Best Long Guns & Handguns For SHTF – Which? If Only Two of Each…

You may only choose two long guns and two handguns. They will be chosen for a time of SHTF. In other words, a time of extreme turmoil, social chaos, collapse, shortages, revolution…if you get my drift.

Maybe one scenario is as follows. The globalist Marxist Commies come into power. Subsequently they do what they always do — try to take your guns. Without arguing about how you might mitigate that, lets just say you’ve planned ahead for it. Maybe you put aside two specific long guns and two handguns that “they” wouldn’t find.

Or maybe that doesn’t happen at all. But you’re considering all aspects of a hypothetical collapse and you’re deciding what might be best in the long gun department and the handgun department.

I will initially refrain from putting out my own opinion so as to get your comments without influence. I’m sure there are lots of opinions, and I put this out there for fun… (haven’t done a “gun” post in awhile).

Lets see where we end up, and I’ll update this post with some of the highlights.

Ready, Set, Go!



  1. 22 revolver with 22 mag cylinder, sks. Why can use 22 short or the cci 22 quiets for quiet hunting, any 22 ammo for general use. 7.62×39 is just fine.

    1. Gee I should have read more closely. 2 of each? wow? I picked for utility and plain out total reliability. Would I select two different ones or more ammo instead. Only the Owl knows. :-)

      Probably a single/double barreled shotgun 12 gauge with a full set of chamber adapters so I could use anything I found in “lost ammo”, and more ammo….

  2. Been awhile since I looked at purchasing a gun, but as a kid my friend and I shot lots of different guns and 10s of thousands of rounds. 12 gauge slugs either 000 or 00 buckshot are absolutely devastating to anything in its path so I’d opt for a pump 12 gauge of some sort. I had an M&P 9mm that was a smooth shooter and a large capacity magazine. Too bad it got lost deep in the woods.

      1. Ige is why its so hard to come home. Living in Oklahoma where we can buy and own anything we want, Pro 2nd. What would i do with all my “stuff”.

    1. LMAO… you said it bruddah. In Hawaii it’s, “Don’t ask. Don’t tell.”

    2. There have been times in the past where I didn’t agree with you and wondered if you had that brown fecal matter between your ears, but in this case, I agree with you 100%. Use the ones I already have.

      1. Alfie are you aware your insulting answer is on a comment 5 months old?

      2. Alfie ,,,,,,,,,,,go to your room ,till dinner,when you come out apologise , Ha Ha ,ok just be nice

  3. any kind of high powered kind of rifle for longer range hunting a semi auto 12 gauge for home defense a 9mm hand gun and a 45 handgun for short range stopping power

    1. I prefer a pump shotgun to the semi-auto….

      “Life on the line is no jammin’ time.”

      And if you develop your technique you can run a pump about as fast and as accurate as an autoloader…


        • to a certain degree yes and no i have used both kinds of shotguns and i have yet to have had a jam with a semi auto and i have put 100s of rounds through both but then i take the care of both shotguns very serious i clean em EVERY time i use em without fail
  4. This was a mental exercise that I thought through years ago because it’s fun. In my head I decided I’d like to just store 22LR, rather than buying various ones to keep track of. That would allow me to use a pistol such as a Ruger SR22, a Ruger 10/22, as well as even going into The Saint that had been fitted with an insert to accept 22LR, then toss in a revolver too if desired. Seemed practical to just streamline the gun selection off the ammo stored in my scenario.

  5. Kel Tec PMR 30 22 mag, Glock 21, Mossberg 12ga with mini shell adaptor, AR.223

  6. A 10/22 semi auto rifle, Mini 14 .223, Both can be used to hunt what’s near me.
    357 revolver & 45 semi auto for defense from man or beast…I prefer Ruger from my Rifles
    Colt for my pistols.

  7. Remington 870 12 gauge pump with vent rib and slug barrel.
    AK-47 7.62×39
    Colt Woodsman .22LR Pistol
    S&W 686 .357 mag revolver

  8. #1 Mossberg 20 gauge pump with a bunch of different barrels
    #2 Well made AR-15 with a bunch of mags
    #3 Glock 19’s x2 with a bunch of mags,

    If allowed one more by the Gun Czar Bozo O’Dork , it would be a Ruger .22 “American” bolt action in .22 LR.

  9. I would keep it simple. What are my most likely needs in a weapon should life styles go seriously south? That would be food for sure number one….protection possibly. I would keep my choices simple, with emphasis on reliability and my ability to feed and maintain the weapons long term without access to stores and parts.

    For me, and my location, the long guns would be a .22 rimfire and a 12 gauge. Actions (pump, auto, bolt, single shot) not as important as ruggedness, reliability, and fixability….and accuracy (for the rifle).

    Handguns? Again, .22 rimfire for sure would be one of them. Same criteria as I had for the rifle/shotgun. The second handgun would be a quality revolver….for many reasons….not the least of which is the ease in recovering spent brass to reload.

    Each of us could probably write a book on why we would choose certain guns, and would make very convincing arguments. The overriding factor though, is your own ability to employ your choices with skill and efficiency……….everything else is just small talk……….

    P.S.–I didn’t mention any popular defensive weapons for a reason. If you are prepared for bad times, if you are doing your due diligence in times of chaos, if you are employing a planned defense of your home… should be able to add any guns the aggressors may bring with them….to your arsenal. If you can’t? Then you probably are deluding yourself by thinking it’s the weapon itself that will make the difference.

    1. Dennis, yes well said. I now declare you ” President Elect Dennis”! Hail to the Chief !!!

    2. “The overriding factor though, is your own ability to employ your choices with skill and efficiency……….everything else is just small talk……….”

