What To Look Out For During 2023

My prediction? 2023 will come, and it will go. The earth will still be spinning as we enter 2024 too. However, I have a feeling it might be an interesting ride through 2023. It feels like we’ve been in a pressure-cooker – and the jiggler is spewing steam and rattling like crazy… Lets hear your own thoughts and concerns for 2023, especially from a preparedness standpoint.

In no particular order, it is my opinion that some of the following topics may play a role for our potentially bumpy ride through 2023.

  • Russia – Ukraine(NATO) War
  • A fragmenting European Union (and euro currency problems)
  • Food shortages and higher food prices
  • China/Taiwan
  • More inflation
  • Strengthening Russia-China (and BRICS+) financial alignment vs. the dollar
  • continuing out-of-control immigration to U.S., and costs thereof
  • Increasing energy costs and scarcity
  • Further political divide (freedom/liberty movement vs. socialist/globalist/marxist)
  • Potential for a deeper fall (or worse) of financial markets
  • Increasing crime due to poverty, drugs, and immigration
  • Although many are awakening to this, more censorship of non-conforming speech
  • False flags delivered by TPTB purposed towards agendas/goals
  • Another attempt/release and/or hype/panic of a ‘virus’/variant for medical tyranny
  • More will succumb to ‘SADS’ and many will be waking up to the real cause – and millions of related injuries
  • your turn…

We can all make a plan. But as Mike Tyson once said, everyone has a plan until they’re punched in the face. You who read this blog may be of the preparedness-mindset (including me), but despite one’s plans, things can go wrong real quick. The best we can do is stay ahead of the curve by being prepared according to each of our own risk tolerance thresholds. Stay in front of the (real) news. And be ready to adapt where necessary. Otherwise, live your life, be as healthy and happy as you can be. Don’t let all the crap get you down (though not always easy).

With that said, lets hear your opinions about what we might see during 2023. More specifically, what kind of disruptive events ‘might’ occur, given the current times…


  1. i think food shortages, high prices on goods and high gas prices will be a preview of coming attractions for 2023.

    1. More and extreme Climate change lies and half-truths to create hysteria among the easily led and used as an excuse for greater control over everyone. It worked with the Pandemic.
      I do think though, people are waking up. Hope so.


  2. More confusion over what the media portrays vs what people see with their own eyes. More despair and hair-trigger violence. Also, puppies, rainbows, children’s laughter, and beautiful plumage on birds.

    1. Candace Owens has a video about the George Floyd death and the trial. Everyone should watch “Died Suddenly” on rumble. Trying to inform people vocally doesn’t seem to work.

  3. I forgot to mention, on Canadian Prepper (utube) there is an interview with Dr. Pyne who describes the six new weapons Russia has. He also states that America is thirty years behind in weapon development.
    Jacques Baud is a retired Swiss military intelligence officer. On the web is an excellent article titled The Military Situation in Ukraine” and the on September third is his interview in which he describes the tactics and strategies of the war. He writes reports – no adjectives or adverbs. No “evil” Putin and “saintly” Zelensky.

    1. If the performance of Russian weapons in Ukraine against Western tech weapons has told us anything, it is that the Russians tech is still stuck in the 1990s. The Russian Empire is a has been and nothing more than a paper tiger. China on the other hand is the threat and they will attempt to blockade Tiawan in 2023. Also Dr. Pyne is uniformed fool if he thinks the US is 30 years behind the Russians on weapons technology (see first sentence). Oh, also in 2023 they will finally realize Joe has been dead for a year and bird brain will become President.

      1. I looked up Dr. David Pyne, this dude is a pro-Russian supporter. You need to read his 15-point peace plan for Ukraine and Russia. It is crazy and Putin is clearly his hero!!!

      2. Like our gov and other western contries, they (russia) are dumping their old weapons into ukraine first.
        Easy disposal method.
        The better stuff will come.

        1. I guess our old stuff is still better than their new stuff. Russia is using old equipment, because their new equipment was used up and destroyed by our “old” weapons early on in the war. I predict Putin will fall out a Kremlin window in 2023.

        2. I know this runs against your preconceptions, but the hard truth is that Russia has weapons that we not only don’t have…but weapons we can’t even defend against such as their Zircon nuclear missiles.

          The TV paints a picture, but the truth is that Russia isn’t nearly as backwards and primitive as you’d like to believe.

  4. Weird weather – grand solar minimum, the cloud seeding, magnetic poles moving and just dear old Mother Earth doing the hocus pocus.

