SanDisk Extreme Pro Flash Drive

SanDisk Extreme PRO – USB Keychain Flash Drive

I believe the SanDisk Extreme PRO (USB Flash Drive) is one of the best options to keep a backup of important digital files on your keychain. Here’s why..

SanDisk Extreme. SanDisk is the company name. Extreme is one particular model of their lineup of USB Flash Drives. The feature-set makes it a good choice to keep a backup with you on your keychain.

1 TB, USB 3.2

Backups Of Important Digital Files

We’ve been living in a digital world for quite some time. We all have digital files. Pictures. Videos. Documents. You name it.. Maybe they’re on your PC. Your laptop. Wherever..

Some people keep all this stuff in the ‘cloud’. Others, a combination. Still others, only on their hardware at home. If you’re in the latter group, it sure is a good idea to keep backups.

One of my backups (not of everything, but ‘important’ things), I keep on my keychain. On a USB thumb drive. Encrypted with a password. SanDisk makes that easy.

I’m about ready to upgrade to a new keychain USB flash drive. I’ve had the Corsair Stealth Survivor for years. Now I want to get the latest technology and USB speeds for quicker transfer and reliability. So I did some research, and decided on the SanDisk Extreme PRO.

Why the SanDisk Extreme PRO is my choice for a keychain flash drive backup


First of all, this flash drive will fit on a keyring. That’s the entire reason for me.. the ability to keep a backup of my files on a keychain. Though I have other backups at home, lets say the worst happens and (for example) the house burns down. I keep a backup drive in a fire resistant safe. But, what if?

A backup on your keychain goes with you.

USB 3.2 speed

Here’s another reason that I like the SanDisk Extreme PRO..

If your PC or laptop has USB 3.2, this flash drive enables speeds up to 420MB/s read and up to 380MB/s write, according to SanDisk. Even if you don’t have 3.2, this drive is backwards compatible and will maximize whatever speed your device will deliver.

Capacity Choices

It comes in various capacities. 128, 256, 512 GB, and 1 TB. My old keychain flash drive was 256 GB. I’m going to upgrade to 1 TB.

Encryption Utility

Lastly, one thing I like about SanDisk is they come with a utility that enables you to encrypt the files that you put on the flash drive. You don’t have to use that, but if you do, simply use a strong password, and your files are safe in case you lose the drive..

In summary, there are a number of flash drives to consider for a keychain. I’ve used one as a last resort backup for many years. Because if I’m going anywhere, my keys are with me, and so is my backup. It’s just another little bit of prepping and preparedness.

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  1. Just make dang sure to use a VERY secure software to lock n protect the files you have on the flash drive.
    Encryption is good as long as you don’t write the pass code on the face of the drive so you don’t forget it 🤢

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