      Indeed. A gun is only as good as the person wielding it.

      1. “Beware of the man with just one gun for he probably knows very well, how to use it”

    3. Dennis you hit the nail on the head with that last PS, same goes for ammo also. I ain’t saying what all is in my collection, but if I could only have 2, it would be my Ruger 10-22, and Blackhawk 357 revolver.

      1. David,rcb………great choices….rugged…reliable…accurate…..easy fed and maintained……

        Gotta wonder what that old frontiersmen (and women) would have chose if they had our modern choices………..

  10. Only two?!?! Are you kidding me? Can’t I have at least three daddy?However you are the one setting the rules here Ken. 😈
    I guess it would come down to a 40 Ca. & 45
    Short 12 ga pump
    and Ak 47
    if I wined enough and got 3, I’d have my 22 mag rifle and 9mm for DW.
    that is “If” I owned any of these.

  11. Any gun is good. But, my choice is AK-47 because that is a weapon I know very well.
    And one good .22 pistol with supressor. And LOTS of ammo

    1. Although one can not be the President if one is not born in the U.S. , but seeing that we are throwing out the Constitution, I now declare you ” President Elect Estonian”

      1. Seminole Wind

        so how many president elects can we have??

        ohh, yeah,
        throwing out the Constitution

        1. There is no such office or Constitutional mention of a President Elect. You are free to have as many of them as you like…


        2. <bb,

          My bad.
          I forgot to add the (sarc)
          in my prior comment to
          Seminole Wind

          My apologies

  12. .12 gauge, which can chamber 3 1/2″ rounds, with sighted slug and ramped barrels…semi-auto, or pump, Mossberg.

    5.56 Nato AR with Marine Iron Sights, using tritium front.

    .9mm Ruger auto with stacked magazines.

    .32 Walther PPK German police.

  13. Ruger pc 9 with glock mag well
    glock 45 same mag for both
    ruger 10/22 ruger 22/45
    870 pump

    1. 10/22 Tactical solutions with Holsun scope dot/circle and suppressor. 25 round mags
    2. HK VP9 pistol 9mm 12-!5 round mags with hollow points
    3. FNX TACTICAL 45 12-15 round mags with hollow points thigh holster
    4. CMMG BANSHEE 9MM single point sling w/suppressor 12-31 round Glock mags with hollow points Holsun scope.

    The 10/22 does 2 things, kills small animals for food and quiet gets rid of 2 legged animals.
    There are many great pistols out there, both these are very easy for me to shoot and having 45 cal rds have hugh stopping power. I also like my Glock 19s.-9mm
    As for #4, I ‘m in urban area, not big city, banshee is easy and fast to lock on targets. If went to rural area would switch out to LWRC 556 AR15 with suppressor for medium range. Trijicon scope.

    Also like M4 benelli semi 12ga but limit was 4. Thanks JIM S

  14. I own no long guns but here’s what I’d own if I had my choice:

    2 shotguns. One in 20 and one in 410 (for the wife)

    I got a lot of pistols. For SHTF here’s my choices:

    Glock 43 w/extended +1 mags – for CCW & Backup
    Glock 34, ported, w/5.31 inch barrel – for ANTIFA, BLM

    You didn’t mention ammo choice which I think is important. Don’t know about shotguns but my pistol ammo would be Federal HST PD and Hornady XTP Custom (good for coyotes and wolves, the 4-legged type).

  15. My first choice will always be a 12 gauge pump Mossburg 500. With turkey, full and slug chokes you can hunt anything and have a very good defense gun. Next would be my SKS. The pistol would be a 1911 and I would trade the second pistol for a ruger 10/22.

  16. Jeez,
    Only two each?
    Definitely a .308 any type.
    Bolt. AR..
    Toss up between a .22 and a 12g.
    .22/22mag 6″ revolver
    Shield .45

    1. Yep,
      if only 2 of each,
      .308win bolt gun
      .308/7.62×51 ARplatform 22” barrel at least
      2/ 1911 in 45ACP

  17. Old Man says a shotgun is best for hitting anything. Bad new, just heard on Biden’s website he is going to put a $200 tax on anything they consider an assault weapon and a high capacity magazine.

      1. I have read something similar, as old lady.
        Can’t give any specifics of when, where.
        Will do a search when time allows.

        Can’t tax what ya ain’t got.

        1. As per Politifact:

          “Americans who own semi-automatic firearms or high-capacity magazines would be charged $200 per unit under the Democratic presidential candidate’s gun policy.”

          This wasn’t where I originally read this type of proposed law, but I have read simular statements elsewhere.

      2. Joe Biden’s Gun Agenda Could Cost AR-15 Owners $3.6 Billion in Taxes for Guns They Already Own

        If lawfully enacted, this policy could encompass “all existing assault weapons.” In practice, this could mean every American who owns a weapon like an AR-15 — or any other gun deemed by Democrats to be an “assault weapon” — could be required to submit their fingerprints and photograph, undergo an FBI background check, register these weapons with the ATF, and pay the federal government a $200 tax for each weapon.

        In an interview last year, CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Biden, “So, to gun owners out there who say, well, a Biden administration means they’re going to come for guns?”

        Biden responded, “Bingo. You’re right, if you have an ‘assault weapon.’ The fact of the matter is they should be illegal, period.”

        1. Forgetting the subject matter for a second, do you ever notice that D tax proposals always assume a static analysis ?

          There are X items taxed at Y % or dollars or whatever, and that will produce Z bazillion dollars. Just calculator math…

          In real life it never works that way. People always find legal and not ways to avoid paying the Tax and the Ds always push out their lip in a big pout about why the Tax didn’t produce the revenue they expected.

