Do Not Kick The Sheepdog


A true story. A 58-year-old “Ki Suk Han” was pushed onto the subway tracks in New York City. Even though 60-90 seconds passed before an oncoming train hit the man, a group of up to eighteen bystanders simply stood on the platform and looked on as the train approached and ran him over. One, a freelance photographer for a New York newspaper, even had time to snap a photo of Han’s last moments.

Six months earlier, 49-year-old Patricia Villa was grabbed and thrown onto the same NYC tracks as was Mr. Han. One of her classmates, Luis Polanco, chased down the attacker, punched him, and then, hearing others yell for someone to save her and that a train was coming, turned and joined a group who pulled her off the tracks.

Two nearly identical situations. In the first, bystanders look on and do nothing as a man is killed. In the second, they step in to save a life. Why do some people ‘freeze up’ and react passively in a crisis, while others take action? Why do some run away from danger and others run toward it?

There are wolves (predators), sheep (potential prey), and sheepdogs (protectors).

Why are some people ‘sheep’ and others ‘sheepdogs’?


The Wolf.

They are the the predators. The criminals. The ‘bad’ element. There are the evil men (and yes, women) in this world and they are capable of evil deeds. They prey and feed on the ‘sheep’ (sheeple), without mercy. They have a capacity for violence and no empathy. They are aggressive sociopaths.


The Sheep.

The majority of people in general are sheep. Most human beings in today’s modern world are kind, gentle, and peaceful (although most have not been truly ‘tested’). The conflicts and ethical dilemmas that they regularly face rarely rise to the level of life and death, good versus evil. Mostly, the sheep (sheeple) deal with challenges that are more annoyances than true crises. And when faced with conflict, they generally try to do the right thing, avoid making waves, and demonstrate pro-social behavior.

The sheeple largely move about with those who are like them, and do as others do. They are content to subsist in a predictable and routine sphere. As they live and graze, they cannot envision anything disrupting their peace or routine, and imagine that each day will proceed like the last.

And just like sheep, most sheeple depend on somebody else to protect and take care of them and keep their relatively placid world around them going smoothly – be it the police, military, or some government administrative agency.

Sheeple avoid the notion that there is evil in the world.


The Sheepdog.

The sheepdog looks a lot like the wolf. He has fangs and the capacity for violence. The difference, though, is that the sheepdog is not intent on harming the sheep. Instead, the sheepdog will protect the flock.

The sheepdog is always sniffing around out on the perimeter, checking the breeze, barking at things that go bump in the night.

A sheepdog, a warrior, often walks the un-sheltered path, and will confront the wolf.

The sheep generally do not like the sheepdog, and they pretend that the wolf will never come.


Some people may be destined to be sheep while others might be genetically disposed to be wolves or sheepdogs.

But most people can choose which one they want to be.

It may be okay to be a sheep, but do not kick the sheepdog.

What are your thoughts? It’s an interesting philosophical thought process…
For example, how many sheepdogs may actually be wolves? Can the sheep tell the difference between a wolf and a sheepdog? Are the wolves convincing the sheep to neuter the sheepdogs? How many sheep realize their fate if the sheepdogs are removed from the equation? Etc…

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  1. Picture used looks like our Border Collie.

    “The Human heart is wicked, who can know it?”. Scripture

  2. A lot of it is attitude and my lifetime observation of this leads me to believe you may well be born with it. BUT, in my life I have noticed that the sheep dogs don’t live as long as the sheep. That is being brave, audacious and taking the initiative puts you at risk and sometimes you pay the price.

      1. I agree, serving 29 years in the military, multiple deployments, and working law enforcement as a civilian has aged me. However, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was a very timid kid growing up, didn’t seek confrontation and avoided fights (other than boxing matches with my brother). My parents were shocked when I joined the military at age 17. I quickly developed many survival skills and found out being a “sheep dog” is much more preferable than a “sheep”. I would rather die an honorable death than on my knees. I trust in God but keep my skills up.
        My impressions: # of wolves increasing
        # of sheep increasing
        # of sheep dogs decreasing

        1. Thank you for your service and dedication as a “sheep dog” sir. I salute you for doing the work that normal people like myself are simply not capable of doing. My guess is that %90 of the population does not have the mental capacity to realize what a tremendous responsibly comes with the badge.
          1- you have to be a lawyer, often in a split second!
          2- at times a jury, in a split second!
          3- sadly, an executioner, also in a split second.
          4- all of this responsibility while still being a good human being.
          Again, for this I thank you.

