Top 50 Things to Disappear

Top 50 Things To Disappear

Here’s a list of the top 50 things that might disappear first from store shelves during an emergency, disaster, or SHTF.

The list is separated in categories and are things that might be first to run out when people start to panic (not necessarily the things that YOU as a prepper believe to be the important things, but rather the things that others might buy first).

It’s always interesting to read lists. They sometimes inspire ideas.


1. Bread
2. Butter
3. Cereal
4. Coffee
5. Eggs
6. Flour
7. Fruit, canned and fresh
8. Honey
9. Meats, canned
10. Milk
11. Peanut butter
12. Pet food
13. Salt
14. Sugar
15. Vegetables, canned and root vegetables
16. Water


17. Batteries
18. Candles
19. Charcoal
20. Coolers
21. Flashlights
22. Gasoline
23. Generators
24. Glow sticks
25. Ice
26. Lamp oil and oil lanterns
27. Lighter fluid
28. Matches
29. Propane, propane stoves


30. Alcohol
31. Beer
32. Cigarettes


33. Alcohol, rubbing
34. Antiseptic
35. Aspirin/pain relievers
36. Cold medicine
37. First aid kits


38. Feminine hygiene products
39. Paper plates/napkins
40. Paper towels
41. Shampoo
42. Soap
43. Toilet paper


44. Baby food/formula
45. Diapers


46. Duct tape
47. Plastic bags
48. Plywood
49. Radios
50. Rope


  1. Cooking oil , Koolaid , tea , rice and beans , playing cards , dominos , board games , hydrogen peroxide , diarrhea medication , vitamins , deoderant , baby wipes , these things might disappear quick also they did during Katrina . Ammo and guns sold pretty quick also . Here’s something else that happened and reverberates today , the Wal-Mart in D’Iberville ! Ms . Does not sell firearms or have them on premises due to the fact that during Katrina the store was burglarized and the firearms were stolen , so now they don’t have them in store , but they do still sell ammo . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

    1. I believe that the list (from Tom’s readers) reflects their opinion of what they feel that the ‘populace at large’ would take from store shelves (rather than what they believe ‘should’ be first, etc..). Not sure though if that’s the case…

      However from a preparedness standpoint, certainly bleach (and vinegar) would be very good things to have on hand!

      1. Lots and lots of vinegar/salt/pool shock/rice/sugar/dry beans/lamp oil

  2. We all know that bleach and hydrogen peroxide degrade over time but does any one know at what rate? If I can disinfect a quart of water with a couple of drops of bleach how many will it take after I’ve had the bottle for a year? Same for peroxide. How quickly does it degrade and is there any way to tell what percentage it is? All hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) available to the public is diluted. Pure H2O2 is used as rocket fuel. Is degradation dependent on an unopened container or does it outgas? Would it last longer if stored in glass and kept in the dark?

  3. I think I may have shared this here once before, but when the planes flew into the Trade Center on 9/11 I was working at Wal-Mart in Daytona Beach in sporting goods. There wasn’t a run on food that day but we sold almost completely out of ammo and guns before the end of my shift.

    1. Agreed. It’s the survival instinct kicking in. Same thing whenever the gov attempts a new attack on the 2nd Amendment – record sales of firearms and ammunition. It is ironic in that whenever they attack that right of ours, the result is magnitudes of higher sales of the very product they are trying to eliminate. Stupid is as stupid does.

  4. If you havent got it before something goes down, you are not going to have it after, its just not worth risking crazy crowds

  5. As you can see most people do not see basic medical supplies as a must have. In any kind of emergency situation where no help can be found and it is up to you to care for the wounded isn’t it wise to “have a not need rather than need and not have”? Start stocking up on your groups medications and make sure that you have enough for at least one month. Help sometimes cannot get to you and if TSHTF their will be no where to resupply. It will be up to you and your knowledge if you survive and not so much how many loaves of bread you have.

  6. I stocked up on vitamins, benadryl, ibuprofen, kids Tylenol,cough medicine,shampoo, soap, laundry soap, steel buckets to do laundry, blood clot, camping stove with fuel, chicken and beef cubes, canned fruit, 3 different ways to make fire, water purification tablets, powered milk, ovalteen, Folgers coffee bags like the tea bags, (very delicious), canned hamburger from Wal-Mart.powered gravy, canned potatoes.

  7. Between asthma and allergies I keep guaifenesin on hand. It will be next to the Mucinex and called Mucus Relief or some such thing. The difference in price in remarkable. I do not need all of those extra ingredients and I sure don’t like the price. This is normally marketed to cold/flu relief, but it helps with lung relief as well.

  8. Why is everyone so worried about hydrogen peroxide? You can’t use it on mucus membrane areas. Not on mouth, nose, eye area or those private places and probably not recommended for deep open wounds either. My son fell and busted his mouth open on the corner of the coffee table (wooden) and when I took him to emergency they said dab it with peroxide every two hours or something like that. (It was 50 years ago) It got worse. I was up all night walkin’ him outside on the sidewalk in front of our apartment. (I was young.) It got infected and I took him in to the doctor the next morning and they gave him a penicillin shot and liquid stuff to take for 10 days after. Don’t worry about hydrogen peroxide. GET Bactine! Wash those wounds with soap and water. Clean water! Stock up on Neosporin Plus or an equal. Treat small wounds and don’t let the big ones happen. Take Care Tinks

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