          It shows that they are stupid, evil, or they think we are all doofusses (or doo-fi – radius, radii etc. :-) ) or all of the above.

          Nobody holds completely still for this kind of foolishness.


        2. Remember when the Democrats started to apply a luxury tax on yachts? Suddenly, no one bought any more yachts (boats) and the entire industry started to fail…reducing tax revenues…and forcing the idiots to repeal the tax.

        3. Why winning both Georgian Senate seats on January 5th is so important!!!

    1. He has dementia…..just proved it…….ain’t getting shit from me

  18. What I have read said he could (the tax)but had the potential to cause a lot of problems with about 1/4 of our if they did it would cover anything full auto and more than 10 round capacity.
    I have not read anything that said he definately would but I believe he will.
    Remember but-gig said he is coming for our guns and he’s supposed to be in charge of that czar whatever.
    There goes my dream gun KelTec KSG

    So for the topic rifle. ruger .22 SKS 7.62×39 and hand gun anything 9mm prefer ruger and .22 mark 2
    Because it’s what my neighbors dog has available with ammo.

  19. Why would anyone list their armament on the Internet ?
    What happened to OPSEC ?

    1. Just a wish list for us all.

      I’ve read lots of articles on useful weapons that I cannot afford or wish to not have in my possession.
      Guns are nasty, evil things.

      I’d rather be butchered with a meat cleaver.
      Stuck by a hunting arrow.
      Take several blows to the head with a hammer.

      Makes hunting a little more challenging, but useful tools.

    2. That’s not what I asked. Re-read for clarity. And this post is just for fun. I believe many here would be interested to know the opinions of others.

      1. to “cid”,
        You may choose not to participate in the discussion then. No worries.

        If and when I become so paranoid that I cannot even put out these types of hypothetical preparedness-related posts, I might as well close shop and retire.

      2. Well, wow
        Ken does a post on weapons that would be useful, and everybody responding blows their OPSEC.


        So, tell me,
        How well is your OPSEC?
        Hunting license purchase?
        Gun purchase thru an FFL dealer?
        Online purchases of certain ammo?.
        A trade and/or swap, you don’t think the seller/swapper is not gonna file paperwork?

        How do your neighbors feel when ya hit a few targets every weekend?

        OPSEC my as$.

        1. Exactly. The sound of gunfire echoing across the mountains here is quite normal. People are not afraid to talk about it either. Its just part of life here. If anything it’s soothing and reassuring.

        2. cid,
          Sorry dude.
          It’s not just the Net, a person has to worry about.
          And the down vote ain’t mine.

        3. Joe C
          so true. If you’re not on “a list” somewhere you haven’t been born yet.

    3. Mine are already registered and it is is public knowledge. It is those guns before the registry took affect and there are muzzleloaders that are not public knowledge because they don’t need registration that can be OPSEC.

    4. None listed their armament. They just told others what their top 4 guns “would” be ;-)

    5. Anyone that has a registered firearm, has bought ammo for a weapon online or from a store with a CC has bought upgrades or furniture for a weapon online or instore with a CC then they already know what you have.

      1. This is correct. All financial transactions and accounts are available to any law enforcement agencies, and revenue agencies, via secret subpoena and have no expectation of privacy. Casual surveillance can be conducted on unlimited numbers of individuals, with the monitoring systems only alerting and calling attention to those tripping the programmed attributes.

        Certain kinds of weapons, bullets, quantities, locations, duplicate transactions, etc…

        The POS system would immediately flag a tripped transaction, supplying time and location, before the person conducting the transaction has left the store, or his office desk.

        You must face the fact you cannot hide. So, simply get vicious.

  20. Well lets see. Think I’ll take my Barrett 50BMG and my H&K91 for the long guns and for my pistols, I’ll take my MP5 and if that don’t count as a pistol how about my UZI and my Ruger MK5. Come ahead on Big Brother! Rocky Mountain Dreaming. Trekker Out

  21. According to Biden all you need is a double barrel shotgun. That’s all!

    1. SS
      Wax….good idea! didnt think of that. Only thing I could come up with is rock salt and that is an old farmer trick.

  22. I will take anything deemed an assault weapon. Oh! and black, It has to be black.

  23. Ken,

    Was thinking about your question for someone late to the game of prepping and desperately seeking to purchase a gun…any gun…during this time of empty racks at the gun stores. A person with little if any firearm training……What would you recommend?……What would they most likely be able to find…and learn to use in the shortest period of time?

    My latest trip to Wally World, I made a special effort to swing by sporting goods, expecting to see empty gun racks and bare ammo shelves. I was almost correct. There was a lonely .410 Hatfield Arms break open single barrel shotgun on the rack for $99, and small but available number of boxes of shotgun shells….including .410 in #7 1/2 and #8 shot.

    Would I recommend I recommend that combination to a new to the game prepper in today’s climate? In a heartbeat…… They would be head and shoulders above being unarmed….would be able to harvest small game….would be able to defend the front door……..

    The best combination of gun and ammo? You bet….if it’s available and you have nothing better already in hand….and..though I haven’t visited any pawnshops or local gun shops, I would bet that those old break over single shot shotguns are most likely still being overlooked…….

    1. Dennis,
      Good question…

      We have smashed all records for gun sales this year (as most of us know). Huge ammo shortages too.

      [ Read: Ammo Shortage – It’s Gone – And I Mean Virtually Everywhere… ]

      For those “late to the game”, I suppose getting anything is better than nothing…

      I would always promote having “any” .22 rifle given the flexibility of practicality.

