Best Night Vision Binocular

BNVD-SG night vision binocular

If you are going to spend the kind of money that it takes to purchase a night vision binocular, you might as well consider the best choices. One of the best in this category (with an exceptional sale price as of this post post) from Ready Made Resources, is the BNVD-SG, Gen 3, with L3HARRIS Tubes, an awesome FOM 2300+, and 0 spots!

A big advantage to purchasing this night vision binocular from Ready Made Resources (besides the specifications) is the 10 year warranty. Seriously, when you’re going to spend thousands, it is quite reassuring to know you’re backed up by this warranty. I’ve known them for more than a decade and have established trust in their business.

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When it comes to looking for the best night vision binocular (or monocular), the FOM is a big deal. It’s called Figure Of Merit. The higher it is, the better (and the more expensive – but worth it IMO). It’s a standardized calculated number that estimates performance of each specific intensifier tube.

The difference between these night vision binoculars and others? These tubes are Aviation Grade (the best). Hands down. I’ve written more about it within the following article..

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BNVD-SG (among the best night vision binocular)

Binocular Night Vision Devices – Single Gain

Depth Perception

Monocular night vision is great. However night vision binoculars present more of a difference than you may think. Dual tubes provide a strong depth perception and is next level great.

Single Gain

A night vision binocular with dual intensifier tubes and a single gain control (which adjusts both tubes simultaneously).

The gain (or tube brightness) can be adjusted (easy access knob) based on the immediate environmental conditions as it relates to ambient light, etc..

I have a PVS-14 (a monocular NVD). It has an adjustable gain control. If I were to purchase another PVS-14, along with proper brackets to make the pair a binocular, I would need to adjust both gains independently. The single gain control of the BNVD-SG sure makes this simple and quick.

Night Vision advantages include a wide range of applications. Military (force multiplier). Security. Hunting (Be familiar with laws and regulations). Exploring and Outdoor Activities. Observe and identify in dark conditions. Night observations. Search and Rescue. Tracking. Law Enforcement. Preparedness.

Among the many practical uses, I am always blown away when looking through my NVD up at the stars at night. Wow. Not only that, but it also lets you know just how many orbiting satellites are zooming around our planet 24/7!

So if you’re seriously in the market for the best night vision binocular (or monocular) while doing your research, give Ready Made Resources a chance. Rest assured they’ve been around for a long time, and will continue to be in the future.