  5. The financial world will likely take a huge hit in 2023. We have been waiting for this for several years, but the Fed and US will finally get paid back for the last 15-20 years of poor money policy. As usual, the people suffer and the the real crooks go scot free. Also in 2023 we will likely see a partial ‘grid down’ failure bigger than past events.( I believe in “acceleration of events before total failure”) hopefully it will open some eyes. Sadly in 2023, the US will become more embroiled in wars around the globe, as it is the way politicians make money on a grand order. Food and energy shortages will be a given in 2023. The only advice I can offer to the young ones is, ” stay away from crowds, learn a useful much needed skill, move away from the big cities, and plant more potatoes.” Pray for peace.

    1. There’s so many that think their debt will magically vanish if the economy collapses.
      They don’t understand when things settled enough it will be debased/converted/exchanged and collected however tptb can.
      The only free lunch is for the controllers, it’s on your tab.

  6. Economic turmoil. Higher food, gas, energy, and medical care expenses. Collapse of the health care system. Unusual weather patterns. As Ken said, an attempt at another “pandemic”. More and more corruption will be exposed, and more and more people will see it and believe it, but nothing will be done about it. Continued political division. Colleges and Universities will collapse, but will get huge bailout from the gov (taxpayers).

    1. Ive been there for a decade!
      It will affect me but dont care, will deal with it, rather see it burn than continue down this road

  7. sigh…………………………I our own little worlds maybe we can put out some good vibes too. 🦄

  8. What you have described along with a black swan event that pushes everyone over the edge. Perilous times ahead and incompetent leaders in place.

  9. I will still be canning (bacon tomorrow).
    Still be sewing my own clothes.
    Still be prepping the long term pantry storage.
    Still be gardening.
    Still be raising chickens.
    Still be using my common sense to figure out what’s going on.
    And life will still be good in my back yard.

    Found that I can order ivermectin, w/out a script, from a compounding pharmacy here in middle TN. Got the dreaded ‘rona last week. Took my ivermectine as well as staying on the covid supplements. Feel pretty good today. Just a little stuffy nose and scratchy throat hanging on.

    Funny how last year those of us who wanted ivermectine were the bain of society and we were to be put in FEMA cames for spreading mis-information. Now I can just pop on down to the compounding pharmacy and get what ever ivermectine I think I need. No problem. Sheeseh.

    May we all have a very good 2023.

      1. @Bruce – g@@gle “I” (spell it out) + TN pharmacy + shipping. There are numerous listed including ones that ship out of state.

  10. Feels a bit like living in a cross between Atlas Shrugged and The Twilight zone

  11. I believe that soon Russia will takeout one or more NATO bases, China will splash one of our ELINT planes and the US dollar hegemony will end very abruptly; not necessarily in that order. The former will be used to explain the latter to the vax-addled sheep.

    It’s worth mentioning again the name Rafi Farber, an economist with YT and other outlets for his videos. This guy really gets it and his lessons in economic inevitability are unimpeachable. I’ve learned so much from him.

  12. It is surprising to me that the silent majority continue to take hits from all sides and will not do more than accept band-aids to cover their thousands of cuts.

    Too late for secession from the failing country. Too late to pay the country’s debts. Too late to solve the overwhelming personal debt bubble with the predicable bankruptcies foreclosures, and repos. Too late to stop the flow of the third world into this country. Too late to bring back production of everything we need to exist from off-shore …. sorry but the list is endless.

    From now on for the next several years, survival may completely depend on local relationships, production, alternative methods of medical care, protection, … The one plus is that the populations in the flyover States are sparse compared to coastal areas.

  13. I am just astounded with the lack of common sense and critical thinking people are exhibiting, case in point are folks who had at least 5 days of severe weather warnings yet didn’t prepare at all or enough. Driving a car during in a blizzard or severe freezing weather is just plain nuts. All preppers use common sense/critical thinking, learning and exchange ideas, solving problems in our daily lives. So does this mean your born with these skills and expand them and/or are they learned by life experiences and taught? It’s just as natural as breathing for me so what makes me different, nothing at all. So how come so many people can’t seem to think their way out of a wet paper bag. It’s so confusing, I just don’t understand the why, how and why nots. Again, it’s just astounding.

    1. I skipped Christmas with family, not because I was worried about driving but I was worried about other drivers and the weather.

      400 mile round trip +/- a few.

    2. Astounded by lack of common sense? Look ahead a short time and see how the people in those areas have prepared for the inevitable flooding as the snow melts. I’m sure most will be surprised and cry to government to hold back the waters.

    3. GGM,

      Based on on the behavior of some members of my extended family I think there are those who are mentally and emotionally immature and let emotions (‘I want to see Mommy at Christmas’) over rule their critical thinking skills (assuming they have some).