      I would also always promote “any” 9 mm caliber handgun given the enormous popularity thereof (and more likely to find ammo).

      That’s my short and quick reply for last minute entry ;)

      1. I see boat loads of guns for sale on mostly private some FFL sellers.
        You email, set up a meeting amd go get it.
        FFL dealers are in shop all laws apply.

        1. Horse,

          ……I’ve bought a couple off armslist….both face to face private transactions….met at neutral location…exchanged identification…both satisfied with deal….was a while back though…when asking prices weren’t insane.

        2. I sold mine through armslist years ago when I needed money.
          Looking back I think that was a mistake.

          Still have my hi-point I bought non working and fixed plus my three rounds.
          I’m ready.

  24. Humm, like most here I have a semi-auto 22 rifle and a 12 gauge shotgun using slugs and shot for crowd control. It kicks kicks a Missouri mule but it does the job.

    1. A Brnelli M4 is pricey, but minimal recoil. So that and a suppressed SCAR 17 for long guns. FNX .45 and a 1911 for hand guns.

  25. I would keep the .22 and the 20ga for the long guns. I like the duel ammo capability of the Judge! I can load it for a purpose or alternate rounds of .45s and 410s in the cylinder.

    Don’t for get to practice, practice, practice!!!

    1. Epo 3, I am with you. No need to have them and be oh so proud of them, if you can’t use them. This means load, reload and carry it ready to use until your arms are ready to fall off. There won’t always be idea conditions with something to lean on. How fast can you fill a mag or a cylinder? Need to be able to do this in your sleep. I don’t own guns either, like most of you, but I heard this was good advice from my daddy, a sharp shooter in WW2.
      Need to use plenty of that precious stuff that goes in one end and comes out the other… I forget what it’s called.

  26. i have a benelli super nova but an 870 would probably be better…more of them out there so you could use others for parts…ar for sure, lots of them out there for spare parts…glock because you don’t need any tools to swap parts and until the gen 5, most of the parts were compatible with other glocks of the same caliber…

    1. Benelli Supernova is a fine shotgun. I’d say it’s better than the post-Cerberus 870s. The pre-Cerberus 870s are fine pieces of equipment of which I may or may not have several.

      Remington still made fine upper model firearms for the price up until the most recent bankruptcy, or select models like the ugly stick that hit every branch on the ugly tree on the way down… the 783. For example, the Remington V3 is half the price of a Benelli M4 and is nearly as good.

  27. So to skirt the rules I’d go with a AR10/LR308, AR15, and modular pistols like the Sig P320 & Glock gen 1-4 19ish.

    Then have parts to convert them to a million different calibers. But in reality, I only care about 7.62×51, 5.56×45, 40 S&W, and 9×19. I have more, but those are the ones I’d take portable and the ones I have more than I need of. They’re also the ones I keep in Pelican cases ready to go as well as their care and feeding in Pelican cases ready to go.

    My mobile setup is based on a team of five. Two people get LR308s in 7.62×51 and Sig P226 in fawty shortnweak and three people get AR15s in 5.56×45 with Sig P320 Carry in inferior millimeter.

    I won’t say what barrel length but I can say I can TIG weld.

    Around the house for siege it would be the same but with a couple Savage 110 in 300 Win Mag. They turn most cover into concealment and you won’t go deaf as bad as a M107.

    For runs around town it will be the same weapons but the LR308s will get a 375 Raptor upper and the AR15s will get a 300 Blackout upper and again I won’t say anything about barrel length or whether they may or may not get whisper pickles.

    1. Whisper pickle? I love it!!! Don’t forget the giggle switch. 😉

  28. My CZ Scorpion 9mm What a fabulous fun Gun
    My CZ Shadow 2
    Long Rifles:: Sako 6.5mm Creed more. Long Barrel, Big Scope.
    Semi auto 22 Long Damn i need more than two choices.
    Semi Auto 12 Gauge Shotgun 00 Buck Shot.
    I once saw an article in Guns and Ammo where you could get an adapter that fits on the end of your Rifle, which screws onto an oil filter, cheap suppressor fire one shot and you have your hole.

    1. It’s a solvent catchment system..
      Not for shooting.
      But it works.

  29. SHTF scenario? For me that means no electronic sights (batteries…), so,

    .357mag. revolver, which provides dual caliber (.357/.38) capability. Ruger GP100 for me.
    Glock 9mm or .40. I have a G23 (.40S&W) with a 9mm conversion barrel and G19 magazine, so works as a dual caliber handgun.

    12ga. pump shotgun. Mossberg 500 dual barrel for me (need to look into the ‘mini shell’ option).
    .22 bolt rifle. I have a Winchester 310, but think a Ruger ‘American’ may be a better option, need to look into one. A peep or ghost ring sight in lieu of a scope.

    If I could ‘game’ the discussion I would drop the Glock and replace it with a Marlin 336 in .30-30 Winchester, which is a good general purpose round (and common) in a good rifle. Also with a peep or ghost ring sight.

    1. DLS,

      ……you bring up a good point….electronics on a long term shtf weapon. While no one loves the advantages of red dot sights better than me…I would depend on no weapon that did not have some form of standard sights also….and those sights zeroed……and peep sights compensate for old eyes in much the same way as scopes and red dots………..

      1. It is getting harder and harder to find weapons with irons, it’s down to savage hog hunters or scouts; or ruger scouts and some ranches, or a few others.

        For the same reliability reasons you should get a revolver over an auto-loader, and a bolt action over a gas action. If you are talking about long term shtf then you want reliability over anything else, and ease of maintenance.

