preparedness before the crisis

Valued Preparations & Preparedness BEFORE The Crisis Hits

preparedness before the crisis

It is SO EASY to be complacent. To be confident or satisfied that all is well and all will be well. “It’s all good”, “chill out”, “no worries”…

A positive attitude is one thing, however complacency and letting your guard down is another. That way of thinking can be dangerous.

I know some people who are 100% optimistic, all the time, no matter what, to the extent that they’re seemingly not seeing reality. Rose colored glasses…


It’s good to have balance. A positive outlook along with a ‘wary eye’ on reality. If you keep a wary eye on something, you are cautious while watching to see what will happen or what could happen.


It seems to be human nature to wait until the last minute. Not everyone is afflicted with this, but there’s no doubt that most are.

Waiting until the last minute is especially slipshod for those who see it coming but do little or nothing until “it” is upon them. That’s called procrastination.


In the context of preparedness, it’s easier to prepare for a crisis if we know that the process of getting there is going to be slow. In other words there’s plenty of time before the SHTF.

That said, a crisis may come suddenly, unexpectedly. It happens.

You might know or believe that a given crisis is indeed going to eventually happen but it’s going to be awhile before it hits. But then Wham! Out of nowhere ‘it’ happens. And you’re not prepared as you had planned to be.

Financial System Meltdown

An example might be the situation which inspired me to post this today. Yesterday’s stock market drop of 800+ should be a slap in the face that ‘this market’ is WAY OVERDUE for a massive ‘correction’. While this may simply blow over today, most critical thinking people know that one day this thing is going to crash hard. And the repercussions might be pretty darn severe to our way of life (it won’t matter if you’re in the market or not – you WILL be affected).

Imagine if you will, a repeat (but worse) than what happened to the financial system back in 2008. When ‘it’ happens again (and it will in my estimation – but far worse), the system won’t be able to save the financial institutions like before. There will be no bailouts (there’s not enough money to do it without crashing the system today). There will be bail-in’s, while the systems crash anyway.

Literally everything that you need to survive in today’s modern world is hinged upon the availability of cheap credit. When that’s gone, the system will grind to a halt in very short order. It will be stunningly shocking. The results and ramifications will be severe. Supply chains will break. Inventory will vanish. People will freak out.

The best and most valuable preparations are those you accomplish BEFORE crisis hits.

There may be little you can do AFTER. Meaning, what you have may be all there is.

More: When It Hits The Fan – What You Have Will Be All There Is…


Beyond the scope of this article are the specific valued preparations. I’ve been blogging about ‘them’ for years. Poke around the site for more (use the search functionality).

That said, bear in mind the following thoughts:

– Your Security (personal & home)
– Availability of food (enough for an extended time)
– Water resources and filtration
– Your most important needs and resources if they suddenly become scarcely available
– The things that may be particularly valuable during a time of shortage
– Working towards self sufficiency

Resources: Self Sufficient Living


  1. People were heard saying just this last year; what forest fire, what hurricane, what drought, what volcano, what infectious disease, what tornado, …. then it hit them. Today some are saying “we should have left before the hurricane” and are now lucky to be alive.

  2. Good reminder.
    Isnt the possibility of an event adversly affecting our world why we put back whatever we see as necessary?
    Its not if but when, sure some folks live a charmed life, affected by nothing, but ill bet thats far from the norm. Everybody has had a brush with calamity and most of those also had their aha moment.
    Personally i live so close to the edge it doesnt really bother nor affect me anymore. I get by.
    BUT who knows,,,,,,
    Kens quote,
    (it won’t matter if you’re in the market or not – you WILL be affected).
    Oh so true.
    This crap can snowball.
    Our local economy is completely, 101% reliant on tourism and development related to tourism.
    When the market tanks, and credit dries up it slows to a halt, takes a bit but it always does, plus then ALLLLL these people who rely on tourist from timbuktu for their paycheck end up in a frenzy,,,,
    Thats right, frenzy,,,
    Frenzy,,, fun word huh, f r e n z y
    Fun stuff,,,
    Its gonna get real for a whole buncha naysayers real quick

    1. Tommyboy
      Your economy is okay for a while – I still hear people saying “we are putting that Hawaii trip on the card because we deserve a vacation”.