  14. I see a possible rosy year for those who are conservative, avoid debt, watch their penny’s and put away a few bucks if they can. I think it will be a good year for gardens, and I think we’re going to need one before the year’s up. So much for the cheerie outlook. I think the stock market is going to turn bearish, and people will lose a lot of money. I think gold and silver will fare a little better and at least hold much of their current value. There will probably be more attacks on power grids around the country by small terrorist groups, hopefully nothing we can’t fix. I think central banks will be pushing digital currencies, trying to get more control over the people. There may possibly arise a gold back currency in asia and Russia, hurting the US dollar. Tensions will rise between China and Tiawan , perhaps even leading war to break out. (let’s hope not). I think some members of NATO may possibly get involved in the Ukraine war physically , and make it a lot worse. The Russian Bear will then ramp things up a notch. Vax deaths (SADS) will increase in 2023, showing that the “clot shots” are not as safe as they say. Back to the gardens. I already got two of my seed catalogues, and am making plans already. Yum! 2023 will be a good year for those who are cautious. Embrace life one day at a time, enjoy it, savor the day. Love those close to you. And, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR. (did I forget anything?)

  15. What to look out for? My Family. All this other SH-T is beyond my control.

    I stepped up my preps a long time ago, my whole Family did. We all got out from under as much debt as we could. I spent $800,000, that’s right $800,000 getting my Family as debt free as I could. I sold some assets at a huge profit, paid the tax, then paid off all but 1 real estate loan, every credit card in the family, car loans, student loans and every revolving charge acct. We are paid ahead on the last real-estate loan.

    My family is not a democracy, It’s a dictatorship, and I’m the Boss. Things didn’t go smoothly, but here we are, SHTF and my Family sees that what I did saved their bacon. The waters are now calm.

    The whole world is going to hell and it’s WAY above my pay grade. The only thing I have any influence over is my Family, and to the best of my ability I protected them, even though at times they couldn’t see it, they see it now. Sounds like I just ran rough rider over them , but I didn’t, hard to explain in a post, but everything was talked about as a family before I acted.

    We continue to pray for strength, support each other and still prep. Lately We all started prepping in our skill sets, lot of work to be done there, but Family is on board and We work to be more self-sufficient every day

      1. The elves are the aliens. Elf on a shelf is getting us ready for full time surveillance once the SANTA evacuation transports arrive.

  16. I am in Southern California (North County San Diego) and live only a few miles from the beach. Here, no one seems to give a damn about too much. The energy prices are going to SOAR beginning next year (thanks to the new taxes on Natural gas) and when I share the news with others, they roll their eyes. They want to hear about Unicorns and pop-tarts and I told a friend of mine yesterday that when you hold up your left hand and people INSIST that it’s your right hand (or an apple or anything else they want it to be) don’t waste your time. Move on.

    I tried. I have a few elderly people around me having to give up their pets. These are the same people I spoke to over 30 months ago and no one wanted to listen….

    Very sad…

    1. Ms T – eastern SGV. Concur. 3 homes within eyeshot are now AirBnB’s rented out to migrant service orgs and Cholo house parties; sometimes squatters. Mexican families will pack three generations and a couple of hijo’s homeless homies under one roof and hijack an entire street with a dozen or more vehicles, makes us feel just swell twice a year when the county assessor wants their property tax, for two low-impact people. Our rates are going up in no small part because we must pay 5 times our share for infrastructure, 80% of our taxes go to subsidize welfare cheats and disability frauds who sit on-ass all day long ordering trinkets on Amazon and searching for more salvage vehicles to buy and stash in the neighborhood. The rest goes to the schools where there was a recent scandal between groomer-freak teachers and students. It was so heinous that I cannot post details.

  17. I think we’re long overdue for a terrorist attack (sorry just my gut) Since dipstick in chief left all those perty weapons OURS for the taliban and let’s face it, al queda and isis are now set up as before 9/11 except way better. The border is wide open and they hate the perverted amerika.

    1. Homer
      Seeing how as our own gubermint is the biggest terrorist in the world you are most likely close there

    2. sherlockhomer, and others, just look at the result of 9/11, the patriot act. It’s still in play today and it will never be ended. Look at how much liberty that we citizens lost as a result of that act. It would take forever to detail all that we lost as freedom loving Americans – though most today don’t give a hoot. Can you only imagine a sort of version 2 to that act – if there were to be another such impactful ‘attack’? Boy oh boy, the K.Schwabists and WEF’ers would sure love that!

      1. ” if there were to be another such impactful ‘attack’? ”
        Remind you, when, not if.

  18. I think that there will be a collapse in the coming year.
    Actually two, one will be the energy sector,second will be the economic sector.
    The combination of the two will cause great suffering in the general run of the people.
    Those who follow Ken’s blog ( thank you for your efforts) will probably be ok! If we lay low and stay as out of sight as possible we will not hurt near as bad as the blind fools around us.