    2. DLS
      I watched a vid on the mini shells. Nice to be able to load more of them but if I remember right they didn’t feed well. I think it was Paul Harrell that did the vid and he is pretty straight forward on how he does reviews

      1. Poorman
        they dont feed well at all, in fact generally dont, just my experience

  30. Rotary cannon mounted on all terrain, stump jumpin’ technical for my long gun. Short barreled shuriken launcher for my hand gun. This was fun! Let’s play again Ken.

  31. Well, I guess I would choose a .357 revolver and a .357 carbine and , oh wait a minute I could have a .38 special revolver too cause the ammo fits. I would choose a .22 revolver and a .22 Henry as well and oh what the heck since I’ve got matching ammo perhaps a 10/22 .
    Tough decision, but a good mental exercise.

  32. .357 revolver and lever action trapper. .308 bolt gun. 9mm EDC pistol.

  33. Scar 17s = 7.62×51 175 gr. Federal Match
    Galil Ace = 7.62×39 123 gr. Golden Tiger expanding steel cased
    Sig M17 = 9mm 147gr subsonic
    Sig MPX = 9mm 147 gr subsonic
    All these guns are suppressed except the ace because its over gassed just like the aks and if you had a bonus gun. It would be IWI TS12 16 round shotgun if you haven’t heard of it look it up looks like a star wars gun. I don’t care if they read this come and take them!! I’m sick of all the Bast””ds

  34. 12 gauge autoloader
    .45 long slide w/laser sighting
    Plasma rifle 40 watt range
    Uzi 9mm


  35. – I live-in wide-open country, out here in fly-over land. I think a .308 bolt and a Savage 24C for my long guns; a .357 revolver and a .22 revolver for sidearms. What about the ones that are already stashed in “olive barrels”? Do I have to give those up?
    – Papa S.

  36. This is a great question. A lot of factors come into play. Will I have a home base or will I be on the move? What’s my environment, country or urban? Am I running solo or have a like minded group?

    First and foremost, I would say 12 gauge shotgun. Any version of the the mossberg 500 is great for dependability. But a keltec ksg adds to round capacity. Definitely need a rifle to be able to AT&T. For sidearms, a highly dependable 9mm and 357 revolver would be great.

    My hypothetical answer would be ar15, mossberg 12 gauge, Glock 19 and 357 revolver. This is based on common ammo, likely ability to come across same platforms, and what I’m comfortable with. Wish I could fit a 22 of some sort in there.

  37. Handguns: Ruger single six with extra cylinder in 22 mag. is my primary side arm while tending and checking traplines. If I had notched the walnut grips for every possum, raccoon and skunk I took out with this gun, I would have had to replace the grips several times over. 170+ critters before I stopped counting.
    S&W 686 in 357 mag with 4 inch barrel. Accurate with the cast bullet loads i can make for this cartridge. Enough power to drop deer at close range. i pulled over cars decades ago with a revolver on my hip. A revolver on my person is still a security blanket to me today.

    Long guns: Remington 870 12 gauge with 2 barrels: 18 inch for in vehicle/security work and 28 inch barrel with vent rib and screw in choke tubes to harvest game and break clay. I reload my shotshell hulls and can cast my own #4 buckshot. i do not like firing slugs butt they will stop a black bear that wants your dinner entree ( and will fight you for it).

    Bolt action heavy barrel varmint rifle in caliber 223 because I already have one and lots of ammo and decades of research on how it shoots. Accurate enough to hit a postage stamp at 100 yards making the heart shot on the distant deer a very real possibility. This is my go to rifle to punch out tags on depredation permits. Have shot deer across 300+ yards of leaf lettuce and green beans in years past. Though considered too small a caliber for general deer season, the 223 works will if attention is payed to shot placement. Not bad for a rifle that burns 20-25 grains of powder with each pull of the trigger.

    Tough having to make a choice of only 4 but there it is…My wife on the other hand: Her 4 choices will be in another article to follow.

  38. You could game the game and have a Governor, uses three different types of ammo. It’s especially brutal with the self defense .410 rounds that are out there. By the way, Ken, I haven’t seen NRP post in a while. Hope he’s ok.

  39. Being that I won’t comply with anything unconstitutional, especially when it comes to 2A, I never plan on limiting myself to just 2 long guns and 2 handguns no matter who’s in power or what turmoil society finds itself in.

    1. The reason I limited the hypothetical two-of-each, was to inspire thought — for example, what’s best? Thought it would be an interesting exercise/discussion.

      1. OK Ken, sorry I got up on a soap box. My favorites would be my Springfield Socom 16 in 308, my Benelli 12 gauge M1 super 90, my Smith and Wesson 617 in 22 and my Dan Wesson Guardian in 9mm.

  40. Im just going to keep rocks, big rocks for big problems small rocks for small problems, will keep some big sticks hidden too, legal to open cary in all states, easy to hide as they blend in well.
    what, you actually think you will be able to keep anything?

    good luck with that,

    this will be an all or nothing, plan on all

  41. 12-gauge auto-loader
    .45 long slide, with laser sighting.
    Phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range.
    Uzi nine millimeter.

  42. The important thing is to have some guns you don’t care about because they are old or not very useful. Government may know you have a F.O.I.D. card but they probably don’t know exactly what you own. Need a couple of “throw away” guns you can give them so they go away. As far as the question: 12 Gauge shotgun, AR15, Glock 9mm and Sig 365 for conceal carry. I like to have weapons with common calibers so ammo may be easier to find.

  43. Always interesting exercise of what if. Easy enough my truck currently has my answer. Glock 19x with streamlight, Smith 686 plus, win 94, colt sp1. All reliable well used and covers most of my needs.

