I’ve posted this type of list several times before, and it’s good food-for-thought. It’s been awhile so lets do it again… If the SHTF (fill in your own disaster definition), what might be the first things to disappear from shelves or general availability? I know it depends on what the SHTF event is, etc., but lets just go with it and imagine it’s ‘bad’…

While ultimately you might say that ‘everything’ might disappear, lets instead think about the ‘first’ things, the things that others might consider to be needed the most – and therefore the first to go.

In no particular order, here’s a list off the top of my head:

Ammo (& guns)
Water (bottled water & soda goes fast…)
Food (bread & milk goes fast…)
Toilet Paper
Matches, Lighters

As a side note, the priority list for ‘the looters’ is different (except for alcohol and cigarettes). They will first loot things like flat screen TV’s, the latest Nike’s, smart-phones, lottery tickets, jewelry, etc., until later when they realize that flat screen TV’s don’t taste so good and they don’t work without electricity…

Your turn: add to the list. What are some of the things that ordinary people will go for first?