jeans. just like 99% of the workmen around here.
      – Papa S.

      1. – Sorry, read my note after i posted it. Carhartt’s brand SCRUBS is what I meant. Sorry about that.
        – Papa

  12. I’ve had a couple pairs of Proppers that I found at goodwill with the tags still on for like five bucks each. I’ve had them for a couple of years so far and am still very happy. One of them is the tacticool style with the pockets everywhere and the other is a classic bdu. Both have held up well.

  13. I have a couple pair of the Propper pants, 511’s and a couple others. I really like the Propper too but with one big caveat, they are crazy baggy in the crotch. They are not cut to the same dimensions as official BDUs as the dimensions from the crotch to the waist band is a couple inches longer. If you wear your pants up around your belly button with your belt above the peak of your pelvis, then these are great. If you wear them a bit lower where most jeans are cut to fit as I do, them they sag 4-5 inches in the crotch. This makes you look like you are from the hood if you care about that, but I find the bag actually constraining if stepping up real high or trying to squat. I don’t like having to grab the pants and hike them up to squat or sut down. I just don’t wear them.

    I recommend trying them on before buying if you can.

    1. You’re right about them being a bit more baggy in that regard. I actually find that to be more comfortable. Though we do all have our own unique preferences about things.

  14. Duluth Trading also has some good wear with lots of pockets and resilient fabric, unfortunately made in China.

  15. My employer supplies us with free uniforms. Luckily these are Dickies cargo jeans for winter and cargo shorts for summer. It’s hard to complain about some thing when it’s free. They even have free replacement if they tear or wear out.

  16. When I was pregnant I discovered elastic waistbands. Have never looked back.

  17. I wear TruSpec because that’s what the Sheriff issues us. I liked them so much, I bought a few more pairs in other colors. They look a little dressy, and I feel that helps with the grayman issue. My main job is a school principal. I wear them to school and church a lot. A S&W Bodyguard in holster fits perfectly in one of the divider pockets in thigh pocket. An extra mag fits perfectly in the small pocket on the outside of the thigh pocket.

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