  44. Best firearm is what you can hold and shoot. I am too weak and frail to handle a long gun. I am not able to operate the slide on a pistol. And I need a easy trigger pull on a revolver. So I have two .38 revolvers, a Ruger LCR and a Smith and Wesson. Both take the same ammunition.

    I also have a throw away/give away gun — A .32 antique revolver with a loose cylinder that I would be afraid to shoot, anyway.

    Does anyone know if a loose cylinder can be repaired?

    1. An antique revolver can get a worn cylinder stop, which is a “key” which lifts up from the frame, usually directly below the cylinder, to fit into a machined recess on the side of the cylinder, locking it in place…so the cartridge will properly line up with the breach and the firing pin.

      With the pistol unloaded, pull the hammer back to the full cocked position.

      Place your fingers on each side of the cylinder and attempt to rotate it, back and forth. If the cylinder moves, note how the “hand” from the frame is fitting inside the cylinder recess, and if this is where the “play” is coming from. If so, the fix is to replace the cylinder stop hand with a new one, or to add metal to the old one and file it down to snugly fit the cylinder locking recess.

      The other cause of a loose cylinder is that the cylinder itself has worn cylinder stops, or recesses, which causes the cylinder to move, even with a good cylinder frame stop.

      If the movement is along the cylinder’s long axis, around the cylinder pin, the repair is to install a new bushing, or pin, or both.

      Basically, everything depends upon the maker of the pistol, as even though it is an may still be available for it, including new cylinders and internal parts.

      If the pistol is foreign, say from Belgium, good luck. Let’s hope it is an old American maker.

      1. Oh, yes. I forgot. The trouble can also be caused by a weak spring, which is what keeps the cylinder stop firmly pressed into the cylinder recess. A broken, or weak, spring is often the cause…as over time the spring tension is lost. It is a small spring, and can often be replaced by modifying a new spring to fit.

        This is a common flaw in the .45 Long Colt Peacemaker, for example.

      2. Ision, I don’t know the make. It is so old there is not even a serial number. I will try what you suggested. At this point, I plan to surrender it when they come for my guns. Tell them my brother had my other guns. He died 2 years ago.

        1. I was a collector of firearms for many years. Had up to 12 tables at major Gun Shows in California. I have owned many pistols, like the one your probably have. I have owned just about every weapon made since the Revolutionary War…including artillery.

  45. Long gun 1
    How about an AR15 with a bunch of mags and a .22lr conversion kit with mags
    Pistol 1
    Glock 17 with night sights and under rail light, bunch of mags.
    Pistol 2 LCR in 9mm to match glock ammo
    Long Gun 2 something nice that is strong enough to take out an engine block at long range. I’m thinking something like a bolt action. 50 cal.
    Lots of ammo 🤠

  46. “The overriding factor though, is your own ability to employ your choices with skill and efficiency………everything else is just small talk……….”

    Dennis made this statement in a previous post and I think it’s important enough to make an addendum to my reply. Whatever you think of guns it is like most hobbies/interests a lifestyle. One that incorporates more than just the initial learning curve. There’s a lot of practice involved. The more the better, and the more varied the better. Indoors, Outdoors, in desert heat, in cold rainy weather, in tight spaces and at distance. Wherever trouble could occur you need to be ready in mind and in body. You have to be physically fit – not Hulk Hogan fit – but quick and agile and flexible enough with the presence of mind to do what needs to be done.

    Read Ken’s article “How I Got Back To My College Weight And Feeling Best In Decades” It’s good stuff.

    This new administration will not draw a line in the sand, they will build a wall between their fundamentalist ideas and everyone else. Preppers may be the last stand against them. Be prepared.

  47. “The overriding factor though, is your own ability to employ your choices with skill and efficiency……….everything else is just small talk……….”

    Dennis made this statement in an earlier post. I think it’s so important that I’m writing an addendum to my reply. Whether you believe in guns or not it is like any interest or hobby, a lifestyle, that is much more than the initial learning curving. Assuming you’ve had the proper training it’s gonna take practice, the more the better and the more varied the better. Indoors, Outdoors, in desert heat, in frigid cold, soaking wet, in close quarters and at distance. Being mentally prepared to use deadly force is of prime importance but so is being physically fit. Not Hulk Hogan fit but physically quick, agile, and flexible in your ability to get out of harms way and do what needs to be done. Read Ken’s article How I Got Back To My College Weight And Feeling Best In Decades It’s a good read.
    Kamala’s administration is not going to draw a line in the sand. They’re going to build a wall of fundamentalist teachings and Marxist Ideology between and you and I. Be prepared.

  48. “The overriding factor though, is your own ability to employ your choices with skill and efficiency……….everything else is just small talk……….”

    Dennis made this statement in an earlier post. I think it’s so important that I’m writing an addendum to my reply. Whether you believe in guns or not it is like any interest or hobby, a lifestyle, that is much more than the initial learning curving. Assuming you’ve had the proper training it’s gonna take practice, the more the better and the more varied the better. Indoors, Outdoors, in desert heat, in frigid cold, soaking wet, in close quarters and at distance. Being mentally prepared to use deadly force is of prime importance but so is being physically fit. Not Hulk Hogan fit but physically quick, agile, and flexible in your ability to get out of harms way and do what needs to be done. Read Ken’s article How I Got Back To My College Weight And Feeling Best In Decades It’s a good read.

    Kamala’s administration is not going to draw a line in the sand. They’re going to build a wall of fundamentalist teachings and Marxist Ideology between and you and I. Be prepared.