      1. Hermit,
        Most of the time the slump lags by about 6 months give or take, but it always comes. Now, our economy is pretty much entirely tied to tourism, what happens elsewhere affects people. Personally im pretty well removed, not saying there wont be indirect effects but for the most part its popcorn and cider,,,,
        But yea, thats a funny one, i have heard that “were putting it on the card because we deserve it” line about all sorts of stuff,
        The bill always comes due, and most times with interest.

        1. Tommy, “the bill always comes due, and most with interest.” So very well and truly said.

  3. BTW, Dow down another 250 as of this post.

    I guess I’m one of those people that keep yelling “LIFESTYLE” I wonder why?

    Ok since you asked, tis because being ‘Prepared’ is more than just stuffing Food, Water, “Stuff” in the closet and waiting for TSHTF. But I’m not going to keep repeating myself, as Ken suggested, start to read the thousands of Articles here and figure it out.

    Care about yourself and your family. And please don’t say the .gov will be there, if ya do, go away, there is nothing left to discuss.

    BTW, is hurricane Michael not a SHTF?
    How about the thousands of other things going on?
    How about the guy that rolled his truck just down from my home a few days ago and was killed, that a SHTF for his family?

    Please people, get Prepared, Live like you give a dam about you and your family.

    Sorry all, just in one of those moods and sick and tired of fools and idiots that do nothing but have their Hand out for freebies, be responsibly and live as you care,

    Yes help others in need, but how many times do you help that very same person?

    1. NRP
      I wonder if eric (i need a slap) holder is prepared?
      He seems to be living under a rock

    2. I have to add the violence many on the left are advocating, including Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder – two who should know better. This violence can be so random that we may not be able to see it coming. That hidden hate in many people – you have heard it many times from the neighbors “he was such a quiet guy” .

      1. hermit us;
        Violence seems to be what the Left is thriving on these days, all they have left.

      2. That is why I try to keep very quiet about my conservative politics these days, at least in the general public. No more bumper stickers or yard signs for me. Just sticking to being a good neighbor and as much a gray man as possible.

  4. Dang, trying to remember what Movie that Train Crash is from in the Photo above……

      1. Tommyboy, I believe hermit us is correct, Back to the Future they had a wooden rack built on the front to push the car :-)

        1. Yall are right,,, the Back to the future one only had the tender on it

    1. That movie “Two mules for sister Sara” or something like that, comes to mind. Clint Eastwood.

  5. I would say if the situation is like the train in the picture then it has already hit the fan. Just a couple cents worth. Hehe

  6. Well we know the economic recession and probably a collapse is coming. Unless major changes occur in our system and with our policies it will eventually happen. Considering that we are currently at a peak, not necessarily “the peak”, I would say we still have a while. Recessions typically take months to a few years to hit bottom.

    For me I am currently saving up to buy a home and would like cheaper property prices if possible. At the same time I do not want all my money to disappear. I can’t do much to prepare beyond what I have already done without being able to make changes to my home. It is all a waiting game for me.

  7. NRP
    Notice the market – is it a “dead cat bounce” or a hockey stick move to the upside??? How is your 401K heading into retirement? Your “lifestyle” does cushion the economic fluctuations.

    1. hermit us;
      I have to admit, I bailed on the 401 a long LONG time ago…… got burned some on one of them, said to ‘help’ with them making money, when I was not, on MY money.
      “All my cash is buried in the back yard”, can you name that Movie? HAHAHA

      1. Not sure of that movie, but there are many that depict serial killers burying bodies in the back yard. And they say “he was such a nice quiet guy living with his black dog” :)

    2. Market fluctuations are normal, with correctional range coming starting at 10% off the high.

  8. Ohh, the train above is from some of the life decisions made by me!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I have been thinking the market needs a huge correction, but I have also been thinking that for a year or two. It is coming, that is one sure thing. Your article on complacency is very timely – look at how quickly Michael became a category 4 hurricane. Life is that way, too.

    1. While I agree the market is due for a correction and maybe a major one this isn’t it (at least not yet ) while 800 points sounds like a lot and make that 1000 after today we haven’t even lost this years gains yet let alone gone into anything terrible

      1. I agree that 800 to 1000 points is not it. It is coming, and it will be much bigger.

  10. Many have forgotten, or are too young to remember, the huge shock of the Arab oil embargo of the 1970’s during the Jimmy Carter years.

