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The Most Important Prepping and Preparedness Topics

This website has covered a wide array of prepping and preparedness topics. I have been writing here for 12 years (so far), and have written lots of articles touching upon many categories within the realm of prepping and preparedness. There is so much to think about. But how much emphasis should be applied to any of the many topics discussed here?

This question inspired a little project. I have done this several times over the years. That is, reviewing Modern Survival Blog analytics to provide perspective as to which subjects, categories, topics, and articles are being viewed by those who are searching for information on the internet and landing on my site.

Among the currently published articles, two topic categories stand out. They are FOOD and WATER. Keep reading to discover the third.

Food and Water are the Most Important Topics of Prepping and Preparedness

That certainly may sound logical and reasonable. That is because it is.

I certainly know and understand the importance of our essentials for survival. Food and Water are surely among the most important. Taking care of these two categories seems so simple and it’s easy moving on to other things. Other topics. Other interests. Things that are more fun. But…

Nothing else matters (wait, that sounds like a Metallica title) … Nothing else matters if the SHTF and we have not adequately covered food and water preparedness.

Well, there are always going to be exceptions to what I just said. Scenarios whereby security may have been more important first (by the way, that is the third important topic). However, let’s not get involved in all sorts of other things until food and water as it relates to survival-preparedness are fully implemented to the extent of one’s risk-tolerance threshold.

Back to my analytics. In general, out of the list of published articles on my site, while there is a healthy cross-section of topics, many people are reading topics having to do with (1) FOOD (2) WATER, and (3) SECURITY. My instinct tells me that these three are a pretty good topic list to focus on, with an emphasis on Food and Water. Then shore up your security. If you are starving and dehydrated, your security will not matter. Too late.

Prepping and Preparedness can be about so many things. We each have our own interests too. And we tend to focus on those interests, which are neither good nor bad. However, do not lose sight of that which is most important before you go off on a tangent – because that tangent is more fun.

Evaluate what you have done for your food and water preparedness. Ask yourself if you need to do more.

Estimate how long you could keep eating if you could not acquire more food. I know that it may sound silly to hypothesize an end to the never-ending supply of food available from the grocery store. But do your estimate anyway. And do not forget to consider the number of mouths to feed.

Whereas we often say “food and water,” it may be of greater importance or accuracy to say “water and food.” Water is more survival-critical than food, at least in the short term. Fortunately, water is abundant in nature, at least for many of us. However, it does come with potentially significant logistical issues when it is not readily flowing from your tap. Issues such as sourcing, containment, transportation to home, storage, and safe filtration for drinking.

Ask yourself where you would find water if your municipal source stopped working. Do you have all the logistics covered? How much could you store at home?

Anyway, the topics of Food and Water each have a multitude of topics within topics regarding prepping and preparedness. It is ridiculously easy to take care of this for typical short-term disruptive periods. But when it comes to serious long-term disruption or breakdown, SHTF preparedness can get deep and requires more thought, time, effort, and yes… Mo money. However, look at it this way – today’s money is a rapidly devaluing thing. It’s only going to cost more tomorrow.

Food for thought.

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