    1. Just a heads up, to no one in particular.

      Laser sights are cool. Especially at night, Red, green whatever.
      But those lasers have a beginng source from where they are coming from.

      Wave a laser around, I know right where to aim.

      Same as a smoke. That glowing ember?

      Bad, bad idea.

        1. Not everyone out there have NVDs. Those cheap Russian ones need an IR illuminator to even work. Using that IR illuminator is like waving a spotlight at a good pair of gen 3 American made PVS-14s. There are at best 1 to 2 million gen 3 NVD produced in the U.S., so odds are out of 330 million people you only have about .006 percent chance of coming in contact with someone having gen 3 NVDs also when running a IR laser on your weapon. So, visible laser, bad idea, IR laser and gen 3 NVDs, winning edge in a fight.

  49. Glock 10 mm with 357 sig spare barrel
    S&w shield 9mm
    Ruger 10/22
    Benelli m4

    All a dream list, not really a gun household….

  50. Mini gun or a Browning M2 mounted in the bed of my Taco. A couple of suppressed Glock 17s. Perfect combo for collecting all those unwanted weapon laying on the ground after their former owners flee!!! hahaha

  51. I’m just an 80-year-old amateur whose last formal training was with an M1 Garand at Camp Mathews California (now subsumed by San Diego State University). My vote would be for a Glock 19 and a Springfield Hellcat. I’d mate them with a Tavor X95 Bullpup and a PSA GEN3 PA10. Currently, I own none of these arms and have based my choices on what I’ve read. Ammunition is important.

    I hate the notion of having to participate in a revolution but will acquire what’s necessary to face the democrat monster that emerged with only very limited opposition. I hope law enforcement refuses to oppress the population and I know the military will join the resistance if it becomes necessary. Many arms owners boast about resistance but since most are family heads, few would actually join.

    1. hi gene i all ways respect elders so i was borned in san diego lived there for 50 yrs then moved to N. idaho it has been one of my best moves in life i ever made. CALI became a socialist state im so glad i moved . i cant believe a shooting range in the back yard SO MUCH FREEDOM HERE . WELL I TOTALLY GOT OFF THE TOPIC SORRY. MY CHOICE IS A KALASHNIKOV 12 GA SIMI AUTO W/DRUM IT WILL CLEAR A PATH LIKE NO OTHER, A COLT OR KIMBER 45 1911 WORKS FOR ME. GENE YOUR MOST WELLCOME TO SHOOT UP HERE IF YOUR ABLE.THANKS Buzz

  52. 7.62×39 probably SKS since they are the commonest. Hopefully you have changed it to a magazine fed.

    7.62 x 51 (.308) long barrel rifle for stopping attackers at longer range – you can get semi armor piercing ammunition that will at least go through a car door

    9 mm pistol – commonest ammunition and adequate stopping power at close range

    22 long rifle pistol for close quiet work

  53. Handguns: Smith & Wesson M&P 9 because it holds lots of ammo, and my Browning Buckmark because its quiet and reliable. Longguns: My old Winchester model 70 in 30-06, it has taken its fair share of deer and other game over the years, and is very reliable; and my Bushmaster M4 carbine

  54. .44 magnum revolver. Double barrel 12 guage, simplicity, accuracy for me, familiarity.

  55. this Topic raises a question, in a SHTF situation, what quality/availability of ammo should be considered? My firearm picks are all manually operated (revolver, pump shotgun, bolt/lever rifle) and should be able to work with ‘questionable’ ammo. How would autoloaders work with questionable ammo? Is ‘questionable’ ammo something to be considered?

  56. 1) Springfield M1A (reliable, accurate and hard-hitting. 2) Pump Shotgun (500 or 870, reliable with large mag). 3. Browning Hi-Power (reliable, easy availability of ammo) 4. Springfield 1911 (.45, reliable, hard-hitting).

  57. I stopped hunting with firearms long ago, as there was no real sport in it anymore. So, I turned to bow hunting, which required me to learn new skills and perfect stalking techniques. Eventually, this too became too easy and boring. So, I turned to hunting with only a knife, increasing the need to become really good at getting close to the game and the placement of the knife. Alas, this too became routine. Now, I only hunt with my bare hands, and a garrotte, made from piano wire.

      1. Naturally, such skills are already needed for combat and definitely are useful in hunting, where I use them to sense the location of the animal I am seeking. Standing in the wilderness, one extends these senses into the field, like radar seeking a blip. The location of the animal is felt like a “heat” upon the skin of your face. The direction you feel the heat coming the direction of the animal you seek.

        I used this method to find human targets in large crowds, such as football stadiums. I would go to the field, stand on the sidelines at the 50 yard marker, and turn to face the crowd. I would then slowly pivot with my eyes closed until I felt the “heat” coming from on particular direction. I would stay on the field and go to this area, where I would face the crowd starting from the ground level until the top bleachers. I would note where the heat was greatest and put my nose squarely in the center of the sensation. Then I would open my eyes and search the center of my vision for the target and quickly find them.

        I have no idea why it works…it just does.

        Oh, psychokinetic! Sorry. These skills enable me only to effect the roll of dice, nothing more robust.

        1. Ision,

          I too, have perfected those heat seeking skills and sensory perceptions.