    Overnight we lost close to 50% of our petroleum needs. Gasoline that averaged less than 50 cent a gallon suddenly shot up to over a dollar and kept rising. Independent truckers who at the time carried most of our freight, didn’t have any means to absorb the sudden increases and delivery of goods suffered resulting in shortages across the country. Many went out of business. Remember the gas pumps, which were never intended to read over 99 cents a gallon with signs on them advising purchasers that price was double what was indicated by the pump?
    City governments like the one I worked for, were required by law to operate on a balanced annual budget. This occurred mid-year, leaving the city managers unable to purchase the needed gasoline and diesel to operate all the vehicles until the next budget year. My city imposed a two percent pay cut on all city employees at the same time that inflation was running in the double digits, causing an already tough situation they faced, tougher.

    Interest rates shot up to over 20% over night. In Texas, there were usury laws at the time making interest rates of over 18% illegal, causing banks to refuse to loan money in Texas. Those that could get a home loan could buy a home for $75,000 and sell it a year later for $150,000.

    I relate this because it illustrates just how bad a single disruption in an important commodity can have a cascading effect that lasts for years. Imagine a disruption in accessing your bank, processing credit card/bank card transactions or digital deposit of your paychecks. A suddenly splitting of the nation’s highway transportation of goods caused by a natural or planned intentional destruction of bridges on the Mississippi River. A shoot down of our communication or GPS satellites.

    All these things are entirely possible. Then there is the always scary scenario of EMP or coronal mas ejection taking out the power grid, or, as we are finding out now, the intentional implantation of micro-chips in all the electronics imported from China (including those used by almost all our utilities and defense folks, intended to sabotage and cripple us.

    Dang it Ken, thanks for ruining my day. Think I’ll do an inventory of the stores and do a little range time.

    1. Dennis,
      You bring up good points. I wonder if all these Bao Feng radios we have been buying have ‘secret chips’ in them? I have always been suspicious of them, such a good radio at such a cheap price. Maybe China has implanted a ‘kill circuit chip’ that can destroy the circuits on command??? Add this thought to your list of things that might happen. All we can do is make sure we have varied preps so that at least one set of electronics is secure.

      1. Minerjim,

        Great minds think alike. I’ve told friends that I wondered if the reason you could buy the Bao Feng radios so cheap was that China sold them below cost to make sure Prepper types could be easily located, or to shut down their commo.

        I recall having a conversation with a defense department higher up, years ago, about the wisdom of the U.S. selling F-15 fighter jets to middle eastern countries that were at best marginally friendly. He winked and said that was no problem, that all of them could be disabled with the flip of a switch. I guess China learned from us.

        1. The USA has sold/given many of our older naval ships to so-called allies . I wonder if perhaps they have a small package hidden aboard?

        2. Bluesman,

          Remeber the Navy ship collisions in the South China Sea a few months back? Makes the revelations about the Chinese manufactured motherboards admittedly purchased from China for our Defense Department’s use take on a whole new meaning, don’t it? Explains, maybe, how a multi-billion dollar ship can suddenly go blind and all collision prevention systems fail. (could this be why they searched for and discovered the implementation of those chips?)

    2. Dennis;
      Ohhh I remember the 70s well, was in SO Cal at the time, mile long lines to buy fuel, restricted on the amounts, could only buy on od or even days (matching your plate), prices tripled in 2 weeks. Plus the fights in lines and people walking because they ran out of fuel. NOT good times. Even heating oil and propane skyrocketed overnight. Luckily I had Commercial Plates on my PU, could buy as much as needed anytime.

      Double digit inflation and 25% Mortgages, all (like you said) because the Sandbox cut fuel supplies.

      Hey Dennis, you really want to make your day, go read the “Joint Hearing on “The EMP Threat: The State of Preparedness against the Threat of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Event” May 13, 2015.

      Have a Fun day Buddy :-) :-)

      1. NRP,

        Yeah Buddy, I remember the lines, limited purchase, odd-even days. There was an exemption for law enforcement and first responders, but I got tired of explaining why I could buy a full tank of gas on an even day with an odd last number on my license plate. I converted a VW bug to run on propane pretty soon after the shortages hit (I’ve still got the equipment stored). I could make the 45 mile round trip to work on one twenty pound bottle. Dad had a 500 gallon propane tank with a wet stab so I could fill a bottle every afternoon when I got back from work. You had to be innovative to address the problems.

