SHORTAGES – What Are You Seeing Out There?

Tell us what you’re noticing in the comments below…

The Covid-19 began a disruption in the JIT (Just In Time) system of many products. As you all know, Toilet Paper was hit hard. It was one of the first things to disappear from the shelves. Pretty much any form of disinfectant was next. To varying extents we’ve seen shortages of foods.

Some of the shortages had begun to ease a bit, especially following the slow re-opening of “the economy” and being released from our “lockdowns”.

However a number of weeks ago I noticed abrupt new messaging from the mainstream media. They switched from the Antifa / BlackLivesMatter riots to Covid Round-2 Doom. The messaging is sending a clear signal — they want us locked down again (and more).

Most of us know the primary goal behind much of this. To destroy the economy in hopes that Trump won’t get re-elected (at any and all costs). They’re doing it as we speak with the help of their propaganda arm, the MSM.

Additionally, people are highly concerned about the upcoming election. The probable disruptive events leading up to it, and the consequences and “fallout” afterwards in our deeply divided country.

As a result of all this, we are going to see MANY MORE SHORTAGES.

Refer back to this article during the upcoming months

Lets use this article/post as a placeholder for you all to comment on what YOU are noticing. The shortages out there in your area.

As we progress through the upcoming months, I have a feeling that shortages will be far and wide. If we can tip each other off about “this” or “that”, it may help some of us to be ahead of the curve.

Mrs.J and I had one of our semi-regular “preparedness meetings” yesterday. Our current primary concern is “shortages”. I won’t mention the others in this post (maybe another) because I want to keep this strictly about shortages. We are well prepared at our homestead. However we made a list of the things we’re going to do for even better preparedness. Why? Because there are scenarios which have the potential of really shaking things up in our future.

I will be placing a Quick Link to this article in the MENU (top right corner).

So as we progress through the upcoming months, I ask that you click back to this article. Add your comments when you notice shortages that you feel we should know about. You don’t have to reveal your location if you don’t want to. But simply letting the rest of us know “what” is in short supply will help.