          My stomach hunger pangs flood my body….I close my eyes…then I begin to feel it…the sensation of heat on the side of my face….unmistakable…slowly, I turn my head toward the source of the heat….as I slowly open my eyes…there is my wife…standing in the doorway to the kitchen, telling me to come and eat it before she throws it out………

    1. you sound like a young doctor we had years ago back home, never hunted before, bought a scoped rifle, sighted it in and the first day the first hour, he bags a buck that makes a state record.He answer was, the is too easy, so he takes up archery and gets in shape, and the first day, the first hour ( guess what ), he gets a buck that makes the state record again. Still saying that it was too easy, he trys a muzzle loader. Guess what, he takes the number two buck in the state for the year. He since has moved back to NYC. Shhitt, I know a quite a few guys who would give their left rear end just for a shot at something like that. Oh well I guess that is life

  58. Glock Model 17 9mm, 80% rec, no paperwork, most common caliber
    AR-15 5.56mm, 80% rec, no paperwork, most common rifle in USA
    Purchases by cash only.
    2 is 1 and 1 is none.

  59. When considering weapons, remember the weapons proven to be effective in the past…and those non-firearm weapons, which are always ready, always silent, and never run out of ammo….and never steal your night vision.

  60. I’ll play along.

    Remington 870 in 12 gauge.
    Winchester 94 in 44 mag.
    Ruger Super Blackhawk in 44 mag with a 5 1/2″ barrel
    Browning Buck Mark in 22lr with a 7 1/4″ barrel

    I can interchange the 44 special or mag. 870 is easy to maintain and repair. Buck Mark has the best trigger and accuracy on the market in my opinion. I have these guns and use them regularly.

  61. My 12 gage Mossberg 590 (8+1); my AK; AR chambered in 7.62×39; my Colt 1911 – but unfortunately we went broke and my wife made me sell ALL MY GUNS, so we could eat

  62. My 9mm – close-range stopping power, .22 revolver – small game hunting, M1 Garand .30-06 – larger game and longer range, AR-15 .556 – suppressive fire/crowd-control. All ammo is very common, easy to find and trade for/with. (Only drawback is I might need a caddy for the Garand and ammo….)

  63. I’d choose a Ruger 10/22 for small game hunting and a SKS as my battle rifle.
    For hand guns I’d choose a Springfield 1911 .45 auto and a Beretta 9mm.

  64. 12ga shotgun with 18” and 28” barrel, Ruger 10/22, ARPistol with 11.5” barrel, Glock 19,17, 20, 22,23 ect

  65. Handguns smith 44mag 3” and sig 320 9 mm….rifles. Ak47 and 375 H&H ruger number1……..

  66. Still remember my father telling me……when he was a youngin he would walk into a old time hardware store, that’s where you bought guns in those days, talking 1920s.(…believe that was changed in 1928 ) and he would be able to buy a bar or Thompson machine gun, no questions, no hassle for around 25 bucks each…….of course he did not have an extra 25 or 30……… now we may have another gun hater coming in, maybe…still going to wait and see how this plays out in the Supreme Court…but even if the idiot tries to install this type of control it may be the final straw for a national revolt.

  67. Pistols: 454 Cassul (shooting 454 & 45 LC), Judge 45 LC (shooting 45 LC & 410 magnum)
    Long Guns: 454 Cassul Carbine (shooting 454 & 45 LC), 12 Gauge 3″ pump shotgun. Hand loading 45 LC “hot” for Ruger and Rossi high pressure chambers. Don’t plan on needing to shoot beyond 150 yards. Have powder-less pellet rifles (.22/.177), snares and sling-shot for small game needs.

  68. This one is easy. 22LR and a 12ga.
    2 reasons. 1. there are many different types of ammo that can be used in a 12ga. 2. 22LR is sooo easy to find.

  69. Hmm, on long term notice, no problem ( I think, I hope ), short term would be different story on what to take to go on the run. A 9 mil, a .22 suppressed firearm of some type, a 5.56 ( maybe ), and a shotgun maybe ( ? ) how much ammo for the shotgun ??? A good question

  70. I got too many combos to count. I’ve even thought about this a while and it depends on which day of the week I have to bug out as to which combo I’d have to go with.

    Here’s my current list:
    12ga Stoeger Coach with full set of adapters
    Rossi 92 in .357 mag (or Rossi 92 in .44 mag)
    S&W 649 .357 mag (or Ruger Redhawk in .44 mag)
    Ruger MKII suppressed.

    But maybe the 10/22 suppressed goes in place of the Rossi, depends on what day of the week I have to bug.
    Or maybe put the 10/22 in the rifle category and handgun the J-frame revolver and Ruger Redhawk.

    Its soooo hard to chose from all my kids. SKS and .300RUM and so many of the 9’s and .380’s to give up. Plus there are more than 2 of each. Zastava, Mossberg, Sig, Shields,

    Screw it I’m keeping them all! Each family member carries 4 each and keep them all. How’s that? :-)

  71. Two guns

    AR15 is simple enough a glock 20

    a do all rifle and a 10mm for EDC

  72. I work and play in an environment that lies halfway between rural and city. . . restaurants, car dealerships 15 minutes away, yet hear the horses and donkeys braying in the morning.

    So, for my picks I go with a standard M1A Field Grade, which I really like, a 20 guage pump shotgun made by New England Arms called a Pardner.

    I also have a .38 Special 4 inch revolver, a Rock Island M200, and a Glock 19 9mm.

  73. Shtf. I mean where there is shtf for real, like an emp, if it should happen, well most of what i am reading here would qualify as absolute fantasy. I know because i actually went off grid- bugged out- and lived in a van for five years with everything i owned practicing minimal living. but even that is not realistic. (like where do you get gasoline after the grid really goes down? Ain’t gonna happen.) No, I got my real introduction to shtf when i gave up my van in 2021 and have since lived out of a backpack carrying everything i own in a 90 liter backpack. Wow! did i get a wakeup call. IT changes everything. For the sake of brevity i will confine what i have learned to firearms in a real long term shtf situation.

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