          1. I have several family members in law enforcement, and the number one thing I’m told from them is to do what they say (within reason and legality) or they will be forced to take the next step. It breaks my heart when the young kids fight the cops for respect and then end up hurt or dead. Like you said, cops have to be all of those types within seconds. People are becoming more combative when confronted by cops, this put the cops in a proactive response (good and bad), and then they have to figure out the best way to handle the situation and come to a winning conclusion for both parties. Once the decision of arrest or detainment is made, they need to follow-through. Sadly, cops with no hearts choose the wrong way. I have a couple of lawyer family members who say to keep the mouth shut and fight in court, not on the street, for respect; there is no winning. Yes, cops should respect everyone, but they all don’t. LEOs hear a lot of cops being hurt or killed, so they are wound-up to begin with. I hate that the bad apples are giving the good ones the bad reputation just for wearing the uniform.

        2. We dogs are smarter than sheep, yet have instilled within us greater morality and greater reason. We have the drive to make or to fight for changes that those around us see as unneeded or undesirable. We have within us the courage to attack those that would harm our beloved or to exploit them. We are not all fighters In the “violent” sense of the word. Some of us can be of more service through more intillectually nuanced means. And that, boys and girls, is what our founders were counting upon.

    1. I would direct anyone who is interested in this phenomenon to read the book “Influence” by Robert Cialdini. It’s a fascinating read; particularly one part that is on this exact subject. His explanation is that if one person does nothing, others look as this individual as social proof to do nothing also. He found that if one person acts, others are likely to respond also. He also found that if eye contact is made and individuals are told specifically what to do, they will almost invariably do as requested.

      He had an opportunity to put theory into practice when involved in an automobile accident. The driver was unconscious, he was injured, and people started driving around them. He thought “Oh no, it’s happening to me!” and remembered his own advice and looked directly at one driver and said “You, in the blue car, call the police.” And to another, “Help me get the driver out of the car.” And then the floodgates opened and people started helping because they knew what to do.

      We can insult them by calling them sheep, but most people mean well but just don’t know what to do and if they should interfere.

      I’m hoping that some may remember this story and if you find yourself in a situation where you need help, and know that if you’re able to communicate make eye contact with someone and tell them what to do to help.

  3. It’s a blessing to be able to do for those that are unable to do for themselves. Tough however when sheep wish to remove the teeth of the sheepdog and stake him down.

  4. In the case of what is happening in our country:
    The Executive Branch is the wolf in sheep’s clothing, the sheep are citizens that don’t own firearms and the veterans and most gun owner advocates are the sheep dogs.

    In your example of the spectators watching and not making an effort to rescue the person from the train, what would have happened if that person that died had been one of their family members, would their reaction been different??

    I believe America would have much more sheep dogs than sheep if the sheep paid more attention to the facts and actions of politicians rather than what they have to say!! What the MSM reports has a lot to do with what the mindset of the sheep!! Part of being a Patriotic Sheepdog is to wake up the sheep!! To raise attention to what our local, state and Federal politicians are voting for and against that effects us in a negative way!!!

    We have allowed every agency and Dept of our Federal Govt to be corrupt!! Period!! A perfect example!! If in fact our FBI enforces the laws of our country and truly stands to protect and defend the Constitution, then why did they not call into question that Obama, Barry Soroeto, did NOT qualify as a candidate for the Office of President?? We the People NEED to start asking questions and DEMANDING ANSWERS more!!! The existence of our way of life and that of the sovereignty of our country are a stake!!

    The problem as I see it is too many sheep are afraid to take action. I also think that almost all sheep will most likely end up being slaughtered in the end by the wolves!!