        1. Dennis;
          I believe you just hit the nail on the head as far a preparing…..
          “You had to be innovative to address the problems”

    3. LOL I remember these things in the 70’s and also the gas lines and the odd and even days ect. I wonder what the gimme gimme gimme people would do if they had to sit in a 2 hour line and then only be able to buy 10 gallons of gas?

      1. poorman,

        That’s easy. Just like they do now, steal one that has gas. :-)

        1. Yes, but now the thugs do not care if you or your kids are in the vehicle. Times are more violent now and getting worse.

        2. Yup – people in Nor Cal stole our fuel and one attempted to beat up my father. That one did not get far…. People have already shown us what they will do when things get tough.

      2. 10 gallons?
        In Florida we only got 4 every other day.
        Locking gas caps were a must.
        That’s when the cars all had metal gas tanks and it was harder to puncture and steal gas.
        Alot more dangerous too.
        People getting into fist fights over cutting in lines.
        Be alot worse behavior now from the entitled crowd.
        Not good…

        1. I was a young soldier stationed on Oahu when the gas thing hit. I had a Gremlin with a huge gas tank and a Kawasaki 175. I siphoned gas frn car to bike ad never hat to sit in a line.

          Interesting was a friend of mine was a squid stationed at Pearl Harbor. His job was tracking ship movements throughout the world. He confided to me that the oil executives had just ordered 17 tankers to turn around and do back to middle east and wait for further instructions. How does that saying go? Never let a good crisis go to waste.

          Not sure how much we lost yet as I think my computer caught a virus and I’m not logging on to financial sites for now. First thing I noticed locally is gas took a significant jump.

  11. A manufactured crisis? When I see several billionaires all supporting socialism, open borders, … I begin to wonder if enough of these uber-wealthy people can move enough funds in the market to bring on more than a correction. A billionaire loosing 50% means he is still rich. A worker having 100k, loosing 50% is a disaster. The middle class gets hit the hardest when the market crashes.
    There was a discussion on Fox last night on the failing of Cali. One opinion was that the rich really like their position, no middle class, and a large group of serfs to do all the work necessary to keep the rich comfortable. All indications are that this is where we are headed.

    1. hermit us;
      I believe that’s called Socialism.
      Just like Ven. we’re in trouble when the Uber-Wealthy decide to eliminate the existing Republic (middle class) and replace it with Monarchs (themselves) would be so easy with how fragile the Country is right now.
      Follow the money, Starve the people, put them in the dark (Lights Out) and see what they will do.
      What would you do to feel your Family, Children, Grand-Children?

      1. NRP
        My kids are too far away and un-prepared. They have good jobs but jobs that are completely tied to the fickle energy/development industries. I hope their complacency is not in error and the economy/debt get fixed. But my bunker style storage areas are filled just in case.

      2. NRP
        We are already there, just look at the lopsided application of the laws

  12. MSB seems to be acting oddly the last few days. Just lost a posting due to “connection problems”

    Dennis is correct to remind us to look ahead to what follow on events come from the current problems. Having a month plus cash gives you options if a hurricane or bank holiday-credit freeze event occurs. Hard to use your Credit Card if power is out or your banks offline from flooding.

    Last week the bond market took a large hit due to the Fed’s statements and raising the rates. I was expecting a stock market reaction-correction as they are linked hip to hip.

    I am not worried right now but watching.

    I am watching the stock market correction carefully as the Plunge Protection Team seems AWOL right now. In recent history they have never left the stock market in a spiral going into the weekend. So Friday will be interesting, hopefully not interesting as in Chinese Curse.

  13. All we can really do, is to give a good account of ourselves;
    When death reaches out for us.
    Fearing only the betrayal of our own principles;
    While we set the example;
    To ease those we love.
    To tell the last joke;
    To laugh and be amused;
    To consider the darkness;
    With a sense of wonder.

    1. NRP
      Not interesting till it drops 12000
      Then we are reaching reality

      1. Tb, NRP……

        The DOW was -546 at closing today. There was a small ooooomph upwards initially, but ended up doing a Jello bounce. Glad I changed the investment areas on my company retirement….AKA pension. The non-changers lost almost 30% in the last two days. I gained 8%. WOOO-HOOO!

