A Belly Band Holster For Concealed Or Outside Carry

The belly band holster provides a quick and easy method to carry a handgun. It only takes seconds to put it on, it’s inexpensive, and it has attributes. Among the many holsters that I have, the belly band has its unique purpose.

My favorite use is during the winter when I’m outside on the property, and/or trekking through the woods or trail with my jacket on. My predator insurance.

Here’s why I like it:

The belly band holster is made of a somewhat elastic stretchy material with Velcro ends. The simple concept is to wrap it around your waist (stretch it) and velcro the ends together to form a snug fit. The band material has at least one sewn-in ‘pocket’ to hold a handgun. Some belly band holsters come with two sewn-in pockets for ambidextrous left/right carry. Still others include pockets for extra mags.

Note: I happen to live in a state where open-carry is allowed, as well as permitted concealed carry. So my methods of carry are not an issue here. Know your own state laws. Use your best judgement…

While I do NOT carry this way while out in public (I prefer concealed carry in public places), the reason that I like the belly band holster for winter carry while out and about on the property (and/or in the woods, on the trail with the bears, etc..) is because this method provides quick access to my handgun without having to open up my jacket. If I ever actually need to access my handgun (besides target shooting), it will likely be for a reason when seconds count.

Note: If and when the SHTF into ‘collapse’, this method of carry, or equivalent method of outside-the-jacket carry, will be crucial to quick access during the winter – regardless of your state laws.

When it’s really cold outside, you WILL be wearing a winter jacket and it will be zipped up. How long will it take you to unzip the coat (you will probably be wearing gloves) and access your handgun?

Having purchased a larger size belly band holster, it fits nicely around the outside of my jacket and solves this problem…

Additionally, you can easily shift/slide/rotate the belly band holster to position the handgun wherever you feel comfortable.

Here’s me with my 45 snugly fit:

Belly Band Concealment Holster, Tan

Belly Band Concealment Holster, Black

A belly band holster is actually purposed to be worn concealed. I also have the corresponding size whereby I can wear it snugly to my waist in order to be concealed by other outerwear. With that said, I personally choose other holsters for concealed carry, but I’m just pointing out that this type of holster will get the job done…

I also have this one.
This obviously is not me ;)

Ultimate Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry | For Men and Women

There is a very wide variety of holsters out there. For those of you who carry, it’s good to consider all of the various conditions whereby you might be carrying (including ‘after’ the SHTF) and come up with solutions for them…


  1. Oooooh, I need one of these. I have a hard time carrying, and my EDC bag is too tight to be able to put my handgun.

  2. Let us not forget the slimming effects of the belly band. Armed AND fabulous!

  3. For years I have used a belly band for concealed carry when jogging or bicycling. Mine is a stretchy Neoprene material like used in wet suits and is sold on eBay by NeoCarry. I have purchased a couple of them in different sizes.

    1. A Patriot,

      How has yours held up? You said you have had these for years. Does the elastic or stretch wear out?

      Adapt and Overcome.

      1. After several years of regularly being saturated with perspiration, they are holding up fine with no noticeable deterioration.

  4. Now here is an interesting study in Texas case law. The holster shown in the upper most picture depicted in your article is illegal for open carry in Texas. However, All of the holsters shown are legal in Texas when concealed carrying in Texas. One would hope that the lawyers in Texas could have written a law that is not so vague, better yet why is Texas not a constitutional carry state. I have heard that there is a 2nd amendment in the U.S. Constitution!

    1. This holster is legal in Texas on your property or property under your control such as your business or say a deer lease. When out in public places I prefer to carry concealed. Why advertise the fact you are carrying? Open carry will make you the first target of the bad guy as he will want to eliminate his biggest threat first. Be the gray man, don’t attract attention but at the same time be prepared.
      Semper Paratus!

  5. I like this holster over a cotton t-shirt yet under a button down shirt or windbreaker (worn unbuttoned). They do wear out in 6 – 8 months and over time, I have gravitated to the Inside Waistband Holster with small belt hook. They are cheaper and easier to find and replace. This holster makes a great gift to those that carry but they are warm. I still like to carry along my belt line. I never could get used to the ankle holster.

    I also like to carry my Ruger LCR within a jacket pocket. Hammerless revolvers can fire repeat shots within a pocket without jamming. (tough on clothing though.)

    1. Inside the pocket in winter was what I was thinking also. Since I wear short jackets and generally carry in the back I don’t really have a problem with access in the winter either though I do at time wear a shoulder holster with a jacket also.

  6. Very interesting. I worked in a sporting goods store from 2006 to 2013 behind the gun counter and haven’t seen anything quite like this. I may have to get me one. I really like a shoulder holster, and also use a pocket holster, and most of the time during hunting season I wear my handgun on my belt. Sometimes I have a second, smaller gun somewhere else on me. Can’t be too well armed.

  7. If you have one with the extra pockets, for instance extra mag, and handcuffs side by side. You need to be careful as the extra mag can be pushed up and out of the pocket. A little ingenuity and slight modification should take care of that. Other than that it’s a very versatile holster.

  8. I have worn an elastic band like this for years. I’ve worn out 3 but this is my most comfortable holster. I wear mine high, placing the gun beneath my upper arm. Totally hidden by a loose fitting button shirt, partially buttoned. Fit a leather cutout, shaped as large as your gun and grip, inside the gun pocket and you feel no bumps or corners of the gun. It also makes drawing easier because your thumb follows the slick side of the leather behind the gun grip.

  9. FYI: Since the color was originally a somewhat light tan, I just dyed it to more closely match the color of my winter jacket… It was easy to do with some green Rit dye. Now I’m not only in style, but better OPSEC by blending in ;)

    green elastic belly band holster

  10. They get so hot i can only use mine in the winter. I put it under my hoodie over my shirt for a back up gun but even in winter when i take it off i have a wet ring lol. Any brands that let air flow?

    1. Dray,

      I own two different brands of belly band holsters. Both tend to get warm/hot around the waist if worn during warm/hot weather for too long.

      It’s not my preferred carry method during that time of year, but it is an option that some may like. We all have our own personal preferences for carry methods.

      I personally am not aware of a particular belly band holster that’s cooler to wear than others. If someone else knows of one, maybe they’ll comment with their opinion…

      Here’s yet another way:

      The Benefits Of A Chest Holster For Firearms Carry Outdoors

  11. I’m looking at a paddle style holster for a Shield as opposed to a belt hung. Anyone with experience to compare?

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