    1. You’ve lost your teeth sir, and your bearing. We are not answerable to government, but to the flock. Remember the oath, brother. Recognize the DOMESTIC ENEMY.

    2. *BTW. Racism is DUMB. just because you’re white doesn’t make you in any way, be it cognatively, financially, or just plain “I’m white so I’m more worthwhile” any more or less tacit.

  5. I am so disheartened when a group of people just look on while someone desperately needs help, even when there is no risk of danger helping someone. I helped a 90 year old woman who fell in a narrow entrance of a restaurant and couldn’t get up and she may have been injured and no one would help me when I yelled out for assistance. They went on eating after my pleas for help like nothing happened. I had to take hold of a man on his shoulder and tell him to help me get her up who was sitting 3 feet away after no response from him or the patrons.

    I often wondered how long she would have laid there if I wasn’t there. I believe people leaving the restaurant would have stepped over her body to get outside to their cars, just an inconvenience blocking their way out. This is what our society as a whole has become. Disconnected from humanity, these people are as dumb as a box of rocks which didn’t make me feel better. I suppose after the incident, I was more concerned with people’s non-reactions than any help I gave to the poor lady. I never thought of myself as a sheepdog, I was just acting normal as I always do, but it is hard to accept that most people behave that way.

  6. I’ve “read”(audible books) several books about various world powers, mostly Nazi Germany and how a very evil man was able to take control of an entire population to lead them to believe that evil was good and that good was evil. I see it happening again.

    1. Religion is a tool for control of the weak minded. That’s why sheep exist in the first place. Good luck with that GOP garbage. You “people” Are just “MUTTON” gathered for the feast.

  7. Great replies but I think the problems also stems from a self centered populace that has no apathy for others. I witnessed a bum for lack of a better term fall over and was laying partly in the street. I witnessed car after car drive around him. I stopped and pulled him to the side when a game warden also stopped and helped give assistance. He was very ill, not drunk. The indifference people have towards others keeps amazing me even though I would think I would be use to it by now. I think being a sheep dog is how we were raised more than anything else. I for one could never sleep at night knowing I could have helped someone yet looked the other way for what ever the reason. People who were raised without real love and care will give no love or care to others.

  8. I believe that this Headline from the news says it all…..

    “Man is Fatally Stabbed After Taking The Last Piece Of Chicken, Cops Say”


  9. It had nothing to do with freezing, it had to do entirely with who they were saving. I’m a 62 year old man, and most people wouldn’t pack yellow snow in my mouth if my throat was on fire. But you let a lady get in trouble and the world comes to the rescue. Moral of the story, if you are an old man, count every day precious, and you had better damn well learn to take care of yourself because the rest of the world could give a rat. thanks for your time.

    1. I am sorry you think women get help and men don’t, but I was the first to help a male coworker when he fell and hurt his back, I was the first to help 3 people in a traffic accident where two were men and gave one my blanket that winter day and directed a passerby gawking at the accident to call 911, and I helped a man last year who had a heart attack on a boat and called 911 for an ambulance, and called again when expected time of arrival taking so long being out in the wilderness. It is not a male issue that doesn’t get help, it is a lack of leaders or “sheepdogs” and sheep who lost their humanity to ignore both sexes that desperately need help.

  10. Very true what is said about how a person is raised.
    I had an extremely abusive mother growing up, and when I went to Vietnam as a young man at 19, I turned that rage onto the North Vietnamese without realizing what I was doing. Even my comrades thought I often went too far.
    I am an old man now, and a night doesn’t go by without my past deeds haunting me. I have asked forgiveness, and believe I have received it, but it is impossible now to forgive myself.
    I believe everyone has “that Tiger within”. And we all deal with it in our own way.

    1. @ WarVet
      First of all I would like to thank you for your service.

      You said “but it is impossible now to forgive myself”, being a Buddhist I may not be the most “religious” person around, but I know that when the person inside feels he has asked for forgiveness and has received it, than you need to follow your beliefs and forgive yourself also, for if the “Greater Power” has forgiven than you need to follow suit. Do not live with a heavy heart my friend, there is a reason we all are here, and to suffer with the past as you have is not what God has in his heart for you, this I am sure of. Please let go of the pain.