        To kind of merge the Reserves subject and this one, this is what I have done and trying to do. I spent years, lotsa years, putting the change in my pocket. at the end of the day, in a Mason jar. Lotsa jars over the years. Also saved the ‘nice’ clean, newish bills. $1, $5, $10, and some $20 bills. At the end of 10 years I had a little over $2K in change and $7K in bills. Cashed it all in. This was before the Department of Homeland Stupidity ‘required’ the banks notify them if a depositor deposited a lot ($100 or greater) of cash. Came in handy later. Real handy.

        Then, I stopped depositing very much. Kept all the saved coins and bills in various containers. It became fun finding something to store the cash in that few would look into. I also got good at building things to store the stuff in. Like shadow boxes with a little extra space in the back. Or ‘height adjusters’ for things that could hold 100, or more, rolls of coins. Or the space under a table top. Or the ‘dead space’ in kitchen counter corners. Not going mention what I got into one of those. But, if this place ever caught fire, I’m haulin’ my butt outta here! The 4th of July won’t be half as impressive.

        I also have PMs. Not all $$ in the same place. I’m not that stupid.

        So, I’m ready. Let the damn DOW drop. I hope it hits 10,000, or less. I have the gas to get me to where I need to go when I need to go. I have enough food for ‘us’ for a year. And it’ll fit in the trailer. I agree with hermit us, and others, that this place is cruisin’ for a bruisin. I really believe there’s a huge butt-kickin’ time in our future. I believe the people that frequent this site have their act together, or very close to it, and won’t really be bothered by an ‘adjustment’ in a change in this countries ideology towards common sense.

        I think tomorrow is going to be a very good ‘indicator day’. The DOW is down 1,300 in two days. Tomorrow, Friday, is going to be a ‘trigger day’. If the market drops impressively tomorrow, Japan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong need to be watched. They are all down. Londons’ opening is going to tell a lot.

        Off I go…….gotta get me some more TP!!!! (And Gin, and Vodka, Rum, Vino…..)

        1. I remember reading a story about when the Dow was much lower. The article talked about how the market didn’t have near the volatility it has today. They were talking about how on many days the market would only change by 10 to 20 points and if it was more all these ‘experts’ would start talking about market correction.

  14. Preparing for a bad situation in your life just makes common sense, unfortunately there is a short supply of common sense being used or displayed by folks in the world around us . Most of the bloggers on MSB seem to be of the same common sense preparedness mindset, but I believe we are a very small percent of the population.
    If you want to get someone’s attention I guess you have to cut off the TV cable, shut down the NFL, close the movie theaters and maybe even close all the Baskin&Robbins ice cream stores !
    I think a very credible tipping point is an economical meltdown of some sort that will affect nearly everyone except the ultra rich .Most people are deeply augured in debt , little food in the pantry, and no plan to ride out whatever the coming storm will be .We have been experiencing small storms for several years as well as a steady erosion of our Constitution.

    1. Bluesman
      The internet is a magnet as well – my guess and some info I have heard, 25% for Netflix, more than that for porn, big slice is gaming, social media the biggest use by the young, shopping takes a percentage – I should look up charts to confirm some of my suspicions. Perhaps I can make millions with a game called “socialist starvation” and “the future of America with 4 billion people”.

    2. If all that was shut down, we would have to open more safe spaces for the snowflakes so they could cry while hugging a bunny.

  15. I know of several immigrant stories of arriving here with nothing and are now doing quite well due to their hard work and learning the system. So if we lose it all, knowing the system, we can do the same if we have to start all over from scratch be it from a market crash or a hurricane.

    1. You just said 3 key words- immigrant and hard work. I have no problem with immigrants coming to the US to better themselves through hard work. My problem is when they come here to live off the system getting freebies while I pay for it. Yes, arriving here with nothing and making something, that is part of the American dream.

  16. Joe c,

    Rest secure, knowing my prayers are with you. Bask in the comfort of knowing that you, unlike so many, have a plan, the means, and the knowledge to survive if nature or man throws you a curve. Enjoy your time in God’s beautiful creation and be refreshed by the experience.

    Yes, we gripe and complain about the direction our country is headed, but I praise God and give Him thanks every day that I have lived my life in the most prosperous period of time in a country that gave me the freedom to prosper by the sweat of my own brow, not limited by the circumstances of my birth. I feel anger and disgust that a people so blessed are turning their backs on Him, mocking and attacking His precepts. I believe His promise, ” If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from Heaven and I will forgive their sins and will heal their land.”

