Christmas tree lit up outside in the snow

Wishes of Happiness – and to all, a Merry Christmas

Wishing Merry Christmas to all who come here to read this blog.

Regardless of specific beliefs this time of year, I wish you joy, happiness and a Merry Christmas.

Find and focus on the good out there. Try it…You’ll like it.. There’s more to be had than you may think.

Bypass the streams of negative energy thrown at us from all directions. Understand that there are forces promoting division and conflict. Learn to recognize it for what it is. Distraction. A drag. A waste of time.

Maybe not ignore it from an informational perspective. But don’t get bogged down in it. Stuck in the mud of negativity.

Here’s what’s interesting.. How easy it is to get sucked in to ‘low frequency vibration consciousness’ or negative energy. Unless gifted with a natural occurring positive attitude and outlook, it can be a challenge to shrug off all the crap out there. But when you do, it makes a difference.

You might call it ‘high frequency vibration’ consciousness. Happiness. Contentment. Finding the good. Flipping off the bad.

This blog is focused on practical, sensible prepping and preparedness. A very wide ranging genre indeed. I’ve been steering away from writing about the many underlying human causations of today’s divisiveness and conflict.

Why? Because I cannot change any of that.

Instead, and better yet, I’m trying to focus on the things that I (we) can do within the genre of prepping and preparedness. To mitigate and overcome the bad situations that may develop for one reason or another.

I may continue to point out some of the ‘why’ (e.g. some of the potentially ‘bad’ out there for motivation). However, I’ll leave the rest of that digging and research up to you.

Use this holiday season as a kickstart towards a more positive personal outlook. Bad will always be out there. Guaranteed. Good may seem hard to find. But you will find it. It’s there.

Take a walk out in nature. Look around. Soak it up. There’s a magic there. A perfect and natural coexistence among the living creatures and their environment. Maybe that will spark something inside of you.

My general point? Stop with the negativity. While you may feel that it’s warranted at times (maybe it is), the thing is…it’s not healthy and it’s not going to help you. Accept the situation for what it is, and move on. Fix it if you can, or move along. Seek the light.