  11. Yes, I think morality and being more humane does reflect on whether we are sheep or Sheepdogs. It has a lot to do with our culture change. Not sure if this is the case in Japan today, but once upon a time if a family did not take responsibility of caring for their elderly family members, it was considered to be disrespectful and their status in society was to be publicly diminished until they made things right. I think that somewhere I recently read the the USA has more Senior Rest homes and nursing homes than any other country in the world. Too many children are being raised by their Grandparents because the children’s parents have gotten involved in drugs.

    If you are having to deal with the decision of what to do about an elderly family, Here’s some food for thought!

    The elderly more times than not have the patience and wisdom of directing and supervising your children when you and/or your spouse are not at home especially right after they get home from school. The elderly have a lifetime of experiences that they can share with other younger family members that can have a positive influence on their lives by the way they have lived themselves and learned from their failures. Most elderly would love you to benefit from those failures. Most of the elderly would love to share some of the home chores like cooking supper for the family and having it ready for when those tired working parents came home. Every situation is different but these are just a few of the benefits that should be considered before the elderly are cast away from the family unit into an elderly home and forgotten about!!

    I took care of my Grandmother, who lived to be 94 years young, the last six years of her life. She passed away 9 years ago. I assure all of you, I received more of a blessing from her living under my roof than she did!!

    Each and everyone of us are Being Watched and will be judged by our actions!!!

    1. @ Being Watched
      In Korea there is no welfare system, you don’t work you don’t eat, Family takes care of their own, period. Most of the Asian countries I have been to have the same philosophy. Here in the States, we (generally speaking) toss out our families (elders) with the afternoon trash. Makes me sick, seriously.

      1. Nursing homes are the modern equivalent of putting old people on a chunk of ice and pushing them into the sea.

        1. I love these comments. Told my mother there is no way I would do that (as she’s pre-emtively looking into them). It would be better, and cheaper, to hire 24/7 assistance than discard your loved one. Glad I’m here on this site with like minded people.

  12. Sheepdogs do have a shorter working life and life expectancy. I have the scars and stories to prove it. After 6 years in Law Enforcement, some of the many stories I have are from the officers I have stayed in touch with into their retirement (either medical or reaching their 20 years)

    Part of this is due to the dangerous work we did. and the other part is the bitterness that one can develop after working with: “a steady diet of ___holes on a daily basis” Some of those old, gray haired people watching may be old burned out former cops. Most of my friends and myself can and do step up at times but we are no longer surprised at the weird and awful stuff that happens out there. I retired out of LE work and went to work in the health care field while I still could years ago.

    Many of the injuries the sheepdog incurs are from the sheep themselves (especially the dominant ram that still has its balls intact and refuses to be herded.) This can also be applied to other working breeds like retrievers that develop arthritis and hip displacia. Most of my friends that retired early from LE and fire/rescue work retired out due to back or spinal cord injuries. (quite a few Traumatic Brain Injury cases too as we were all concussed several times each)

    To my fellow retired sheepdogs: Don’t drink too much. Hopefully you have an intact family and wide social circle that you are engaged in. And we will see each other out there in the world off the internet. The biggest dangers retired sheepdogs face in retirement is: alcoholism/substance abuse and social isolation. (similar to returning military veterans from overseas conflicts)

  13. I’ve lived in many places. Our nation is bleeding out and a tourniquet is needed to stop the hemorrhage. It will not be applied in time though. (my belief) The power structure today does not believe in triage. The sheep no longer know how to even recognize the sight of or scent of a wolf. All we sheepdogs can do is our best to each of our abilities. Places like this site allow newbies a place to read, learn and then prepare. Its invaluable! I found it originally after a search on some gardening stuff. Mr. Taxdn2poverty – everyone in my family would have pulled you to safety. I can tell you being a lady wouldn’t matter either. People today will not lift a finger for others unless it directly is going to impact their own lives. It is what many people are taught through the indoctrination centers (all levels of education). To all the sheepdogs out there please don’t give up. Keep trying to protect/wake up the flock. Even 1 is a success. (I’m one that woke up)

  14. As I am now a grandfather, with grey hair (what’s left of it), I’ve come to realize how MUCH of a target some wolves think I am. I do try to consciously be aware ENOUGH, to see trouble/evil long before it reaches me, my wife our children and grand children. We’ve tried diligently to teach our children and now grandchildren HOW to recognize evil a long ways off, and how to deal with it when it finally comes to you, even when (and especially) when you’ve tried to scrupulously avoid it.