    Good night all. Thank Him for His many blessings. Get a restful, peaceful night’s rest. If we wake tomorrow, remember that it is a day the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it.

    1. Amen Dennis Amen!

      The LORD has shown you Oh man what is right and pleasing to God. To DO Justice, To LOVE mercy, To Walk HUMBLY with their GOD. Micah 6:8

      People forget the 6th chapter of Micah was Gods condemnation of Israel for turning their backs on HIS precepts. As a brick house is built on a solid and level foundation, each brick needed to support the rest. A few cracked or missing leads to rats and insects infesting that house. A few more and rain water enters and rot slowly consumes the house. A few missing from the chimney and awesome FIRE destroys quickly. The solid bricks that remain in the ruins can be gathered up from the ruins and used to rebuild a new house again on a solid foundation.

      Each family is a brick in our Republic’s house. Did we deny and forget our solid foundations? Do we honor God as in Micah 6:8 and many other scriptures? Can most of us honestly look at our lives, the lives of our children and grandchildren and say we honor God and God is with us? Thus the cracked families and missing family members weakening our Republic to the pleasure of the “King of the Air” Satan-Lucifer.

      Israel was destroyed many times and repentance and God’s mercy rebuilt it again.

      Psalms 116 Sing Praise, Sing Praise. Today is a gift from God that’s why it’s called the present. How you choose to use that gift is your choice. To honor God is a choice. That is not the human default setting, that’s why it’s a daily sometimes minute by minute choice/decision. Like the alcoholic choosing today not to drink because it dishonors his God, it’s a choice and not always an easy choice. Like the Father of the Prodigal Son choosing love over anger to honor his God by welcoming back the sinful son it’s not always the easy choice.

      But it’s the choice that brings peace to the soul and the families affected. God’s mercy indeed.

      As the Bible says “A crushed spirit who can bear?”. You can hide in a bunker with plenty of supplies and die by your own hands because you lost hope. Suicide is the US Militaries greatest killer today and for the past several years.

      As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. Peace to you and yours.

  17. The picture reminds me of the scene in Jericho where New Bern’s war train is derailed by Jericho’s tank. A satisfying moment where the bad guys got theirs and a combination of foresight and ingenuity paid off.

    Also reminds me of the Nisqually derailment last December where a new Amtrak rail line was being inaugurated and the operators missed the signs to cut their speed by more than half for an upcoming curve. Poor design and normalcy bias killed and injured a bunch of innocent train buffs and commuters.

    Lesson here might be “Get off the train.” However, the crash also stopped traffic headed south for a couple days, impacted commerce, and would have made it difficult for some family to get to the farm. Some isolated events have broader impacts than might be expected.

    A few months back the head of a large and well-respected real estate company met with staff and shared the belief that the current RE bubble (steadily increasing housing prices) can be expected to burst in 7-8 years, somewhat short of the average (in our lifetimes) 20-year cycle. A DF was present and shared this with me.

    By then we may be in the middle of a significant solar minimum, with an increased likelihood of severe volcanic eruptions and earthquakes (the most severe of these seem to take place during grand or near grand solar minimums), the bulk of the boomers will have removed themselves from active work and consumerism, we will be two presidential elections down the road from today, our population will be larger and even more urban, and, I believe, health care costs – both domestic and global – will consume an even greater share of gdp.

    And the millennials will be in their 40s. Wonder what that will look like.

    We find ourselves simultaneously on multiple trains on multiple tracks and have little control over whether we will reach our destination. Thank you Ken for encouraging us to not grow weary as we incorporate preparedness into our everyday lives.

    1. It is what it is. I don’t lose too much sleep because when it happens, there isn’t much I can do to stop it. A recent story mentioned that 40% of millennials support socialism. When you have active socialist indoctrination in our educational institutions, the writing is on the wall. The biggest saving grace is recognizing it is happening so as to prepare as much as possible for when the repercussions come full swing.

  18. In case no one has thought of it… When the power goes out the NIC’s goes down. Also, the govt can turn that off any time they want…. The easiest form of Gun Control…..

    Make sure one has what they need now and not later…..

  19. One of the perks of a concealed carry permit is exemption from a NICS check when buying a weapon.

    Funny thing is, my HR-218 nationwide retired LEO concealed carry license doesn’t carry the same exemption. I go ahead and get the state issued permit just for the ease of purchasing from a dealer w/o waiting on NICS.

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