  19. I do not see much optimism expressed by a group of what I believe are some of the most well-informed people in society. The opinions are not from a small secluded pocket of “conspiracists” but from average citizens located in almost every part of this country. Many of us have encouraged others to become better prepared and more self-sufficient with limited success. I liked the post that included “when you hold up your left hand and people INSIST that it’s your right hand” which shows me that we have reached a point or divide so firmly entrenched that I must quit spinning my wheels and hunker down. I wish I could honestly believe the expression “have a happy new year” for 2023.

    1. Maybe I can start the list of the things in our lives that do make us happy. Close to home.

      Sledding with the children on that little slope.
      Hot chocolate by the wood burning stove.
      Fresh bread out of the oven.
      Fresh greens out of the garden if you are in a warmer climate.
      That trout you just caught cooking in the pan.
      Walking the dog on the one mile forest trails that you work to clear and plow when necessary.
      The smiles you share with others at the store who also have a stack of TP on their cart.

  20. Cali

    I though you would open that coin laundry you once talked about.

    1. hermit – Do you know what that man has done to coin laundries in the past? Karma is a wicked mistress.

  21. Amen, SoulSurvival, remember to suit up See Ephesians 6:10-20 for instructions.
    For more specifics of play-by-play read the book of Revelation…
    P.S. Might be good to learn some basic Chinese and/or Russian and practice in your home.
    Had vivid dream some years ago Americans would be serving Chinese…
    Holy Spirit is good for helping with languages, ask with faith, and you will receive
    Peace of Jesus to all…..

  22. “Otherwise, live your life, be as healthy and happy as you can be. ” Ken J. @ Modern Survival Blog

    “Live your best life.” Sundance @ The Conservative Treehouse

    Both men provide wise and welcomed words, for we know not when our time on this earth will end.

    May this next year bring you all, healthy and happy lives surrounded by those you love and cherish.

  23. Funny, No one mentioned the debt. Inflation yes, National debt no. This is looming large, 31 Trillion and growing and will become un-serviceable as the interest rates rise. Currently over a billion a day in interest. Not to mention the world dumping the petro dollar as the world reserve currency. The eventual collapse may be used to usher in the cashless society. Mark of the beast? Who knows whats next? It will not be good. Hope for the best, Prepare for the worst!

  24. @ Ken & All MSB’ers: We want to say a heartfelt “thank you,” firstly to Ken for providing this site and to all of you who have shared your knowledge in the last year and prior. We have learned a tremendous amount from this site over the numerous years that we have been reading it, which has affected us in many ways. Our best wishes to all for 2023!

  25. Thank you for the laugh and smiles you gave me. I need it today and will try to remember this coming year.

  26. Cali-ref
    Who said anything about doing it for sale!


    I was thinking more like being on a constant high watching everything disintegrate in the world around me, i would find myself in the company of many of my neighbors anyway

  27. And…like clockwork…

    **Intelligence officials “have observed calls for attacks targeting primarily migrants and critical infrastructure,” according to a bulletin issued on Dec. 23 by the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence & Analysis, which cites social media discussion of “firearms attacks, the placement of land mines along migration routes, and luring migrants into trailers to poison them with gas.”**

    As we have learned from previous government activities…what they predict/blame on others (anyone conservative or right wing)…is exactly what they are planning or doing themselves.

  28. I predict that Just Max will be just as ignored in 2023 as he was in 2022.

    Cricket, cricket, cricket…

    : p

  29. Of all the things we worry about, I think we can let go of the one about the dollar no longer being the world’s stabilizing currency. My friends have heard me on this issue. Peter Zeihan puts it very succinctly, and better than I can, how that is not likely to happen: youtu.be/LiR54FPQiCs

  30. So we watched this fake war in Ukraine for over a year as Russia throws its fodder at them and we can’t give Ukraine any patriot missiles. Then like a switch gets turned on, we send them patriot missiles. Right when Putin starts pounding Ukrainians with land based missile systems. Is it just me, or is this war just a distraction from some real sh!+ they don’t want us watching. Just sayin.

  31. I’m pretty sure the B.R.I.C.S nations will get a major foothold on the global economy which will collapse the dollar, we will see economic collapse, and Chine will invade Taiwan, we send most of our troops there and Ukraine leaving us wide open, for invasion. Our top brass at the Pentagon has already basically sworn allegiance and promised them this country without military action. Russia will smoke NATO and keep moving west and eventually come here along with China, all the filtrators from the north and south borders will get the green light to attack opening us up from within. And more over they will systematically shut down our grids in the name of climate lockdowns. If not this year then the next. Get right with God. Days are about to go dark. God bless.

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