    I do not know who said this,but it goes something like this,
    “When violence is the answer, and it rarely is, it IS the ONLY ANSWER”.

    When trouble comes,regardless of your efforts to avoid the evil trouble brings, swift overwhelming violence IS the answer.

    I truly believe in conflict avoidance, ego be damned. I don’t consider myself or my family to be sheep dogs, as we look after ourselves first and foremost, but I firmly believe in my soul, that when innocence is attacked, the time for any negotiation has long since passed, and sheer, ruthless violence IS the answer against evil and predation from the wolves of life.

    The Sheeple can be patsies and fodder or feed for those wolves, we won’t be, nor will we “tolerate” nor live in “harmony” with those who engage in societal predation. No need to “understand/empathize” with them at all, they are completely incapable of reality.

    1. @ TPSnodgrass

      I’m 62 with no family (and yes that Gray Hair), yet I have NO intention to spend my years in a “home” or a FEMA camp. When it comes time (and it will come), I will get my dog a wonderful home and act like John Wayne, off into the sunset, with an AR-8 & 45ACP (maybe a couple of pounds of C-4) strapped to my side ready for some Wolf Hunting… That my friends is a promise. Even us Buddhists have our limits.



      2. That is exactly the way I feel. Depending on the SHTF scenario I only wish to live long enough to stick it to whoever has caused the situation, if possible, or help as many people as I can.

  15. @ Being watched…

    My last grandparent lived to the wonderful age of 106. Her dying statement was that she was tired, but just did not want to miss anything. She died at home. NONE of my grandparents or great grandparents ever were put into an old age “home”. We have always taken care of our own….my youngest daughter will have the luxury of taking care of me and/or her dad if we can’t maintain ourselves. All the kids have promised her support in that effort (some with the idea that it is a relief that she has already made that

    I think many of the comments are spot on. It is how you were raised. I have always been willing to go the distance to rescue those in need. (maybe that’s why 7 of my kids 10 were adopted? and an additional 3 simply grew up in our home as guests of the other 10)

    NRP, we are the same age, and I am finally nearing retirement…semi- will never fully retire. But I see SOOOO many grandparents raising kids here in CO due to their own children having ended up drug addled or incapacitated. Our society has really broken down. And our drug rehabilitation in America is a total joke and waste of funding, just like our prison system full of mentally ill parties. We need a change!

    I have to say, I appreciate the folks that attend this site. Most seem to be awake and alert to society’s pitfalls, and willing to help where we can. Thank you Ken, for a great site with good people and input!

    1. I would like to think that there’s still hope, but afraid its just not enough of us left with the values that at one time made this country great.

      I won’t stop praying for God’s guildance and mercy!

      Because of the wording of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, I know our founding fathers, Americas first Sheepdogs, who fought for this nation’s birth had God’s blessing and I have the same attitude of not giving up my freedom without a fight!

      Not being a Veteran, I’ve often thought about the mental issue of taking another person’s life and have resolved it by knowing it will be in self defense of my life or someone I care about.

      I have an uncomfortable feeling that the wolves that we encounter against our freedom will be highly trained as killers and have done so in other countries already!

      Those that were informed of what is about to happen and could afford it have renounced their US citizenship. In the last five years more have moved away to other countries than all the previous years combined.

      Stay Safe!

  16. Good topic. Nothing burns me more than to see on the news that a thug hit an elderly person for their wallet, purse, car keys, etc. Then, after that fire burns, it turns into rage when I see that that thug then after getting what they wanted, they continued to beat and pummel the victim for the enjoyment of it. It makes me animalistic to hear those stories – I want revenge and to teach the wolf a lesson. I know, I gotta work on my issue, but this is my initial response to hearing of these stories. Same for children.

