Here are a few tips regarding camouflage and movements during evasion or otherwise…
Add you own tips to the list below:


1. Avoid being directly seen by ‘the enemy’ or detection devices. Be aware of direct lines of sight between you and ‘the enemy’.

2. Shape, shadow, color, texture, and patterns can give you away. Be aware of how this relates to your current appearance with relation to the environment that you’re in.

3. Movement can give you away. You might be appropriately camouflaged, but when you move, it ‘might’ be seen. Our vision/brain is good at detecting movement.

4. Remove jewelry, patches or anything else that would attract attention.

5. Be aware of your body outline and adapt accordingly (e.g. camouflage clothing, hoods, dirt or make up on skin, charcoal ashes, berries, foliage, etc..). Don’t forget to treat your equipment to the same.

6. Don’t move against a skyline (tops of hills or buildings). Be aware of your silhouette.

7. Change overall camouflage color or texture to match your surroundings.

8. Be aware of straight lines and angles (with regards to you, your shelter, your equipment), things that are not ‘natural’ in nature or your environment (which might be different than ‘nature’).

9. Be aware and careful of leaving tracks – especially in snow and mud. Movement during bad weather can be to your advantage though.

10. Avoid camp fires / cooking. The smell may travel for a long way.

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Note: I’m sure that you can think of alot more tips, so lets hear them…

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