    I wonder if people don’t help because they think some things are pranks and that they will look like saps trying to help. There are so many shows on TV and YT about pranksters playing on the sympathy of people. I don’t like them because it seems like a conditioning of future generations to look the other way. There was a brutal murder in NY back in the 60s, where a young girl (Kitty Genovese) was stabbed on the front steps of an apartment complex and no one helped. They had their excuses after that cops/media interviewed them, but they didn’t help her. It’s nothing new.

    Then, of course, you have those folks who don’t help because they do not want to get hurt. When I was a wee young Lady Leatherneck, there was an incident where another Marine from my base was killed because he stood up to protect a woman getting beat up by her boyfriend. He helped her up and she backed her boyfriend, telling the Marine to mind his own business. We had a day of memoriam for his heroism, but I’m sure his wife and kids would have wished he hadn’t stepped in…even if they were also proud of him.

    We need more sheep to evolve to sheepdogs and put down the world’s wolves.

    1. LL- The attack on your Marine friend is the reason why cops HATE to get a domestic disturbance call. For the cop, it’s often a no-win situation. Domestic violence is usually a team effort.

  17. My wife and I play a game when we are out and about at stores or on that rare occasion an eatery. It’s a serious game to hone my wife’s situational awareness and threat assessment skills.
    I have her observe people as they go by and tell me her impressions of them by physical appearance and body language.
    It’s either their chances of survival in a SHTF scenario or are they sheep, wolf, or sheepdog.
    Sad to say the percentages are pretty low for survivors and sheep dogs. Wolves are on the rise here for sure.
    My Wife’s awareness of her surroundings is pretty sharp now. Mixed with her self defense training (and mine), she is lethal in a fight.
    The wife works with about 60 people and I have met them all over the years thru get togethers and parties.
    The Wife asked me Monday morning how many people at her work did I think could survive any type of SHTF. I had 7 she had 6. We had the exact people except she forgot to add herself.
    Sad part is 4 of them are women.(that’s not a hit on women but of the “men”). I have never seen so many “males” with no skills and no muscle mass! They prattle on about their new cell phone or some stupid TV program they watch. They will all die like flies…
    Point is, that person died on those tracks because there was no sheep dog around to come to the rescue only frightened little sheep.
    Time is here to become the best(male/female) Sheep Dog you can be…an honorable profession but sadly a lonely one of late…

  18. How about that great Western movie from the 50s, “HIGH NOON”!
    Everybody in town had a valid(?) excuse for not helping the Sheriff when trouble came to town.
    A great morality story.

  19. I don’t know if I’m a sheepdog or a sheep, and I won’t know until it all hits the fan and I have to decide. I hope I’d be a sheepdog. But stating now that I’m a sheepdog, under these relatively safe circumstances and never having been tested, would be either a lie or an empty boast.

    Most people don’t know whether they’re sheep or sheepdogs. That young man who jumped on the tracks probably had never thought of himself as a protector–he just did what had to be done at the moment.

    It is true that most of the sheep hate the sheepdogs, if they even recognize them, but it’s because they’ve been taught to hate them by the wolves. But when a sheepdog in sheep’s clothing is faced with the necessity of action, they’ll do what needs to be done.

    1. @ Lauren
      Very profound statement….. ” they’ll do what needs to be done”
      Is that not what we all really do?

      1. You must have noticed, those who are real heroes say they are not heroes, and did what they normally would do in any given situation. They are not looking for fame or attention, they just want to return to their normal life. ;-)

  20. I think it has a lot to do with how you were raised and your life experiences. I have had a weapon pointed at my head before. It does not diminish my feelings about helping others, especially those who cannot help themselves. We sheepdogs are here for a reason. I never EVER leave my house unarmed, and even when home I always have a weapon within arms reach.

    Be safe Friends, and don’t throw dirt on America’s grave yet. What do you have left when hope is gone?


  21. These topics have been thought provoking these last few weeks. This is the reason I enjoy reading any topics or comments. They conjure up thoughts and emotions and help us better prepare. : )

  22. I guess I’m a sheepdog who was raised by a wolf (my mother). I hate to insult wolves by comparing my mother to them, but there have been a few comments about taking care of our elderly. I could write until tomorrow about what it’s like to be abused by your mother, but I’ll try to keep it short and to the point.

    I completely understand why some elderly are “abandoned” by their family. Some people see that sweet little old lady in the nursing home and no one coming to visit her. Perhaps it’s because when she was younger and stronger, she was one mean “mother”. I did my best to make sure she was fed and clothed and received healthcare, but I was not going to bring her into my home for more abuse. Sorry ya’ll.

    I’m envious that many of you have wonderful relationships with your older family members and wish I could be one of you. Please, try to empathize with those of us who did not receive the same love you did.

    Also, you need to know that I broke the “cycle of abuse” and never hit my child once. He is my best friend and one of the brightest, smartest, kindest human beings on the planet! My heart swells with love and pride. He too is a sheepdog.

    1. So my question to you is, would you be a sheepdog if you hadn’t experienced what you did? I know I wouldn’t be who I am if my life had been easier, and I certainly wouldn’t be where I am and content with myself and my situation.

      No need to thank the wolf or make her into a hero. You made something good out of something bad and you should be proud of that.

    2. @ Beach’n

      I also once had emotional scars from my childhood from being subjected to the physical domestic violence. For me, forgiveness was just as healing for me as the person I was forgiving.

      I try not to sit in judgement of someone else when I haven’t walked in their shoes. However we can pray for one another for healing. Sometimes the scars from memories are harder to heal than the physical wounds.

      I’ve lived long enough to see other families experience forgiveness from one member and see it move to other members like a chain reaction. Yes, the chain of sin that causes hurt from one generation can be broken by the next generation.

      Hoping that you and your child will continue to meet life’s challenges in peace.

      May God’s Mercy be upon us all!!

    3. @Lauren and Being Watched, Thanks for your kind replies! When my mother needed care, I had a young child at home. I had protected him from her from day 1. He knew his grandmother but, at no time was allowed to be alone with her. She could behave for a short time, but could not be trusted to not “lose it”.

      It would have been insane of me to bring her to my home and allow her to be near my son. In a way I did forgive her, but I didn’t forget. She’s been gone for many years now. I wish I could’ve had a sweet, wise, loving mother to take care of, but I didn’t. Sadly, I’m not the only one out there. Love to all us Sheepdogs! :)

    4. I agree Beach’n. I worked in a nursing home for several years. It was full of wolves. Old wolves in old sheep’s clothing, but wolves none the less.

  23. I have a sister who is one of those

    “relatives nobody wants”

    It’s entirely her own fault and she has no desire to change her ways at this late
    stage in her life (60).

    She drank & drugged her way through her early years, no children, no future, bad health. We took her in for 3yrs till she drove us to ask her to leave.

    She has no money, no retirement, very little S.S. to come. I love her, but I have NO idea what will become of her.

    There are some you just can’t help. What do you do with a relative nobody wants?

    1. Pray for God to come into her life!! Every single day! God still is in the business of performing miracles!! This is a fact that I know something about!!! The lack of Faith and Prayer has had a lot to do with the shape this country is in today!! Whether we want to admit it or not!!

      What is her name?

  24. Yes, I agree that the world has women that are very well experienced in disguising themselves as helpless sheep, that are in reality are sociopathic predators, (a wolf)! I’ve met a few!! I’ve learned the hard way that the beauty of a woman should be examined deeper than the exterior cover!!!

    1. Same with men to counter your opinion, except they disguise themselves as sheepdogs when they are the wolves instead. Both sexes have their faults, I have been surprised by both!

  25. This topic and the conversation is a description of society as it presently exists, but everything changes in a panic. Your young innocent married couple next door with the two little blonde-haired, rosy cheek kids might turn from timid nice sheep to devouring murderous wolves overnight if you’ve got what they don’t.

    1. @Thox, I’ve thought about that too. A lot. And they’re the very ones who don’t think it’s necessary to have food in the house.

  26. The bad news is its going to get much worse. More and more sheep produce everyday thanks to our schools. A coward dies many deaths but a brave man only one. Don’t know the author who wrote this but its true.

  27. I too think a lot has to do with the genes you’re born with. I also believe the sheepdogs are being neutered, for what reason I don’t know, but it CAN’T be good…

  28. I like the metaphor of the wolf, sheep, and sheepdog. But let’s look at it for a moment from a natural perspective. Wolves carry out the crucial job of thinning the herd. Now there aren’t any wild herds of sheep running around but they have done studies of deer populations that have shown how since we’ve hunted wolves to near extinction the deer herds suffer from disease and starvation due to overpopulation. Human hunting has been on the rise in the past few years but it’s still not up to the level it was years ago. And even then we weren’t as efficient at it as the wolves were. Of course death by being eaten by some other animal is horrific but then again so is disease and starvation. The same studies have also shown that due to the lack of wolves in the environment the deer herds are actually smaller.

    Furthermore, getting back to the metaphors, and making a different point, if we got rid of all the wolves we would no longer have need of the sheepdogs and therefore, we would ALL be sheep. By the way, I’m not advocating wolfishness, I’m just saying it has its place.

    1. The wolf/sheep/sheepdog metaphor doesn’t really work for me. Who’s the shepherd? What am I doing chasing around the perimeter of a bunch of sheep? If you want to use the metaphor it is the media that is the sheepdog, they are the ones that are feeding the sheep to the wolves. I’m staying out of it. A true shepherd protects the flock. Who would that be for you? Your answer determines your survival.

  29. Statistically crime is down and has been on the decline since the 70s. Sure the stuff shown on “the media” may be more graphic and gruesome than crimes in the past but overall crime IS down. If what we want is less sheep then maybe what we need to do is allow crime to rise again? Not so much as far as thinning the herd. But if there was more crime more people would be forced to be aware of it and wake up from the sheeple stupor. Sure some would be culled but many more would wake up and start leaning towards the other side of the fence and become sheepdogs. I grew up in the 70s and I believe that thanks to the amount of crime people then were much more aware and able to deal with it than they are today.

  30. One problem is that the wolves are convincing the sheep that the sheepdogs are the wolves. Perhaps it is a misperception on my part, but it seems as if we have more public female sheepdogs(pardon the expression!)than male sheepdogs. I am very thankful for every effort put forth by the ladies who are doing their part. I am thinking about Governor Palin`s speech at the 2014 CPAC, Judge Jenine Pirro, and Naomi Wolf,and on YouTube Josie the Outlaw(Why good people should be armed) just to name a few. Thank you so much ladies for loving America and for being willing to do what you can to preserve our heritage for your children and grandchildren. But where are the men? I read how that wolves move very deceptively closer to their prey, behaving as if they are paying no attention to it. Gaining the trust of their intended prey day by day, as they move closer. Until they are close enough to pounce on the unwary sheep. And they`re getting closer. That`s why, if we intend to remain free, we need eyes and ears of the ever vigilant sheepdog. Woof!

  31. But how many will turn in a shop-lifter that they see in a store, knowing full well that the cost of goods will be higher for all. How far has the moral and ethical line dropped in our society?


    • Of the many before me,
    of the many whom have Fallen,
    in Defence of the Sheep,
    YE, are my HERO’S!

    Of the many Whom NOW STAND ON
    (Up To This Seconds Breath),
    you whom have Prevailed,
    and Live daily to take on the wolves,
    YE too, are my HERO’S!

    Everyone of these
    have inspired me to my Decision.

    As long as i Live,
    (All these short days of vapour,
    of this short Life);
    my hope and my prayer,
    is that i have the BRASS BALLS
    to honourably
    Stand Up To The wolves.
    To Stand Guard,
    and Prevail,
    against any that may come my way,
    when they come across my Life’s Path…
    and attempt
    …to Harm Others,
    Yeah, shall may i be there to fight,
    to the death to protect the sheep.
    For it is my CHOICE, and my DUTY,
    To DEFEND.

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